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Isle of Hope #2020

Isle of Hope She stole his heart He stole her peace Can hope steal their pain At the age of eighteen Lacey Carmichael was a wild girl bent on fun promised to Jack Carmichael a straight and narrow pastor s kid b

  • Title: Isle of Hope
  • Author: Julie Lessman
  • ISBN: 9781519377456
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • Isle of Hope By Julie Lessman, She stole his heart He stole her peace Can hope steal their pain At the age of eighteen, Lacey Carmichael was a wild girl bent on fun, promised to Jack Carmichael, a straight and narrow pastor s kid bent on the seminary When her father kicks her out of the house, she runs away from Isle of Hope, turning her back on everything she loves Now, eight years later, she s baShe stole his heart He stole her peace Can hope steal their pain At the age of eighteen, Lacey Carmichael was a wild girl bent on fun, promised to Jack Carmichael, a straight and narrow pastor s kid bent on the seminary When her father kicks her out of the house, she runs away from Isle of Hope, turning her back on everything she loves Now, eight years later, she s back as a woman of faith, hoping to make amends to the father she defied, the boyfriend she deserted, and the best friend she denied Only the bridges she s burned are still smoldering, kindled by an adulterous affair by Jack s pastor father that damaged his son s faith But can a turning of tables and hearts lead the way back to hope for them all

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    1. Necessary supplies to gather before reading this book Fainting couchChocolate to revive you from a swoon Kleenex More Kleenex Standby Kleenex in case you use up all the above mentioned boxes and you likely will I read Isle of Hope Unfailing Love with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes and half the time I didn t know whether to laugh or cry so I did both Copiously Yes, my emotions were fully engaged and I was a blubbering mess through most of the book And that s because this story is real i [...]

    2. What a sweet, sweet story I ve been a fan of Julie s historical romances for years and wondered whether she could write contemporary romance as well Isle of Hope, her first foray into contemporary romance, was even better than I could have imagined and I loved every minute of it After reading the first chapter, I couldn t imagine how Julie was going to pull a happily ever after out of this one, but I was delighted to be proven wrong Full of the sizzling romance and heart rending emotional roller [...]

    3. I have found a new literary family to love In Isle of Hope, the author has crafted a story that is rich and deep There are multiple layers of pain and regret to dig through for Jack, Lacey, Tess, and Ben, as well as the other members of the O Bryen family But woven through this book are such precious moments There are moments of humor and togetherness between family members, forgiveness over things so painful that the power to do so can only come from leaning on God, and a love that never truly [...]

    4. Julie Lessman hits it out of the park with the first installment in the Unfailing Love series This author has a gift of making the reader feel like they are part of the family, including them in their fun, joking and games I found myself smiling from ear to ear while I read and laughed out loud so much my family asked me what was so funny I was hooked from the first line, When it comes to burning bridges, I am the Queen of Kerosene After being away for eight years Lacey Carmichael is back to her [...]

    5. When guided by love, the truth never ruins hope, it only sets it free Not only does our God redeem and restore human beings, He redeems and restores the mistakes they make as well, turning tears of mourning into tears of joy Isle of Hope Eighteen year old wild child Lacey Carmichael is kicked out of the house by her heart surgeon father, Ben numerous hearts are broken when she flees to California with a friend Eight years later, Lacey has become a woman of faith though she returns home to Isle o [...]

    6. Julie Lessman in her new book, Isle of Hope Book One in the Isle of Hope series published by The Author introduces us to Lacey Carmichael.From the back cover She stole his heart He stole her peace Can hope steal their pain Lacey Carmichael was a wild girl bent on fun, promised to Jack O Bryen, a straight and narrow pastor s kid bent on the seminary When her father kicks her out of the house, she runs away from Isle of Hope, turning her back on everything she loves.Now, eight years later, she s b [...]

    7. At 18, Lacey Carmichael was a wild child, totally and completely in love with her neighbor, preacher s kid, Jack O Bryen When her father kicks her out of the house, she flees the Isle of Hope and turns her back on all that she loves Now eight years later, she has returned She s turned her life around and is home to stay Of course that means making amends with those she hurt her father, her former boyfriend, and her best friend She knows it won t be easy, especially since she and Jack are partner [...]

