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Virus #2020

Virus Something lurking in the woods threatens to destroy an entire town in Sarah Langan s brilliantly crafted second novel Lois Larkin should never have taken her class to the woods for the field trip Preo

  • Title: Virus
  • Author: Sarah Langan
  • ISBN: 9780755333745
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Virus By Sarah Langan, Something lurking in the woods threatens to destroy an entire town in Sarah Langan s brilliantly crafted second novel.Lois Larkin should never have taken her class to the woods for the field trip Preoccupied by the betrayal of her fianc she never even notices when little James Walker doesn t get back on the bus and suddenly the quiet, prosperous town of Corpus Christi isSomething lurking in the woods threatens to destroy an entire town in Sarah Langan s brilliantly crafted second novel.Lois Larkin should never have taken her class to the woods for the field trip Preoccupied by the betrayal of her fianc she never even notices when little James Walker doesn t get back on the bus and suddenly the quiet, prosperous town of Corpus Christi is plunged into tragedy and united in shock.

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      470 Sarah Langan
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    1 thought on “Virus

    1. My gosh Sarah Langan really knows how to hook a reader I could not put this book down, and even woke up early this morning to finish it I haven t read The Keeper yet , but I have read Audrey s Door, and one area of Langan s skill as a writer is her character development She s currently one of the best out there Some writers don t give enough detail to make a character real, others bog down the prose with constant details to try to create a character out of nothing, but fail Langan knows the righ [...]

    2. In The Missing, the reader is introduced to small, affluent Corpus Christi, a neighbor to the gritty across the tracks Bedford, which was destroyed in Langan s earlier novel The Keeper That said, it isn t necessary to have read The Keeper I was only so so on that one, but there were a number of stretches in it that suggested that Langan was, as a writer, a considerable cut above the norm for the genre However, the return visits to the town are pretty creepy, and left me wanting to revisit the ea [...]

    3. I think my only real problem with Langan based on her first two novels is that while she does a fine job of setting up the plot and establishing characters she seems to lose the thread of her own book toward the end I can honestly say I enjoy her premises and even many of her characters but they don t seem to warrant the same attention from the author by the end of the book Where the events and characterization are great at the beginning and in this book even the middle the end is loose, rushed, [...]

    4. A small town becomes infected by a sentient malevolence which infects everything in the form of a viral infection either immediately killing or changing its host If the host survives it becomes very mean and very hungry The initial infection occurs when the fourth grade teacher, Lois Larkin, takes her class on a field trip to the neighboring town abandoned after an industrial fire While there the teacher loses the class troubled child She is so heartbroken over being duped by her loser boyfriend [...]

    5. After seeing that Peter Straub raved about this one, I had to check it out, but it was kind of disappointing The story moved right along and kept me turning the pages until the end, but overall it was just another mysterious infection turns everyone into cannibals story The horror wasn t nearly horrifying enough for my taste The characters did build up some depth as we proceeded, but the author put me off them from the get go by using what I think of as the Updike Gambit describing people comple [...]

    6. It s of 2,5 stars but since is against half things I will give 3.I will start from the beginningThis story is a psychological thriller with horror influence for the most part The last one hundred pages it turn to a Zombie Apocalpyse with Crazy People Narratives That was it The last hundred pages are the reason I am giving 3 stars instead of 2 That and the innovation in zombies In this book zombies are not the same as other books They are a collective hive like Stephen King s Cell with a leader [...]

    7. Back when I spent too much time over at Jezebel, there was a discussion about the new wave of female horror authors.I decided to buy three books by highly recommended authors Come Closer by Sara Gram, The Harrowing by Alexandra Sokoloff, and this atrocious mess.Here s what I wrote back in 2009 I still stand by this review I am welded to this review.Ever encounter a horror novel where you decide if every character in the book perishes you ll cheer yippee Welcome to The Missing.Everything sounded [...]

