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First Fruits #2020

First Fruits Reading minds can be dangerous Parsley Walker can hear people s thoughts and it s made her a target As a natural born telepath who s also telekinetic two things that can be disturbingly lucrative in t

  • Title: First Fruits
  • Author: Amanda Carney
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • First Fruits By Amanda Carney, Reading minds can be dangerous.Parsley Walker can hear people s thoughts and it s made her a target As a natural born telepath who s also telekinetic two things that can be disturbingly lucrative in the wrong person s hands she s learned to hide who she is To be always moving and never at ease To run from that inevitable moment of discovery She s a nomad in a waitress Reading minds can be dangerous.Parsley Walker can hear people s thoughts and it s made her a target As a natural born telepath who s also telekinetic two things that can be disturbingly lucrative in the wrong person s hands she s learned to hide who she is To be always moving and never at ease To run from that inevitable moment of discovery She s a nomad in a waitress s uniform This is how she survives.Until him.Jesse Linwood is a vampire with a problem An automaton with sharp teeth, he was sent to evaluate and ultimately abduct her What he doesn t expect is the way her blue eyes turn him inside out Stalking her wasn t supposed to make him feel anything She was supposed to be like all the others He begins to unravel and, in the end, makes the choice to pick a fight he knows he cannot win in order to save her life.This is the first book in a planned series and DOES end in a cliffhanger It also includes erotic scenes and graphic violence.

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      139 Amanda Carney
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    1 thought on “First Fruits

    1. There is a cruel, cruel cliffhanger at the end of this book.So, we have a very evil bad guy, vampire, Patrick, who has a bunch of vampire minions that he made doing his bidding In this world there are supernatural beings along with humans and their blood is extra tasty Werewolf blood, we learn is nice and effervescent, but a little gamey Sounds about righte has an effervescent personality reallyPatrick is a sadistic, creepy, a hole of a vampire Apparently, he looks like a young angel, but he get [...]

    2. Wow, what a fantastic read Exciting, romantic, sweet, sexy and down right nasty, all set in an intriguing paranormal world I loved it 4.5 starsParsley Walker has lived a lonely and tormented life Possessing the powers of telepathy and telekinesis, she has been abused for her powers, and has spent the last few years of her life on the run, moving from town to town and taking menial jobs in an effort to stay hidden Jesse Linwood is a 300 year old vampire Under the control of his sadistic vampire s [...]

    3. 3.25ish This one is hard for me to pigeonhole It had N.A sexual content, but with a Y.A romance feel between the main couple It was dark with violence, blood, gore and some disturbing content, psycho, cruel beyond belief villains, and M M elements not involving H The first half really grabbed my attention I liked Parsley stupid name and was intrigued by Jesse.Parsley is Jesse s latest assignment He collects those with magic in their blood for his Sire to drain and drink He s addicted to magical [...]

    4. I burned out on YA NA awhile back I love heartbreak, but too often I get heartburn instead Now, the few times a year I indulge in the stuff, I look for hidden gems like First Fruits This lovely PNR is a quick, delicious read set in an imaginative universe with vivid characters, visceral angst, and intense action There is no OTT dialogue, no TSTL heroine, and no unmotivated BS drama Instead, we have a great love story between Par, a girl on the run, and Jesse, the man sent to bring her in And hoo [...]

    5. Parsley, okay so I am having a hard time with this name I mean I get it something a little different but Parsley is a garnish isn t it I feel that you can come up with something better, but I digress You have Parsley and Jesse I didn t really feel the romance between the two of these characters I mean okay you have a Mind reader and a Vampire I just didn t get sucked into this story like I wanted Don t get me wrong it was still a 3.5 star book but not something I am going to climb the hilltops f [...]

    6. When I first started this book, I was expecting to read a typical vampire romance, filled with the same old tropes and the same old characters that run rampant in seemingly every vampire romance book out there What I got instead was a dark and twisted tale involving a sadistic vampire master and his sons, replete with violence and the horrors that go hand in hand with sadistic vampire masters There is a love story in the midst of this dark tale, a rather sweet one at that, that really aids in br [...]

    7. 4 4 starsRomance 5 5Steam 4 5Action 3 5Paranormal world 4 5I really liked this book I recommend it for everyone who wants to read an enjoyable story with roamance and some action set in a paranormal world The vampires in this book have some interesting features The heroine, Parsley, is a young woman with special abilities constantly on the run, doing small jobs to survive We get to know her as someone who has not a lot of experience with relationships, romantic or otherwise, but is smart and kno [...]

    8. First Fruits is first paranormal romance I ve read in a long time, and it was damn good choice Amanda, great, great, GREAT book I loved it from the start, mostly because telepath AND telekinetic part I mean, HOW COOL IS THAT I d love to have that power myself D The whole plot was really interesting and engaging I couldn t put the book down, I was even reading it during work, on my phone, it s THAT good Parsley and Jesse are both very special people, she has those awesome powers and he s a vampir [...]

    9. Different, but not It s a paranormal romance, for sure It s not too weighed down with sex, but it s there What s extra nice is the fact that there is a very good story, and it takes the stage throughout If you ve ever read the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, you know that what started out amazingly good, turned to nothing but group sex and almost no story I don t see this happening with Amanda Carney There is real talent there, and it s based in a solid story Great book for discussion too, if [...]

    10. I absolutely love this series, both books 1 and 2 If you like paranormal romance with lovable characters, you ll love this It follows Parsley who s a telepath and Jesse a vampire and their story, with twists and turns Book 1 does end on a cliffhanger but book 2 Second Coming is already out

    11. Wow Love, action, magic, suspense Dark but inviting I couldn t put it down Truly not your average vampire love story Parsley is brilliant, strong, has been traveling place to place trying to keep ahead of a past that s following her Jesse a vampire made to serve, till he meets the one person that can change him entirely But that doesn t mean their out of danger

    12. What a good book I found myself attached not only to the main characters, but to the secondary as well.I have never read a book with that much of a cliffhanger at the end, though Guess I ll just have to get the second book as soon as possible to find out what happens next.

