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Undone, Volume 2 #2020

Undone Volume It s image rehab plain and simple A month of fake romance to convince the press that bad boy rocker Ash Black has fallen for a good girl librarian It should be easy It s anything but AshNew York City

  • Title: Undone, Volume 2
  • Author: Callie Harper
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 224
  • Format: ebook
  • Undone, Volume 2 By Callie Harper, It s image rehab, plain and simple A month of fake romance to convince the press that bad boy rocker Ash Black has fallen for a good girl librarian It should be easy It s anything but AshNew York City Vegas Paris A whirlwind tour for our whirlwind romance, every step, smile and kiss photographed from every angle It s all going according to plan, rehabbing my bad boIt s image rehab, plain and simple A month of fake romance to convince the press that bad boy rocker Ash Black has fallen for a good girl librarian It should be easy It s anything but AshNew York City Vegas Paris A whirlwind tour for our whirlwind romance, every step, smile and kiss photographed from every angle It s all going according to plan, rehabbing my bad boy rock star image by falling hard for a sweet, wholesome librarian There are all kinds of reasons to keep my hands off her The no sex clause in our contract Paparazzi around every corner She doesn t trust me because she thinks I m a player, and she s right But I m done playing by the rules I m rock star Ash Black and I ve never been good at doing what other people tell me I m done mugging for the cameras I want her alone, all to myself, where the only rules are the ones I dictate When it s just us, there ll be nothing fake about her begging me to let her come I m a musician, baby, and believe me, I m going to savor the sound of her every pant, gasp and moan Ana It s just a show, a month long fa ade I need to keep my head in the game, my heart under wraps and my body out of reach of his wickedly talented hands He s not making it easy for me Every time I watch him perform, I go weak in the knees Every time he romances me over a candlelight dinner, I melt And the few moments he s caught me alone, he s started a fire in me unlike anything I ve ever felt before It s roaring, licking, burning me up I m not good at pretending And with the heat he s building in me, I m not sure how long I m going to last One month can feel like forever when you re so close to exactly what you want but not allowed to touch it Sooner or later, a girl has to reach out and touch NOTE Undone is a three volume hot adult romance It s the second story in the Beg for It series about the dominant, alpha males in Ash s family and the strong, sexy women who make them finally meet their match.

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    1 thought on “Undone, Volume 2

    1. Book 2 continues exactly where book 1 finishedAna is debating with herself about the fake relationship with Ash.All those reservations and concerns waiting on the sidelines, offering reasons A Z why this arrangement with Ash was a very, very bad idea would all start clamoring for the mic He s a jerk You re going to hate having every second of your life photographed How are you going to explain this to your parents And, most challenging of them all, how did I expect to spend an intimate month wit [...]

    2. I had the best of intentions to have this review AND my review for Volume 3 up early last week But you know what happens with the best of intentionsLife decides to show up and give you a swift kick in the ass.Firstly, the townhouse where we are living sold So we have to find a place to live and pack in less then 3 months A whole stressful journey in and of itself We ve had inspections the last two weeks One inspection came back with high levels of Radon What is Radon you ask I didn t know either [...]

    3. REVIEW VOLUME 1 2 3.Let me once again state clearly that I am not a fan of books that are cut in pieces a series with cliffhangers is bad enough but cutting a good book into novellas is not the way to go for me having said my piece about that let me get to my thoughts about the story.After reading all 3 parts of this novel I would like to give my final thoughts.I am still keeping my opinion that on opening an encyclopedia and check under smug you should probably find a picture of Ash the newest [...]

    4. Title UndoneAuthor Callie HarperSeries Volume 2 Publisher Release Date March 14, 2016Genre s NA RomancePage Count 198Heat Level 5 flames out of 5Rating 5 stars out of 5Blurb It s image rehab, plain and simple A month of fake romance to convince the press that bad boy rocker Ash Black has fallen for a good girl librarian It should be easy It s anything but AshNew York City Vegas Paris A whirlwind tour for our whirlwind romance, every step, smile and kiss photographed from every angle It s all goi [...]

    5. I am so over the moon about this series Callie Harper has done it again I am completely hooked This has been one hot bundle of emotions, and anticipation I am so head over heels in love with these characters Who doesn t like a dirty talking rock star Ash and Ana s story picks up right where we left off As a PR stunt to repair Ash s image, Ana has agreed to be Ash s girlfriend for one month, then publicly break it off with him In return Ash funds the Library Ana works for to prevent it from being [...]

