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The Second Greatest Story Ever Told #2020

The Second Greatest Story Ever Told Ilona Coggswater product of the MTV generation and Daughter of God reveals herself to be Our Savior in Her only commandment Be Kind Her challenge To save a world not eager to be saved An encha

  • Title: The Second Greatest Story Ever Told
  • Author: Gorman Bechard
  • ISBN: 9780806512631
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Second Greatest Story Ever Told By Gorman Bechard, Ilona Coggswater, product of the MTV generation, and Daughter of God, reveals herself to be Our Savior in 1988 Her only commandment Be Kind Her challenge To save a world not eager to be saved An enchanting, humorous, timely novel, in the tradition of Kurt Vonnegut and Tom Robbins, about our culture of celebrity and spirituality on the brink of the Millennium.

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      325 Gorman Bechard
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    1 thought on “The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

    1. Perhaps one of the best satires on organized religion no one s ever read.Written at the heighth of the Jim Tammy Bakker phenomenon, the author skewers the church and its misplaced directives.An easy read, witty and insightful at once with a central character in Ilona Cogswater God s daughter who becomes a spokesperson for Tab Cola , this is one of those rare finds.To this day, I still thank the co worker who recommended this little known title.

    2. What if God decided that this time, he was going to send his Daughter to continue the family business Except that she s born in Cooperstown, her first word is Seaver, she worships Tab, the Replacements and Elvis Costello THE SECOND GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD is one of my all time favorite books, and I m thrilled that it s been revived from its sad out of print status ebook is coming shortly, or so I am told.

    3. This book was a gift years ago from my good friend, Leah, and I still enjoy the hell out of it It s a story about the Allmighty s daughter, who came to Earth to get across the message Be Kind to people It s funny, makes you really think long and hard, and feel good about humans and the divine Can t recommend it enough

    4. I am getting old.And as I get older, I find male authors putting women in uncomfortable sexual situations and having their characters react like it s nothing appeals to me less and less.So I really wanted to read this book because it s billed as good, underrated religious satire It s been sitting on my shelf for the better part of five years and I figured now, in the days leading up to Holy Week, it was time to take it on.As pretty much all of the western world knows, the Bible tells the story o [...]

    5. The Second Greatest Story Ever Told may not actually live up to its name but it s pretty damn close Anyone who enjoys the spiritual irreverence of Tom Robbins or Christopher Moore s Lamb is guaranteed a big kick out of this As is anyone who just needs a bit of cheering up, to be honest It begins in the 1970s Having already sent his Son perhaps twice , God decides that humanity is still doing it wrong and sends his Daughter She takes the human form of Ilona Ann Coggswater from Cooperstown, New Yo [...]

    6. Underrated satire about organized religion just about sums it up Second Greatest Story follows Ilona Jesus sister and Daughter of God as she attempts to tidy up the world It s incredibly short, very funny, and spot on in its accusations against organized religion My favorite aspect is probably the flash forward and back nature, while portraying Ilona as a pop culture phenomenon its similar to Carrie, in that it references characters in the novel and their books written on Ilona, media coverage, [...]

    7. Found this book in the bargin bin in high school and bought it just because the premise was so intriguinge title character, a girl, is God s daughter It was surprisingly refreshing and clever, at least that is what I thought when I was 16 years old Would re read it to see if it is still has good as i thought by I gave it to a roommate Amy to read and never got it backShe is much pious than I, so maybe she found it blasphemous and burned it Kidding.

    8. Amanda gave me this book when I was 17 and I adored it As a feminist Catholic at the time, I couldn t get enough of this story about the daughter of God John gave me this book as a gift when I was 25, and surprisingly as an agnostic it still spoke to me I look forward to reading it again, in the next phase of my life.

    9. This was a quick and very fun read about Ilona, the Daughter of God She loves Tab, wears all black, champions the environment, is a vegetarian, and has only one message to humanity Be Kind If only

    10. The world needs a makeover and God sends his 18 year old daughter to handle the task Funny, poignant, irreverent, with a strong female protagonist Set in the 80s with it s message to Be Kind it s as timely now as when I first read it.

    11. I m not religious at all but this book was amazing It points out the human alterior motives hidden in religion in a very hilarious way The daughter of God is born on earth to give saving everyone a whirl in the 80 s She turns water into Tab, need I say .

    12. I read this and James Morrow s Only Begotten Daughterand really enjoyed them both This was fun the Pope is sternly spoken to , Morrow s serious.Personal copy

    13. I had hoped to enjoy this book then I did Although the author does touch upon some interesting ideas, his writing style was ultimately too simplistic.

    14. How often do you literally laugh out loud when reading a book You will with this one Trust me this is hysterical and a wonderful story.

    15. This is a great book to empower young girls It is a stretch if you a devout Christian, I guess, but I read it over and over and enjoy it.

    16. I read this ages ago and remember loving loving loving it Sadly I have lost the book jacket but I did just find the book in my bookshelf I may reread it soon, so my 5 star rating is provisional.

    17. The daughter of God sent to Earth to clear up a few things since we humans found all those pesky commandments too hard to understand Brilliant Just be nice Indeed.

    18. This is such a delight to read good humor and some underlying serious themes.God sends another child, this time, God s daughter.

    19. I read this book years ago and it is still one of my favorites Very interesting read on what would happen.

    20. Read this probably 20 years ago, I remember almost nothing about it, but it for some reason popped into my head today.

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