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Velveteen vs. the Seasons #2020

Velveteen vs the Seasons A doorway opens in mid air The body of a woman falls to the ground and lies there unmoving as the door slams shut behind her dissolving like confetti into the wind As the grass beneath her slowly die

  • Title: Velveteen vs. the Seasons
  • Author: Seanan McGuire Dylan Meconis Bill Roper
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Velveteen vs. the Seasons By Seanan McGuire Dylan Meconis Bill Roper, A doorway opens in mid air The body of a woman falls to the ground and lies there unmoving as the door slams shut behind her, dissolving like confetti into the wind As the grass beneath her slowly dies, Velma Martinez Velveteen once architect of the downfall of The Super Patriots, Inc most recently the servant of the Seasons, has come home But ah we are getting aA doorway opens in mid air The body of a woman falls to the ground and lies there unmoving as the door slams shut behind her, dissolving like confetti into the wind As the grass beneath her slowly dies, Velma Martinez Velveteen once architect of the downfall of The Super Patriots, Inc most recently the servant of the Seasons, has come home But ah we are getting ahead of ourselves That is the difficulty, once holidays become involved They want everything to be a fairy tale, and nothing to be true Perhaps this would not hurt so much, except that they remember the meaning of fairy tales, before we sanded off their edges and called them suitable for children The holidays remember how to bleed So much as it hurts, we must leave the body in the grass, alone and untended, with no one to confirm whether she will live or whether she has already died For all things must begin at their beginnings, and the beginning of this tale is far, far behind us Join us as award winning author Seanan McGuire returns to the story of Velveteen, where the choices that a superheroine makes always have consequences.

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      Seanan McGuire Dylan Meconis Bill Roper

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    1. The first two Velveteen books are my favorite Seanan works and this one is a really unexpected continuation of the fantastic world and friends of the brilliant Velma.Velma Martinez is Velveteen, a superhero with the rare animus powerset and a marketing theme based around the Velveteen Rabbit As has been established in the previous two books, the power to animate anthropomorphic toys and make their weaponry, skills and powers real is just the tip of her abilities and to quote a character in this [...]

    2. Today is a great day to be a Seanan McGuire fan, apparently Or, maybe I just need to keep up better on my news She announced on December 22nd that the third book in this series is under discussion for Memorial Day release next year seanan mcguirevejournal Of course, she posts the stories in this serious for free as she writes them, but I really prefer them in book form If you don t mind reading them online, see here seanan mcguirevejournal.

    3. I really didn t enjoy this book nearly as much as the first two I think partially because I don t like Christmas Easter or spring or whatever because I did get a little interested in the general story once Vel got to Halloween which is definitely my season holiday But I felt like the plot was very rushed once Vel got back to the real world and also rewriting the past to fix almost everything always seems like such a cop out to me Although I guess in a series with a history of different dimensio [...]

    4. I love this series, and this book was just as terrific as the first two This universe that the author has created is so amazing, there is the real world with superheroes, there are alternate versions of the real world some with and some without super heroes and then there are the metaphorical worlds likes the seasons and Vel gets to visit all of them in this book.

    5. Velveteen vs The Seasons directly follows Velveteen vs The Multiverse, as Velveteen must make good on her word to versus The Seasons She must try out Winter, Spring, and Autumn and choose which one she likes most Or hates least, really.Seanan McGuire has shown us bits and pieces of the Seasonal Lands and their inhabitants over the course of the series, but this is her chance to really dig in, and she clearly relishes it My God, there s so much love in the writing She plays with the metaphors of [...]

    6. I love Seanan McGuire s Velveteen stories, and I ve been waiting for a long time to read the entire third collection Velveteen is McGuire s take on superheroes It is also different from her other works since it is not distributed by a major publisher all of the Velveteen stories are released for free on her LiveJournal before being collected roughly after every major story arc You can tell that the Velveteen stories are made up of some of Seanan McGuire s favorite things There is always a sense [...]

    7. Between this and the Toby Daye series, I m starting to think of Seanan McGuire as a sort of 21st century Piers Anthony incredibly prolific, very talented Anthony used to be, anyway, before he started phoning it in , but dear god, does not know when to let a series END And so they all seem to start very strongly and then gradually decline.I mean, this is not a bad book But it s weaker on pretty much all levels than the first two Plotting is shakier, characterization is all over the place we get a [...]

    8. I absolutely loved the first two books in the series, and was actually surprised to see there was a third I just didn t enjoy this as much for some reason The writing is still good, the characters still interesting, but I suspect the length of time between books has let me forget a lot I plan on a re read of the first two and then will try this again to see if my opinion changes.

