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  • Title: Untitled
  • Author: Sarah J. Maas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 401
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  • Untitled By Sarah J. Maas, None

    • [E-Book] ✓ Untitled | By ✓ Sarah J. Maas
      Sarah J. Maas

    1 thought on “Untitled

    1. GUYS Do you realize what this means Lucien will get his own book Nesta will get her own book Mor will get her own book.

    2. Fall 2018 The awaiting begins Gods Now I advise you not to read further unless you ve finished ACOWAR seriously, what are you even doing on the internet if that s the case I think it s high time we started the game of who will be featured in the next book I mean, obviously, it s a healthy and not obsessive past time hobby Right smiles innocently Nesta Cassian Honestly, my money s on them Maas loves them and there were so many things left unfinished regarding their status Plus, tell us they re ma [...]

    3. Finally adding this given that her July newsletter seriously implies that these additional books will be companion novels view spoiler and that my ship won t be destroyed thank you Brittney hide spoiler I love everyone in the Night Court, so YES, I LL TAKE MORE OF THEM She says she can t say BUT she also says that the trilogy will be wrapped up, and if they re companion novels, for me it makes sense to keep the secret around them Because OBVIOUSLY, if we know that there will be a companion novel [...]

    4. UPDATE Its official SJM s newsletter and details about the new books have been released Check your inboxes or read below I think its great news and pretty clear that there is no reason to freak out about the series going on too long She says So, the new deal was for 3 new ACOTAR novels, set to be published after the trilogy wraps up next year ACOTAR 3 will release May 2017, so these will begin publishing in 2018.No, I can t tell you if they re a continuation or spinoffs or prequels Believe me, I [...]

    5. if I have to kill someone or never eat another donut to get this earlier you bet your ass I will do it

    6. Experiencing MAAS disappointment as I look into the future, where there will be books from this shit series that features toxic relationship and the tokenism of diversity and LGBT characters sighs What a bunch of Maasochists What the fuck Now there s eight of these filthy things DamnLet s see how filthy Maas is going to make themBut EIGHT books You ve got to be kidding me It s call smooching money off your readers now.I might be the only one who hates her books correction Throne of Glass was a [...]

    7. HOLY SHIT My favorite series is getting FIVE books FIVE I need info Is it a spinoff Are they novellas Is it about different characters Maaayyybe certain couple s offspring Holy shit, holy shit, holy Oh, please be good Please Pretty please

    8. If this is Nesta and Cassian s book I M GOING TO SCREAM AND DIE AND LIVE AGAIN JUST FOR MY TWO BABIES.I honestly have HUGE expectations for these spin off but I don t want to get way too excited because, well, SJM loves to play for how long can I fuck up and you still will be there reading my books.

    9. So SJM has just confirmed thatFeyre s story will wrap up in book 3 However, there are going to bethree novels and 2 novellas set in this universe.She can t reveal any further details because they would be spoilery for the third book.Squeee I m just so so happy and excited I love this world and these characters I can t wait to read And for those who keep on hatin , chill out and read other books.No need to be disrespectful

    10. I m feeling a lot better about these after reading Sarah s July newsletter I would have read them no matter what, but it s clear that Feyre s story ends in book 3 and I m quite relieved about that As for my hopes well, you should all know there s a certain character I would absolutely kill to know about, since I love her so much and the story potential there is insane But I would be good with a series surrounding any of the crew really.

    11. I don t think I am alone in my hopes that this book will be about Nessian Like we all want that right RIGHT My fangirl hopes predictions theories Lol, but all jokes aside, I really do hope we get a book that greater explores Nesta and Cassian Not just as a couple, but as characters I want to know of their history I especially want to see what made Nesta the iron willed, stone faced, emotionally distant person she is today Or perhaps she was always like that And I know I might be in the minority [...]

    12. I feel the same way about Sarah J Mass being lauded as a woman who writes strong empowered female heroes the same way I feel about Ivanka Trump being heralded for championing women s rights Like how You don t get credit for doing something you haven t done and all Maas s characters do is serve to get boned and rescued every few pages by a guy with powerful back muscles You know feminism works by having the occasional unfuckable male character too right I feel like no one has paid attention to th [...]

    13. I DON T UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING ME AFTER READING WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL IS GOING ON HOOOOOOOOOLYYYYYYY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT INFOOOOOOO A Court of Thorns and Roses1 A Court of Thorns and Roses2 A Court of Mist and Fury3 Untitled Book 3 due for 2017 publicationSix New ACOTAR Books A Court of Thorns and Roses Colouring Book due for 2017 publication3 x new series novels due for publication from 20182 x new series novellas due for publication from 2018OMG, I am so excited you g [...]

    14. Can this pretty please be Cassian and Nesta Like really, can it Please Ok, thank you Bye.

    15. I m ecstatically happy this series isn t a trilogy any, because I need So.Much.MoreLike, Elain and Lucien s storyNesta and CassianMor and AzrielAmrenHeck, I d even love to read about the summer lord But most of all I demand Rhysand and Feyre time.Tamlin I know he s basically a traumatized and misguided jerk, but I just don t care about his redemption.

    16. UPDATE MAY 2017 So apparently the next book will take place a few months after ACOWAR And it ll either be a Snow Queen retelling or The Swan Lake retelling Vassa Lucien I also have a feeling it ll be Nessian s book first as Sarah is obsessed with them P So there will now be 8 BOOKS IN TOTAL OMFG Does this mean Rhys Feyre who I obvs adore or focus on the other characters cough Nessian cough EITHER WAY JUST GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT AFTER BOOK 3 PLEASE.

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