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Moral Clarity: A Guide for Grown-up Idealists #2020

Moral Clarity A Guide for Grown up Idealists An inspiring and jargon free look at how morals guide and inform our lives Moral philosopher Susan Neiman makes the tools of her trade relevant to real life in Moral Clarity steering us clear of poli

  • Title: Moral Clarity: A Guide for Grown-up Idealists
  • Author: Susan Neiman
  • ISBN: 9780151011971
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Moral Clarity: A Guide for Grown-up Idealists By Susan Neiman, An inspiring and jargon free look at how morals guide and inform our lives Moral philosopher Susan Neiman makes the tools of her trade relevant to real life in Moral Clarity, steering us clear of political dogma to offer instead a framework for forming clear opinions and taking responsible action on today s urgent political and social questions Neiman reaches back to theAn inspiring and jargon free look at how morals guide and inform our lives Moral philosopher Susan Neiman makes the tools of her trade relevant to real life in Moral Clarity, steering us clear of political dogma to offer instead a framework for forming clear opinions and taking responsible action on today s urgent political and social questions Neiman reaches back to the classic virtues happiness, reason, reverence, and hope that were held high by every Enlightenment thinker and draws on literature, evolutionary theory, and contemporary research to show that the pursuit of moral clarity is open to all who are committed to these ideals, believers and nonbelievers alike.

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      316 Susan Neiman
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    1. When I was a freshman at Yale, Susan Neiman was one of my professors in a huge, team taught, writing intensive course in literature, philosophy, history, and political science called Directed Studies What I particularly remember about her was the the other philosophy professors had an admiration for her that bordered on a schoolboy crush, in part because it was widely rud that she actually understood the works of Immanuel Kant Moral Clarity is really sort of three books in one The first, and pro [...]

    2. How many books are there that defend idealism Susan Neiman gives a philosophical context for talking about idealism between the extremes of relativism and postmodernism on the left, and realism on the right The moral absolutes of religion have lost their influence Relativism holds that one view is as good as another, and thus none has any special claim Realism, as in Realpolitik, holds that we have to deal with the world as it is, rather than as we would wish it to be Against this, Neiman argues [...]

    3. I am truly just a beginner when it comes to reading and understanding philosophy Neiman s book has helped to push me further on up the road of understanding I would categorize this effort as an attempt at applied philosophy making the works of the Enlightenment philosophers especially Kant applicable to the current world It didn t accomplish the task for me until I made it through to the last page and could contemplate the work as a whole.This in mind, I highly recommend finishing this book if y [...]

    4. Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted here illegally Even less than a year after it s ended, it seems that there are and Americans even former supporters, especially former supporters now openly acknowledging what an utter disaster the eight years of the Bush Junior administration was, and especially as and of the details from that shameful decade become publ [...]

    5. Fasten a seatbelt around your grad school brain, you libruls, it s gonna be a bumpy ride Neiman is some fellow at some fancypants institute in Germany who really knows her philosophy Boy, I had a work out, digging up my old Anthony Flew Dictionary of Philosophy to remember who all these Old Dead White Guys were Her basic point is that the Enlightenment offers a foundation of Moral Behavior in the 21st Century Yes You read that right The Enlightenment reviled since at least the 1980 s as the foun [...]

    6. Spectacularly uninvolving though I m very interested in the subject In the space of two weeks I attempted and failed to to get than a couple dozen pages into this book Too much bible talk for one thing The bible has as much to do with morality as Velveeta has to do with nutrition Just because a lot of people eat it, doesn t mean it s good for you or real.

    7. There s good information here, particularly tapping into Enlightenment values to help folks find moral clarity, with or without the framework of religion Susan Neiman provides a scathing analysis of the second Bush administration s actions abroad and to a lesser extent at home , but it s late to the party The discussion of heroic virtues and heroes completely overlooks how those concepts have been watered down and made meaningless in the aftermath of 9 11 Now, anyone who dies or is a victim or w [...]

    8. This book was a joy to read I particularly like the way Neiman makes difficult philosophical theories accessible to the layman At one point she does suggest how difficult this is, describing how Diderot criticized Newton for his obscure, elitist style Neiman opines Anyone committed to writing prose for the general public will know Diderot radically underestimated the amount of labor involved, but applaud his sally nonetheless p208 My only criticism of the book revolves around just this point I t [...]

    9. Fascinating, thought provoking, disturbing especially the section on the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq which also lends itself to infuriating at the administration that allowed encouraged such atrocities , and at times gently if densely philosophical.What it s not is the guide the title suggests, because, as Neiman notes repeatedly, there are rarely absolutes, and certainly no easy answers.

    10. A good review in the New York Times Book Reviews The author says she wrote it in answer to reader responses to her book Evil in Modern Thought So far I have read the introduction and am convinced it is my kind of book I recently tried to read What We Owe Each Other by T.M Scanlon It was so defensive of peer criticism that it was unreadable for me.Neiman s book promises a bonus of literary clarity.The following chapter comments are not intended as an excuse to avoid a close reading of the text.Ch [...]

    11. Reading Neiman s Moral Clarity has changed my opinion on gay marriage Not that she comments on the subject confides herself to the big picture i.e the foundations of morals But, previously to reading her, I had been, unbeknownst to me, caught up in a materialistic worldview Thought that if gay couples had exactly the same rights and privileges in a civil union , in the real world, it was meaningless to fight for a word marriage Thought that Marriage was only a construct something without meaning [...]

    12. Like Evil in Modern Thought, Moral Clarify suffers from being two books that are not greatly linked The first, superior, half of the book is a diagnosis of the metaphysics of modern American politics This half starts strong, tracing the roots of the Conservative movement, while finding implications in liberalism s decline in the theoretical framework that followed the collapse of the New Left Unfortunately, the abrupt ending of this section prevents the book from seeing its arguments through, or [...]

