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The Exception #2020

The Exception There are exceptions to every ruleJada Stanley is starting over freeing herself from her past and all her mistakes Following the rules she s given herself is easy enough until she meets HIM He s gorg

  • Title: The Exception
  • Author: Adriana Locke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 153
  • Format: None
  • The Exception By Adriana Locke, There are exceptions to every ruleJada Stanley is starting over freeing herself from her past and all her mistakes Following the rules she s given herself is easy enough, until she meets HIM He s gorgeous, cocky, and everything she needs to avoid, but that s easier said than done Cane Alexander has his own set of rules, a plan to keep his life simple and free of comThere are exceptions to every ruleJada Stanley is starting over freeing herself from her past and all her mistakes Following the rules she s given herself is easy enough, until she meets HIM He s gorgeous, cocky, and everything she needs to avoid, but that s easier said than done Cane Alexander has his own set of rules, a plan to keep his life simple and free of complications But Jada is a temptation he can t resist.As their lives entwine, they realize one thing about rules There is always an exception.

    • [MOBI] ð The Exception | by ✓ Adriana Locke
      153 Adriana Locke
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    1 thought on “The Exception

    1. DNF 48% That about sums this one up Nothing new about it Same over used storyline Man whore hero who only wants sexHeroine who was abused in her past who only wants a relationshipne of this sex only businessBut there s just something about the heroine that makes the hero want to be differentaka the golden vajayjayAdd in a crazy stalkerd A TSTL heroine at timesWhat do you get Me.Okay, so maybe that s a little harsh but I just can t bring myself to read a book that I m not that invested in when my [...]

    2. I finally met THE Cane Alexander And oh heavens, I m in love Jada Stanley, you damn lucky woman I can t believe I m just getting to know this bunch, but it s never too late, right Now I understand all the hype going on about these characters and their stories I still feel like I m on a huge Cane Jada Max Kari cloud up in the sky I thoroughly enjoyed the swoon worthy moments And let me tell you, there were tons and tons of them packed in this book Plus, I kind of wasn t expecting all that adrenal [...]

    3. DNF 36%I m pissed I spent 0.99 and about an hour and a half of my life on this book The 36% I read consisted of a doormat female and a douche male going back and forth on whether or not to hook up with each other Cane was a pushy ass, and I didn t understand his insistence on bagging Jada when he s a self proclaimed commitment phobe who sleeps with multiple girls a week And I didn t understand Jada s constantly backing down when Cane literally pushed himself into her life and her house I mean, t [...]

    4. So I have a thing for the d bags, especially the ones that makes you fall in love with him Sometimes it takes the whole book sometimes it happens by the first chapter With Cane it was the very first sentence, If I close my eyes, maybe she ll disappear Douchebaggery on page one Yes please Ahhhh, nothing like it I swear There is such sweetness hiding behind all that hot, sexy in your face alpha that we catch glimpses of Those little glimpses are what plants him just a bit firmly in your heart He [...]

    5. I don t even know where to begin with this review The Exception is just that exception It s an exception to every romance novel I have ever read The characters are an exception to every character I ve met Adriana does an amazing, spectacular job at drawing you in and keeping you locked in the story If I could give this book TEN brilliant stars I would.Let s learn a little about this TEN star read shall we Two words CANE ALEXANDERIf that name doesn t get your attention I don t know what will.oh [...]

    6. OMG, how I thoroughly enjoyed this book It had everything I love in a book, and even The secret to moving on is to focus your energy on the future and not on the past The story begins with Jada making a clean break and starting her life over Everybody knows how hard that can be But she s made up rules for herself, rules to live by, hoping that she can avoid the same.es, namely same type of guys, she s dealt with in the past Of course, she wasn t planning on Cane Alexander At first sight the two [...]

    7. I literally just finished reading The Exception I am on my feet whistling and hollering giving Adriana Locke a STANDING OVATION I can t believe this is her debut book, she has BLOWN ME AWAY Adriana has a special gift of making the reader FEEL every emotion the characters are feeling I laughed my butt off at the banter between the characters and cried my eyes out at some sad and happy moments I screamed and shouted WTFs, NO s and whispered HOLY SH T s, OMG s, and YES s My heart, body, mind and so [...]

