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Boarlander Bash Bear #2020

Boarlander Bash Bear Sebastian Bash Kane is ready for a mate He s been fighting for his lumberjack crew of bear shifters to lift the ban on women in the trailer park and his alpha has just given him the go ahead to find

  • Title: Boarlander Bash Bear
  • Author: T.S. Joyce
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Boarlander Bash Bear By T.S. Joyce, Sebastian Bash Kane is ready for a mate He s been fighting for his lumberjack crew of bear shifters to lift the ban on women in the trailer park, and his alpha has just given him the go ahead to find the woman of his dreams But when he meets a shy newspaper editor in a diner, it becomes clear that finding a mate might not be so easy Emerson Elliot is only looking forSebastian Bash Kane is ready for a mate He s been fighting for his lumberjack crew of bear shifters to lift the ban on women in the trailer park, and his alpha has just given him the go ahead to find the woman of his dreams But when he meets a shy newspaper editor in a diner, it becomes clear that finding a mate might not be so easy Emerson Elliot is only looking for a friend, and even if she feels like so much , Bash can t push her He knows she s the one, but he ll have to be a patient hunter if he wants to keep an intelligent, curvy beauty like her Emerson Elliot is looking for friends She s back in her hometown where everything is different, and working from home isn t helping her meet people But when Bash sits down beside her at a diner, she knows the fates are messing with her She s been carrying a crush for the handsome, fun loving bear shifter for years, but their timing couldn t be worse Her life is taking a hard right turn, and she can t afford to fall in love until her future is all sorted out Unfortunately, big changes are coming to Boarland Mobile Park, and if she doesn t make up her mind about Bash soon, she might lose his offered place beside him forever Content Warning Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets Intended for mature audiences.

    • [KINDLE] ✓ Boarlander Bash Bear | by ✓ T.S. Joyce
      389 T.S. Joyce
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    1 thought on “Boarlander Bash Bear

    1. 4.5 stars Extremely sweet and adorable little romance Totally stress free for me, with none of the usual things that annoy me I loved everything Bash did and said his honest affection and thoughts about Emerson were really awesome He was pretty amazing top hero status for sure Things that mightbother other readers but did not bother me Bash seems to have some sort of developmental cognitive mental issue of some sort He is a little child like in some ways super intelligent in other ways But alway [...]

    2. This was way better than the first one IMO I enjoyed it so much Bash was just perfect and sweet He was awesome He said some of the sweetest things I ve ever read I just ate it up LOVED BASH Bash talking about Emerson s eyes and then body Because they re all wild and gold and pretty, like sunlight comin through the tree branches and speckling the ground You even have brown spots in there, like cheetah eyes Part of me hopes no one else has noticed so those specks can just be mine My secret part o [...]

    3. 4.5 stars I love Bash He has to be one of the sweetest, loving,caring, selfless ,beautiful man ever seriously I wish he was real lol Emerson was a good mate for him At first I was a bit ticked off with her, but she came to her senses plus I really couldn t put to much blame on her My only Complaint is I wanted him to bite mark her I know she did but it s not the same I needed that I want to see of them I m interested in the next one safety gang safe

    4. 4.5 stars This was another great addition to a really sweet shifter romance The hero in this book was incredible He was so charismatic and I love how he had no filter and always said what was on his mind I also appreciate that this writer offers her books on kindleunlimited I look forward to reading the next book

    5. I cried I actually fucking cried a paranormal romance novel and I cried I read PA for mindless entertainment and mindless nakedness I know its not a word but it is today Bash is the sweetest bear ever I want him I wanted to hate her but I understood where she was coming but I also wanted to be like Oh fucking come on, he s different but I liked her still Geesh I m all over the board right now but damn I loved it.

    6. This series I just can never get enough After I don t know how many books, I m still on board I get excited every month when she releases a new one because I know I m guaranteed about 60 90 minutes of the kind of romance I can rely on to improve my mood It s amazing These little books aren t life changing, but I love reading them and never get tired of them

    7. Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one s lifetime Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad Roughing It Boarlander Bash Bear is the second in T.S Joyce s Boarlander Series, part of her group of stories revolving around the Shifters of Damon s Mountain I was so glad I didn t have to wait long for Bash [...]

    8. Overall Rating 4.5 Rockin Take one big hunky bear that wants a mate and add a smart, sweet human that wants to have a baby and you have the makings of a read that will leave you laughing and crying at the same time In T S Joyce s second book in the Boarlander Bears the reader gets up and personal with Bash Bear or aka Sebastian Kane and the woman that stirs his bear, Emerson Elliott Will these two unlikely characters find a way to overcome the obstacles put in their path towards love, laughter a [...]

