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Zombie's Bite #2020

Zombie s Bite When Dorina Basarab half human half vampire assassin for hire hits New Orleans she thinks it s for a typical job take out a mad master vampire before he can wreak havoc on the city But when the e

  • Title: Zombie's Bite
  • Author: Karen Chance
  • ISBN: 9781310009907
  • Page: 291
  • Format: ebook
  • Zombie's Bite By Karen Chance, When Dorina Basarab, half human, half vampire, assassin for hire, hits New Orleans, she thinks it s for a typical job take out a mad master vampire before he can wreak havoc on the city But when the elusive master suddenly shows up at her hotel room, things get complicated, especially when Dorina realizes that the murder he has in mind is his own Now she has a dead mastWhen Dorina Basarab, half human, half vampire, assassin for hire, hits New Orleans, she thinks it s for a typical job take out a mad master vampire before he can wreak havoc on the city But when the elusive master suddenly shows up at her hotel room, things get complicated, especially when Dorina realizes that the murder he has in mind is his own Now she has a dead master on her hands, a vampire family looking for revenge, and a limited amount of time to figure out what s going on before a shadowy killer kills again Looks like the Big Easy is about to get a whole lot harder

    • [MOBI] ☆ Zombie's Bite | by ¾ Karen Chance
      291 Karen Chance
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    1 thought on “Zombie's Bite

    1. This book is a brilliant, unexpected gem and it s free Zombie s Bite is an introductory novella to the Dorina Basarab series and, speaking as a long time fan of the series, I found it highly entertaining and it also reminded me of how much I love this series The beginning was a bit slow but before long, I was pulled into the plot and was staring open mouthed at Dorina s mad action, laughing at her audacity and sniggering at how Dorina and Kit Marlow met Mercea s involvement was the cheery on top [...]

    2. Zombie s Bite takes place before the events in the Dorina Basarab series and I think I enjoyed it this much because I know all the players and their relationships.I don t know if it will be the same for those who read this before the series Probably not since you only get hints about her and her abilities here My enjoyment has been influenced by how much I love Dorina Basarab, both the character and the series.In Zombie s Bite she gets a too good to be true job to hunt down a crazed vampire It s [...]

    3. Kit met Dory.A dangerous chase in New Orleans swamps A good time reading I was snickering all the way Wish all the books follow this lead.

    4. A half blood dhampir, power hungry bokors, a suicidal vampire master, and his maker who s out for revenge Hmmmmm The Dorina Basarab series has earned high praise from nearly all my friends, but I m sorry to say that Zombie s Bite left me cold Un fortunately, the ending piqued my interest, which means I ll likely give this series a shot anyway 2016 A Z challenge letter Z

    5. The cover of this novella is hideous It had to be said Sorry Dorina is on a job Kit Marlow is after her They don t know each other, so this must be set very early on in the various series Chapters alternate between those two, giving the story a nice dynamic Very entertaining, a lot of slapstick humour For fans of the Dorina Basarab and Cassie Palmer series.

    6. Prequel to Dory s story There s not much mention of her dad until the end Lots of chasing and running with some fight scenes between people and reptiles Okay.

    7. Fun little story Dory is my kind of kickass h, and with some mad skills This was my introduction to this world, so I wasn t completely clued in to all the little nuggets that regular readers would immediately recognize Still, I picked up pretty easily it helped that I was at least familiar with the world and characters.Nice read, and I may revisit it someday after I read some of the books.

    8. Chance has some great freebies on her website, if you haven t checked them out yet, you should I hadn t done it in a while and missed the last few This was a fun story about how Kit met Dory, not a fun experience for anyone involved, it was definitely only fun for us as readers Chance did a great job of using New Orleans without making it too kitchy or stereotypical It s a good story, well worth your time.

    9. Okay, this is yet another example of why Karen Chance rocks Even her free short stories pack punch and are riveting than a lot of published e books This novella is an excellent addition to her Dorina Basarab series, featuring major badass action scenes, vampire politics and magical mystery, and showing fascinating glimpses into some of her best characters, like Dory, Marlowe and Mircea While the story totally works as a standalone adventure as well, it s practically a must read for everybody w [...]

