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A Soldier's Revenge #2020

A Soldier s Revenge Former intelligence agent Will Cochrane must evade US authorities hunting him down for a murder he didn t commit in this captivating sixth entry in the acclaimed action thriller series Former operativ

  • Title: A Soldier's Revenge
  • Author: MatthewDunn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Soldier's Revenge By MatthewDunn, Former intelligence agent Will Cochrane must evade US authorities hunting him down for a murder he didn t commit in this captivating sixth entry in the acclaimed action thriller series.Former operative Will Cochrane wakes up in New York s Waldorf Astoria and is horrified to see blood on his hands something he remembers absolutely nothing about When he then finds a woman mFormer intelligence agent Will Cochrane must evade US authorities hunting him down for a murder he didn t commit in this captivating sixth entry in the acclaimed action thriller series.Former operative Will Cochrane wakes up in New York s Waldorf Astoria and is horrified to see blood on his hands something he remembers absolutely nothing about When he then finds a woman murdered in his bathroom he knows he s stepped into a wilderness of terror that is far dangerous than anything he s ever faced.With no memory of the night before nor of the unfortunate woman, Will believes he is being framed and needs to outrun the police who will be looking for him very soon Until this moment, Will has been on the precipice of a new life, one outside the intelligence service, and one that includes fatherhood He s agreed to adopt the twin sons of his former colleague and Navy SEAL operative Roger Koenig, and had been on his way to pick them up before he d awakened to the carnage in New York.Will knows his only chance to clear his name is to find the real killer while he s still free But he also has to find the twins, suspecting that they re in danger as well In Virginia, he discovers one boy alive and his brother missing and most likely kidnapped What he also finds is the killer s trail in the form of a man s voice, which Will recognizes and believes belongs to an old nemesis, a Russian agent he has tangled with before With local police, the FBI, and even his friends pursuing him, the clever and ruthless operative must track down his adversary, save the boys, and prove his innocence before it s too late.A superb blend of action and thrills that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, A Soldier s Revenge is perfect for fans of Brad Thor, Daniel Silva, and Lee Child.

    • BEST KINDLE "½ A Soldier's Revenge" || READ (E-Book) ☆
      255 MatthewDunn
    • thumbnail Title: BEST KINDLE "½ A Soldier's Revenge" || READ (E-Book) ☆
      Posted by:MatthewDunn
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    1 thought on “A Soldier's Revenge

    1. Will Cochrane has been set up to be pursued by the police for having killed his sister at the Waldorf Astoria In addition to the person behind the set up, which has ruined Will s life while damaging those around him, he is pursued by a hit man unleashed by one of his former employers, the CIA, and by two highly experienced homicide cops from New York City He is on the run throughout the book How he stays alive and achieves a measure of revenge makes for a better than average thriller that is dri [...]

    2. Overall, not a bad read Just not on par with previous Will Cochrane novels I thought this one was a bit bland and boring.

    3. Stupid, inane and clueless in not just the spy business but in reality, interpersonal relationships and basic common sense.

    4. I m really torn after reading this novel I must say that I just finished a binge reading of the Will Cochrane series including the novellas and I truly enjoyed the series I especially love the character of Will What I m confused about are my feelings after the last two books I m just not sure if these are good feelings or bad After reading 8 books, you truly get a feel for the character and their lives and I must say that I am extremely depressed A part of me is mad at the author for creating th [...]

    5. If I had known how A Soldier s Revenge would end, I would NEVER have read the series and I really enjoyed the series.A note to the Author could be considered having spoilers If I wanted fiction that reflected the many unfair outcomes in the real world, I d read most of Oprah s Book Club books or study the oppressive regimes in much of the world I do not believe that I am alone in my desire to use fiction to put me in a different storyline or universe at least for a while Even real world recounts [...]

    6. A Soldier s Revenge is so exciting to read that the aftermath left me with a headache from the adrenaline crash at the end Like a very mild hangover after a super fun night of adult partying Might this swan song launch the beginning of a Painter Kopanski spin off series Will read Spycatcher books 1 through 5 in the meantime.

    7. I have really enjoyed the series until this book The workings of the police jurisdictions in the United States are different from those in the UK The Supreme Court would never rule before a case has been tried I hope Mr Dunn does better in the next book.

    8. Former operative Will Cochrane wakes up in New York s Waldorf Astoria with blood on his hands and he finds a murdered woman in the bathroom He has no memory of the nightbefore and he believes that he is being framed Until now Will has been on the precipice ofa new life outside of the intelligence service and one that included fatherhood He had agreed to adopt the twin sons of his former colleague and Navy Seal Roger Koenig and hadbeen on his way to pick them up, now he must find the real killer [...]

