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Batman #3 #2020

Batman I AM GOTHAM Chapter ThreeBatman and Gotham strike out together to get to the bottom of the mysterious attacks against the city Could this novel and headstrong new hero be everything Gotham City needs

  • Title: Batman #3
  • Author: Tom King Matt Banning David Finch
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Batman #3 By Tom King Matt Banning David Finch, I AM GOTHAM Chapter ThreeBatman and Gotham strike out together to get to the bottom of the mysterious attacks against the city Could this novel and headstrong new hero be everything Gotham City needs at the cost of the Dark Knight

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      Tom King Matt Banning David Finch

    1 thought on “Batman #3

    1. Actually rating 4.5 stars.It was cool getting to see the origin of Gotham and Gotham Girl I still have a few suspicions about them, but it looks like they will either be confirmed or denied in the next issue

    2. The first pages of this issue was an unexpected serving of deja vu in the most gruesome yet also moving way possible For a split second, I thought King was giving me yet another rendition of the Wayne murders but the essential details about the scene are altered which led me to conclude quickly that this wasn t about Bruce Wayne s childhood trauma at all but another child s tragedy A young boy was walking with his parents on a dark alleyway in Gotham A mugger tried to rob them He beat the father [...]

    3. Gotham and Gotham Girl backstoryWe finally get some backstory for Gothams newest heroes I really enjoyed this issue In the DCU, adversity can either break you or make you a hero.

    4. The Batman Rebirth series is becoming even interesting.Two plots are gradually revealing itself the Monster Men and the Amanda Waller thing with Hugo Strange Everything is still in the dark in issue three, but it guarantees that things will be revealed in issue number four I am particularly interested with a villain who revealed himself at the last page DC Rebirth is full of surprises I briefly read about him in Infinite Crisis and never in The New 52.What surprised me though is that I Am Goth [...]

    5. In this one we learn a little bit of the backstory of Gotham and Gotham Girl aka Hank and Claire, brother and sister love when siblings fight together, such a great bond , of how Gotham was in a similar situation as Bruce was with his parents going down an alley way and they were almost mugged, but Batman stepped in and saved the day.It s great of course to see what Batman did with the fear, as he says, but also sad when you think that the only way Batman could prevent such horrors on Hank Gotha [...]

    6. Gotta say i heard a lot of negativity for this while going in to buy this but it s batman so ofcourse i am gonna buy it and ofcouse it s not anywhere near the level of stories that Scott snyder used to do but as per me , Tom King is finally starting to grow on me , and while the whole book focussed on the back story of Gotham and Gotham Girl it still somehow managed to make it all about Batman , and i truly appreciate it I get that some people will take it negatively saying that it s the job of [...]

    7. A good issue that included a part of the origins of Gotham and Gotham Girl, that even had left room for an mysterious past of how they acquired their powers As obsessed fans of Batman they were training all their life for a moment to work beside him but they too had no powers until a trip across seas for charity in very dangerous places left them extraordinary, a vague story Batman had learned while undercover with their parents Will this obsession be used as fuel for the last pages villains Who [...]

    8. Muy bien el conjunto, muy Batman.Pero estoy cansada de tantos planos de Gotham Girl detr s de Gotham a secas De los tacones, de las minifaldasEn fin, en fin.

    9. Review 7.9 10To be honest I m not a fan of Gotham Man and Gotham Girls backstory It seems a little forced that it would be so similar to Batmans, it s almost like King is trying to push a point across a little too hard I did on the other hand enjoy them being inspired by him to do good It shows why it is so important for them when he approves of them, and it also allows for some good storytelling when Bruce inevitably does something dickish to them in true Batman fashion The art looks great and [...]

    10. 4.3 out of 5 stars.A much, much needed improvement upon the previous issue, the following issue deals with the origin story for Gotham and Gotham Girl, as well as the parallels between Bruce s life with their lives I really enjoyed seeing how Gotham and Gotham Girl came to be, and it is nice knowing they don t appear to be the Big Bads after all just two kids trying to do the right thing, and trying to work with their idol, who does seem to have a good level of respect for them.Apparently, Walle [...]

    11. Actual rating 3.5Started off slow, but with good reason Maybe the first issue set too high a bar, because while the book by itself is good, it does not compare to the bombastic first book The story is starting to make sense now, and the small difference in Batman s portrayal as an inspiration is quite warming.That being said, the first few pages are cheesy to the point of being tiresome and clich , so that knocks off a few points from the overall score.

