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The Unbreakable Contract: Now You Are Mine! #2020

The Unbreakable Contract Now You Are Mine This is an updated cover edition of B RAOB A Just when you think you have it all figured outfe happens Savannah Burgesson wanted nothing than to continue the success of her Houston based consulting

  • Title: The Unbreakable Contract: Now You Are Mine!
  • Author: Debbie Dickerson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Unbreakable Contract: Now You Are Mine! By Debbie Dickerson, This is an updated cover edition of B013RAOB9A.Just when you think you have it all figured outfe happens Savannah Burgesson wanted nothing than to continue the success of her Houston based consulting business, be completely in control of her sexual rendezvous with a plethora of one night stands, and to enjoy her beautiful Texas ranch Her plan was working well uThis is an updated cover edition of B013RAOB9A.Just when you think you have it all figured outfe happens Savannah Burgesson wanted nothing than to continue the success of her Houston based consulting business, be completely in control of her sexual rendezvous with a plethora of one night stands, and to enjoy her beautiful Texas ranch Her plan was working well until the day of her fortieth birthday, when she decided her extremely sexy assistant, Charleston Voss, was going to be the next notch on her belt Charleston being only twenty eight had no chance of breaking her heartor so she thought Their undeniable connection spins out of control and catches both of them off guard, which leads to love, deceit, heartbreak, soul searching, intense sex, running from the past, and chasing the future Both Savannah and Charleston have many ghosts from the past to overcome but she never in a million years thought that her past would collide with her present and threaten everything she has grown to desire The question isn t if Savannah and Charleston love each other, the question is does love really conquer all Will she realize that she needs him as much as he needs her Will they both live to find out

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      281 Debbie Dickerson
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    1 thought on “The Unbreakable Contract: Now You Are Mine!

    1. Enjoyed this storyline Quite a few twists and turns which keeps the interest in the book Lots of hot sex scenes.

    2. Although certainly utilizing narrative elements associated with erotic fiction, Dickerson s debut novel is aptly categorized as a highly palatable blend of romance and thriller with a touch of chick lit.Savannah Burgesson is a highly successful business women who lives just outside of Houston on a sprawling 150 acre estate Having just turned 40, she decides perhaps on a subconscious level to get past her feelings of guilt she cheated on her fianc Tristan and destroyed that relationship that hav [...]

    3. Awesome ReadDebbie did a awesome job with this Savannah has had many issues with commitment these past 15 years Now her assistant has stolen her heart as well as betrayed her Can their love survive

    4. Wow this book was amazing, not only was the story great but the sex was off the charts I recommend this book for everybody, it is a fun page turner I cannot wait for Ms Dickerson s next book

    5. Being the CEO of VB Consulting seemed to be everything Savannah need to be happy She is turning 40 and is one of the most sought after consultant trainer in the Houston area Being a mentor to her assistants is one aspect she truly enjoys Charleston is a 28 year old who has been working for Savannah for a few months when her birthday comes around He waits until the end of the day to wish her a mind blowing, happy birthday As she explores a possible relationship with Charleston, an old love comes [...]

    6. This book has it all It s as big and vast as Texas This book threw me off in a great way I was not expecting what I got from the cover or description This book as so many twists and turns and it really throws you off You do not expect most of what happens This made me feel like I was a down home girl from Texas It really shows all the aspects of Texans and it did it beautifully The author keeps you on your toes This book was romance, thriller, erotic and had splashes of comedy It truly was a won [...]

    7. Wow oh wow I loved this read I fell in love right away with Savannah and Charleston To read and watch savanna take a chance again to break her usual pattern was such a ride to watch her go through the insecurities the jealousy the things that she tries to avoid For someone who does not keep her I candy around to fall in love for Charleston was wow Oh and let s not forget the hot hot sex When Charleston takes over you definitely obey fanning Face for me this was a five star read and I definitely [...]

    8. What a great book It had so much to offer, mystery, romance, intrigue and erotica You ll be on the edge of your seat the whole time while reading The author did a great job telling the story of a woman about to hit a milestone birthday As successful as she is she s ready and wanting When she reaches out for a man she considers harmless it s only then the adventure begins Fun story with twists and turns and an exciting plot line.

