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A Very Ruby Christmas #2020

A Very Ruby Christmas None

  • Title: A Very Ruby Christmas
  • Author: Lavinia Kent
  • ISBN: 9780399593871
  • Page: 495
  • Format: ebook
  • A Very Ruby Christmas By Lavinia Kent, None

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    1 thought on “A Very Ruby Christmas

    1. This review is based on the ARC that I received from the author and or publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.This was definitely not a standalone However, if the author can pack that much of a punch in to such a little package then we all need to plan on reading the entire series.

    2. I would like to thank Lavinia Kent, Loveswept, and Penguin Random House for allowing me to read this novel in exchange for an honest review.Madam Rouge aka Ruby aka Emma Scanton finds herself with a dilemma She s had plans to sell her pleasure house for months now, but it s not as easy as she d thought She doesn t trust anyone to run it as it should be run And now the man she loves, the man who wants to take her away to start a life together, is back, waiting for her to get her affairs sorted Co [...]

    3. FINAL DECISION Especially for fans of the series, this novella wraps up Ruby and Derek s story, gives some hot and spicy moments with beloved characters from the Bound and Determined series and also pushes the series forward into a new eraE STORY This novella takes place before the epilogue of RAVISHING RUBY In this book, Ruby who is the owner of a brothel is trying to organize her life to be able to leave London with Derek, the man she loves The story takes place at Christmas time and is a bit [...]

    4. I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review I thought this was a very sweet story and by sweet I mean touching it is an erotic story, so don t get the wrong idea.This book centers around Ruby and her struggle with leaving Madame Rouge she wants to leave and start her new life with Derek, but she is having a problem letting go and is starting to let her insecurities about her relationship with Derek overwhelm her And if this wasn t enough, her [...]

    5. I have adored Lavinia Kent s every book in her Bound and Determined series A Very Ruby Christmas, was a wonderful peek into Ruby and Derek and a surprise peek into a couple of other lead couples from other books.Ruby is ready to marry Derek and sell the brother, but she isn t quite ready enough She continues to search for a buyer, never finding exactly the right person to take over the business she has built Ruby knows Derek is losing his patience and is a little worried about it.Enter Ruby s le [...]

    6. I like this series It is all about the Woman and the Man Madame Rouge runs the Top brothel in town She won t let anyone go overboard yet she will help those who want a Special night Ruby has a problem Her fiance Derek is expecting to be going and give her a new life in America But she is also down because she can t find someone to take care of her House and patrons Then there is someone knocking and needing help Spoiler She sees she is wrapped and pregnant Ruby will take care of her and then she [...]

    7. I have loved every book I have read in this series Historical romance has always been a favorite of mine and Lavinia Kent is a wonderful storyteller Ruby, out of all the characters in this series, is by far my favorite Her whirlwind romance with Derek is full of heat and heart I hope this isn t the end of Ruby I enjoy her stories so much But I m very interested in the next book within this series Well done

    8. I was so glad to get of Ruby s story, as she s been one of my favorite characters of the books I ve read in the past year Her story was fun, and I liked that we got a glimpse update at some of the couples she d helped matchmake I also liked that each couple had their own sexual dynamic A super steamy novel that worked for the holiday season.

    9. A Very Ruby Christmas , is a wonderfull addition to Ms Kent s Bound And Determined series, she finally gives us of our very different Madame Ruby s and her hunky Captain Derek s story.Ruby has been awaiting the return of her Captain, her fianc back to England from the colonies and beginning her preparations to sell the brothel and marry Derek to become just a Captains wife but is she ready to let her independence go are the Lords and the Ladies she helped to join together in wedded bliss ready [...]

    10. I have not read the earlier books in this series but despite being lost once in awhile, I still thoroughly enjoyed this holiday read I will, however, add these earlier books to my wishlist as Kent managed to pack a whale of a story in less than 200 pages Wow, it seemed much longer in a good way while I was reading it Can t wait to pile up with a full length novel of hers.I love when characters can rise above their past and go on to celebrate their own HEA Ruby s occupation is not one that is oft [...]

    11. This is the first book I ve read by Lavinia Kent and I enjoyed this hot book It was a very different story line I will go back and read the others that go with this one I wasn t really lost reading just this one, but I want to know the other characters better Thanks to Random House Publishing Group Loveswept via NetGalley for a copy of this book

    12. I did enjoy the first to books in the series, but both books featuring Ruby as main character didn t have the same effect The Ruby I met in the first stories was just not the same one as in this story It came to a point where I just plainly didn t care if she would find her HEA or not For romance reviews, check out my website katherinasbooks.wordpress

    13. I really enjoyed seeing Ruby get her happily ever after even with a few bumps in the road It was also nice to see some of the previous characters An enjoyable quick read

    14. 4.5 stars This is a wonderful follow up to Ravishing Ruby It s nice to get a complete resolution to Ruby s story, an update on the ladies who have become her friends, and an introduction to her half sister a legitimate progeny of Duke Scarlet I can only hope that the series does not end here and that we will get a chance to experience Jasmine s and maybe even Hope s HEA.I received an ARC of this book, from the publisher, via NetGallery, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

    15. I ve enjoyed each of the stories in the Bound Determined series Some have had Emma Ruby as the center of the story while others have focused on her girls or her friends While I enjoyed all the stories, I love the ones that focus on Emma Ruby and Derek most of all.A Very Ruby Christmas was a wonderful way to wrap up Ruby s portion of the Bound Determined series I had known once Emma Ruby and Derek decided to marry, she would have to do something about her house and her girls I loved how protectiv [...]