    10. Ever wonder how Kit and Dory met This freebie by Karen Chance tells the story of how these two, strangers at the time, meet while on separate missions to stop trouble rising out of New Orleans.

    11. Karen Chance s Dorina Basarab series is probably one of my favorite UF series I ve read so far They aren t perfect but they are just so much fun and I love the characters so much that any minor flaws I can overlook It s been a billion years since the last book was published so I thought I would try and get my hands on any of the short stories just to fill the void It was pretty good but nothing compared to the full novels I am not a big fan of short stories as I tend to read pretty fast and it w [...]

    12. Let me get this straight.This bundle of joy is a freebie on the author s website.To be exact, here karenchance zombiemlNow then Back to business and graceful fangirling.I made no mistake that i am a huge Karen Chance fan And not just huge, but enough to buy all her books and have them shipped from the US of A to my dear ol country in Europe, outrageous shipping customs and all with not an ounce of regret whatsoever i did take it easy with the food for a month or so, but i called it extreme diet [...]

    13. This was a great addition to the series I really hope she gets back to Dory in than novellas though, put out enough and I wouldn t complain This is a prequel and it is when Kit finds out about Dory I think he owes her big time for the rest of his life but of course she is a Dhampire so he won t doesn t see it that way.In this, Dory is hired to hunt a rogue but realizes something is wrong with the hit Kit is then trying to hunt her down, while she is trying to hunt the people that put her on thi [...]

    14. A Dory Basarab novella is as packed full of the good stuff as a stack of books from other series A job gone belly up, a vengeful vamp, a treacherous plot, and Dory s trip to the Crescent City makes her wonder several times if she ll live to tell about it.I love the wry wit, stick to it ness, and tough skilled heroine that must be deadly than the deadly beings that make up her world This is a short and quick adventure that though it s a prequel, it assumes the reader is familiar with the world a [...]

    15. Oh my, I haven t had this much fun in ages Complete laugh out loud novella, from Ms Chance that tells us how Dory and the Consul s chief spymaster first meet, over a dead body, reanimated dead bodies, magical rum, magical drugs and a ton of alligators turned sushi Absolutely beautiful and I m still wiping my eyes from laughing so hard.

    16. good quick read.I love Dorina She s so cool You don t really get much in the way of zombies, so the title is a bit misleading Though the way the villains were able to control a master vampire was interesting It just took most of the story to get there Great introduction to Dorina, the dhampir.Mircea s little girl who can give a beat down

    17. I loved this I liked seeing from Kit s point as well as Dory s Very interesting how Kit and her meet and now I understand why he doesn t really like her regardless that she didn t do anything really wrong Kit is one strong vampire and doesn t give up.

    18. This story was brilliant Kit Marlowe who usually knows everything doesn t know about Mircea s dhampir child And Mircea s smirk smile when he comes to pick Dory up and Kit realises Dory is Mircea s daughter priceless

    19. This was fun, but I don t think it would make a particularly good stand alone intro to the series Definitely worth the time for existing Dorie fans, though.

    20. Dori Basarab Prequel NovellaThis novella introduces the reader to Dorina Basarab also includes Kit Marlowe, from the Cassie Palmer Series It should be read before the first book in Dori s series, Midnight s Daughter.It s a fun, quick read entertaining It introduces the reader to some additional aspects of the Cassie Palmer universe.

    21. Fun short story featuring our favorite DhampireDory is back in this entertaining short story by Karen Chance Marlowe just lost one of his men and due to a rather nifty frame up blames Dory Go on a romp through the Bayou as Dory tries to extricate herself from another deal gone bad.

    22. Fun short story featuring a very early glimpse of Dorina before book 1 Enjoyed it thoroughly, although it s odd to read it knowing so much has happened and developed in the stories And really, it just makes me anticipate the next Dory book that much .

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