    13. I bought this on the strength of the the NYTimes Sunday book review Sadly it wasn t available on my Kindle, so I had to wait until the next morning to start reading it I was attracted to the book because I m pretty curious about the different concepts thrown around in the review, like the Enlightenment, Kant, ethics and morality, what it really means to be idealistic, why people on the left still cling to ideologies that have killed so many millions of people, and why people on the right who pre [...]

    14. As much as I try not to judge a book by its cover, I am often guilty of judging a book by its title, and the subtitle of this one grossly misdirected my expectations Even with that caveat, however, I found Neiman s work to be not particularly useful to the grown up idealist, unless such a person needs to justify their existence There is, indeed, a need for grown up idealists in the world today.My biggest disappointment is that Neiman argues primarily that Enlightenment values still hold resonanc [...]

    15. This book had one serious shortcoming its title I always felt ridiculous while sitting on the train reading it, thinking people were snickering at me, the poor sap I thought that maybe I was just being paranoid, except that I was openly mocked by at least three of my friends when they saw the title Also, the edition I had was from the library and had one of those plastic covers that makes that crinkling sound when you move it I found the noise satisfying, but I was reading it next to my sleeping [...]

    16. The first thing to say about this highly intelligent book is that it is very American The heart of the book follows a statement of the points made by opponents of the Enlightenment These points are then examined in as muddled a manner as the Enlightenment itself much crammed with lucid thought I would say that no clear conclusion emerges except that without the Enlightenment project our world would be much diminished But the American wrappings in which this discussion takes place are aimed at a [...]

    17. Combining enlightenment philosophy, an analysis of biblical stories, a commentary on modern times and a powerful personal perspective, Neiman provides a fascinating and demanding set of arguments about the forces that form our values and the way we should respond to them It s impressive how she manages to hold a whole range of complex ideas together and ultimately bring her conclusions down to relatively simple statements of how we might live our lives She jumps around a lot, so you have to be p [...]

    18. This book was a little tough going at first, being mainly a survey of Enlightenment ideas for the first two thirds of the text, but the final chapters brought everything together and referenced current events in a way I hadn t ever considered beforehand Her discussion of the modern hero and her definition of being an adult with morals turned out to be one of the most inspiring things I ve ever read Overall fantastic book, very educational from the philosophical end, and than worth the effort of [...]

    19. Okay, so I didn t actually finish this book although I really, really want intend to I have so much writing on it and that parts I did read influenced me immenselyTalk to me if you want to discuss or read it together it s not an easy read but is amazing for conversations in history except we never have any, awkward about current events I have an article interview with Dr Nieman as well Unfortunately, I couldn t keep renewing from the library so until I buy a copy this will be on hold.

    20. Neiman makes a good case for the need for moral clarity, most convincingly at least for me when she describes modern American injustices Though her arguments and examples meander through the Bible esp Job and Abraham , Odysseus, the Iliad, Kant, and the Enlightenment philosophers, she is clearest when she demonstrates the faulty logic and moral failures of 20th and 21st century American politics.

    21. Het beste boek over el houvast voor progressief denken in deze tijd Suzan Neiman is mijn basis filosoof van deze tijd Ik raad dit boek aan aan alwie zoekt naar een grondvest voor ethisch oordelen denken en handelen Belangrijk zijn de hoofdstukken die zij wijdt aan terrorisme Zij is de specialiste van de geschiedenis van het kwaad Het is een nachtkastboek dat je regelmatig terug opneemt Love it.

    22. Matches up very well with John Haidt s The Righteous Mind Neiman is clearly liberal minded, and obviously no fan of the Bush administration but nonetheless, she manages to examine in great detail the need for our leaders to stand for something and the failure of the liberal establishment to stake out a place for moral clarity in their ideology leaving a vacuum for conservatives to fill in almost by default Well written, sometimes a little bit heavy but very worthwhile.

    23. How is possible that many liberals are today arguing against Enlightenment values with ideas that were originally formulated by conservatives Neiman explains, and makes a fresh case for idealism, progress, and optimism I hope a new generation of liberals takes inspiration from her work I know that, for me, it was a welcome antidote to the poisonous varieties of post modern multi culturalism I encountered in graduate school.

    24. well written overview of philosophical thought rebuting the last eight years of twisted thinking and political practice by Bush Cheney Through analysis of classic legends, Neiman explores what it means to be morally clear She then gives examples of contemporaries acting in such a way I found this book inspiring it was really just what I needed at this moment.

    25. The author speaks with seemingly effortless clarity on the confounding issues of good and evil, logic and belief, the divine and the humane Still haven t reached the end of Introduction, and I already count myself a neophyte in Ms Neiman s camp Will read Neiman.

    26. The author is a philosopher trying to do something unusual Write a practical, readable book for real people She succeeds, in this well written book, basing much of her thought on Kant on the Enlightenment.

    27. Pikiran Susan mengerikan, bacalah quote yang saya dapat dari bukunya 1 Many places ignore moral law, Sodom turns it upside down 2 Moral inquiry and political activism start when reason is missing When righteous people suffer and wicked people flourish, we begin to ask why.

    28. Okay It is good, but a little denser than is truly enjoyable And a little difficult to apply if you do it, you are already doing it if you don t, I don t believe it will change your mind It s tough to make philosophy have really interesting application, but A for effort to the author.

    29. the best part is part 3 chaps 12 and 13 some exs of real people be heroes , or having some backbone and integrity lots of bible and greek examples and talk which gets tiresome, what examples huh of morality, the fonts of death and destruction for all of the west.

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