    8. First, I liked the simplicity and beauty of this book s cover Secondly, Adriana Locke surprised me with a very enjoyable debut Reading the book s standard vanilla blurb doesn t do justice in preparing readers for what is to be found on the pages Foremost, there s Cane who is one dirty talking, bad boy alpha male that does not let much deter him from what he wants And when he finally decides he wants Jada, he lets nothing stand in his way Oh how the mighty fall But Jada s had her fill of bad boys [...]

    9. I received a beta copy of The Exception from Adriana and I am so excited for you all to read this book, it is flirty, creative, hot and frustratingl good qualities in a book in my opinion I connected with the primary characters immediately and they held my attention the whole way through Hard to put down I will post a full review upon release

    10. This is a fabulous book and I highly recommend reading this one Great debut novel and I can promise this book will not disappoint Full review to follow.

    11. I judge a book not only from the feelings it gives me while reading it but also how it stays with me after I have to stop reading to go back to real life I will do chores and the whole time my head is still in the book What is he going to do next What sweet or asshole word is going to come out of his mouth How is she going to react When is she going to give in or stand up to the prick Assholes like Jesse Ward, Gideon Cross, Colton Donovan, Christian Grey, Damien Stark, Lucien Knight Sweethearts [...]

    12. I got to beta read this amazing book Here is my review If I let him rob me of happiness, I let him win And he s taken enough from me Jada Stanley has finally found the courage to do what a lot of women often do not and that is leave a toxic marriage She moves to Arizona to live with her sister and start working for her father Jada makes the vow that the next time she gets into a relationship she will not be taken for granted I m not sure why you are playing hard to get, he breathed, his lips so [...]

    13. Applauds to Adriana for her first novel the writing was outstanding and Cane well he was just sexyy I just need to take a minute and say this lady can write, she writes so beautifully everything just flows and I really loved that, everything is at a nice pace and nothing is rushed It just fits how it s meant to.Okay so I actually really loved Jada at the start but about 60% she really annoyed me, I wanted to slap her and say come on sort your head out I felt her thoughts were quite childish but [...]

    14. WowOMG Love this story The book was so well written and delivered everything you want in a good Romance book There is drama, love, suspense, loss, healing I literally got sucked into this book I started reading it and could not put it down I wanted I was up till 4 am reading because I could not put it down I wanted of Jada, Cane, Max, Kari I wanted every detail Once if finished this book I gifted 5 ebook to friends because I want them to fall in love with Cane, Jada, Max, Kari All my friends h [...]

    15. Fantastic debut from author Adriana Locke This book is sexy, fast paced, warm and witty I really enjoyed this book and read it almost in one sitting The characters are very well written, very down to earth, and Cane Alexander is totally HOT and incredibly swoon worthy Jada is trying for a fresh start after leaving a bad marriage Swearing off players , she is determined to be meaningful to someone and be cherished Jada and Cane meet through her sister and they instantly connect That sounds like t [...]

    16. The Exception, a Contemporary Romance by Adriana Locke that I could not put downCane Alexander, a hot, successful, cocky alpha bad boy that is used to living by his own rules, until he meets Jada Stanley, a woman who turns his life upside down and makes him realize he is capable of love and how alone he has been for most of his life Jada Stanley, a woman who is broken from a past marriage, who is starting her life over in another state close to her family A woman who vows never to fall for the b [...]

    17. I had been told by many of my book girls that I just had to read this book As soon as I got a chance, I jumped right in, and I am so glad that I did This book grabbed me from the very beginning I fell in love with Cane and Jada right away I also adore Kari and Max and hope they get their own book soon Every character was so relatable and felt real I loved all the elements to this story It wasn t just a love story.ough it was a hell of a one of those too There was so much to it I read it within [...]

