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The Devil's Code #2020

The Devil s Code Before Lucas Davenport and the brilliant Prey novels there was Kidd artist computer whiz and professional criminal and his sometime partner sometime lover LuEllen The Army had left Kidd with a dis

  • Title: The Devil's Code
  • Author: John Sandford
  • ISBN: 9780425179888
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Devil's Code By John Sandford, Before Lucas Davenport and the brilliant Prey novels, there was Kidd artist, computer whiz, and professional criminal and his sometime partner sometime lover, LuEllen The Army had left Kidd with a dislike for bureaucratic organization and the skills to do something about it, but it hadn t prepared him for the day a woman appeared at his door and told him that his colleaguBefore Lucas Davenport and the brilliant Prey novels, there was Kidd artist, computer whiz, and professional criminal and his sometime partner sometime lover, LuEllen The Army had left Kidd with a dislike for bureaucratic organization and the skills to do something about it, but it hadn t prepared him for the day a woman appeared at his door and told him that his colleague Jack Morrison had vanished, and that Kidd and his friends were the target of a national manhunt It wasn t the official agencies that worried Kidd so much as the very dangerous men with the very different agenda that he suspected were acting behind the scenes And he knew that unless he and LuEllen found what had really happened to Jack, and quickly the next people to vanish might very well be themselves.Filled with the atmosphere, characters, and exceptional drama that have made Sandford one of the America s best loved thriller writers, The Devil s Code is a masterpiece of suspense.

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      493 John Sandford
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    1 thought on “The Devil's Code

    1. It is very hard for me to give a Sandford book such a low rating, but this one just didn t get me I fairly enjoyed the first 2 Kidd novels, but this one just never got me hooked I have to say it, I don t like Kidd or LuEllen I feel no character development to either one, or any attachment to them They don t seem to be trying to benefit the greater good in any way, they only look to benefit themselves I guess that is kind of the point, I mean they are CRIMINALS period Maybe it s because I m not t [...]

    2. I was happy that Sandford revisited the Kidd series even after seeing success in his Prey novels Kidd isn t the normal type of hero you see in these books and that is what I like about it With a criminal for a main character, a group of hacker as backup, and a cocaine addicted love interested, Sandford is able to come at the thriller in a unique angle we don t get from a lot of other books of the genre.The one real knock I have against this book is it loses some of the fun of the Prey or Flowers [...]

    3. You can this book on the list with The Night Crew as books of John Sanford s that didn t wow me I don t know if it was taking a break to fit in other books or the whole computer angle, but this book was just ok It seemed much slower than the Davernport or Flowers series Kidd and Luellen are looking into a death of a former colleague from a previous job It leads to them taking on a computer company tied up with the NSA I felt li e this novel dragged some I will pick up the last book in the series [...]

    4. This is book 3 of the Kidd books In this book we learn about Kidd and LuEllen relationship and also about Kidd s relationships in the hacker community as one of his fellow hackers gets killed and Kidd gets invovled because the dead hackers sister shows up to ask for his help This leads to a US government contractor up to no good Things get tense and people die and Kidd has to take some drastic action to protect himself and LuEllen and to keep the US government off their trail as well This is in [...]

    5. The best part of this story is its solid ending Along the way, readers and listeners are taken for a complicated ride that only a supreme author like Sanford can navigate us through 8 of 10 stars

    6. It s always heartwarming to see the main characters exit the story without hospitalization or physical therapy Not always so with Sandford Camps s books, but welcome nonetheless The Kidd novels seem to be of a cerebral exercise in problem solving, with occasional e evidence thrown in for confirmation as well as Advanced Burglary 401, an advantage Davenport doesn t always have There seems to be only one left in this series aside from the cameos in the Prey novels and I will miss the development [...]

