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Southern Pleasure #2020

Southern Pleasure They tell you that a parent s love is all consuming I never put much thought into it Not until the minute I heard her take her first breath That little girl is my world I d do anything to protect her

  • Title: Southern Pleasure
  • Author: Kaylee Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780986180071
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • Southern Pleasure By Kaylee Ryan, They tell you that a parent s love is all consuming I never put much thought into it Not until the minute I heard her take her first breath That little girl is my world I d do anything to protect her My ex signed over her rights and her family vowed that my daughter didn t exist Now that she s gone, they want my little girl They re trying to say I can t give her whaThey tell you that a parent s love is all consuming I never put much thought into it Not until the minute I heard her take her first breath That little girl is my world I d do anything to protect her My ex signed over her rights and her family vowed that my daughter didn t exist Now that she s gone, they want my little girl They re trying to say I can t give her what she needs I ve known Evan all my life Our families farms run parallel with each other He and my brother Aaron have been best friends for as long as I can remember What they re trying to do is wrong He needs my help, someone he can trust and I m than happy to do it I volunteered without hesitation I should have thought about what it would be like to have our lives intertwined I should have thought about what would happen when our time together ended and how my heart would feel when I had to walk away.

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    1. 4.5 Southern STARSThis is my first read by this author and I m happy to report that I thoroughly enjoyed this southern romance In the trope of falling in love with your big brother s best friend, this story brought the feels, hot chemistry, and sweet southern warmth Evan Chamberlin finds out that his girlfriend, Misty is pregnant and has no plans on keeping the baby He comes to action making sure he will be the father and only guardian Misty and Evan break things off and although he s scared, he [...]

    2. 4 My Smile stars It s safe to say this book was so sugary sweet and cheesy as Hell I was just slowly melting with Evan and McKinley and Lexi the sweetest baby girl ever I was in the mood for something easy and sweet and this book was perfect I loved everything about it BUT of course there were a few teeny tiny things that kind of bothered me because let s face it I would have given 5 damn stars to this book otherwise Am I right or what Kinley.You good Am I good Um, hell yes I m good.Turn back ar [...]

    3. 4.25 Smiling so hard Stars Tell me, McKinley Tell me what you need You she whispers.Oh my good what a read I ve never smiled through a whole read like this book It was so sweet and cute and sappy but in a good way This book was just what I need it It was the perfect timing.Evan Chamberlin just got news dropped on him, he s going to be a father But this situation is different Misty pregnant ex gf doesn t want anything to do with this pregnancy She wants out Evan convinced her to have his baby and [...]

    4. Evan has just learned that the girl he has been dating sleeping with is pregnant and she has no intentions of keeping the baby Evan begs her to keep the baby, to sign over rights to him and let him raise the child alone I sort of immediately loved Evan, it s kind of hard not to He is a man s man, but has a heart of gold He immediately asks his best friend Aaron to come over, so he can give him the news Aaron just so happens to be on the way back from picking up his sister from the airport McKinl [...]

    5. 4 StarsYou can t help but want to lick the cover right I ve been in the single parent mood and I have been eyeing Kaylee Ryan s books for some time now I picked up this book because of the summary and cover Southern Pleasure is a sweet southern book about making the best of what you got and loving the people in your life.Evan just found out the girl he has been seeing is pregnant She doesn t want him or the baby Evan begs her not to abort the baby and he would take on full responsibility You fal [...]

    6. This was a sweet story filled with love that suited to read on Christmas NO ex dramas Recommend to those who love to read romance with baby, single parent, or friends to lovers.After found his ex girlfriend was pregnant, Evan begged her to keep the baby and sis everything he could to help her However, he didn t know a thing about what baby needed and what a nursery was Meanwhile, his best friend s sister, Kinley, just came home after graduation, volunteered to help him from decorating the nurser [...]

    7. I loved this sweet and unconventional romance When Evan s girlfriend shows up and tells him she s pregnant and doesn t want to keep the baby, he steps up and asks for full custody Evan isn t prepared to be a single father, he really knows nothing about kids and everything he s going to need for his baby All he knows is that he already loves his unborn child and will do whatever he has to so that he can give his baby a good life McKinley is Evan s best friend Aaron s little sister She just moved [...]

    8. Overall rating 4 Southern Pleasure stars Triggers Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Sex with om ow view spoiler No hide spoiler Intimate pasts view spoiler Evan hero He didn t come off as a manwhore He was actually seeing some Misty for a year He knew he didn t love her and that she wasn t the one but they had fun together She just ended up pregnant He says he always used condoms and she was on birth control, but apparently it just happened He was a [...]

    9. This is a cute and definitely sappy romance book, the characters were all extremely likeable and the character development for Misty although you don t see much of her in the end kind of tugged at my heart strings An all over heart warming story that left me feeling so warm and fuzzy afterwards 3.5 stars, it was a heartwarming read but also very cliche, so I d steer clear if you don t like that kind of thing.

    10. The book opens with Evan finding out his girlfriend is pregnant even though he was wrapped and she was on bc pills Misty does not want to be pregnant He convinces her to sign over all her rights to the baby and let him raise it The problem is, he knows nothing about babies Mckinley has just come home after graduating from college She finds out her brother s best friend, Evan is having a baby She agrees to help him get ready.The two become very close during the preparation for the baby Even once [...]