    18. Cane Alexander.HOLLLLYYY SWWOOOOON When the book first starts you will say OMG that man is such an azz but in no time at allyou will be falling at his feet I love it when you read a story with an alpha male who is such a pain your butt until he meets that one who will make him fall to his knees and do anything in his power to make her happy I was so hooked from page one it was hard to put this book down until the very end Be prepared for your emotions to be all over the place but trust me, you w [...]

    19. I love this book It s hard to believe that it is debut book from Adriana Locke It s captivating and magnetic You will not be able to put it down On the occasions, I was forced to stop reading it, it stayed on my mind and called to me Adriana has a gift of writing memorable and believable characters I fell head over heels with the four main characters, Jada, Cane, Kari and Max I honestly love them all They all brought this book to life and are equally important There is a subplot I did not see co [...]

    20. 5 I want to be Cane s Exception stars Fantastic debut book for author Adriana Locke I am blown away by this debut novel by Adriana Locke I forsee a very bright writing career for her She managed to put everything I look for in a story A broken man who needs love, a broken woman who fights back and needs that one man to wake her up This book had angst, it had very well written characters, and some very delicious men who will grace many book lovers book boyfriend lists Max and Cane couldn t be any [...]

    21. DNF 50%So basically I didn t dnf it because the book was bad On contrary it was good, actually very very good Until the bastard hero betrayed the heroine with another woman YeahThe disgusting scene They were all four of them in a pub Jade, Cane, Alex and Kari Alex came to pick up Kari and Jade home and Cane came with him Jade is pissed at Cane s hot and cold behaviour another big problem for me I HATE stupid male female games , she s saying some truth words to his face, he gets angry at her and [...]

    22. Oh where do I even start Cane Alexander will stay with me nestled deep in my heart He is the perfect combination of cocky, sweet, frustrating, sexy and so irresistible All of the characters are very likable and funny I can t leave out Max His sweet southern self gave Cane a run for his money.I am completely floored that this is Adriana s first book It was well written from start to finish It made me laugh, a little frustrated and oh so happy I will absolutely read anything she releases in the fu [...]

    23. What a fabulous debut from author Adriana Locke Fast paced, sexy, suspenseful A page turner through and through The story grabbed me and held me prisoner till the very end I found myself laughing out loud and blushing at the same time Her characters were relatable and real Their banter witty and true to life I enjoyed this story immensely and loved the suspense intermingled throughout the story.The twist and turns kept me guessing and just when I thought I could breath, BAM Locke delivered anoth [...]

    24. I m not a massive fan of stand alone books to be honest as I find that they move too unrealistically quick HOWEVER, I loved this story it moves perfectly along includes everything you want in a love story With that edge I don t want to even hint as it will give too much away but this is a must read You will love Cane immediatelyI wish I could give this than 5 stars it s brilliant and is a MUST read Love love love it

    25. CHEATER Has sex with another woman after having sex with h Gets mad that she looked in someone else s direction and takes a woman outside to have sex in his car, while the h watched him leave with her knowing what he s gonna do He goes through with it and she doesn t even mind that he did it Dear author, get a clue that this is unacceptable in a ROMANCE

    26. This book was hard for me to read Didn t like the back and forth between characters and DNF it at 40% This was a train wreck and absolutely not for me.

    27. Well what can I say First, the absolutely beautiful cover drew me to this book Then when I opened the first page and started reading, I was immediately sucked in and didn t stop until I finished An amazing start for this debut author earns her 5 Stars with a story of hurt, love, loss happiness and a little suspense All good things wrapped into one amazing book Two words Cane Alexander One hot swoonworthy sexy Alpha Male that I promise you will love.Jada just got out of a bad relationship and rec [...]

    28. There were a lot of things I loved about the Exception First let s start with Cane heheheOh Cane He started out as the typical one night stand kind of guy but when he meets Jada he is unwillingly drawn to her Maybe it s because she turns him down, so it s his big ego that needs to be stoked yeah I went there Or maybe it s because there are parts of him that have never been turned on no pun intended on that one in that way Like no woman has even been able to get the light bulb to go off in his he [...]

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