    8. This novel began with a completely improbable set up, which tested my willing suspension of disbelief, and dragged forward from there The writing is very simple think Goosebumps for grown ups , the plot is standard zombie movie fare, and the characters are flat and unlikeable I read this book because it was highly recommended on the cover, inside flap, etc by horror authors that I admire what a mistake I can t help but think that someone slipped P Straub a few bucks to endorse this novel The wom [...]

    9. This book wore me down.It seems like the author wanted me to look down on her characters, to see their flaws and understand that, collectively, the human race should really justgo Be done Goodbye.I get the urge, but it is tiring to read about I felt a constant sense of distance from the characters, nobody to root for, not really anyone to hate, just people to look down upon And then the ending, which didn t It made me tired I just s hard to make an effort to like a book like this Yes, it s prob [...]

    10. I really liked this book It was an easy read and I couldn t really put it down This book is great for those who like 28 days type of stuff There were a lot of little stories within the main story that painted a great picture of the characters Quick read

    11. This book was in many ways a disappointment I started with high hopes because the writing was vivid and at first seemed admirably taut as we are introduced to a well rounded character Lois, taking her young charges out into a spooky wood for a field trip Unfortunately the I read the problems developed.One major issue is the amount of characters and the devotion to describing them there are so many introductions and so many pages detailing each individual back story that the plot is forgotten a [...]

    12. It s always a pleasure as a reader to stumble upon an exciting new voice in genre fiction it s an even greater pleasure when that first time author proves their debut was no fluke That s exactly what Sarah Langan accomplishes with her sopho release, The Missing And, as one delves into Langan s lush, lyrical prose and a chillingly insidious evil that once again threatens a skillfully drawn ensemble of characters, we re buoyed by the fact that this is a writer who actually gets better with each wo [...]

    13. This is a sequel to another book, The Keeper, which I haven t read Fortunately, that doesn t really matter didn t keep me from enjoying this one.This is a pretty standard horror novel a mysterious infection takes over a small town in Maine, turning its inhabitants into flesh eating, well, zombies It s grim It s dark It s gross It will make you go, Eww Exactly what you want from a horror novel.The influence of Stephen King is all over this book, but I like that Ms Langan definitely has her own vo [...]

    14. I d been meaning to read this and the other books mentioned in this 2008 NYT article, nytimes 2008 10 26 boo, which proclaims a new generation of women writing quality horror fiction Shelley s Daughters, reads the headline The Missing is not a promising start, but I m holding out hope for Elizabeth Hand s Generation Loss, which I will probably read at some point between now and 2020 Langan s book is highly derivative mysterious virus spreads, converts people into zombie vampire savages, etc and [...]

    15. The Missing is simply a terrifying and deeply affecting novel from Sarah Langan I suggest not reading it after dark and staying away from anyone with a cough during the reading To me the book combined many elements from the William Peter Blatty s The Exorcist and those parts were effective and deeply creepy I await a sequel I wanna see what Lois Larkin and her babies get into next Happy Nightmares

    16. Another horror book club pick Loved the plot, was agitated by the characters mostly because the terrible decision making skills they exhibited at every turn Also, they all lead super depressed lives and seemed miserable in their own skin, even before the the big event happened Overall, excellent writing and an engaging read Made me want to read her first book as well.

    17. I really enjoyed this book e could be a little blood and guts but for over all story, love how she flows and can tell 10 different story s and then pull them all together for one ending.

    18. The writing was excellent, but I m just not into this type of book Someone lent it to me If you re into horror type books, then you ll enjoy this.

    19. This was a very strong horror novel and Sarah Langan s short bibliography is always worth your time But this was a difficult book to read It s very well written and masterfully crafted to deliver a truly unpleasant sense of dread As I was reading it, I had to repeatedly ask myself can I keep doing this The large cast of characters is so uniformly awful that it seemed almost impossible not to assume that Sarah Langan has a terrible opinion of people s inner lives Everyone in this book is petty, m [...]

