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Csardas #2020

Csardas A SWEEPING NOVEL OF ROMANCE AND GRANDEURAt the turn of the century the wealthy Ferenc family lived in carefree splendor summering in the lush countryside wintering in elegant townhouses Eva and Malie

  • Title: Csardas
  • Author: Diane Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780449228852
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Csardas By Diane Pearson, A SWEEPING NOVEL OF ROMANCE AND GRANDEURAt the turn of the century the wealthy Ferenc family lived in carefree splendor summering in the lush countryside, wintering in elegant townhouses.Eva and Malie Ferenc, swept up in the fervor of endless glittering parties, were content and secure in their moneyed, fun filled world, where romance was for the asking.But when Malie fellA SWEEPING NOVEL OF ROMANCE AND GRANDEURAt the turn of the century the wealthy Ferenc family lived in carefree splendor summering in the lush countryside, wintering in elegant townhouses.Eva and Malie Ferenc, swept up in the fervor of endless glittering parties, were content and secure in their moneyed, fun filled world, where romance was for the asking.But when Malie fell in love with a young officer, Karoly, her father forbade the match As for Eva, she had long adored the dashing and irresponsible Felix, who loved no on but himself.Soon, however, there was than love to fill their minds As the holocaust of war scarred the land and the ruling aristocracy began to crumble, the proud, privileged Ferencs, tainted by Jewish blood, were forced to remember their heritage.

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    1. Csardas, 1975 , Diane PearsonDiane Pearson 5 November 1931 15 August 2017 was a British book editor and romance novelist, who has been translated into several languagesARDAS taken from the name of the Hungarian national dance follows the fortunes of the enchanting Ferenc sisters from their glittering beginnings in aristocratic Hungary, through the traumas of two World Wars 1988 1366 1374 1377 9649111034 20 1382 776 9647525117 1386 9789647525169 1394 9786005955736 20

    2. Portions of this review will discuss events that are historical fact I have made every effort not to mention the fates of specific characters in relation to those historical events.Csardas begins in 1914 and focuses around the lives of the two Ferenc sisters, Eva and Amalia Malie , daughters of a Hungarian aristocrat and a wealthy Jewish banker, who expected little out of life but parties with dashing young men to court them Self centered Eva is determined to snare the wealthy Felix Kaldy, but [...]

    3. As a Hungarian, I can attest to the fact that most people at least in the US don t know much about my country or culture even though we ve been through a lot and persevered Diane Pearson explores the life of a fictional bourgeois Hungarian family during WWI and WWII in Csardas Pearson aptly named her novel Csardas as this is our most popular folk dance style and was used by the Hungarian army as a recruitment theme song We associate many emotions and feelings with these music notes Similarly, Cs [...]

    4. As every Downton Abbey fan knows, when the British aristocracy runs itself into debt and decay, the solution is to marry a rich American heiress whose bottomless purse will save the ancestral lands In Hungary at the dawn of the 20th century impecunious noblemen apparently married sometimes beautiful Jewish women instead The Enlightenment had helped create a subclass of wealthy European Jewish families, many engaged in banking and finance, and most thoroughly divorced from their cultural and reli [...]

    5. Csardas pronounced CHAR dosh takes place in Hungary and spans over thirty years and the rise and fall of two generations The characters endure two world wars and subsequent government changes which affect their standing in the community,their livelihoods, wealth, and eventually their very lives Over almost 600 pages we watch the three families grow and interact, raise eyebrows, marry or not , bear children or not and finally either live or not That s Csardas in a nutshell.So I really liked this [...]

    6. It s a shame this book is so unknown, because it s an excellent and highly entertaining work of historical fiction I blame the romance y cover and foreign title, neither of which is an accurate representation of the book s contents This is a family saga spanning several decades, and like all epics it has a bit of romance in it, but that is far from the focus, especially after the first 100 pages As for the title pronounced CHAR dosh , it s probably the only Hungarian word in the book Csardas was [...]

    7. There is a class of books especially from the 70s and 80s that I call good books with bad covers Apparently, there was a need at one time to convince everyone to read good history by doing a bait and switch about it being a romance.This novel falls squarely in the class While finding a good husband is indeed the occupation of the Ferenc girls at the start of the novel, the history that overtakes their pursuits outweighs the lightness of this storyline pretty quickly It follows the history of Hun [...]

