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My Book about Me by Me Myself #2020

My Book about Me by Me Myself Illus in full color Encourages children to find out about themselves while having fun writing and drawing their own biographies

  • Title: My Book about Me by Me Myself
  • Author: Dr. Seuss Roy McKie
  • ISBN: 9780394800936
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Hardcover
  • My Book about Me by Me Myself By Dr. Seuss Roy McKie, Illus in full color Encourages children to find out about themselves, while having fun writing and drawing their own biographies.

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      159 Dr. Seuss Roy McKie
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    1 thought on “My Book about Me by Me Myself

    1. My Book About Me by ME Myself offers kids to write their own book journal Kids learn about themselves, what they like and what not Amazing way of exploring The book is what it speaks.

    2. Half book, half journal and one whole lotta AWESOME My Book About Me is what it says it is, a book in which the reader is the subject That is the perfect concept for its target audience s age approximately 5 to 10 For that is a time of great inner reflection in a child s life other words, kids are narcissistic at that age The world is all about them and here s a book that proves it I had one of these semi silly, semi serious books when I was about 8 and loved fulfilling the tasks Draw a self por [...]

    3. My copy has an amazingly cute picture of me on the cover My father drew the pictures for me because I did not want it to look sloppy When I was nine, I went back through and crossed out my old answers to replace them with mature responses Figuring out how many steps I had to take to reach certain destinations really stressed me out Also, my eyes change color, and I was upset that there was no option for that.

    4. I love this book I ve recently begun the project of organizing my library, and had forgotten I filled this out many years ago Reflecting upon my childhood, recalling distant memories it s such a wonderful experience I plan to buy this for my own daughter, and let her enjoy it and experience it as well Dr Seuss is truly making an impact on young people and adults still, and will continue to do so for a long time to come

    5. I got this when I was in pre K and had it all filled out Everything you ever wanted to know about me was there, my full biography well up to pre K at least Then, SOMEONE, decided that it was no longer a book about me, it was a book about them and erased everything and put her own details insideIt s ok, she made it up to me and bought me a new one, like 3 years ago, but that s cool

    6. I think four of the five kids in my family had a copy of this, myself included It is fun to look back and see what we entered in the blank spaces Similar to a diary, this book has space for children to enter information about themselves Includes vital stats, number of teeth, preferences, hair color, etc Of course, since this is Dr Seuss, a comical air runs throught the text.

    7. This book is awesome I filled mine out when I was 3 or 4, and it s pretty great Apparently I used to have crazy blue hair and would never ever eat birdseed My only warning is, don t go back and fill in change answers when you re 9 or 10, because they re decidedly less funny This will end up being a family treasure.

    8. I love this book I would use this book in the classroom to help children explain who they are by describing their height, how many teeth they have, how much they weigh, what their hear looks like, the color of their eyes, etc The book helps children to describe their own wonderful self I would use it in a kindergarten classroom.

    9. My parents still have this book first filled in by my older brother, then 10 year later by me, and 20 years later still by my nephew Children fill it in with facts about themselves, but it s different than just height or favorite color I remember it asking me to count my freckles It s pretty precious.

    10. Perfect for not only keeping a memory of a moment in a child s life to look back on fondly, but also wonderfully self centered If I could do one a year I would since I am still the center of the world in my own mind Wonderfully interactive.

    11. A gift for my son on his 5th birthday He has so enjoyed getting to write and draw in this book and we aren t even close to finished with it yet

    12. i really liked this book because it challenges the student to learn about him her self and discover things they may not have know about themselves.

    13. This book kept me and my sister busy for hours when we were little, trying to find the number of windows in our house, ect.

    14. I bought this book for my children and their cousins I thought it was great I think the perfect age is around 7 when they are first reading I can still see my son standing at the mailbox so many years ago waiting to get the mailman s autograph And the mailman responding with, you want my autograph both of them were delighted When I was blessed with grandchildren, I gave them their Daddy s book to read which both parent and child enjoyed And then for my granddaughter s 7th birthday, I gave her th [...]

    15. This is an activity book The reader is encourage to fill in the pages with information about himself or herself , from I am ____ feet, ____ inches tall to There are ____ forks in my house , plus things to draw, and two lined pages on which to write a story Very fun book It s still in print of course, since it s a Dr Seuss book , so you can still get a nice, fresh copy of your own to deface can you tell I don t like writing in books Recommended for young children.

    16. This book is a great book for younger children It is a great activity book that encourages young children to draw and write their own biographies This book would be a book I would want my students to read and then have a fun activity to go with it I loved reading Dr, Seuss books when I was younger, but I do not remember this specific one I thought it was a great book to read and also help kids find themselves.

    17. I think this book is an awesome way to bring up social issues while getting to fill out your own experiences and pictures within the book on provided pages This book is really interactive and allows the children to engage in the reading, while getting to know about themselves I would recommend it for possibly second grade This book is itself a learning tool and I would recommend it to any teacher.

    18. A do it yourself autobiography Prompts are genius, many of them one of a kind such as counting how many buttons are on the clothes in your wardrobe or cataloging the fixtures in the house from the mirrors to the pictures hanging on the wall I LOVED that librarian was included on the list of possible careers on the I Want to Be a _________ When I Grow Up page This is a perfect gift book and one that celebrates the things that make kids individuals Well done

    19. I received this book as a present for my 6th birthday Boy, did I have loads of fun answering all the questions and unfortunately in my childish naivety, scratching out those answers and writing new ones in later years Still, it is a great book that I still enjoy looking at from time to time today, decades later.

    20. This is a great book for kids learning to write and older Most pages have questions with choices the child can circle, x, etc so they don t have to be too advanced in writing to enjoy.There are a couple of weird pages, but it s mostly something g a child would treasure because they would fill it in with their own story.

    21. Best book ever I loved this thing as a kid There s a whole lot of activities to do, from drawing to writing down fun information to running around the house to count windows I was always a creative child, and this just encouraged me further to pursue that gift I m sure the less creative children would love it too though there s something for everyone inside I still have my copy

    22. Probably the first autobiographical book I filled out I wish I still had my copy from when I was younger It s a great book for kids between the ages of 7 and 10 to write and then keep for looking back at when they get older.

    23. Great for kids I had a lot of fun filling this out, and I look back with fond memories It s a great idea to let your child fill it out on their own, though you can always help Encourage them to draw their own pictures inside.

    24. Fantastic book for kids So imaginative and creative Easy read that children will find delightful Dr Seuss is always brilliant His stories and rhymes are fun and entertaining Some of my all time favorites Such a great way to entertain children and get them interested in reading

    25. i got this book as a Christmas present OK, obviously it s a kid s book, but it s quite adorable and you might be surprised how much fun a 28 year old woman can have filling it out oooooo i m a co author

    26. This book is a great way to introduce students to one another Giving them a chance to write a story about themselves is fun and give children a chance to be themselves because the book is about them individually.

    27. I hit someone, YES I kicked someone, YES I pulled hair, YES I m sorry I did it, NO This what my sister and I say whenever we see this book The illustrations are so good It is a perfect activity book for the kid who is always bored.

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