    12. AmazingThe Batman Gotham hero story arc continues with not an origin of the Gotham hero s but of a back story The set up of this story, and inclusion of Hugo Strange makes this a very enjoyable read.

    13. Really not caring for King s storytelling as it goes on Very repetitive structure here even if it was great to learn who these new heroes are Still very into the art The way Strange is being worked into the plot is painfully inelegant.

    14. I m enjoying this new take on Batman and the Hugo Strange angle is vague but interesting at this point Great artwork and writing cement another solid series, I had slight reservations at stages but this series has found its way into my first eead books

    15. Certainly was worried that we were watching another Batman origin, but I love the way the story twisted out of that Nice feint Enjoying the build up of the case and the cliff hanger.

    16. BrilliantLoved this, the monologue was brilliant I love the casting of Hugo strange as the primary villain and can t wait for

    17. Batman saves a family getting mugged in an alley Fight the fear he says as he makes his exit Turns out that was the family of hank and his sister, Gotham and Gotham Girl That event motivates them to become the heroes they are today Batman investigates the family undercover Bridge blows up Batman helps Gotham and GG save it all Witty dialogue Meh art Hugo makes some good points about Gotham and its people Building blows up zzz Hugo is there to meet the heroes Over this arc by now It has its momen [...]

    18. Everyone gets the Chance to be brave Das sind die einpr gsamen Worte, welche Batman dem kleinen Hank Clover Gotham mit auf den Weg gibt, als er die Familie Clover w hrend eines berfalls rettete Dieser Band erz hlt in der ersten H lfte die Hintergrundgeschichte der beiden neuen Superhelden in Gotham City Batman kennt diese Worte nur zu gut, als er sie von den Eltern der beiden erz hlt bekommt, w hrend er sich als CIA Ermittler ausgibt Die Zweite H lfte schildert, wie urpl tzliche Terror Vorf lle [...]

    19. In this issue of Batman, we get a look at Gotham and Gotham Girl s origin story and another mystery presents itself Not only do we see Batman help save the day but he also takes a step back from superheroism and goes to old school detective work to try and find out, I assume, how the two Gotham siblings got their powers.Aside from all that action, we see that something will be happening to the Gotham siblings in the next issue la Hugo Strange, and his friend who I do not know of but know is an o [...]

    20. I was originally going to review each issue individually, however it s a little hard to review a single issue on its own they always end in cliffhangers and make you mad you have to wait a whole two weeks or so for the next issue.The story begins with Bruce about to make the ultimate sacrifice to save all the people on a place Gotham Just when things look their bleakest and you re at the edge of your seat M Two heroes, with super strength and flight come along and help Bats save the day.We get s [...]

    21. Really liked this issue I ve been reading some of Tom King s other work like Vision and Omega Men, and I m becoming quite the fan of his He s making this Batman his own for sure I loved the intro, and I loved Gotham and Gotham Girl s backstory Loved how it played out And the art Its getting better with each issue Tom is slowly but surely putting his own stamp on Batman and I like the direction he s taking things here I thought this issue finally gave personalities to the Gotham team that I was a [...]

    22. 2.8 starsWe get the origins story of Gotham Gotham Girl who are brother sister Hank was saved by Batman when he was young he became obssessed with him as well as his younger sister They involved themselves in any event activity that could help people Eventually, they worked their way to being Gotham Gotham Girl What I want to know is how in the world can they fly In the end, the brother sister run into Dr Hugo Strange I have a feeling someone is not going to leave in their right minds.

    23. I enjoyed the poetic thoughts about Gotham s rot and how it seeps into its citizens, but I was surprised to find Gotham and Gotham Girl s backstories so stiff and cliche I m not sure what I think about these new characters at all, though I love their costume designs I really enjoy Tom King s Grayson and Vision runs, so I m still hoping this picks up It d be 3 stars if those bits about Gotham as a city state of mind weren t so pretty.

    24. I m pretty much late on reading all of REBIRTH issues since i live in Indonesia and there s no comic book store around here So i have to buy them online or pre order it from across the seas.Anyway, so BATMAN are doing good so far, in this issue we saw a gotham and gotham girl s origin Besides that everything is quite okay.

    25. Unbelievably awesome.I love the way Gotham and Gotham girl origins interconnected with Batman.A wise man told me this could be the best Batman story arc yet and right now i agree 1000%.

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