    8. The back cover blurb tells us that this story is about the enchanting Ferenc sisters, Amalie Malie and Eva But, in reality, the novel gives us the history of not only the Ferenc sisters and their family, but several other families also, such as the Kaldys, the Racs Rassays, the Bogozys and the Martons.The story opens as Eva and Malie are attending a ball to mark the birthday coming out of their plain, shy cousin Kati Racs Rassay, only child of the domineering and often cruel Gizelli nee Ferenc a [...]

    9. It is a Hungarian Gone With the Wind tracing one generation through the Revolution through WWII The cool part is 2 3 the way through the author, while providing hints before, identifies the primary family as Jewish 600 pages is quite a bit of reading but the detail is what makes the story The author leaves you with no question but nothing is over dwelt upon either This sort of book would never make the cut with today s editors but I a so very glad I read it.

    10. Compelling historical fiction from Central Europe.This book combines several of my favorite characteristics a wonderful means of escape to another world historical fiction from a time and place I consistently find fascinating mid 20th century Central Europe Hungary to be exact and, a love story involving seriously interesting people.What could I ask for Read this for the story, and characters Diane Pearson is a good, though not great writer The author is not Hungarian but she does a great job o [...]

    11. Mama has a great belief in roses.What a long, luxurious, readable novel Epic, dramatic, seductive I loved it I must say the writing is perfectly fine, nothing spectacular this is just good story telling Keep this on the shelf next to The Invisible Bridge fat Hungarian family histories And speaking of which, there s an old movie by Istvan Szabo in English also about three generations of a Hungarian family called Sunshine which I recommend, if anyone else is interested in this subject.

    12. This is one of my all time favorite books Having been married to a Jew at the time with a Mexican Indian son, and a half Black grandchild, I thought I would have felt like the woman who got on the truck when they loaded everyone she loved, to take to a concentration camp.

    13. I first read this historical fiction saga almost 30 years ago It was as good as I remember If you can get your hands on a copy, I highly recommend it.

    14. A random 50 cent pick at the flea market, just because the story seemed to be set in Hungary, and surprisingly this turned out to be rather good the bright and tacky 1970 s Finnish cover art wasn t very convincing It started as light historical romance and gradually turned into a depiction of a whole era in Hungarian history, with interesting characters and a nicely flowing story I started reading Csardas right after finishing The Devil s lieutenant, and history wise Csardas pretty much picked u [...]

    15. Read this book many many years ago, translated in Dutch It was one of my favorite books back then and I want to re read but this time in English Update February 14 2016.Yes This was on my wish list for a long time because even though, yes I have read it already two times, I still wanted to read it again but now in the language it was written in English.And I just managed to get a copy Yee Haw.

    16. The csardas is a dance that symbolizes vibrant love of life of a proud people This story is the saga of great power, beauty and historical authenticity that follows the changing fortunes of three aristocratic European families It spans two world wars and four countries.

    17. I ditto what Bivens wrote Read this book many years ago and I remember how much I loved it Really good historical fiction

    18. I ve been meaning to read this for some time but the recent sad death of Diane Pearson prompted me to do actually do so I m glad I did This is one of those epic novels that takes you on a wonderful journey through time and place In some respects, it reminded me of War and Peace though not as long Set mainly in Hungary just prior to WWI, life for the enchanting Ferenc girls is a round of social activities involving their friends and relations, the Kaldys and the Racs Ressys Inevitably, the war ch [...]

    19. The rhythms of this great sweeping saga could not be like the Csardas that I remember from my childhood The men and women start separately, performing complicated steps, the men leaping like stags in a display of strength and prowess and the ladies, gracefully twirling, bedecked in their finest embroidery The partners move together and join as couples into a joyous dance, but the music and dancing progressively increase in intensity, some must leave the floor while others manage to last to the [...]

    20. Great Book Set in Hungary, it tells the story of three families It starts just before WW1 and finishes just after WW2 Very detailed and certainly well researched, the narrative is never boring The author manages to bring to life her characters and also the times she is writing about I can recommend this to lovers of history The name of the book Csardas pronounced Chardash is a very popular Hungarian folk dance.

    21. I can not imagine how someone NOT Hungarian can write about our history and the daily lives of Hungarian families living in the first part of the 20th century with such precision and accuracy as Diane Pearson does Great novel, amazing story, could even be true, most of it is, probably Loved reading every page.

    22. Read this in 1977 I picked it up in the newsagents in the concourse at Addenbrooe s Hospital I was desperate for something to read that would transport me to a different world I wasn t disappointed a great read.

    23. This was cleverly set in Hungary spanning both World Wars I knew nothing about the country or its history until prompted to find out by reading this book An enjoyable yarn if parts were a little contrived.

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