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Rage Aztèque #2020

Rage Azt que Dans le Mexique de th tre d un Empire azt que foul aux pieds par trois cents ans de pr sence espagnole Don Juan de Zavala est un hidalgo s duisant et son adresse l p e n a d gale que son habile

  • Title: Rage Aztèque
  • Author: Gary Jennings
  • ISBN: 9782268063829
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rage Aztèque By Gary Jennings, Dans le Mexique de 1808, th tre d un Empire azt que foul aux pieds par trois cents ans de pr sence espagnole, Don Juan de Zavala est un hidalgo s duisant et son adresse l p e n a d gale que son habilet questre et sa passion pour les femmes Pourtant, l homme est un gredin d voy qui a tous les charmes du caballero La capiteuse Isabella pourrait bien l apprendre Dans le Mexique de 1808, th tre d un Empire azt que foul aux pieds par trois cents ans de pr sence espagnole, Don Juan de Zavala est un hidalgo s duisant et son adresse l p e n a d gale que son habilet questre et sa passion pour les femmes Pourtant, l homme est un gredin d voy qui a tous les charmes du caballero La capiteuse Isabella pourrait bien l apprendre ses d pens Mais le destin peut tre tragique et quand il est sur le point d entrer en possession de l h ritage de son oncle, Don Juan se trouve accus par le mourant d tre d origine azt que ill gitime, et sa vie bascule Alors que, pour des raisons obscures, on l inculpe de son assassinat, un secret surgi du pass myst rieux de Zavala vient menacer la couronne d Espagne Don Juan comprend qu il doit fuir Sur la route de Veracruz, il rencontre Carlos, fripon aussi charmeur qu rudit, et s enfonce avec lui dans la jungle perdue des Mayas, infest e de serpents et de crocodiles Apr s la mort tragique de son compagnon, Zavala, cach sous l identit de son ami, gagne l Espagne, d cid lucider le sombre myst re qui le menace Entre les guerres napol oniennes, secou e et d chir e par les soubresauts f roces de la r bellion contre les soldats de l Empire, cette Espagne l est loin d tre paisible Elle offre pourtant Don Juan les plaisirs de la splendide Barcelone, et ce magnifique exutoire qu est la r sistance Lorsqu il revient au pays, Don Juan est d termin reconqu rir son h ritage Mais les ruines de l Empire azt que grondent et se r veillent Nous sommes en 1810 La r volte clate, men e par un pr tre guerrier, le Padre Hidalgo Don Juan de Zavala embrasse alors la cause r volutionnaire et unit sa destin e celle des insurg s Galvanis par le courage et l insolence de Marina, une jeune Azt que aux courbes affolantes, il va plonger, avec cette Rage azt que qui est au fond le vrai sens de sa vie, dans le soul vement qui aboutit l ind pendance du Mexique en 1821 Roman de l impitoyable revanche d un Empire outrag , celui des Azt ques, sur la morgue d cadente de l Espagne moribonde du Grand Si cle, cet ouvrage remuant, violent, f roce et minemment rotique des derniers temps de la Nouvelle Espagne et du monde azt que, est l ultime volet d une saga c l br e et traduite dans le monde entier.

    • [KINDLE] ✓ Rage Aztèque | BY ✓ Gary Jennings
      208 Gary Jennings
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    1 thought on “Rage Aztèque

    1. Fans of Gary Jennings Aztec had warned me this fourth book in the series begun by the prolific author was far removed from the original in quality But I had to see for myself.Yep Disappointment.Like many, I became a Gary Jennings fan after reading his outstanding Aztec , the saga of the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire as told by one the most amazing characters in historic fiction Jennings also wrote an excellent sequel, Aztec Autumn , which related little known events about the post conques [...]

    2. Not a bad book, butI bought this book because I thought it was written by Gary Jennings It s not and while the book keeps things interesting and the historical perspective is fascinating, the main character is not one who is easy to feel for While the mystery and visualization of the historical locations that gave the spark in Jennings work is missing from this book, it has given me an interest in the Mexican revolution.

    3. See Eh Eh and Cindy s reviews Juan was too macho for me, but those were the times, and he did mature some, reluctantly He endured entirely too many tribulations in the telling of this story Isabell was a villainess, only Marina, Raquel and the Padre seemed like real people Perhaps if I d read the previous books actually written by Mr Jennings Interesting, in light of the current drug wars, territorial fights and corruption in Mexico It seems like nothing was gained.

    4. Aztec Rage is the fourth in a series of Aztec Novels by Gary Jennings, including co authors using Mr Jennings outlines after his untimely death.The history depicted in Aztec Rage is fantastic From the descriptions of discoveries and meaning of ancient Mayan, Aztec and Olmec ruins, to the Spanish French guerilla warfare, to the initiation of the Mexican revolution by Father Hidalgo in 1810, the book dances from novel to non fiction history work The depiction of the historical events in all of the [...]