    9. I ve been a Will Cochrane fan throughout the series The son of a British mother and American father, Will has been a killing machine for both MI6 and the CIA Will s world is falling apart just when some personal happiness is within his reach was He wakes up in the Waldorf with a dead body in his bathroom and all evidence points to him as the murderer As he tries to uncover what happened in that room all that he has is taken from him He is on the run with no money, no friends and his face all ove [...]

    10. The action is good But the hero is unrealistically virtuous if not flawless and the conspirators inexplicably allied The Supreme Court subplot is an unnecessary subplot based on the completely erroneous notion that the Supreme Court can be summoned to private hearings by the government to rule on legal questions in advance.

    11. Good story, better than a four star rating Will Cochrane is similar to Mitch Rapp in the Vince Flynn series I wish I had read this novel before I read the seventh in the series It s better to read the books in order, the seventh book builds on the sixth in the series.

    12. This is a riveting story about a guy who just wants to retire and raise twin boys in a secure and safe place He goes to sleep in a fancy hotel on his way to get the twins and awakens almost in an alternate universe Wow you can t put this book down.

    13. Another decent installment in this series In this one, the main character, Will Cochrane, appears to have killed someone in his hotel room in NYC Is he framed or the killer

    14. This entire series is superb By mistake, I had missed this one, number 6, and read number 7 first I then circled back to this one It is the best in the entire series Riveting.

    15. Title A Soldier s Revenge A Will Cochrane Novel Author Matthew DunnPages 320Year 2016Publisher William MorrowMy rating is 5 stars.The main character is Will Cochrane a former soldier, spy and deadly assassin who worked for the government of the United States Now he is trying to adopt two sons of a former teammate and bought a house, planning on teaching That was until every facet of his life began to come apart and in ways that were apparently planned step by terrible step Will is on the run now [...]

    16. This was OK It started off with a bang as the main character wakes up to find himself covered in blood with a body in the bathroom of his hotel suite Of course he has no idea who, what, when, where, or why Then we spend the rest of the novel running away from the NYPD and coming to his rescue are his former friends from Mossad and SIS and so it goes They know he is innocent of this crime, as do the CIA who are just leaving him to dangle in the wind because he could prove to be an embarrassment t [...]

    17. Yet another scorcher from Matt Dunn, in the form of a new Will Cochrane novel With every new novel I have read in the Cochrane series, he has been killing off Cochrane s short list of near and dear and making him and alone, almost like a cursed lone wolf of an existence In the previous book, all his close associates who fights along him in the dark world of espionage gets killed, even the wife of operatives and his handlers from MI6 CIA This book starts with Cochrane on the run as he is setup [...]

    18. Props to Dunn for real world experience A good thriller, just the right length but some really clunky dialogue and a few just a little too preposterous situations I will look for his next novel.

    19. A SOLDIER S REVENGE by Matthew Dunn was not the gripping tale I thought it would be While each episode within the book, from the crime scene to kick off the story, a scene that clearly incriminates our hero, through the cross country chase, the high level of political power that is aiming at our hero, and the mastermind behind the scheme, is compelling, I felt the culmination was less satisfactory than it should have been.Perhaps I have read or seen one too many lone agent against the world stor [...]

    20. Man, was this book stressful lol The main character having nightmarish things happening to him, forced on the run, always in fear of capture and or death, thwarted at every turn I m hyperventilating just thinking about it So, on one hand, I didn t like the book because I don t like feeling stressed But on the other hand, kudos to the author for writing so well to project that kinda anxiety onto a reader Overall, good story Not sure how I feel about the ending not 100% satisfied but I suppose if [...]

    21. Despite a predictable plot, I thoroughly enjoyed this book This was my first exposure to Matthew Dunn I look forward to sampling other books he s written The whole book revolves around character assassination in this case literally and how the protagonist responds to and addresses it I suppose that if I had read other books in the series I might have investment in the protagonist, but I found him somewhat wishy washy, not what I expected But the plotting was very strong and the pace of a nation [...]

    22. Maybe 3.5 stars Spoilers Will is set up for the murder of his sister and is on the run This is just as he was going to adopt two boys whose parents died in the last book He is really taken for a spin and left to dry A very fast paced and short book, I found it was better than the last book but there was still something lacking The first few books of the series were fast paced and really interesting but the series has become a little dry.

    23. I won this book from Good Reads.I didn t care much for this book I m assuming because its subtitle is Spycatcher 6 , that it is part of a series of books Usually, one can read any book in a series and it stands on its own I don t feel this one did.Also, the main character is fraught with too many difficulties for belief There are also incorrect happenings in this book, such as the Atty General of the US petitioning the Supreme Court Simply doesn t happen.

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