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The Lavender House #2020

The Lavender House Nancy de Freitas is the glue that holds her family together Caught between her ageing ailing mother Frances and her struggling daughter Louise frequent user of Nancy s babysitting services it seem

  • Title: The Lavender House
  • Author: Hilary Boyd
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Lavender House By Hilary Boyd, Nancy de Freitas is the glue that holds her family together Caught between her ageing, ailing mother Frances, and her struggling daughter Louise, frequent user of Nancy s babysitting services, it seems Nancy s fate is to quietly go on shouldering the burden of responsibility for all four generations Her divorce four years ago put paid to any thoughts of a partner to sharNancy de Freitas is the glue that holds her family together Caught between her ageing, ailing mother Frances, and her struggling daughter Louise, frequent user of Nancy s babysitting services, it seems Nancy s fate is to quietly go on shouldering the burden of responsibility for all four generations Her divorce four years ago put paid to any thoughts of a partner to share her later years with Now it looks like her family is all she has Then she meets Jim Smoker, drinker, unsuccessful country singer and wearer of cowboy boots, he should be completely unsuited to the very together Nancy And yet, there is a real spark But Nancy s family don t trust Jim one bit They re convinced he ll break her heart, maybe run off with her money he certainly distracts her from her family responsibilities Can she be brave enough to follow her heart Or will she remain glued to her family s side and walk away from one last chance for love

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    1. I really enjoy Hilary Boyd s stories of love amongst the older generation and this one was no exception Jim and Nancy are in their early sixties when they first meet and fall in love It should be easy, but can they overcome the fact that Nancy s family don t take to Jim or trust him And can Nancy juggle her family commitments and her new love Apart from the fact that she lives next door to her daughter and her family and is sometimes expected to drop everything and help out with the children, he [...]

    2. She was part of the Sandwich Generation Nancy has her own life to deal with, but divorce after decades of marriage left her slightly adrift, so her life became wrapped up in being needed by family When her mother needed her or Nancy thought her mother needed her, she was there When her daughter needed her, she was there, which was easy, because they were next door neighbors What Nancy never expected was to find a man she could fall in love with again She also never expected that she couldn t fit [...]

    3. 3.5 StarsMassive story taking in four generations of the de Freitas family Nancy is the lynchpin of her family, if anything or anyone has a problem she drops everything to help them She seems resigned to the fact that she will be running around after others for ever Nancy s mother Frances is in her eighties, and is clearly hiding an illness from the rest of the family She doesn t want to be a burden, but equally definitely needs some extra TLC She also takes an instant dislike to the new many in [...]

    4. Nancy finds herself looking after her mother, Frances, and trying to help her daughter, Louise and getting very little thanks from either of them Her long marriage to Christopher ended four years ago when he left to live with a glamorous woman years younger than Nancy It seems as though Nancy has become someone her whole family rely upon and they are not keen to see the status quo upset when she starts going out on her own.At her friend, Lindy s sixtieth birthday party she meets Jim who is every [...]

    5. 3.5 out of 5 stars Lavender House is the final instalment of the Quercus Summer Reads and what a great way to round off a summer of reading Having not read any of Boyd s previous books I had no idea what to expect with this one, for some reason I never seemed to pick up her books when looking for something new to read I did struggle slightly with this book, perhaps it was because the protagonist was many years ahead of me in age so I found it difficult to relate to her, or perhaps because I ve n [...]

    6. Das Lavendelhaus ist das erste Buch der Autorin, welches ich gelesen habe und nach Beendigung kann ich jetzt sagen, dass ich wirklich begeistert bin.Es wird uns hier die Geschichte von Nancy erz hlt, die nach der Trennung von ihrem Mann auf Jim trifft und von diesem schon bei ihrem ersten Treffen begeistert zu sein scheint.Mir hat das Buch ber Nancy wirklich gut gefallen, denn ich fand es toll, wie uns die Autorin diese Geschichte pr sentiert hat Sie gibt uns sehr viele Einblicke in das Gef hlsl [...]

    7. The Lavender House by Hilary Boyd is the third selection for the Summer reading challenge from Quercus I always say in my reviews having read a book by an author that I didn t particularly enjoy that I will always give the author a second chance and that s what I did with this author I had read Hilary s last book and found it just wasn t for me so I was hoping I would engage with this one an awful lot Unfortunately this wasn t the case and at times I struggled to reach the end of this book Ther [...]

    8. My thanks to Netgalley and the Publisher for an opportunity to read an advanced copy of this bookI enjoy Hilary Boyd s books they are along the lines of mature romances instead of the sweaty sheet books that are too prevalent in this genre Love hurts no matter what your age and unfortunately, fate is not yet finished with Nancy de Freitas Having given up her own music career when she married, Nancy now finds herself alone when Christopher walks out after thirty four years Four years later, she [...]

    9. My only gripe at this book is its title and cover, which is not available for For your information, the picture is of a house nestled in a scene of cypress trees and Mediterranean pines, the title written in soft script and coloured lavender The Lavender House gives the impression that the story will be of an expatriate falling in love with a house in the sun whether in France or Italy, I couldn t quite make out But I bought it anyway, because I m interested in those tales of ups and downs of ex [...]

    10. Nancy is finally divorced and it seems that a second chance at love might be around the corner However it seems her family may not like that idea and has other plans for it When she is pulled every which way she knows something has to give but she doesn t want to be forced to choose Will she have to give it all up before it s to late or risk loosing someone close to her Jim has been putting off his divorce long enough but being content with the way things are he doesn t seem to be in a hurry to [...]

