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Irish #2020

Irish Knox O Connor is on top of it all the UFC s Heavyweight Champion of the world hot single arrogant and reputed to never stay with the same woman for than a couple quick shags When his multi million

  • Title: Irish
  • Author: Olivia Hawthorne Olivia Long
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Irish By Olivia Hawthorne Olivia Long, Knox O Connor is on top of it all, the UFC s Heavyweight Champion of the world, hot, single, arrogant and reputed to never stay with the same woman for than a couple quick shags When his multi million dollar sponsorship deal hinges on him settling down and getting married, he s at a loss to find the perfect woman Lennon Bishop is a struggling bar tender at George O Knox O Connor is on top of it all, the UFC s Heavyweight Champion of the world, hot, single, arrogant and reputed to never stay with the same woman for than a couple quick shags When his multi million dollar sponsorship deal hinges on him settling down and getting married, he s at a loss to find the perfect woman Lennon Bishop is a struggling bar tender at George O Malley s lucky sports pub A chance encounter with legendary fighter Knox O Connor leaves her confused and suspicious of the feelings she seems to be developing for the notorious bad boy When he asks her to marry him, all bets are off Will one of them falter in the ultimate game of chicken Or will they both be brought to their knees by the primal force of their passion This book contains unapologetic instalove, a filthy talking Irish fighter and a whole bunch of dirty sex He found his woman, he will claim his woman and he will make her his.

    • UNLIMITED BOOK ✓ Irish - by Olivia Hawthorne Olivia Long
      Olivia Hawthorne Olivia Long

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    1. This happens when I don t read the reviews beforeHe met the h in a pub but wakes the next morning with ow but there s no sex scene detailed He said that he doesn t remember last night but he hadn t managed to come and hes wanking in memory of the h if he doesn t remember how does he know he didn t had sex with this ow

    2. This was a pretty quick, easy read I wasn t blown away by the connection of the characters, but it was there enough to keep me interested I enjoyed how up front Knox was about wanting to marry Lennon and why he wanted to marry her I found it refreshing that there were no secrets between them There was a bit of drama, but was always cleared up rather quickly If you re looking for a book that s an on the edge of your seat exciting, this really isn t it, but if you re looking for something quick, a [...]

    3. I gave this book 2 stars for the dirty talk and the possessive, protective, nature of the Irish alpha herobut that is about all It started off promising with an Irish UFC fighter Knox O Connormmmm He meets Lennon in a bar where she bartends and some sparks fly Lennon was a good girl with a bit of a feisty sidewhich suddenly disappears almost immediately Knox then finds out to nail an endorsement he has to change his manwhore image and get married Instantly he knows Lennon is his girl He finally [...]

    4. I hate leaving low stars or anything derogatory about a book because I know the author Has put a lot into their work but I have to say I couldn t get into this book I hoped it would get better but for me it just didn t do it I think the Insta love was too much I couldn t grasp the characters and I think I was confused a lot I have never not finished a book I don t believe so I kept pushing myself but it still never clicked for me But this is my opinion others may love it and get something I don [...]

    5. Too fastIt was a little too fast to be enjoyable He asked her to marry him, she says no, the next time they see each other he goes to town on her Time after that he goes at it again, and she agrees to marry him and time after that they do the dirty deed and they are in love and talking about kids Really There s no part where he explains why he needs her as his wife Just will you marry me A couple of dirty scenes and they re head over heels No thank you

    6. DNF.This book Wow For starters, there are so many editing and grammar mistakes it is hard to overlook Secondly, the plot is a damn mess Knox and Lennon meet at the very beginning of the book, but this plot doesn t really get moving until Knox needs a wife You see, Nike won t sign an endorsement contract with him until he cleans up his public image and gets a green card Nevermind the fact that Nike, an international corporation, would never ask someone to be an American citizen just to hock some [...]

    7. I don t really know where to start with this book I loved Knox s accent and possessive, sexy attitude, but I felt conflicted some of the time about the plot The beginning felt really fast and then the conflict happens and it is over lightning fast Then, I was a little confused about the fight in Belfast and why it even really happened My main reason for giving it a three were the characters Every single one of them were quirky in their own way Most of all knowing that the overall idea of the boo [...]

    8. everything was too insta for me from love to the drama The storyline kept me reading until the end I wish there was tension between Knox and Lennon throughout the book as there was in the first couple of chapters A quick read

    9. A good 4 I still feel rushed with how quickly these couples love each other This one had a little adventure in it The romance scenes were still hot as hell too Thanks

    10. Oh my.I loved this A Irish MMA fighter with a tough upbringing and a bartender who had became disillusioned by love He needs a wife to be able to stay in America What will happen if the MMA fighter sweeps the bartender off her feet

    11. I initially wanted to read this because I love fighter stories Especially when said fighter comes from a place with an accent to die for I also heard that it was an insta love story and I didn t mind Sometimes, when done right, I enjoy love stories like that After reading this one, I think I may be a bit out of date with my insta love stories They hardly say anything to each other, boom have sex, then declare love for one another I know insta love is supposed to be kinda like this, but maybe I w [...]

    12. So outlandish it made me laughGot this through kindle unlimited and thought why not I love me some Irish boys and the whole ufc thing is my new candy But this book is so insanely silly and outlandish Like crazy stupid I felt like the author couldn t decide on an actual plot and just kept throwing new ideas in the mix A single down on her luck heroine, a hot Irish UFC fighter, Marriage for a greencard, insta love, sex, drugs, international espionage, the IRA because if you are Irish then you re o [...]