    9. Savannah wants to live her life and sleep with any man she wants but when she falls for this one man Will it be a one night stand or has she fallen in loveHurricane readers book review gave me the book for my honest review

    10. a lot of twist and turns I got lost a few times but after a while I got what was going on I will be reading books by Debbie.

    11. The story was wonderful I could not put it down The only problem I had with the story was the use of I in a lot of parts was done wrong.

    12. Another fab book Again what a book loved it , a must read kept me on the end of my seat couldn t put it down

    13. The idea of a older woman finding love interested me, I never felt a connection with this story or the characters I felt like things were rushed, the flow overall bothered me.

    14. Realizing she should seek her own happiness , Savannah Burgesson decides to take a risk and date the much younger hottie who has been working for her I think from humor, twists, lust, hot sexy times, and romance overall author Debbie Dickerson did a great job I loved the character development and the plot with the many twists she presented While our heroine is successful and a go getter, our Hero does not disappoint He is everything alpha and delicious and knows exactly what to give From dirty t [...]

    15. In this book we have suspense, drama, action, fights, love, passion and very steamy scenes.This is the story between Savannah and Charlestone.Savannah is a sucessfull business woman, well organized in life, have all figured out until Charleston get in her office, on her birthday and give her an amazing and spicy present Their life takes a turn, but will it be for the best or worst They will have difficult days, happy days, sad days but not everything is what it seems.Reading this book, it showed [...]

    16. 0 for this book I cannot believe what utter trash this is and that I wasted valuable time reading it Everything was wrong with it and there is not one positive thing I can say The writing style was atrocious, the characters were appallingly unbelievable and unlikeable, the story itself was so far fetched and ridiculous and finally the grammar was very juvenile I could go on but these are the main points of a story and this author failed comprehensively to deliver so all I can say is she needs to [...]

    17. Took me a while to get into this book, I got lost at times then honestly I thought it would never end.Around two thirds of the way into the book as Savannah completed her bucket list and the action was over, I thought that would be it Then the book did an about face and became 50 shades It was like reading two books in one.I liked the concept of the cougar finding true love or lust as it was at first with a man a decade younger than her The banter with the sister was amusing too along with the r [...]

    18. What an incredible read I am totally hooked and in love with the story line I love the way the sister s banter I especially snicker inwardly as to the cougar present given in the beginning of the book Seeing as I had no intention of remarrying myself yet I have and my husband is 10 1 2 yrs my junior Hits close to home and I love how Debbie Dickerson isn t intimidated by the age differences A must read

    19. Savannah owns her own successful consulting business yet I find her character immature She claims to be in love with Charleston yet is ready to jump into bed anytime another man pays her attention The story line is good although once the danger passes and she finishes her bucket list the story switches to 50 Shades The book needs some editing I did not care for what I thought was overuse of Ma am and Ya ll which at times seemed out of context.

    20. The Unbreakable Contract was my first book by this author This is an older woman younger man romance There was some action and lots of hot sex in this book While I did enjoy the story, at time I felt like it was rushed in certain places and then dragged it others In addition I felt like this book was actually a couple different stories all rolled into one I will admit I was hooked at the beginning to see what happens in the storyline.

    21. OMG this book is AMAZING This book is well written This book keeps your attention You have no choice but to keep turning the pages My favorite character is Savannah I actually fell in love with all the characters in this book I am glad Savannah met Charleston They both love with their whole hearts This book touched my heart I really hope you will give this AMAZING book and new Author a chance

    22. Did it really have to end I loved this book I genuinely did not want it end Author Debbie Dickerson pulled me into this book from the first page Comedy, romance, action, suspense, heartache and live Savannah s story will keep you entertained and wanting I look forward to from this amazing author and hope comes really really soon I beg you

    23. Great little read about an older women who has her own business but has commitment issues Savannah is in her 40 s and is happy where her life is heading, until Charleston gives her a Birthday she will never forget Does she fall for her personal assistant when no one else in the past 15 years has made her feel any type of way.

    24. I super enjoyed this book This books it not what is appears to be It starts out as one kind of story and becomes totally something else, a couple of times, by the end I do love Vanni and Charleston s story It s highly erotic and has it s share of suspense as well.

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