    9. I enjoyed this couple Harrison s story in the first Boarlander s book worked for me a little better but I love the kink thrown into the story for the shifter s of Damon s mountains I m looking forward to reading about it in the next books These are my favorite shifter stories T S Joyce does them better than most, in my opinion I am always pulled in, emotionally vested and laughing or crying in equal measure Great books

    10. This is the best early Valentine s day gift ever I have no idea how Ms Joyce manages to come up with a completely new storyline for each book, when so many romance books are just redundant Love how this new crew is shaping up, despite the new troubles that look set to occur Kirk is up next I cannot wait even though this book was released only about 3 1 2 hours ago.

    11. This is one of my favorite T.S Joyce stories I love Bash he stole my heart from the minute I met him and I thought Emerson was perfect for him Great read When I want to read a book I can rely on to take me away from the world for a while, this is it.

    12. Reviewed at Shifter HavenBash is, at heart, such a gentle soul He is strong, sexy and powerful, he is also near genius in some areas and yet almost child like in his total honest approach of saying exactly what s on his mind with little filters Bash is one of my favorites in this series Oh, I love all these guys, no doubt, but some for various reasons hold that special spot in my reader s heart and Bash is one of those I think Bash is one of those men that women say they want open, honest and no [...]

    13. This is the second book in this series and they should be read in order Next to Beaston Bash Bear is my favorite bear He is funny and wants a mate so badly He doesn t overthink things He says what he thinks even if it isn t always appropriate Emerson works at the local paper and she has wanted to be a mother for quite some time So, she is taking matters into her own hands and getting invitro Then she meets Bash she had messaged him on the bangaboarlander website some time ago but Bash never resp [...]

    14. Man oh man, I LOVE BASH so much He s one of my fave TS Joyce Characters He s adorable, sweet, caring, and it makes me wonder if he s not a slight bit autistic by the way he talks and acts Or maybe of a backwoods hillbilly of sorts Either way, I don t care, I floved him through and through The mate he ended up with was okay I didn t love her Nor dislike her She isn t my favorite female by a long shot That goes to Willa This book was great The drama was unexpected We still get our typical fated m [...]

    15. Bash bear, one of the bears I adore, such feelings that come from him.Sebastian Bash Kane is ready for a mate He is hoping that the ban on females will be lifted, but tiny problems could derail his wants as he searches for his mate, But when he meets newspaper editor in a diner, he realizes that finding a mate wont be as easy as he thought.Emerson is looking for Friends and also for a donor so she can become a Mother, which is something she wants above all.When Bash sits with her at the diner, s [...]

    16. Love Damon s Mountains and the shifters in them Obsessed with this series Loved Bash s story He is probably my second favorite bear in Damon s Mountains I don t think anyone will ever top Beaston Bash was so sensitive and it melted my heart that he was so understanding with Emerson s situation and willing to be there for the whole thing On to the next shifter in the series, Kirk

    17. I have officially decided to move Damon s Mountains or one of the trailor parks to find myself a mate They are caring, thoughtful, aloof, a lot crazy, but totally fun They are never afraid to show you the level of affection they feel for you Protectors, partners, friend, mates The best of it all.

    18. Oh wao This one is Definitely a keeper Ah I just love the story of Bash bear shifter and Emerson human female Bash is ready and looking for a mate with he founds in sweet Emerson He is so sweet I can t take Love it Love it Love it

    19. Bash Emerson Tender hearted Bash Bear of the Boarlander s is officially looking for a mate Emerson Elliot just wanted to have a family Such a sweet read despite the storm clouds that are moving in over Damon s Mountains

    20. Bash BearI m so in love with Bash What a gentle giant he turned out to be This story was definitely swoon worthy

    21. AmazingThis is my favorite book so far in this series If you could point me to Bash that would be amazing I need a Man like Bash in my life ASAP

    22. Ugh I really hope that the story line part about how the shifters can t mate changes in the next book Otherwise what could possibly happen for the rest of them

    23. GoodI really enjoyed reading this one If you enjoy reading shape shifter romance then you will love this one I can t wait to read the next instalment

    24. Boarlander Bash BearGave it a five star rating Loved the story Can t wait to read the next book in the series to find out what happens next.

    25. Omg I loved reading about Bash bear and Emerson and even about Beaston and his Ana I just get sucked in and love ever word.

    26. ReviewThis series is fun, sexy, romantic, well written and full of likeable characters It makes you feel like you re spending time with new friends.

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