    11. This is a gentle novel about Nancy, a divorced 60 something who devotes her time to her family She has an ageing mother who is clearly unwell but doesn t want to admit it, either to herself or to anyone else There is also a daughter who lives next door whose husband is struggling to keep his new restaurant afloat and whose two young children are at school Inadvertently, all these people have started to take Nancy for granted and are making ever increasing demands on her time This isn t a problem [...]

    12. This story follows Nancy de Freitas and her family Nancy appears to be the type of matriarch that wants to help everyone, and while I can relate at times it was bordering at martyrdom She finds herself attracted to a smoking, drinking, country singer while at a friends birthday It is four years after her divorce, her husband leaving her for a younger woman She can t seem to fully commit as her mother, Frances is starting to become ill She takes on her full care even when Frances doesn t want her [...]

    13. Lovely tale of mature romance Nancy has not had it easy between her hateful ex husband, her difficult mother, and her kids, she really needs some positivity in her life Jim fills the bill, not only because he s a different sort but also because he s actually a grown up, which some of the other characters aren t, no matter their age Boyd has a good way with dialogue, as well as with inner monologue, and has touched a topic where few others have gone Thanks to net galley for the ARC You ll like th [...]

    14. I loved this book it tore at my heart strings and made me laugh and cry boyd writes magnificently and with such insight into the intricacies of relationships and family dynamics I could really relate to how families can tear you in two dividing your loyalties and making it so difficult to make the right choice and keep everyone happy.

    15. Not her best, sadlyI have read all of hilary boyd s books, and enjoyed them all It s nice to read about women my age, and set in east Sussex where I live, but this book was hard going for me I didn t like any of the characters, I thought Nancy a total wimp, if you can t be assertive in your 60 s when can you Everyone seemed to be dithering about, not her best book by far.

    16. If I hardly got any sleep in the last few days, this book would be to blame For it is simply not possible to put it down even knowing you ve got only a few hours left until the alarm rings.Breathtaking, inspiring and full of characters so true, this is one of the best books I read recently.

    17. Late Love.Another well crafted book from Hilary Boyd with wonderful real life characters in realistic situations.Any woman over sixty will identify with Nancy and the demands from her family Been there, done that and now I ve read about it in print

    18. I received an arc via Netgalley and this is my unbiased review.I just could not get into this book Very slow moving with awful characters.

    19. Holiday readingAn OK holiday read book Not a very hard story to follow and come to a good conclusion Not bad.

    20. Ich bin mit den Figuren nicht so recht warm geworden Das Buch ist nicht schlecht Jedoch thematisiert es zu viele sozialkritische Themen

    21. I do not normally read romance without a bit of mystery crime, but thought I d give this a try Unfortunately it was not really my thing I got annoyed with all the female characters, selfish manipulative elderly mother mid thirties daughter, the main female character was about my age and just annoyed me with her always trying to help her daughter who appeared to have no friends to babysit I looked forward to the parts in France, but this was a very small part of a pretty boring story I will give [...]

    22. Interesting inter generational interactions, reflecting many peoples experiences Nice that it was a romance between an older couple and that their age didn t undermine the validity of their relationship The lead males character nicely explored the vulnerable side of men in love which didn t weaken his masculinity, a real feat.

    23. A romance with a differenceAs a 60 something,it was lovely to read a love story about older people I was tired of reading about 30 year olds Us oldies have feelings too Would have been an extra star if it had been about average people.o much to hope for maybe

    24. jerasjamboree 2016 0Meeting Jim at best friend Lindy s 60th birthday party leads to an emotional rollercoaster for Nancy From the beginning there is conflict with friends and family which leads to lies and deceit Each time a conflict was resolved it wasn t long before another took its place However it s not just Nancy who has challenges to face her mother Frances makes choices which although she thinks are the best for everyone may in fact cause just as much heartache and daughter Louise s life [...]

    25. When Nancy meets Jim, a musician at her friends line dancing party, she knows he s special She feels a fizz of attraction straight away She has been divorced for four years, thrown aside by her husband for a younger attractive lady, but she has grown to be contented with her family living nearby They become her hub, they rely on her and she is selfless with her time whenever she is needed Her mother Frances is declining fast health wise, although she still dresses elegantly and keeps her near by [...]

    26. This review was originall posted on BrizzleLass Books.The Lavender House is a contemporary romance where we are shown that romance and love can come to people at any age Nancy has given up on love after her Husband leaves her for a younger woman In her sixties she concentrates on her family but when she meets country and western singer Jim she realises that love is something she can believe in.The problem is her family, they have come to rely on her to be there and help out at the drop of a hat [...]

    27. Four years after her husband leaves her for a younger woman, Nancy is going out for a friend s birthday on an evening that will change her entire future.The Lavender House is the kind of read that feels familiar and comforting because Hilary Boyd always writes with such authority and panache about relationships and ordinary life so that every word is completely believable It s almost as if she s stepped into your head and understood your hopes, fears and vulnerabilities.An aspect that probably r [...]

    28. This book is about family, love and friendship Yes, it s a drama book, but this doesn t mean it s not worth the read Nancy loved her family her mother, her daughter, her grandchildren but they don t like very much her new lover Would Nancy fight for her feelings or will be subdued by her family I was gladly surprised with this book, it s not my type of reading, but from the first page it made me want to know about Nancy and her life.I am always surprised with the people who don t want to think [...]

    29. The Lavender House opens with its protagonist enjoying an episode of the Archers on BBC Radio 4 Nancy de Freitas is preparing supper when her husband, Christopher tells her quite calmly that he is leaving her for his lover Tatjana, a singer in a madrigal group This could only be middle England and Nancy so typical of a woman in her sixties, now finds that her new husbandless state is defined by her role as daughter, mother and grandmother but no longer as a lover Holding her family together is w [...]

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