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Feel the Fear #2020

Feel the Fear Ruby Redfort has a lot of reasons to feel confident Undercover agent code cracker thirteen year old genius she s one fearless kid buster Unmasking an evil villain Done Honing her parkour skills by

  • Title: Feel the Fear
  • Author: Lauren Child
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Feel the Fear By Lauren Child, Ruby Redfort has a lot of reasons to feel confident Undercover agent, code cracker, thirteen year old genius she s one fearless kid, buster Unmasking an evil villain Done Honing her parkour skills by climbing skyscrapers and leaping across roofs All in a day s work Heeding the warning signs Well, not so much When a ghostly foe begins stealing from the highest buiRuby Redfort has a lot of reasons to feel confident Undercover agent, code cracker, thirteen year old genius she s one fearless kid, buster Unmasking an evil villain Done Honing her parkour skills by climbing skyscrapers and leaping across roofs All in a day s work Heeding the warning signs Well, not so much When a ghostly foe begins stealing from the highest buildings in Twinford, Ruby Redfort is ready to defy death one time to capture the bandit But fearlessness can lead to taking risks, which can land a person in very serious trouble While Ruby may think she s invincible, there s truth to the saying that recklessness always comes before a fall.

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      369 Lauren Child
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    1 thought on “Feel the Fear

    1. Reading the Ruby Redfort series never fails to make me want to stock up on banana milk and bubblegum It also never fails to make we want to become a secret agent and go around calling people bozos Anyway This was an electric read and an excellent addition to my favourite book series I think I might start re reading it right away.

    2. There aren t many adult fiction books out there which are pure, simple fun to read Janet Evanovich s Stephanie Plum books being a notable exception, they re fab This is one of the main reasons I read a lot of MG YA books a lot of adult authors and therefore us as adult readers seem to have forgotten that writing and reading can be simply fun.Ruby Redfort is awesome She s a smart, funny, yet far from perfect heroine She breaks rules as often as she makes them I loved all the cool gadgets she has [...]

    3. I received a free copy of this book through Giveaways.Delightful Our favorite teenage secret agent is back in another adventure teeming with wisecracks, parkour, and death defying stunts This time the intrepid Ruby Redfort must take her skills to new heights to track down a tightrope walking cat burglar And just to make the case even interesting, this height defying prowler also seems to be.sible Put your thinking caps on and remember Don t look down

    4. I thought this book was just amazing Second best book I ve ever read Hary Potter books in the lead There were cliffhangers at the end of every chapter and I couldn t stop reading Also there were than one nights every night when I fell asleep with my light on and the book on the floor I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone because it is just soooo AWESOME

    5. 3.5 stars This is Book 4 in the Ruby Redfort series Ruby is a thirteen year old rich kid who works as a code breaker for spy agency Spectrum She s already cheated death a number of times in her previous cases, so is starting to think she s invincible But if you can t feel the fear , it can lead you to take unacceptable risks that not only put you in danger, but also the others around you Add to that a case involving an old theatre, a much loved actress who can supposedly tap dance on a high wire [...]

    6. WHY DO THE RUBY REDFORT BOOKS TAKE SO LONG TO COME TO AMERICA WE SPEAK ENGLISH TOO, IT S NOT LIKE YOU NEED TO TRANSLATE IT UPDATE I finally read this book, no thanks to the publisher I actually had to order it from England I mean, COME ON All you have to do to sell it in America is remove a few Us Anyway, out of the whole series, I think this book is my favorite, after 2 I liked the added drama of Ruby s fearless ness and how it could get her killed, and I liked how once again the Count was back [...]

    7. This book is just as amazing as the first in the series, with all the usual Ruby wit plus new Ruby Rules I loved that for once I could piece together bits of the mystery and it all made sense, instead of Ruby figuring it all out before I had time to understand Of course, this doesn t mean the mystery was lacking in any way It was ingenious and as quirky as all the others, maybe even so Old villains return, with the addition of a new super cool invisible thief Ruby has to deal with a popular boy [...]

    8. This book is one of the books that I enjoyed reading and the book that I read the most pages The main character, Ruby Redfort is still young about 13 years old and the story shows the intelligence of her and also shows drawings of how she solves the case mathematically such which way she goes frist to make it easier to understand the story It describes the characters and the settings clearly so we can know where she is and what she s doing Also, the conversation shows her knowledge against the c [...]

    9. Ruby Redfort is brave and adventurous, she jumps off buildings and walks on very high tightropes then climbs a 20 storey building, all in a days work but how will she react when she finds out someone in spectrum is betraying them and everyone thinks it is her Ruby has to figure out a very weird case a very hard building to get into was robbed but all that was found missing was a book, a cheap one too, that was left on a plane Does Ruby have a death wish

    10. Ruby Redfort is at it again when she chases after another mysterious criminal Except.he s invisible I rate this book with five stars, because just like all the others it was amazing Ruby Redfort proceeded to blow my mind so many times in this book and it was awesome Granted, it did take some time to finish, but it was not because the story was slow Cliffhanger after cliffhanger kept me reading.I was kinda sad that Clancy wasn t in it as much I won t spoil anything, but Ruby is a really great fri [...]