    8. The Isle of Hope in Georgia the sleepy, charming coastal community dotted with palms and pines and an expansive salty marshland provides many a peaceful postcard setting Though while the water logged salt marsh buffers the populace from stormy seas, the drifting and fractured lives of some of the residents are about to be ripped open yet again to endure soul deep pain from Lacey Carmichael upon her return The question is will they allow healing to take place or will their wounds worsen like the [...]

    9. Extraordinary Isle of Hope Unfailing Love is a riveting story of humility, selfless love, and extraordinary forgiveness Wow and Oh, my thoughts as I read the pages of Isle of Hope, a novel packed with emotion The first line of Isle of Hope lets us know there is drama and intensity ahead in this story This is a reunion romance a romance which started back in high school between Lacey, the class flirt, and Jack, a pastor s son Years later, they are back in Isle of Hope for a wedding celebration Ma [...]

    10. Blog Tour Giveaway See my full review at smilingbookreviewsThis book was very well written and deals with some serious subjects with a real depth It s gritter than most of the books I read with several characters dealing with adultery, betrayal, divorce, lies, and bitterness But there was also the awesome threads of healing, mercy, forgiveness, redemption, second chance love and friendships regained.The relationship between Jack and Lacey s families has been torn apart by adultery, betrayal, and [...]

    11. It is not working I have been in denial all day, refusing to write a review on Julie Lessman s novel, hoping it means the book is not finished yet That I have not come to the end of it That when I go back to it, there will be to read I guess it is not happening.This is one book that gave me no choice I lived it, together with Lacey and her family, together with Jack and his And just like life can throw you curve balls, Isle of Hope and twists and turns and surprises that the reader does not see [...]

    12. Loved it Loved this book Julie Lessman is a favorite author of mine for historicals so I was excited to read her first contemporary romance And it did NOT disappoint One thing I love about Lessman s stories are the charactersey are all developed so well and they run through the whole series, so you know that even though a particular couple s book is over, you ll see them again Her characters are so great Fun, flawed, real And the romance dreamy sigh Jack and Lacey s love story was one of reconci [...]

    13. So, umI don t read romance At least, not voluntarily.But this book swoon With this single book, Julie Lessman has convinced me to pick up everything else she s ever written The characters are real, my friends REAL They re flawed, quirky, sassy, with regrets and struggles with forgiveness I loved the dynamics between the main characters, the side characters, and their families Yes, I totally choked up several times when Lacey was brave enough to confront her dad sniff I really admired Julie s por [...]

    14. The author gets to the heart of what it means to truly forgive This is a multi layered story filled with memorable characters and events Lacey burned her bridges years ago when she left town, but now she s returned to participate in her cousin s wedding The best man just happens to be Jack, the man whose heart she crushed The book is pretty long 520 pages but never seems to get bogged down, the tale moves forward at a good pace and kept me engaged throughout I really identified with how the char [...]

    15. Please view on my blog christianfictionforfunspoHere are the hero and heroine as envisioned by the author herself she posted the pictures on her website.Jack O Bryen Lacey Carmichael An amazing story of love and forgiveness between the characters and God and between themselves A firm reminder than sin, even if done in secret, always has consequences Also stressing the everpresent fact that God grants forgiveness and new life in Him And if we forgive those who trespass against us, there is hope f [...]

    16. I m actually still sitting here processing this book it s that good and that touching and that well, that everything we search for in compelling fiction We don t find it all that often, though at least, not all the pieces coming together at once to create a story so moving that you know you are no longer the same for having read it I can count on one hand, in fact, the number of books that I have not merely enjoyed but ingested and absorbed into my soul Isle of Hope will now forever and ever, am [...]

    17. If you are an avid reader of anything that author Julie Lessman has written like I am then ISLE OF HOPE is a must read for you Lacey Carmichael and Jack O Bryan were in love several years ago Lacey was a wild child constantly pushing all of her father s buttons and tempting her boyfriend Jack Jack was a good boy heading for seminary When circumstances cause Lacey to leave town Jack is heartbroken Fast forward 8 years and Lacey is returning to Isle of Hope a changed woman.Lacey s newfound faith i [...]

    18. Julie s writing voice shines through in this contemporary context Though this modern setting is something new for her to tackle, her style still communicates both character and spiritual depth, something I ve come to expect from her It s really further proof that a skilled storyteller can tackle any era The whole cast is vibrant By the end, they feel as familiar as family Jack and Lacey s characters take many twists and turns through this story while grappling with forgiveness, but friendship is [...]