    16. Well this was a very unusual read incorporating many of the main characters from the other books to this series It was done in a manner that to me seemed like there were lots of little stories within the main story.The sub stories were fully plotted and extremely hot reads Each character will draw the reader into wanting to know their backstory if they didn t read their book already I relish the erotica scenes as the author is a master at keeping the reader enthralled in what is happening.I did [...]

    17. A winter storm stirs passions long denied in this sensual Yuletide romance, a short novel featuring the characters who once led Library Journal to declare, Ruby and Derek s chemistry is just as explosive during their unbridled trysts as with their slow, ardent lovemaking Madame Rouge Ruby to her intimates always makes the secret desires of her clients a priority Now the time has come to fulfill her own fantasy, one so private it brings a rare blush to her cheeks When Captain Derek Price returns [...]

    18. A Very Ruby Christmas is not a standalone and is part of Lavinia Kent s delightful and erotic Bound and Determined Series This novella is also a fitting ending to one of my favorite series It s a sweet, erotic and happy goodbye for our cast of characters and is a welcome ending for a great series Ruby aka Emma is finally to wed Derek and get her own happily ever after after assisting a lot of couples with their own But she has to decide what to do about Madame Rouge s, the brothel that has been [...]

    19. A Very Ruby Christmas by Lavinia Kent This story follows Ruby s decision to sell her business She is anxious to begin her life with Derek I liked Ruby she s is amazingly understanding and compassionate Derek is sweet and patient with her so than I would have been I think I found myself getting a bit frustrated with her delaying the sale However, it was also completely understandable if you got what Ruby is all about This is a really sexy story which encompasses some steamy scenes throughout Not [...]

    20. This book wasn t what I expected While it was a story about Ruby, it also incorporated all the other characters from her other Bound and Determined books And in fact it seemed like it was about them than Ruby Ruby is ready to marry Derek but she is torn about leaving Madame Rouge She wants to make sure she finds just the right person to take over for her But she knows she can put Derek off for only so long She has to find someone soon Enter Ruby s pregnant half sister Jasmine I loved Derek He w [...]

    21. I was given a gifted copy by NetGalley.The time for Ruby to follow her husband to be has arrived and she has very little time to secure her business and her girls She is not happy with the possibilities that have arisen She feels something is not right with any of them She tries to find an answer without realizing she has it just in front of her.Derek has to travel before the winter makes the sea impossible to navigate He pushes Ruby to take a decision as soon as possible.I like how Ruby takes c [...]

    22. 4.5 in the Bound and Determined erotica seriesThis is a short novella, loosely based on the Christmas story I know that seems counterintuitive to this story since it s in the BDSM genre, but it s done tastefully and with style Kent is able to create characters with a lot of depth and warmth so that I m always drawn into the scenes despite myself The sexy scenes are way hot, and the additional BDSM elements are well thought out and very mild, adding just a bit of excitement to the assignations Ru [...]

    23. Everything Lavinia Kent writes is gold From her characters to her story, it is easy to read the love and work she puts into every word I am enad with her complex characters who stories grab you from the very beginning and keep you hooked until the end She has the ability to make her erotic scenes both intimate and tantalizing I have been waiting for Ruby s story for a while now As one of my favorite secondary characters, I was interested in story and HEA Kent did not disappoint A Very Ruby Chris [...]

    24. I have enjoyed this series It is a bit spicy, and I have looked forward to Ruby s own story There were many points while reading that I thought she was going to give up her chance at happiness Ruby Emma has been such a strong and independent character, and Derek has brought out a softer side, one filled with hope, in Ruby When Ruby finally realizes what it means to truly love someone, I almost cried I also loved the two bits with former characters reliving certain points of meaning for them to s [...]

    25. I enjoyed A Very Ruby Christmas b it didn t really hold my attention all the way through and there were times when I wondered what was the point of the story The pace was too slow and I felt that the plot could have been tightened I did like Ruby, a brothel owner with a heart of gold, although I wasn t quite convinced by her indecisiveness over the future of the brothel The sex scenes were well written and there were plenty of them but for me I d have liked a bit to the story Overall, quite a h [...]

    26. I absolutely love how the we ve seen the growth of Ruby through this series She s such an amazingly strong character whose integrity and strength shines through every time we get to see her I m excited to see where this all goes Now that Ruby is moving on and her sister is taking over it should be fun watching all of the changes that might take place I am glad that it s not just shutting down because even though each of the couples have moved away from Ruby s it s still such a focal point of the [...]

    27. This is my first read by Lavinia Kent and although I felt a little lost while reading this book I enjoyed reading it This holiday read provided a great entertainment and I liked her writing style.Ruby and Derek are wonderful characters Ruby is not the typical regency character and I feel the author did a great job with her Nice story Very entertaining I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley

    28. ARC provided in exchange for review.I have not read any of the previous books so I did not know any of the characters in this I seemed to be very drawn out and there was a lot of filler I don t know if Lavinia Kent wanted to give updates on everyone from previous books so they were shoved in here to make it last longer Derek and Ruby seemed like a good couple, since I haven t read about them before I imagine there is about them in previous books.

    29. This was a fun and entertaining read, I am a big fan of the Bound and Determined series and it was a great chance to see the other characters from the story as well learn about Ruby and Derek It was also a great beginning to where the series might go from here Great read with plenty of steam.

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