    6. Love this seriesAsh and Ana are fantastic I m enjoying this series than any I have in a while I m a huge sucker for rocker romances, this one truly fits the bill Hot, sweet and a great premise Rocker and sweet librarian Straight on to book three Can t wait to see how it goes.

    7. This second installment of Callie Harper s Undone serial is even better than the first one it s hotter, romantic and lots edgier In Undone Vol 2 the contract has been drawn up and the manager, lawyer and the PR Team are on full alert especially rabid about Ash s Image Rehab itinerary and the perfection of their picture perfect photo ops But whenever Ash and Ana are together their chemistry consumes them and they are overcome by their passions even at Ash s Family traditional, and huge, Christma [...]

    8. Yet again I have been sucked into the world of Ash Black and Anika Ivanov This is where their story really heats up and intensifies Ana begins to question just what she got herself into She questions whether she belongs in his world, all the while trying to remember that this is just a temporary arrangement and not to get too attached Eventually real feelings become involved and lines begin to blur When they are by themselves, she begins to believe that he is someone she could spend the rest of [...]

    9. So our month begins We start with the annual Kavanaugh holiday party, a black tie event What is the first thing you do in a fake relationship, meet his family of course Volume 2 in the Undone series does not disappoint Callie Harper knows how to write a story to keep us wanting Ash and Ana are getting to know each other They spend their time posing for the right pictures with the right angles The right kisses and the right smiles all have to be staged perfectly Ash still has his fun with Ana th [...]

    10. Whoa I thought book one had a cliffhanger I cannot wait for book 3 to come out This continues the story of Ash and Ana At the end of the first book, Ash is trying to rehab his image which took a big hit when he broke up with the country s beloved Mandy, American Idol winner His plan to woo a simple, wholesome girl, enter Librarian Ana, propose to her on New Year s Eve and have her dump him 10 days later Ana reluctantly agrees and begins the charade But as things start to happen, they both seem t [...]

    11. This Ash is Much Better Okay, now here s an Ash that a girl can fall for Sure he still has some of that alpa going on, but we are getting feelings out of the guy Not just the I m a rockstar, fall at my feet attitude This review may spoil volume one.Ash and Ana have been playing the parts for a few weeks now and the feelings are starting to get real for both of them Ash likes how different Ana is from the groupies and stars he s known to be with Ash is everything Ana thought he was and She sees [...]

    12. ARC provided by the author for an honest review What happens when what you thought was just for show a means to an end starts to become something so much deeper than you ever expected When feelings get fuzzy and lines crossed what will become of this couple We follow Ash and Ana on their love affair that will ultimately get him back on the most wanted listed Their relationship off camera is hot, sexy and off the charts I was blushing and fanning myself half the time We get to see the world this [...]

    13. I was so very glad to be able to jump straight into this after reading book 1 and now I will say I am on the edge waiting for book 3 I am loving this series I finished this earlier today and I ve not stopped thinking about it As I thought, I do love Ash Black You just can t help but love him, and he is hot hot hot He is a smooth, dirty talking rock star Did I mention he was HOT I also love Ana Anika , she is sweet and innocent, well that was until she got involved with Ash With Ash s reputation [...]

    14. Another 4 stars for Ash and Ana In book two we follow the couple on their romance and it is scorching The ultimate plan is to get Ash back in the good graces of his fans and the rest of the country There are two parts to their relationship, the one they portray on camera, and the page melting off camera romance When Ash s ex doesn t relent with her attack on the bad boy We follow the roller coaster that is their romance and amongst the angst, drama, and the scorching scenes, we see that the bad [...]

    15. VOLUME TWO 5 Stars Absolute brilliance This series is shaping up to be amazing Callie Harper is new ish to me but someone I find myself coming back to time and time again Callie Harper writes in such a way that is unique, real, and totally worth every moment And while I am not a huge fan of cliffhangers in novels, the books in her series release close to each other.Callie Harper is a mad woman when is comes to writing serial romance novels She keeps you hanging She keeps you on the edge of your [...]

    16. Undone Volume 2 by Callie HarperAsh and Ana are still at it And restoring Ash s image, though still a bad boy rock star sex god, is on track A few moments along sneaking in here and there around the PR stuff already planned out and scheduled for them Christmas, Paris, and New Year s in Vegas What could possibly go wrong, right However having everything handled and a no sex clause in the agreement that will help gain this image reboot isn t going to work for Ash So when things go in a direction t [...]