    20. Un virus como una maldici n se extiende por Corpus Christie, invadiendo no solo los cuerpos sino tambi n las almas de las personas que va infectando, se podr a decir que saca lo peor de ellas aunque algunas ya estaban bastante podridas La historia es interesante y va in crescendo, me recordo a algunos libros de Stephen King a ratos pero el mayor problema es que es el 2do de una saga y hay cosas que no terminan de explicarse qu es exactamente lo que provoca la infecci n , hay algo paranormal o so [...]

    21. This was the most Stephen Kingsian novel I have ever read that wasn t written by Stephen King I read this without knowing there was a book 1 so I think this works as a stand alone An environmental disaster happens in a town that happens to strengthen a long dormant ancient evil allowing it to be awoken by it s neighboring town Some of the best horror happens when you re made to care about the characters so much it hurts that much when they meet their demise That happens ALOT here Sarah s streng [...]

    22. Virus is a short story masquerading as a novel where the plot centres around a virus, of psychological power, or potentially of the realm of the supernatural Each chapter is a struggle to complete as the myriad of characters meander off plot almost incessantly, with their histories told usually paragraphs before they expire, which somewhat removes any page turning qualities There are striking similarities to her previous book, The Keeper, which unfortunately carried the same issues and some simi [...]

    23. Well written, interesting premise I would definitely read something else from this author, although I won t be keeping this book to re read.

    24. So, I may or may not be sitting here completely freaked out Freaked out in a if you re sneezing or coughing GET AWAY FROM ME I DON T WANT YOUR ZOMBIE INFECTION kind of way I picked this book up randomly from the store where I work, and once I came home and found out it was the second in a series, I have to admit, I wasn t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did I rarely buy books because of blurbs, but when Sarah Langan was compared to Stephen King, and Peter Straub himself recommended this, I wa [...]

    25. If you are like me, you ve read oodles upon oodles of emo vamp stories While I m not knocking those stories, in a lot of them it seems like the story is about how sexy the vampires can be how they look hot but are really deadly After a while I just long for something where the vampires are killers not necessarily all that great looking Vampires don t always need to be tortured souls in need of a booty call, you know This is where books like this one come in.The story surrounds the town of Corpu [...]

    26. I think I see why people read these kinds of books Reading this book was like walking on a people mover Whee I thought as the pages I held in my left hand added up and the those in my right hand diminished I m reading so fast But along the way my mental tally of annoying things about this novel kept me just this side of enjoying it Here are some of the things that bugged me 1 Poor editing This rankles the copy editor in me every time Not only do the repeated words and phrases distract me, but th [...]

    27. Comincia a nascere un po di diffidenza gi leggendo che si tratta di un romanzo horror ambientato in una tranquilla cittadina del Maine eccheccaspita, scegliere il Vermont o il New Hampshire era cos diverso Poi, man mano che ci si addentra nella lettura, si scopre che Buona parte dei personaggi sono adolescenti con grossi problemi di accettazione da parte dell altro sesso e o problemi nei rapporti con i genitori La vicenda viene descritta con un alternarsi dei protagonisti e dei rispettivi punti [...]

    28. This review was originally posted to Jen in BooklandThe Missing was a good read It was interesting because I didn t really like any of the characters I didn t care if any of them lived or died They all had such strange thought processes and just were not really great people This was the first book by this author I have read and I didn t realize it was the second in a series when I started I don t think I needed to read the first book to read this one, but it would have added to the background kn [...]

    29. While not original or groundbreaking, the story itself is creative and interesting The tale familiar, yet still creepy and suspenseful My only gripe, aside from the bare bones having been examined times than Ms Lohan s panty shots sans panties, is that there is neither a clear explanation nor reason for the evil in the first place Where did it originate from Was it always there What is it Does it have a gender Why that area of land Why did it wait so long Is it a virus A corruption of the soul [...]

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