    7. Though a lot of the computer info is dated, this doesn t slow the story down at all even now Excellent thriller mystery, with a couple of genuine twists I didn t see coming.Good summer reading

    8. Another excellent book.The computer geek does it again, figures out how to solve a murder and save the world Great story lines as always by Sandford mixing up mystery, murder,love,and intrigue Kidd matches wit as intelligence with other geeks, bad guys and the Government Another great read by the master.

    9. It s a John Sandford novel Very fast read, good action, and a lot of fun The story is dated, since it involves the characters being online a lot With their dial up acoustically coupled modems But it s a whole lot of fun.

    10. This was the first of the Kidd series I ve read I understand from Sandford s after notes that this series came from a query by his son that if he could come up with a good enough plot and character structure, would he Sanford write the book Sanford said he would This is not a normal Sanford book, and it doesn t read the way a standard Sanford book reads The style is different as it should be, and the story itself is good but way out of the realm of Sanford s books about Lucas Davenport and fucki [...]

    11. I ve enjoyed reading many of John Sandford s books about Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers, so when I saw this book with a different protagonist, I jumped at the chance to read it.Kidd is an artist who also participates in industrial espionage A friend of his is mysteriously murdered, and that friend s sister comes to him to find out why he was killed and who killed him The plot quickly escalates into a corporate government adventure involving hackers and satellites Lots of action, murders, and [...]

    12. I ve read and enjoyed a lot of the Prey novels and a lot of those featuring Lucas Davenport, but this was my first with Kidd and LuEllen Quite frankly, it s my last The characters were not likable and the story line was not in any way engaging After suffering through 2 3 of the book, I found myself not only skimming pages, but skipping pages And when I realized I neither knew nor cared what was going on, I closed the book and moved onto something else.This book was written in 2000, obviously bef [...]

    13. The usual sharp wit of Sandford just wasn t in this book The plot worked, the characters worked, but without the humor, the story was dull It was a fast read, and enjoyable, just dull It is an older novel, therefore early Sanford, perhaps his humor wasn t as developed yet Indeed, in the afterword, the author says this is pre Lucas Davenport Okay, fine It still gets the grade it gets This is a Kidd novel and it involves computer crimes It is worth reading.

    14. Kidd is no Lucas computer geeks might enjoy it if I had any idea what they re talking about pyright 2000 so old stuff now but supposedly state of the art back in the day hooking up laptops to public phones what s that about good guys computer nerds box in politicals so they can t act and can t retaliate not quite believable .

    15. Got this at a used bookshop but found the tech dates it too much to make it enjoyable I couldn t finish it It might have been a good story but too much time spent on the technology that is now so quaint that you have a hard time suspending disbelief Wish I d read it when it first came out Would have probably held my interest longer.

    16. Following the plot of this book is like trying to find your way out of a maze in the dark I ve read other Sandford books that are much better Didn t find the characters very interesting at all and will not bother with others in this series.

    17. This was an interesting exploration of a war between rival hackers They didn t know they fighting each other, but in fact that s kind of what they wound up doing And of course the governments alphabet agencies NSA, FBI, CIA have no clue as usual in this mess.

    18. This Kidd, computer thief artist sometimes good guy and his thief sometime good gal Lu Ellen seemed of interest but as this book progressed,heavy on the computer hacker aspect, I couldnt follow what was happening and why it was happening I probably won t read another one

    19. Nice read You knew it would come out in the end, but several twists I didn t expect made it thrilling.

    20. This is the first of the Kidd novels that I have listened to and I loved the story and the narration Frank Muller does a great job voicing the characters.

    21. Always a pleasure.A good, good story Mr Sandford is a fine writer and plots like a fiend I am quite fond of the characters of Kidd and LuEllen.

    22. It s been a long time since I ve read one of the Kidd series books, but this one was excellent and kept me turning pages to find out what was going to happen.

    23. Truly the Devil s CodeA good book however it dragged on a little bit and I was disappointed with some of the brutality.Hope the next book is less so.

    24. This book was amazing and scary at the same time because it has many similarities of things that are happening right now with our new government.

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