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Frosty The Snow Man (A Little Golden Book) #2020

Frosty The Snow Man A Little Golden Book Written and illustrated by some of the best children s book authors and artist Little Golden Books are known by their gold foil binding and by the pleasure they bring to children

  • Title: Frosty The Snow Man (A Little Golden Book)
  • Author: Annie North Bedford Corinne Malvern
  • ISBN: 9780307602664
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Frosty The Snow Man (A Little Golden Book) By Annie North Bedford Corinne Malvern, Written and illustrated by some of the best children s book authors and artist,Little Golden Books are known by their gold foil binding and by the pleasure they bring to children.

    • BEST PDF "✓ Frosty The Snow Man (A Little Golden Book)" || READ (AZW) æ
      Annie North Bedford Corinne Malvern

    1 thought on “Frosty The Snow Man (A Little Golden Book)

    1. This older version of a much loved children s classic is a fun and wholesome read of winter fantasy and frolic Imagination and creativity turn an average day into an exciting experience.

    2. Fun, magical story that all ages can enjoy Who doesn t want that snowman you have struggled so hard to build to magically come to life

    3. snow frosty YoungReaders PictureBook BookReview ChildrensBooks amreading When everyone was playing with Frosty, where did he go

    4. Frosty The Snow Man, by Annie Bedford, illustrated by Corinne Malvern, published by Golden Press, publication date 1987.This is a children s fantasy book All the children are out of school for a snow day The children form three snow balls to form the body and head of a snow man They give it the name Frosty the Snow Man The children give Frosty a button nose, corncob pipe, two coals for eyes, floppy galoshes, a scarf, and red mittens to complete his design All of a sudden, a gust of wind brings a [...]

    5. This book is about Frosty the Snowman and how he came to life when some children built him and put a magic hat on his head Frosty and the children had the most fun days together, they were magical And one day Frosty disappears, but the children know that he will be back someday I have never really liked the story of Frosty the Snowman And this book with its illustrations, were almost creepy The children looked like normal children, but Frosty looked like a snowman from a horror movieI would not [...]

    6. Adapted from the original song by the same title, this short children s book expounds on the tale of Frosty the Snowman It s a little different than how it s portrayed in the short kid s film, but they are fairly close given they have the same foundation The artwork is fun and lively, adding to the draw in for small children Especially where my daughter got to build her first snowman this year, Frosty was an even bigger hit than usual.

    7. A fun and entertaining book to share with younger students This is the story of Frosty the Snow Man and it is a fun way to have a relaxing and entertaining read aloud during a down time throughout the winter A nice resource to have avaiable in the classroom.

    8. I loved this book when I was a kid Even now I enjoy reading this on occasion It s a sweet kids book about a magical snowman who helps kids have some wintry fun A great book to read during the winter, especially at Christmas, and it would certainly be enjoyed

    9. What I love about Frosty is he is loveable You want to walk right up to him and give a hug He makes you feel at ease and you find yourself laughing along And, the storyline makes you cry How silly A hat that makes you come to life.

    10. This Little Golden Book was an absolute favorite of mine, growing up in the 1950 s I grew up in New England and it was very exciting waiting for a big snowfall While waiting, we could always dream about Frosty.

    11. If you like the tv special you will like the book This is a book that gets children excited If you are comfortable singing it would be best to sing the book and hopefully the parents and children join in.

    12. Great kindergarten first grade readis is an older version but the story is the samee pictures are tight and classic and I feel they serve to get the listeners to focus on the story where as the newer version I find they focus on the pictures may just be me

    13. My sister and I had this in our mostly Little Golden Book library when we were kids We read it all year long, but it was especially popular at Christmas time That cover sure brings me back.

    14. I think this is a story for children of all ages This is a tale that we have heard since we were young I think this would be a good book to incorporate into a class around Christmastime.

    15. This is the edition that I had as a child I don t remember seeing it since we moved I m going to have to look in our storage for all of these books I keep realizing are missing.

    16. The instant classic Frosty the Snow Man is one of my favorite books to read around the Christmas season.

    17. A nostalgic Frosty read with illustrations from the 50 s life What I remember of Frosty the snowman in my childhood.

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