    11. 4 Swoony Stars outhern Pleasure is another perfect example as to why I enjoy books by Kaylee Ryan Her books are light with some drama, full of heart and men that make you swoon Now, Southern Pleasure is a little bit different than the books I ve read from Kaylee Ryan in the past This one does have of a serious tone to it, but it does not disappoint at all.Southern Pleasure is a quick and enjoyable read It follows the story of Kinley and Evan and is told from dual points of view I have to tell y [...]

    12. Audio reread 9 4 16 Great book to listen to on my work commute Liked it just as much this time around Great story, but it took way to long for them to come clean about their feelings I loved her brother Aaron and look forward to his story that is in the works I firmly believe that you can not go wrong with a Kaylee Ryan book The story line, the charactersey are amazing This book was no exception I had pre ordered so at midnight I kept refreshing until it showed up I loved Evan and Kinley Their l [...]

    13. II got nothin I have no idea what to rate this book This weekend I ll try to make a list of what worked and what didn t Overall a VERY sweet and safe bookbut I admit I got frustrated at times And there was a twist towards the end that was borderline absurd but the worst part is that it was unnecessary.

    14. OK, the cover hunk got me interested Don t let the cover fool you This is a VERY sweet story The Hero Ethan 24 , is such a sweet and loving guy He s working his family s farm after his dad and mom move away to Alabama for dad s cancer treatments Ethan is best buds with Aaron Aaron s sister, McKinley 22 just got back home after graduating college Ethan immediate breaks the news that Ethan s girlfriend Misty is pregnant Misty doesn t want the baby Ethan persuades her to surrender the baby s custod [...]

    15. Okay even though Kinley and Evan have known each other for years and the book is spread over a large period of time, I still had the instant love feeling.Evan was a stand up guy, taking his unborn daughter and making sure she s okay But if Kinley tells me what a stand up guy he is one time I m going to cut her I get it, he s great, he s hot, can we move on I think what bothered me was that we didn t get all that much relationship development, they were already in love with each other when the b [...]

    16. Five stars just isn t enough.When someone asks me if I enjoyed this book the only appropriate reply is Does a cat have climbing gear I m a huge Kaylee Ryan fan All of her books take your breath away and suck you into the story so you feel everything the characters feel Kaylee has a rare gift that makes you fall in love with her characters and feel their pain,their love,their heartbreak right along with them,and Southern Pleasure is no exception This story is about an unconventional family that f [...]

    17. I received an ARC via Give Me Books in exchange for an honest review Thank you Sometimes love comes in the most unassuming forms.I really loved this read It was heart rendering and touching, and makes you realize the sensational power of love and its no holds barred nature.Evan Is there any word to really describe this wonderful, amazing, and courageous man Fatherhood is a big step to take on, and he does it with stride But what parent, doesn t need a little help They say it takes a village to r [...]

    18. I m not sure why, but I ve put off reading this for so long I m so glad I finally decided to read it, it was amazing

    19. What could be perfect that a best friend s little sister story How about one with a southern twist thrown in Yes, please We meet Evan, whose life is about to change I m going to be a father A single father Not what he expected at the age of 24, but not something that he is willing to change either Stepping up and being a true southern gentleman, Evan helps Misty through her pregnancy and then gets full custody of his daughter, Lexi Of course, he doesn t have to do it alone He has the help of hi [...]

    20. Hero meets heroine while his current ex gf is pregnant with his child.Yes, he ll never go back to her, but that s besides point.This is justick

    21. 4.5 starsWow I totally didn t expect to enjoy this as much as I did It was a nice, light romance with very little angst or unnecessary drama I loved the way the the romance developed between McKinley and Evan They started out with a friendship and they grew closer as Kinley helped him prepare for the arrival of his daughter It was a very slow build and that was extremely nice Evan wasn t a jerk, he was a good guy, trying to do what was right and he fell for the girl in the process I thought the [...]

    22. A long drawn out story where nothing happens Random Ramblings An unusual start to romance story I kept getting distracted whilst trying to follow the story I m feeling bored Very sweet too sweet and too forgiving Why did they keep talking about his daughter dating That was a stupid reason to get married

    23. Friends to lovers storyThe book was a bit on the boring side I know there needed to be a build up between the MC s, but it felt a little bit long and drawn out I liked the premise that it was a brother s best friend best friend s little sister and friends to lovers story, but the execution was a bit boring at least in the middle The ending wasn t too bad I m just not sure I want to read the next book in the series.

    24. Overall rating 4 starsPlot 8 10Ending 10 10Writing 9 10Hero 9 10Heroine 8 10Humour 6 10Steaminess 6 10Feels 8 10HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Extra Details view spoiler Not enough ranch talk, waited a long time to admit feelings, baby centric, country music hide spoiler

    25. When Evan finds out his girlfriend is pregnant but does not want to keep the baby, he persuades her to keep it and sign the baby over to him after its born Realising that he knows nothing about babies he asks his best friends sister Mckinley to help him.Wow just Wow, this book is amazing Kaylee does a wonderful job of taking you on an emotional journey that consumes you The chemistry between Evan and Mckinley is smoking Evan is strong, compassionate and a total sweetheart, look out ladies there [...]

    26. Southern Pleasure, the stunning new standalone from Kaylee Ryan is so bloody brilliant it will steal your heart and your breath before claiming you mind, body soul.This beautiful story is achingly addictive, from beginning to end I inhaled the words filled with hope, love and friendship and fell head over heels in love with Evan, McKinley and little Lexi Southern Pleasure will make you laugh, cry, smile, scream, infact it will take you through just about every emotion before rounding it all up i [...]

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