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The Haunting of Ashburn House #2020

The Haunting of Ashburn House There s something wrong with Ashburn House The ancient building has been the subject of rumours for close to a century Its owner Edith refused to let guests inside and rarely visited the nearby town

  • Title: The Haunting of Ashburn House
  • Author: Darcy Coates
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Haunting of Ashburn House By Darcy Coates, There s something wrong with Ashburn House The ancient building has been the subject of rumours for close to a century Its owner, Edith, refused to let guests inside and rarely visited the nearby town Following Edith s death, her sole surviving relative, Adrienne, inherits the property Adrienne s only possessions are a suitcase of luggage, twenty dollars, and her pe There s something wrong with Ashburn HouseThe ancient building has been the subject of rumours for close to a century Its owner, Edith, refused to let guests inside and rarely visited the nearby town Following Edith s death, her sole surviving relative, Adrienne, inherits the property Adrienne s only possessions are a suitcase of luggage, twenty dollars, and her pet cat Ashburn House is a lifeline she can t afford to refuse Adrienne doesn t believe in ghosts, but it s hard to ignore the unease that grows as she explores her new home Strange messages have been etched into the wallpaper, an old grave is hidden in the forest behind the house, and eerie portraits in the upstairs hall seem to watch her every movement As she uncovers of the house s secrets, Adrienne begins to believe the whispered rumours about Ashburn may hold truth than she ever suspected The building has a bleak and grisly past, and as she chases the threads of a decades old mystery, Adrienne realises she s become the prey to something deeply unnatural and intensely resentful Only one thing is certain Ashburn s dead are not at rest.

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      288 Darcy Coates
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    1 thought on “The Haunting of Ashburn House

    1. This one was not for me It was brilliantly written, it was addictive in the best way possible, but the story was meh I didn t like it and by 40% of the book I pretty much knew how it would unfold and I was right This is the second Darcy Coates novel I read and it won t be the last because I love her style, I just prefer something along the lines of Blackwood House better I ll try Gillespie next and see what happens, but it s all a matter of preference The book is good and you should read it beca [...]

    2. I wish I could share in the love the majority of reviewers have expressed for this book The story just didn t work for me for a variety of reasons, which I ll do my best to clarify without spoilers First, I think it s important to note that this is far of an undead theme than a haunted house or ghost story I love ghost stories, but zombies and the undead don t interest me Had the title and description better reflected the content, I wouldn t have read the book at all.I felt the pace was painful [...]

    3. Blows away the first two in terms of sheer creepiness.This is the third in Ms Coates line of gothic haunted house books I utterly adored the first one , however the second left me a little cold with it romantic subplot This time however, the book is just about perfect.As I have said before, the scary level of the book is always in the mind of the beholder However I would say this book blows away both Gillespie House and Blackwood House in terms of sheer creepiness Additionally it gets a little g [...]

    4. I liked this book Loved it actually but I feel like the first half was a bit stretched out I often had a strong urge to skip a few pages but by the end I couldn t stop reading Amazingly written and has got a pretty awesome mystery so yeah,highly recommended for somebody who loves horror and mystery.

    5. Scary What a spooky book I really didn t expect to get such a fright from a book but it happened This would make a great movie some day

    6. I loved this Cool ghost tale Could have read in a sitting had I had the time I will definitely be reading by Darcy Coates

    7. Definitely one of my favorites that Darcy Coates has written This one was creepy there for a bit I wanted to shout at Adrienne and tell her what to do But no None of us book people EVER do that Yes So I enjoyed this one a lot.

    8. Thoroughly enjoyed this which was unexpected, because generally I find that many horror novels out there aren t very good This is an exception.

    9. I enjoyed this spooky haunted house tale by author, Darcy Coates It was creepy and mysterious, but not to the point of being spooked out of my skin Still it kept moving right along and I am giving it 5 for keeping me entertained.

    10. This was not my favorite read from Darcy Coates I recommend reading The Haunting of Blackwood House instead.

    11. I wish there were half star ratings here, because this book wasn t quite a 4 for me, but deserves than a 3 It is a well written story that kept me turning pages, and had me deeply invested, to the point where I was thinking about it when I couldn t sit down to read It was a good story, very suspenseful and although I had my suspicions about what was happening, there were twists I didn t see coming and some really enjoyable developments along the way I also really enjoyed the setting, the big sc [...]

    12. I ve read many books by Darcy Coates, but this one has been my favorite so far It wasn t as predictable and it was a little on the scary and mysterious side Adrienne and her cat move into Ashburn house after her mother s death She was given the mansion by an aunt she never knew She learns of this house when her situation is dire and she has little choice but to take this house she has been given Many rumors about the house and her family are told to her by townspeople, but she stays on She find [...]

    13. I found this to be a good haunted house story, and the audio was done well A few twists and turns along the way and I liked the ending

    14. Improved writing style Could have had characters Was slow in the beginning and almost put it down but the style kept me going Much depth than her other books Some scary scenes not really scary but maybe it s my age.