    11. 5 Feel the fear written by Lauren Child is a mystery Ruby Redfort is trying to solve these crimes that seem random all over town They are all done by a thief that seems to walk through the air So all of spectrum and the agents are trying to work on it and figure out who it is At the beginning the song was very boring But then as I kept reading it got interesting I also feel like all her books are the same In the beginning she almost gets fired from her job She does some stupid things and it alw [...]

    12. I don t think it was the best book, but it was ok Ruby just has to many strengths and overcomes her flaws really fast I wanted a bit of Clancy He was usually in the big climax but for some reason he wasn t There should have been about her reckless behavior and her changing I didn t really like avenging the mother thing It just kind of seemed clich It was left at a minor cliffhanger and I m hoping the next book will be good.

    13. The fact that the series so far has been interesting and on going is amazing Te storyline changes and you get to know even about the main characters It s especially cool how she s so young and she s already gotten so far I don t want it to end.

    14. These books are great I would totally recommend them for preteen teen readers, boy or girl There s no romance to deal with, but rather some great spying, puzzles, action, and suspense.

    15. This one caught my completely by surprise A highly readable tale where the clues litter the place like random Lego bricks, but by the end, not a single piece is amiss.

    16. This book isn t just about random theft Ruby will unravel a tangled mystery and find out what, or who, will be stolen next Who or what will it be Read the book to find out

    17. The stakes are always high when a villain is around, but Ruby Redfort never loses her cool No, she is one doughnut loving, banana milk drinking whiz kid But the question is, are the stakes too high for pint sized Ruby this time You ve got to remember, as much as she can outsmart you in a code cracking race, she is still a 13 year old girl who attends school sometimes and has to listen to her parents when it comes to formal dress codes So, are all her wise cracks just a bluff fourth time round I [...]

    18. I m actually really ashamed to say that when I read the first three of these books, I completely gave up on the series for about two years because I found the third book extremely tedious, except I really enjoyed the first two books I REGRET IT I regret it all When I picked it this book 2 years later because it was a Christmas present and I felt obliged to read it, I have no regrets It was worth it Because even though I was annoyed at the third book, this one was the BOMB It Was EPIC Seriously, [...]

    19. I thought this was a very cute book, and very well written I love the idea of Ruby being highly intellectual and a secret agent.In the beginning of the book, we get to know a bit about Ruby, her life and possibly how she was chosen for the job she now does She is not your average fifteen year old, and that shows in so many ways Better yet, she s really good at what she does I loved the pace of this book It was slow enough to really pull in young readers, with its detailed adventures and mishaps [...]

    20. Ruby Redfort Feel the Fear What I liked The cover it s beautiful.The characters are interesting and realistic Ruby is a spy, but isn t applauded when she risks her life and is treated when not being a master code breaker spy extraordinaire as an ordinary teenage girl However, her natural talents and intelligence are weaved throughout the story and it s great having another interesting and intelligent girl as a role model for children.Ruby s friends and family are than just background figures, a [...]

    21. Another good Lauren Child book, with the open and free writing style that she is so well known and loved for the ruby Redfot books are set for a slghtly older audience tha the clarice bean books.I liked this book but Ruby s character was a litte too impossiibly smart I know she s meat to be a child genius but she seems to outs shine highly trained professional adult code breakers with her code cracking even though she s only 13 A hero for 10 12 year olds ois someone they can look up to, the pit [...]

    22. Ruby Redfort Feel the Fear is one of the not so good Ruby Redfort books This book is long winded and has parts of the book that are boring Not all of the book is long and boring some of it has mystery and action, but sadly this is only a very small percent of the book In the book, Ruby is just living her life where she goes to school and comes back home and watches Tv this is what happens in most of the book Then when it is interesting it is soon over and it goes right back to the boring part Th [...]

    23. This book is number 4 in the Ruby Redfort series and I really enjoyed the previous books and like Ruby and Clancy as characters BUTis book took an awful lot of getting going This may be because Child s is trying to cater for the ad hoc reader who hasn t read the previous books Whatever the case, I found myself putting this book down and not feeling compelled to pick it up again a feeling that I hadn t had with the previous books What I did like about this book was playing with the idea of fear a [...]

    24. Feel the Fear is the fourth in the Ruby Redfort series and as a newcomer to this series, it is safe to say you don t need to have read the previous books to enjoy this one Although you may want to go back and do so after reading this Ruby Redfort is a smart, sassy and athletic thirteen year old girl with a large collection of slogan tee shirts, who just so happens to be an undercover agent and master code breaker Recruited at a very young age, she has dealt with wolves, super villians and now gh [...]

    25. Okay, one of my friends recommended this series to me and I never really got why she was so hyped up about it, but it wasn t completely worthless actually it wasn t that bad so I kept reading the series Until I came to THIS piece of rubbish The character had changed completely in one book from a normal person maybe a bit cocky to an obnoxious, stupid, vain IDIOT The character was so NOT the person I had come to know But I m probably still going to read the others as it s nearly the end of the se [...]

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