    19. Julie Lessman brings us a story of unfailing love which includes a lot of forgiveness This is a beautiful story about second chances The author can weave words to evoke both laughter and tears Even after the last page is closed I find myself thinking of these characters She brings us strong, well developed characters that are complex and have very real issues She broaches tough issues drugs, teen sex, infidelity, and mental abuse and resolves those issues realistically There s good flow and pace [...]

    20. Get ready for an emotional roller coaster like you never experienced before Isle of Hope will make you laugh out loud and bring you to tears, perhaps on the same page With two swoon worthy romances and a wide range of poignant hurts, bruises and outright fists to the gut, Isle of Hope will send your emotions reeling You will feel in your own heart the misery and euphoria of the twists and turns in the lives of Lacey and Jack, along with their parents and family.Scars covering unhealed wounds are [...]

    21. Julie Lessman knows how to write unforgettable characters, that live large in your mind and will stick with you long after you have turned the last page Her novels are well crafted and make you want to consume them in one sitting I wish , and this is so true with her latest novel, Isle of Hope The pages fly rapidly by, all the while you are hoping against hope to not reach the end because you are thoroughly engrossed and enjoying every moment within the story This story has not only endearing an [...]

    22. I don t even know where to start This book was the first book that I have read by Julie Lessman I loved it so much I have already downloaded another book of hers She is an amazing author I totally fell in love with each and every one of the characters in her book I especially loved Lacy and Tess Wow Wow Wow I really hated putting the book down at times because I was worried about my new fictional friends and how they were faring This book deals with some very hard issues like sin and the consequ [...]

    23. Award winning author, Julie Lessman, has written a truly inspiring and beautiful novel in Isle of Hope This story reaches out and touches the hearts of its readers, capturing and stealing their attention along the way Readers will not want to put down this story of loss, hatred, betrayal, but most of all love and forgiveness between two neighbor families, especially two best friends This story brings to light some of life s greatest challenges, but with the love of God all can be overcome I high [...]

    24. I was hooked with Julie s Daughters of Boston series, starting with A Passion Most Pure With Isle of Hope, her first contemporary Christian fiction, it again reminded me why she s one of my favorite authors She s authentic in her stories, giving readers the true nature of emotions, thoughts, and desires in her characters The struggles of pride, pain, forgiveness, and the balance of physical, emotional and spiritual passion valiantly written in the few hundred pages of each of her books How could [...]

    25. This is Julie s best book ever, and I m a huge fan of her historicals She takes everyday people, with everyday struggles, hurts, disappointments, loss of hope and shaky faith and shows how when you allow God to handle those struggles, hurts, disappointments, loss of hope and shaky faith, He takes them and gives back the hope you were looking for This is a book for everyone It is full of hope and truth.Highly recommended

    26. An incredible reminder to us allWhat a great story and reminder for us all of the love and forgiveness that God gives us Julie does a great job of developing the characters in a way that your heart can t help but rejoice with and weep with A MUST read I could hardly put it down.

    27. Wonderful bookThis is an absolutely beautiful book It is so emotion filled and heartbreaking at times I definitely plan to read it again.

    28. All I can say is WOW Miss Julie, you ve really done it now I was up until one o clock in the morning because I didn t want to put this book down Like all of her others, this first book in the Isle of Hope Series had everything, but double And the end of Chapter Thirty Seven LUMP IN THROAT I shall elaborate when my heart has settled and I can fully articulate how much I LOVED this book Suffice to say for now, Book 2 was on my 2018 to read list and is now on my 2017 to read list

    29. This book deals with some life issues and helps to see inside the characters as they try to amend the wrongs from their past And just when you think it s at a end, it hits you with a past problem that knocks you out of left field You ll read about forgiveness, salvation, anger, love, stubbornness yet Julie wraps it all up perfectly in love, love for each other that comes from the love God has shown them.

    30. I LOVED THIS and cant wait to read the others I Loved all the characters, their relationships and just how they all interacted with each other The ending had me smiling to myself in a room full of people I learned sooo much and have definitely grown in my christian life I love Julie Lessmans work and this book is just another testimony of the amazing works God is performing in her Life.

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