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Black Friday: The True Story Of The Bombay Bomb Blasts #2020

Black Friday The True Story Of The Bombay Bomb Blasts An account of the biggest terrorist attack on the Indian city In this book the author takes us into the heart of the conspiracy and the investigation that ensued The book gives insights into the crim

  • Title: Black Friday: The True Story Of The Bombay Bomb Blasts
  • Author: S. Hussain Zaidi
  • ISBN: 9789351180791
  • Page: 368
  • Format: ebook
  • Black Friday: The True Story Of The Bombay Bomb Blasts By S. Hussain Zaidi, An account of the biggest terrorist attack on the Indian city In this book, the author takes us into the heart of the conspiracy and the investigation that ensued The book gives insights into the criminal mind as revealed in Zaidi s interviews with some of India s most notorious names like Dawood Ibrahim, and Tiger Memon among others.

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      368 S. Hussain Zaidi
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    1 thought on “Black Friday: The True Story Of The Bombay Bomb Blasts

    1. It is no doubt that S Hussain Zaidi has done a lot of groundwork in preparation to this book, the only one of it s kind describing the overarching crime of the Bombay Bomb Blasts However, the writing is seriously mediocre, frequently moving into floral and trying too hard to create artificial emotion territory It is a testimony to the genius of Anurag Kashyap that he made his taut thriller based on this slush of a material, and one s heart goes out to Zaidi himself, so obviously bereft and lacki [...]

    2. When two giants fight, the expendables are always the common people like the people butchered in the riots or killed in the blasts, none of whom perhaps shared a fraction of the religious and political zeal of their so called leaders.4.5 stars.Despite being a true account of the ghastly event, Mr Zaidi tells it like a story And a gripping one at that.The book starts at the BSE building on the day of the bombings and then takes us back to introduce many people like Dawood Ibrahim, Tiger Memon, wh [...]

    3. i dont know how it is as I haven t read it yet i saw movie of anurag kashyap that was v gud now i came to know that it is based on this book I have liked FB page of Penguin indiA and after yakoob hanging they recommended this book It is on my to be read shelf.

    4. This one show how the planning and plotting of underworld and hoe they survive and this also tell us who upper level people plays with the society , rules and regulations and domination of underworld through them

    5. This is the first non fiction I had ever finished reading Prior to this I had begun with My experiments with truth M.K Gandhi , but not yet done with it Added to all these, the recent bomb blasts throughout the country , pumped up curiosity levels to know what makes people kill one another and thus I made up my mind to sail through this book Firstly I would like to appreciate the efforts of Mr.Hussain Zaidi for his painstaking and meticulous research to portrait the most striking and startling t [...]

    6. Just finished reading the book and to spice it up also saw the movie.While always the books have the upper edge over the movies , in my personal view the movie was better than the book The flow of the book could have been much better.Whilst I do not know much abt the facts and figures mentioned in the book , there were two slips in my view.First At one reference point about Aircraft bombing , Pan Am Airlines Lockerbie incident is given as an example, the year and airlines are all correct but ,th [...]

    7. What a detailed version of the serial bombings I was a kid during the occurrence of those and had a very little knowledge, but this book has given an insight to the happenings The author s narration was very shrewd and detail oriented Page after page, every chapter was presented in a very structured way and so clear that one may not get confused due to lot of characters The pace with which the book goes on is commendable The best part of the book was the chapter which showcases the horror faced [...]

    8. I cant really make up mu mind what was better the movie or the book I guess both have ingenious qualities because the story itself is non fiction and incredulous It s just mind boggling to learn about people who will do anything in the name of revenge and religion Use all the teachings of religion for the wrong reasons Rope in the naive just so that your end is served Its a wonderful book but it just breaks my heart to say that its wonderful because I understand the pain and loss that people wen [...]

    9. At the risk of sounding stupid I was born in1988 so I don really belong to the generation that was perturbed by the 93 blasts Yes u talk about world trade centre attack or Bombay 26 11 attacks it might bring tears to my eyes but not the 93 blasts But this book changed that I felt lik i was living through those blasts What s perplexes you is whose side to be on The book is written from everyone s point of view it s difficult for u to decide how it is that the world can be a better place when ever [...]

    10. Takes you into the murky and shady land of the underworld and gives a insight into the minds of the people behind the Bombay Bomb blasts and tries to help us understand why they did what they did and with what consequences.

    11. They say journalism is Literature in a hurry, Well this is a mix of both research and literature at its best The detailed descriptions of the events and the important characters is something that keeps you tuck to the book and makes you search the internet to know about their lives Not trying to glorify the accused in the book but a research on their lives itself is so interesting.

    12. There are no personal memories that I can associate with the serial bomb blasts of Mumbai from 1993 I was but a child at this time and to whom Mumbai was as far away as the sun This was a time when the only medium of news was the print and there was only one nationalized television channel across India which inevitably meant that the news reached us in the south of India perhaps very late in the evening through the clipped and efficient voice of the Doordarshan the nationalized channel news read [...]