    9. I didn t want to finish this book but I couldn t stop reading it This is a continuation of the story of Velveteen and the other Supers and Seasonal characters Continuing just after Velveteen vs The Multiverse She is off to serve three seasons for one year Santa didn t lie, exactly, but it isn t exactly straight forward There is always a cost and Velveteen Velma chose to pay the cost She could stand it, she could sacrifice herself for the freedom of the supers She hadn t counted what it would cos [...]

    10. I really like the Velveteen Vs books, but the first 2 which I have as Audible books than this one It s the difference in tone, I think Not that it s so much darker, because Velveteen Vs the Multiverse was plenty dark, too Things are still up in the air at the end, but less so than at the end of Multiverse.By the way, for another Velveteen story, check out Marion G Harmon s book Teamups and Crossovers for the short stories Velveteen vs The Crossover and Everybody vs The Team Up I was reading the [...]

    11. A slightly darker turn to the story, in that it feels very Gaiman ish in that she s dealing with the idea of seasons and representations of that seasons made real Great worldbuilding, enjoyable characters, and a fun plot, if one where you really feel for poor Velveteen and her friends at times.

    12. Took a while to read, mainly because I enjoyed Velveteen s time in the seasonal lands about as much as she herself did The whole arc was excellent in the end, of course.

    13. Surviving the previous two Velveteen books has left Velma Martinez, aka superhero Velveteen, seriously indebted to the anthropomorphic personifications of Winter, Spring, and Autumn, and it s time to pay up Vel is committed to spend one season in the Seasonal Lands with each of the three seasons, and at the end choose whether to move to one permanently, becoming one of its personifications, or return to the Calendar lands aka Earth.Being in debt to Santa Claus may not sound too harsh, after all [...]

    14. It s remarkably difficult to review this without spoilers, but I ve tried to avoid too many Velveteen vs The Seasons deals with the consequences of the rather Faustian deal that Velveteen was forced to make with the Seasons in order to defeat Marketing in Velveteen vs The Multiverse As a result it is much darker than the previous two volumes, but retains the charm, wit, pacing and strong characterisation of the previous volumes We learn a great deal about the mysterious Seasons and at least some [...]

    15. This is the third collection of Velveteen vs stories.This collection of stories s mostly set as the title suggests outside of the Calendar lands and instead focuses on the seasons that have meddled so much in our favourite hero s life Winter, Spring Autumn.There are also several stories that keep us up to date with the Calendar lands in her absence.Let s just say the seasons aren t going to be easy on Velveteen, and her home is going to miss her than she might realise This third volume is just [...]

    16. Seanan McGuire likes to violate all of fantasy writing basic rules in her series about a superhero who can bring human shaped toys especially to life Velveteen vs the Seasons ebook from ISFiC Press has her fulfilling her promise to work for Winter, Spring, and Autumn, all of which push her to her limits Any fantasy series that includes Santa, and Trick and Treat as major characters is of course inherently silly Ms McGuire somehow gets you to care about nonsense I eagerly await each of Verveteen [...]

    17. I can t believe how sad I am that there are no Velveteen bookst I ve been immersed in this world for the last 3 months And it was awesome.This book had a serious tone as Velveteen takes on the seasons and is super tired of being fucked with It delved in to myth, legend, folklore, philosophy and of the multiverse All the heavy hitters Seems like there will at least be one book hopefully a never ending amount of books , as it left some questions unanswered I can t wait Literally Seanan McGuire [...]

    18. I d read most of these stories previously as most of them have been posted on Seanan s blog so it was a case of rereading As much as I d enjoyed the stories as and when posted they didn t hang together as well as I d hoped when read as a collection These stories are probably best read as snippets interspersed between other books you re reading to get the most enjoyment out of them.

    19. Not quite as good as the second Velveteen book, but still interesting and fun A little Gaiman y than the previous books, which is cool but also a little one note is our hero ever anything but pissed off I do not regret buying it, but it s a bit of a let down after how OMGZ AMAZING the previous one was.

    20. Sad and beautiful and witty and frustrating Vel gets put through the wringer by each of the 3 seasons with a claim on her Great lot of new characters and Seanan McGuire s wonderful writing make for a great read The Velveteen universe is my favorite of her creations.

    21. The third installment of the adventures of former child hero Velveteen continues to entertain Velveteen s snarky wit and down to earth personality combine into a character I really enjoy reading as she faces the repercussion for events from her last book.

    22. Not as good as the first two, but that might be a combination of the characters not being fresh in my mind making it confusing and lower stakes to me.

    23. The story continues Read or reread Velveteen vs the Multiverse before this one for fullest enjoyment One of my favorite superhero storylines.

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