    13. This book hooked me from page one It held a lot of the usual paranormal romance ideas quiet girl falls for a vampire, finds out she has unique powers, bad guys come after them What made this story unique was its execution and characters The writing style was amusing and detailed The characters were flawed but lovable The steamy sex scenes had me fanning myself The best part, however, was how we got in their heads so completely I was sucked right into their world The cliffhanger at the end had me [...]

    14. 5 5 Dark, sexy, and cliff hanging stars There s no question about it.Everything about this book just really worked for me from start to finish I m a huge fan of dark romances and the paranormal bump in the night creatures and this book hits the spot on both fronts Right off the bat I was able to jump into this world and feel very much a part of it This is a debut novel that reads and has the makings of a best seller Amanda Carney s writing style flows perfectly and gives just the right amount of [...]

    15. Well I did enjoy reading this book buuuuut I hated Parsley We start with a sadistic a hole sire vamp named Patrick Seriously this guy is nasty He enjoys having sex with the male vampires he sires and he thinks of them as sons and they think of him as father It s messed up Oh and there was one time one of his sons Bane pissed him off so Patrick made him bite off his finger It was graphic Yuck Anyways so this Patrick guy has one of his favorite sons Jesse go find this girl and that s where Parsley [...]

    16. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest feedback.I had the honor of beta reading this book back in Jan 2015 Even though that was a long time ago, I m guessing that I was one of the last group of betas, because the story was already very well put together and written so well, I m sure it had gone through the editing process I say all of that so that you know this book is worth your time and money Amanda Carney is a very talented author I truly hope readers will give this book [...]

    17. This had potential I think it needed a lot of fleshing out, though, a lot less reliance on tropes and cliches The characters were nothing than cliches as well The main characters, the Virgin and The Brooding Rebel Of course, there s The Whore side character who hates the main character for her pureness or something And the bad guy, The Caligula The reason I gave this two stars instead of one is because Carney s writing ability in itself is good And no lie, those sex scenes were hot If you don t [...]

    18. I love the character of Parsley She is a good character I love this series from Amanda Carney I could not put this book down These books are just so great They have it all love action suspense and You should check out this author and these books I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

    19. Can they run Can they outrun hate and lust and an amazingly strong telepathic controller Will their love be enough Who knows, because this first instalment ends in a breathtaking cliffhanger Well written and filled with love, lust, betrayal and first experiences, you will love this novel and these characters I cannot wait to start Second Coming

    20. This book was an unexpected surprise When I was done, I did not even stop, I just bought the next one and continued reading I have to admit that this book has a very abrupt cliffhanger ending, but regardless, I think I would have done the same in any case I have to admit that I prefer books without explicit ending as they give me hope that there will be I like at least a hint of continuation and unfinishedness I know this is not a real word, but I like it anyway Well this book certainly fulfill [...]

    21. Interesting twist on vamps and supernatural beings in general.Try and give you the general scene.The big vamp is Patrick who has an addiction to blood that is procured from other supes ranging from werewolves, witches, wercats and your normal everyday supes to the ones who have abilities such as premonition, telekinetic etc He sends put his sons to find and bring these girls back to drain their blood.Jesse is his first turned making him over 300 years old and his most reliable tracker.Parsley is [...]

    22. What made the experience of listening to First Fruits the most enjoyable The gift of lending these marvelous characters a voice that rebounds deep into my heart I reveled in the life given to help me fall hopelessly in live with each incredible and precious character within this deliciously dark and heavenly inspirational storyline.What other book might you compare First Fruits to and why I would compare this book to Decadent Dreams by Nicole Garcia only with a wonderfully delightful paranormal [...]

    23. Great Paranormal Read A wonderfully written story full of romance, turmoil and a quest for freedom.Jesse, a vampire with a very dark past is sent on a mission by his sire Patrick to collect a telekinetic waitress named Parsley Parsley, who has been running from her own demons is intrigued by this new stranger, Jesse who is a daily visitor to the diner What should have been an easy mission for Jesse turns complicated when he falls for Parsley instead, and his whole world is turned upside down Now [...]

    24. When I read this book I was not expecting things to end how they did I m impressed and in disbelieve at the same time wondering how on earth did the author pull this off Let me start off by saying that this book was really sweet because it reminded of young love that s really innocent This book was really cute but had a sinister meaning behind it when it would switch to Patrick s POV It was amazing to see the balance of young love and something so dark going on at the same time with different pe [...]

    25. I finished this book last night and I have been thinking about it all day From the start of the story I was intrigued The author created her own rules for vampires and supernatural beings to go with a cool storyline.There were some similarities to True Blood with the characters, which I thought was cool because that too is a great series but the storyline was very different.This book had action, suspense, drama, romance, sexiness and made me go through a gambit of emotions happy, sad, shock, and [...]

    26. I love this book From beginning to end it surprised me with its complex storyline and well developed characters that made me love them and care what happened to them I started it at 10 the night I got it and stayed up to almost 2 to finish I had to know what was going to happen next I recommend this wonderful book to any reader who loves vampire stories The world that Amanda is building here is incredible and I can t wait to read

    27. I was enjoying the story and it was a 4 star right up until the end worst cliff hanger ever I don t mind being left with a question or two and given the choice of whether or not to go on to the second in a series, but this was like leaving off in the middle of a paragraph Just not cool.

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