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The End of Olympus #2020

The End of Olympus None

  • Title: The End of Olympus
  • Author: Kate O'Hearn
  • ISBN: 9781444926392
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Downloadable audio file
  • The End of Olympus By Kate O'Hearn, None

    • BEST AZW "Í The End of Olympus" || UNLIMITED (E-Book) Ó
      253 Kate O'Hearn
    • thumbnail Title: BEST AZW "Í The End of Olympus" || UNLIMITED (E-Book) Ó
      Posted by:Kate O'Hearn
      Published :2020-04-12T09:07:48+00:00

    1 thought on “The End of Olympus

    1. Waited sooo long to read this and I am completely astonished at how wonderful this book was and stunned at the ending and just never wanted it to end This book and this series is the best you will ever read This book had me so into it and I spent the whole day with this oneWish these could be made forever There will never be another book as good as these.So our friends Emily and Pegs Pegasus travel to London to save agent B It turns out to be complicated than that Paelen and Joel have been igno [...]

    2. mild spoilers about character development I am a huge fan of the Pegasus series I am an equestrian so horses including pegasi are my life This series hooked me in with the first book and then kept me in for the next three 2 4 However they kind of lost me at books 5 and 6 I wasn t a big fan of book 5 but I was still dying for book 6 to come out I had to wait a year or so I was so exited because I knew the title was The End of Olympus, I mean how intriguing I didn t love the 6th edition of Pegasus [...]

    3. My readers LOVE these, but I have just never vibrated to them No idea why Definitely have the series and watch what this author is writing, but it s just not my favorite.

    4. I thought this book was better than the last book, though it was around 400 page I wish it could be longer and go into detail and better development, though it wasn t horrible I really didn t like how they introduced a character either this book or the last and then just killed them off My favorite character is probably Rita, she is down to earth and has common sense and is funny in her own cool way Over all, the books fit together even if it is at first hard to do that AND PLUS JOEL GREW SOME [...]

    5. This book has to be be my personal favorite in the series There were two flames of Olympus, tension between Joel and Emily , and thrilling adventures with Emily and Pegasus I recommend all the books in the series, but definitely this one is a must read It was totally worth waiting a year for the book

    6. Best series ever I went with five stars because anything else would be an insult This is by far one of the greatest series that I have ever read.

    7. Pegasus and the End of OlympusBy Kate O HearnReview by Skyler AinscoughThe book I read is Pegasus The End of Olympus by Kate O Hearn The main characters in the book are Emily, Pegasus, Joel, Paelen, and Riza Emily learns that her friends have been by the CRU and she must go to London to rescue them To complete the plan for rescue, Emily helps to destroy Olympus, kill two mutant Titans, and Emily becomes a Xan.The theme of the book is bravery Several characters must be brave for the mission to su [...]

    8. I had some mixed feelings about finishing the series though most of the feelings were good.I really liked the world, but on a couple of occasions I didn t feel like I had a complete handle on how things worked Maybe it was because I was reading so fast so that I could find out what happened next which is a good thing I liked the quick pace of the story Certain explanations resolutions of a couple of plot points were kind of convenient.Nitpicks aside I would definitely recommend this series I lik [...]

    9. I loved this book and will definitely try to read the series again At first I was mad about the ending thinking that she was going to wake up and it be a dream, but that was not the case The ending was great, I loved it, including the poem at the end about Pegasus When I realized it was the last book in the series, I tried to make it last and read it slowly, but could not The ending was awesome and I cried throughout it, although it was not that sad If you do read it, I hope that you enjoyed it [...]

    10. This book is the end of this six book series It brings the events of all of the books full circle I really enjoyed this book because it stresses the importance of loyalty in every kind of relationship Emily has been transformed once again as a result of her selfless acts Some of the people she cares about the most have a hard time accepting those changes As a result, she embarks on a dangerous journey without them Although this story is fiction, the concepts and lessons of loving unconditionally [...]

    11. This was my favorite book in the series I was very happy when Joel saw what had happened in the 4th book we re him and Emily kissed Then they showed there feelings for one another I was soooo happy And they also won But I was very mad when Olympus was destroyed , it was such a beautiful place And then when I thought Emily died I was like noooo I was seriously crying lol but then she didn t die so I am ok lol

    12. I looooove this book and was so sad to see that my fav series ever had ended I read this whole book in a day because I loved it so much I just wish I knew what happened when Emily and Pegs flew to Titus at the very end I wanted to see how her best friends reacted to her saving Olympus Sorry, those were a few spoilers, but this is a wonderful book

    13. So it s over Six years I ve been with this series and it s been a wild ride literally Threw worlds, adventures, love, pain, discoveries and changes I have loved these amazing books I will miss Pegs and Emily but I can always go on the adventure all over again oh and happy last book of year 18 for me

    14. I.I love this book series soooo much It is so amazing, and I adore Joel and Emily I hope that you will make spin off series with everybody about what happened after this book Thank you Kate O Hearn for the amazing book series I cried when I finished the book and I am so attached to the characters I LOVE YOU JOEL AND EMILY, and all the other characters.

    15. Omg I love the series, but the ending though, it was very generic and it definitely spoiled the amazingness of the book But otherwise, i like seeing Emily s relationships grow and strengths go even farther.


    17. this series was really good The books could stand alone The developed relationships with the characters strengthened with each new book The end of the last book took me by surprise.

    18. Honestly such an amazing series and I m very sad to see it end Just a bit disappointing because it didn t end as good as I d hoped it would But still by far one of my favourite series.

    19. I really liked it and I was especially liked it when Lorin was eaten, and even though she was not bad any I still hated her.

    20. I LOVE THIS BOOK This book is definitely one of my favorites and i am so happy i read it My favorite part was when she yelled at Saturn and when she slapped Joel.

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