    17. OMFG I am sooo loving this set and although i want to smack Ash and Ana at the back of their heads and say Just tell each other how you feel for goodness sake i am loving the charaters Picking up directly from vol 1, The story continues with a perfect flow Ana is still struggling with keeping her real feelings locked up tight With her family and friends thinking she s in a real relationship, her feelings are knocking her all over the place Ash is confused as all hell over his growing feelings fo [...]

    18. Gripping whirlwind rockstar romance Must be read after part one.Ash Black is used to the stage his whole life is a stage, even his new relationship with Ana is a PR stunt to make him look good.One month with a good girl, be in the right place, right time for the press to make them believe your in Love and the aim to make Ash Black look like a good guy Sounds simple sounds manipultive and hearts are going to be involved so you know there s gonna be trouble.A gripping read, Anna is so out of her c [...]

    19. As the fake romance continues, it begins to feel real than fake to both Ash and Ana This series is amazing and book 2 is as great as book 1 was It picks right up where book 1 left off and does not disappoint We see of the interaction of Ash and his band and also the life Ash leads Ana is thrown right into all of it and now has stylists and PR people telling her what to wear, what to say, and how to act She does as told, but she also is trying very hard to stay true to her contract although eve [...]

    20. Remember when I said I thought we d be in for a naughty, sexy, dirty ride with this installment Well, it was dirtier, sexier, and even naughty than I could have anticipated, and I freaking LOVED every minute of it.I am totally entranced with this story I can t get enough of Ash Black Who knew underneath all that gruff sexy deliciousness he was actually a charming, sweet, loving guy And Ana is fantastic From beginning to end, this installment it s packed to the brim with drama, sexual tension, g [...]

    21. Undone, part two is a delicious, sexy, intense, follow up to part one Throughout part two a lust filled ball of heat filled me and would not let go I read on baited breath for Ash Ana to finally come together And I don t just mean in the bedroom These two are amazing Their whole story burns from the pages, words oozing lust filled brilliance with each passing chapter And did I mention it was hot Holy smokes this part should come with a health warning I can t wait to see how Callie brings it all [...]

    22. What happens when you make a rock star fake a relationship with the perfect librarian, someone will catch feelings,but who will it be is the question The second book in Ash Anas story takes them on a few adventures a long the way some planned some not so much I can t wait to see just how this ends.

    23. Callie has such an amazing talent this book drags you in and you don t want to put it down The book starts off the morning after Ash Ana made a PR deal to clean up his bad boy image Ash goes along with the PR romance but soon finds that he should have taken out the no sex clause in the contract, he wants Ana badly He takes her to Paris where he finally realises he has fallen for Ana She is hot and he can command her dody like his greatest fantasies He s beginning to see his life differently and [...]

    24. 4 Star Read Among some of my favorites Outstanding literary work The characters are well developed, interesting The liked characters are likable and the hated are unlikable The writing is captivating enough to keep you interested until the end and leave you wanting It has a fairly original or uniquely well developed plot The pretense and romance were well balanced and done with properly distributed amounts of hints, behaviors, and chemistry Not so much predictable if at all Overall, loved it, I [...]

    25. In this Volume, Ash has gotten Ana to sign on the dotted line to be his fake girlfriend for a month The public rehabbing of his image is going great, however, all the time they are spending together, feelings are starting to develop And the no sex clause is flying out of the window OMG I m totally addicted to this series, and FREAKIN CANNOT GET ENOUGH I became a fan of Callie Harper after the first story I read by her, and each new book just reaffirms why she s become a favorite Finally, the com [...]

    26. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review Jacquie Scandalous Book Blog In the second book in the Undone series Ana and Ash are still contracted to be a couple for the press, she s wearing his ring and trying not to fall for him Asher is also struggling to keep the relationship professional and it s only a matter of time before they give into temptation.Can their budding relationship survive the lies and his rock and roll lifestyle.This series goes from strenght to strenght I liked Ash in the [...]

    27. Nooooooooo How can this book end like that I m so vested in this book and then WHAM It s over I m absolutely in love with Ash and Ana Their story is a fairytale that draws you in and hold you captive The time they spend together alone with get your heart beating and your panties soaking that s for sure Everything and everyone is not what they seem so how do you stay real to your own person and trust any of those around you And how do you trust the feelings you ve developed for a rockstar out of [...]

    28. this is the second book in the series and wow, what a fab second book, I couldn t put it down till id finished it, it had me totally hooked from the first page the same fantastic characters as the first book but in this book you get to see of the lives around them as the story unfolds around them again this is a fast paced short read with lots of the great steamy scenes this author is good at giving us, that you ll just want to keep reading I just cant wait for volume 3highly recommendedfaceboo [...]

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