    15. Darcy Coats is said to love haunted houses, ancient graveyards and mysteries This novel The Haunting of Ashburn House has all three This novel begins where many suspense haunted stories begin Adrienne inherits a house at a timely point in her life from a relative she knows little about The twist Coats gives her novel is a look at the effects of psychological repression and mental illness Chilling struggles with needing to regain self in order to defeat monsters, the novel is hard to put down, ev [...]

    16. I ve reluctantly given this 3 stars It wasn t that I didn t enjoy it, the book definitely had me hooked It s nicely written and very atmospheric in places but for me it just wasn t my sort of genre The haunting of Ashburn House is a ghost story, a proper ghost story with ghost in it I sound like I m stating the obvious but I prefer the less obvious stories where you can t quite work out if something ghostly is going on or the lead character is losing their mind This was full out ghosts in you fa [...]

    17. Slow goingThIs book was just too slow It took forever to get to the plot The setting was described over and over again The plot then turned out to be silly The main character wasn t even very interesting nor engaging.

    18. review taken from literaryweaponry I ll admit it, horror is not often my genre In the last year I ve read three horror thriller books including this one Just three Why I like to sleep at night Something about this book pulled at me, though I ran across it while browsing a few months ago and it kept popping up in the back of my mind In the last couple of weeks I ve tried to pick up a dozen other books and just couldn t get into them My mind was begging to read this one I finally gave in and I mus [...]

    19. Adrienne is alone in the world, with the exception of her cat, Wolfgang, when she receives notice that she has inherited Ashburn House from a great aunt she didn t know The mansion is something of a legend in the small town four members of the Ashburn family were brutally murdered, leaving Adrienne s great aunt, Edith, as the only survivor As Adrienne works to make Ashburn House her home and to make friends in the quaint little town, the truth of the tragedy unfolds and threatens to destroy her. [...]

    20. AmazingThis being the first book I have read by Darcy Coates I have to say I thought it was amazing Unable to put it down from start to finish, I read it within a day as I was thoroughly absorbed in the book The storyline was impeccable and the characters great I found moments when I actually felt a chill reading, especially when I had the curtains open and it was dark, so much so that I had to close them to stop feeling slightly freaked I can t wait to read further books by Darcy, I m eager to [...]

    21. at first this book spooked me, I waited with a thumping heart beat for that startling something suddenly jumps out at you moment well, when the moment came, it was so anticlimactic that I wish there was some kind of jumping this book was creepy, for sure, but oh sooo painfully slow and when things FINALLY started moving it was just so out there and it just became silly to me I actually got irritated that I wasted my time reading it I wanted to read her other books, but after this one, I don t kn [...]

    22. This was a good book, I m glad I read it It s almost a 4 but not quite, especially when compared to other books I ve given 4s I felt like it started out strong, and I really enjoyed when you were inside the antagonist s mind I wish the author kept with that throughout the book, but it was like she just let it go at some point I like to feel like I really know the main character s in the books I read, can feel their emotions and put myself in their shoes I do think the author did a pretty good jo [...]

    23. Wow, great story, interesting premise and spine tingling tension but it came undone with the repetitive wording I lost count of how many times Addy inhaled quickly, slowly, in fear and or just to smell A thesaurus was definitely needed Also the narrator s growl at the end of words touched a nerve with me and although she was great at giving each character their own voice that growl made me cringe.

    24. Loved it Before I read this, I d read The Bird Eater by Ania Ahlborn and both stories had A LOT of similarities However, Coates haunted house story was infinitely interesting and actually had likeable characters I really like Adrienne from the start and I also liked Edith The story ended exactly the way I d hoped as well Where the Bird Eater failed Coates really delivered Great story.

    25. This is a great horror story it s scary, the MC didn t make stupid choices, and there were no inconsistencies And did I mention that it s actually SCARY Reading this was like watching a really good horror movie I want to know what happens, but I m also kinda scared to turn the page.I loved Adrienne and Wolf I ve never read a book where a Maine Coon cat was so perfectly characterized, from the roadkill pose to the chirps and silent meows.

    26. This book was much better than I thought it was going to be I started to read it months ago and couldn t get into it I m really glad that I finally finished it.The beginning was a bit slow, but it did get better There were some really intense parts and the book had a lot of surprises in it It creeped me out quite a bit One of the better horror books I ve read recently Only thing is why would you go to town to do research on an old house that still had everything from the original occupant Lol

    27. I wish would give the option of 1 2 stars because this for sure is a 3 1 2 star book Almost a 4, but it was just a little slow for me I truly enjoyed the little twist at the end Wasn t expecting that And the ending was fitting Very cute.

    28. A young woman inherits a strange old house from a great aunt, a reclusive person, she never knew And, of course, it is supposedly haunted.The writing in this book started out by impressing me as being somewhat stilted It just didn t flow very well Well, okay, I ll press on And the book was spooky in the beginning There was a good sense of suspense, of frightening things that will be revealed Unforunately, as things got grisly, they became less suspenseful and less frightening Lots of gore, not [...]

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