    13. One of the best true crime books I have read Detailed and compelling in its narrative, often reads like a novel A must read for all Indians.

    14. The afternoon of 12 March, 1993 is the day when time stood still in Bombay The city of Bombay had been rocked by a series of explosions which cut through the heart of Bombay, spreading terror and destruction over a period of two hours These blasts occurred in some of the most densely populated areas of the city Starting from the Bombay Stock Exchange in South Bombay during lunch hours, the blasts ripped through the basement of Air India building at Nariman Point, the Regional Passport Office in [...]

    15. On 9 March 1993 a small time thug, Gul Mohammed, is detained at the Nav Pada police station and confesses to a conspiracy underway to bomb major locations around the city The police dismiss his confession and, three days later, Bombay is torn apart by a series of explosions leaving 257 dead and close to 1,400 injured Investigators discover that the bombs were made of RDX, smuggled into the city with the aid of customs officials and the border police.In turn, the book traces the motive for the bl [...]

    16. I m sure the transition from crime journalist to author is a difficult task, as your audience reader expects a different writing style As a huge fan of Mafia Queens of Mumbai and Dongri To Dubai, this book makes it evident that Zaidi s writing skills became polished with time Black Friday is an incredible piece of work, as it provides deep insight into the Bombay Blasts, the masterminds behind it and those connected with them However, Black Friday reads like a long newspaper article at times, [...]

    17. The novel, by S Hussain Zaidi, is a work of four years of extensive research about the Bombay bomb blasts which were a devastating consequence of various communal and terrorist actions The novel describes the planning and execution in great details The way ammunition was smuggled into the country, the training of terrorists in Pakistan and the final execution of the horrendous act reveal huge flaws in our social fabric and political machine The efforts taken by Mumbai police in maintaining peace [...]

    18. Another classic by the famed journalist Hussain Zaidi He has time and again proved that he is the undisputed leader in crime reporting and writing in India and probably in the world as well An intriguing detail of how the 1993 Mumbai blasts happened, A blow by blow account for anyone interested in knowing how Mumbai s heart was broken on that fateful day.

    19. A riveting book that takes you through the heart of the conspiracy , the first terrorist attack on Mumbai, or Bombay as it was known at that time Hard to put down Another masterpiece from the author Hussain Zaidi, I have read another of books Dongri to Dubai and this was even better than that A great book

    20. black friday story of bombay bomb blastsa gripping and well written book Gives one a in depth and yet simple explanation on the bombay bomb blasts The author s sketchy writing about Dawood s role in the whole episode does rob the story of critical truths

    21. Superb research narration You feel like you are present at every location mentioned Horrifying truth memories.

    22. A brilliant narration of how the Mumbai blasts case was cracked down by the Mumbai police very effectively, specially the roles of A.S Samra and Rakesh Maria.

    23. The moment I saw the cover of this book at the book stall, I knew I ve to read it I knew I wanted to know the heart, the mind, the souls of the beings who take pleasure in the cries, in the shrieks, in the grief of an orphan, of a widow, of a childless parent, of a handicap I knew I am diving into a dark non fiction, which will only dump a heavy sack of dark, brutal, naked truth on me and so it did.S Hussain Zaidi, a journalist specializing in crime reporting is the writer of this book, aptly na [...]

    24. Hussain Zaidi continues to attract me to his books Every book of his that I have read has been a very good read.This one traces the motivation for, the planning of and the execution of the bomb blasts that rocked Bombay in 1993 in the aftermath of the demolition of Babri Masjid.While some of the parts are guess work, most of it has been pieced together based on the confessions and interrogations of the culprits by the police and the CBI After reading the book it is not difficult to understand wh [...]

    25. An important book, but a terribly written one, rife with typos and grammatical errors that distract from the clearly painstaking research and damning conclusions The best thing to result from this was probably Anurag Kashyap s docu drama film, which is a bit tightly edited than this tome.

    26. I m a certified fiction person I don t enjoy reading biographies auto or non I don t like reading about tragic events and I definitely run away from the all the rise of the phoenix kind of stuff So why did I pick up a book that epitomizes all that I do NOT read In a single word curiosity.I picked Black Friday up on the same week that Yakub Memon was hanged The outcry and hue that the media raised after that, was partially responsible for me for picking this one up, and rest of it was because I h [...]

    27. Introduction The bomb blast of 12 th March 1993 at Mumbai shook the entire world I wanted to read this book to know how they managed to plan and execute the same in the city which is marked as one of the safest city in the world This is the first book of author Hussain Zaidi He worked as a crime reporter in the various tabloid in Mumbai In this book, he has tried to showcase the whole scenario of planning and execution of bombing So let s move to the plot summary.Plot Summary The book starts wit [...]

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