    5. Continuation of the Aztec stories, this one written by Robert Gleason and Junius Podrug.This story is told, 300 years after the Aztec peoples have been turned into slaves by the Spanish Introduces the reader to the slavery of the peoples of New Spain, and educates one on the difference in class systems The reader is transported to a War Torn Spain, and introduced to Napoleon s destruction of Spanish towns and the slaughter of the Spanish peoples by the French Stories introduced of how, children [...]

    6. M xico, 1808 Juan de Zavala, que presume de su condici n de espa ol, es hijo de un hombre que se enriqueci con las minas de mercurio Sus padres murieron al poco de traerlo a M xico y Juan vive con su t o Bruto, que administra el negocio de mercurio de su padre Juan vive sin preocuparse de nada, ni siquiera de que su t o se quede con los beneficios de la mina Est contento mientras tenga dinero para caballos y mujeres, hasta que se enamora de Isabella, una mexicana nacida en Espa a, como l Pero el [...]

    7. Il pregio di Jennings certamente la sua particolare dose ironica che riversa nella figura del leggendario don Juan de Zavala, caballero e gachup nes Interessanti gli approfondimenti storici del popolo degli aztechi, della lotta con l invasore spagnolo Cort s, e delle varie vicende di conquista in America nel 1500 Lettura semplice e scorrevole, a tratti prolisso Ottimo per chi ama l ambientazione messicana e americana.

    8. Aztec Rage is second only to the original Aztec in my opinion Don Juan de Zavala is another brilliant character This book includes humor than the middle books It kept me laughing constantly at the antics of de Zavala It is well worth reading, and the entire set should be read in sequence to get the full effect I originally read this book in Puerto Vallarta, and I recommend that highly.

    9. Another outstanding book that provides insight into the subdued emotions carried by a subdued people, regardless of which continent they live on, or language they speak Here I am not speaking of contrived injustices manufactured and perpetrated by media and politicians, but the brutal loss of cultural anchors to a proud past.

    10. The fiction was okay but interesting was the historical fact upon which the fiction floats We learned nothing in elementary school history of the slavery suppression Spaniards subjected upon the civilizations they met on this continent What would their world be like if Cortez force had been at all sensitive to preserving culture and life

    11. I was initially going to give this a rating of three stars, mostly due to the main character being an idiot about a woman but decided that because of the factual historical events, I would give it four That does not lessen my irritation with Don Juan.

    12. Not what I usually read Actually it is historical, romantic, swashbuckling So I guess it is I ve just never read about the Aztecs before I really enjoyed this and recommended it to my book club soul mate MaryBeth We almost always like each others books Well researched.

    13. As with the other parts to this series, I was disappointed I enjoyed the original so much I suppose it just ruined them for me It wasn t bad, but I preferred the story directly related to the Aztec nation, not the Mexican Spanish French revolutions.

    14. Felt a bit formulaic after the previous three Aztec novels, but a good weaving of the fictional character into the historical setting Makes the Spanish look really bad, just like all the other Aztec books.

    15. Overall, I found this book to be entertaining I did get tired of Juan s escapades in regards to defying almost certain death and all the ladies that fell head over heels for him Beyond that, it was a fun story with a lot of action adventure and revolution.

    16. Interesting for the pieces of Mexican history contained within Unfortunately, the interesting bits sink to the bottom of the quicksand of the story The main character is so completely unlikeable, so misogynistic, and the book so full of bombast, that it was hard to get through.

    17. Juan de Vasala was a gauchupine, until the death of his uncle whereby he found out of his true bloodline He will need to find himself and survive before he is put to death Will his love, Isabella, accept him for who he is Who will he trust and come to his rescue

    18. As bad as other reviewers said Full of overdone description and stereotypical characters And that s just in the first 50 pages.

    19. Great for fans of historical fiction I really enjoyed this book All of the situations the main character had to handle made me laugh because of his personality.

    20. Another great historical fiction You learn a lot about colonialism, classism, and Aztec culture This author is known for his extensive research.

    21. i enjoyed the others in the series, and i enjoyed this one too it was not a good as the others, but if you have the time, i would recommend it.

    22. I liked this story, I thought it was very interesting that the characters life changed so much and he found out who he really was he had to learn to live differently.

    23. All of Jennings books are great, they are a little sexual, if that bothers you, but it is like a history channel special come to life Great stuff.

    24. 3 and half stars this book is the best macho book honor ladies adventure yes all included excellent tone pace beggining middle end awesome too macho 4 me

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