    13. The Book That Has It All I love a book that gives you a little bit of everythingeamy sex scenes, great storyline, relatable characters, and a touch of drama Knox O Connor is an Irish fighter, UFC s Heavyweight champion of the world, and considered fighting royalty Lennon grew up without parents or any family, so she s a pretty independent woman The two could start a fire when they get together with all the heat they produce Follow them on their journey of finding love and building a life togethe [...]

    14. The very first page telling what happened sort of turned me off the book, but I figured I should give it a chance For me, I did enjoy the beginning I loved the buildup of the relationship Once the sex started, the book wasn t as enjoyable for me other than Knox s alpha attitude which was sexy In a matter weeks or pages, they had sex, said they loved each other, agreed to get married, decide to have kids, moved her in his house and went to the hospital The first part of the book moved at an enjoy [...]

    15. Lennon is a a struggling bartender who normally doesn t really notice or react to men Knox is a UFC who goes through women like days on a calendar When they meet something shifts in both of them He needs to marry in order to get this huge endorsement deal and she is on the verge of losing her job Something about her catches his eye where he then wants her and only her He has a troubled pass and celebrity status that she would have to come to turns with Will she give him a shot after everything s [...]

    16. Irish has everything you could ask for in a instalove novel Alpha fighter that is crazy possessive and super sexy, check A bartender who gets herself blindsided by said alpha and can t do anything to stop the whirlwind, double check This story is awesome and captivating in a way that has you focusing and falling for the characters just as fast as the characters fell for each other There are many twists and turns to the story that will make your heart stop, flip and restart again What started out [...]

    17. Luck of the Sexy Irish Knox is bad boy UFC fighter who needs to clean up his act if he wants to get his biggest sponsorship yet Lennon is a bar tender working her life away One night she meets Knox and everything changes Knox needs Lennon for a marriage arrangement in order to secure his sponsorship What starts out as an arrangement quickly turns to love for these two But, it s not all sunshine, the couple has a mound of obstacles before they get their HEA I loved loved me some Knox I swear I co [...]

    18. Well this wasn t what I thought it would be.To me it was not insta love when you wake up with another woman after meeting your girl and continue to be a manwhore until you claim her I will agree that it was very insta after she said yes But their entire connection revolved around sex, there was nothing else to back up feelings Then the weird drama from left field, it was like the author was looking for things to throw at them On a plus side I was glad he became a changed man and their was no che [...]

    19. Loved Knox s story A bit fast paced but a great read Knox O Connor was the UFC reigning world champion but meeting Lennon brought him to his knees He loved her feistiness and smart mouth With all of the women throwing themselves at him, she was the one he wanted Lennon could hardly breathe when Knox was around but she wasn t taking his crap So, how was it that he could affect her the way he did Then came the proposal Should she do what he asked What would happen if she did I loved the storyline [...]

    20. Unfortunately I was so excited to read this book and I was slightly let down The overall story was a good one But I didn t really get a connection to it I felt a little bit of disconnect with the speed of the story I can see many great reviews so maybe it was just me I loved the MMA direction the story took and Knox O Connor was an interesting fellow But just lacked a little of something.

    21. 3.5 stars I went in blind just wanting a quick insta love story, and that s what I got I don t understand people s negative reviews about the instant love and such s in the synopsis so don t read it then Easy solution For me thoI really loved Knox and his Irish lite author did such a good job and not messing that up at all So much is packed in this book and I didn t want to stop

    22. Fek this book was good While really this book I heard Knox voice with his irish accent so amazing job olivia Hawthorne Normally I don t really notice different voices but this author did an amazing job with that Knox is our H and everything about him was amazing Lennon was our cute and saucy h She wears her attutide in all the right places This book was really cute and I loved them as a couple.

    23. Sweet but quickNot enough back story We don t really know who these characters are They fell in love in a day after knowing one another existed for a week I know it says insta love but this was ridiculously quick Too much unnecessary drama that didn t fit in with the story I did like the main characters and their friends This book could have been so much better if the author developed it a little and delved deeper I will give this author another chance.

    24. One bad boy I d love to have I don t do this often but i really liked this book Wish there had been an audible to go along with it I would have love to hear his Irish voice Very sweet love story just shows you how a strong man can be turned to jello over a women their love.

    25. I don t know what to say I just am just in awww from reading it The story line or lack there of was just blah I mean it started off good premise then it went for a nose dive Other than the hot sex, everything else was just lifeless Reviewed by JustabooklovinJunkie Purchased review

    26. So goodWhat a wild and crazy book I enjoyed the story line and the interesting characters in this book I didn t want to put this book down because you never knew what was going to happen next.

    27. The book was alright Not sure if I ll read by this author Towards the end there was so much going on I was confused by the baby s name I thought I remembered him bad mouthing his dad so that confused me.

    28. Good boo but many errorsI would have given 5 stars but I m a stickler about errors in books, and this one has then most I read Don t get me wrong its a very good book but I should have been edited properly before being released.

    29. Excited This is the first book I have read by this author and I will definitely be reading of her books I loved the story, the characters, and the sexy scenes were spicy It kept me intrigued Nice job Olivia Looking forward to reading of your books.

    30. I loved this book I have found a new favorite type of book badass fighters I found myself trying to read in an Irish accent and believe me it sounded awesome in my head not so much out loud It is an awesome book I really enjoyed reading it.

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