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The Shadow King #2020

The Shadow King King of the Shadow Realm Beyond the Twixt just past the Unlit Forest lies a realm so gravely perilous it has been cut off from the mortal world for thousands of years The powerful man who rules this

  • Title: The Shadow King
  • Author: Heather Killough-Walden
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Shadow King By Heather Killough-Walden, King of the Shadow Realm Beyond the Twixt, just past the Unlit Forest lies a realm so gravely perilous, it has been cut off from the mortal world for thousands of years The powerful man who rules this tangled, twisted land is as dark and merciless as his realm That darkness in him calls out, endlessly hunts, and searches far and wide ever seeking the soul that can makKing of the Shadow Realm Beyond the Twixt, just past the Unlit Forest lies a realm so gravely perilous, it has been cut off from the mortal world for thousands of years The powerful man who rules this tangled, twisted land is as dark and merciless as his realm That darkness in him calls out, endlessly hunts, and searches far and wide ever seeking the soul that can make it complete, the one who can end the loneliness that threatens his entire kingdom Warlock of the fae Violet Kellen is one of two Tuath unseelie fae to have studied the rare art of dark magic to become a warlock, and now she must use those skills to save the other one her sister She foolishly ventures into the forbidden Dark on a rescue mission, and is ultimately thrust into a world she couldn t fathom and into the arms of a tall, dark savior who fills her with a fierce desire nearly as brutal as his own The Shadow King is the seventh book in the best selling 13 book series, The Kings, spin off of the NYT and USA Today bestselling paranormal romance series, The Big Bad Wolf, by Heather Killough Walden.

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    1 thought on “The Shadow King

    1. Am I missing something Spoilers, as my statement is meant for those who have read the book Admittedly, I read out of order and started with this one because the hero piqued my interest However, even without reading the other stories I was able to fill in the backstory without much effort My biggest question is, repeatedly the author states how much powerful the Queens are yes Chess, I get her reference compared to the Kings However, our heroine only exhibits her power in one passage and then sh [...]

    2. Well doneThis continuing saga is holding together quite well Heather is incredibly talented I ve read the previous six books and they are all engaging, a bit of mystery and well paced action The queens that have been identified so far really do compliment their king So I ll be looking and watching for the next installment of coexisting realms and their supernatural kings I really like this series and recommend it highly.

    3. Excellent storyloved it Ms Killough Walden out did herself againGreat story line and great introduction to some new and old characters from previous seriesCannot wait to see who the latest King to join their flock will be paired with, though I do have an ideaHmmmmmmLolLove it

    4. There are a lot of charactersOk first off the books are great The one thing I wish is with each book they have a list of names of the kings and their queens add them as each book is written so it doesn t have to be any spoilers Because there are a lot of characters and most characters have than one name which can get confusing The one thing I don t understand about her writing is why introduce a person if this person character isn t seen again For example, in the seelie king towards the end, hi [...]

    5. The whole explanation of shadow life in this was a little hard to understand There was a lot of little bits and exceptions involved Sounded like the author was trying too hard to make up a scary story history for this king But if you forgo this and just move on with the story it wasn t too bad Would be a great story to read at Halloween.Fave scenes cucumbers, the magical coffee, gargoyles and the PAX Prime convention surprise.

    6. This book was much better than the former one The characters had distinct personality rather than repetitive characteristics that most H or h had I enjoyed Keeran and Violet much better than the former couples Also the story was much better.4.25 stars

    7. Great readGreat read can t wait to get in to the next book reading the series for a second time waiting for the next book

    8. Even though it s been about seven months since I read The Unseelie King, it didn t take long for me to get sucked back into the author s world of The Kings And because Lalura s actions have previously given the reader a clue as to which king will be the next to find his queen, I was really looking forward to the release of The Shadow King because I had no idea what a shadow was Other than the Phantom King, I had at least some exposure to what the previous kings were, but the Shadow King was a co [...]

    9. GENERAL INFO The Shadow King Year Pub 11 2015Page Length 188Genre PNRPart of a Series Installment Bk 7 of The Kings Epilogue Included yes BOOK DESCRIPTION M F M M M M F etc M FHEA HFN etc Ending HEAContains Cheating noMulti Luv n noContains Children noContains Flashbacks Keeran s pastJealy Possy OTT Rating Amount of Sex In The Book 1 scene, not much detailOverall Smex Rating 1 CHARACTER DESCRIPTION HERO KeeranHero Description in and out of solid form lives in the DarkHero Likability Rating 4HERO [...]

    10. Rating 4.0This book was a joy to read I most especially liked reading about Keeran and the many secrets he carried He was mysterious, dark, sweet, and sexy Especially sweet I loved how sweet and considerate he was about Violet whether he wanted to reveal himself, see if she ll reject him or not wanting to give her time but also claim her as is his right It was the opposite of what the previous Kings have done.Violet didn t really leave much of an impression on me I felt like she was one of those [...]

    11. I absolutely adore this series, it never fails to take me on a new and exhilarating journey with each new king we are introduced to This book felt like it had a slower pace to it than the previous ones, which is not a bad thing as when a series is constantly building to a climax, you sometimes need things to slow down a little so that you can make sure you stick with the characters, and remember what s come before The writing is superb as usual, with minute attention to detail The feelings of th [...]

    12. I love it I was reminded again why I m so obsessed with this series, why I still continue to eagerly await the next book without any doubt Over and over, miss Heather had excelled my expectations I do not regret, not even a bit of looking forward each time I will see this until the end That aside, The Shadow King is possibly the best book currently in the line up although I m not saying that the other books are lesser, only a fraction, because for me, they are all deserving of five stars But the [...]

    13. I ve been following Heather Killough Walden s The Kings series since I first read The Vampire King I love the story of how 13 kings will find their destined queens while fighting off a mysterious magical entity I love how the past seven books introduced new characters and injects a few old ones too For The Shadow King, I only rated it 4 out of 5 since some parts felt a little rushed, although the romantic in me loved the ending I guess I was looking for a gradual build up to Violet and Keeran s [...]

    14. I have mixed feelings about this book as I really enjoyed the other stories about the kings and their queens It was a bit shorter and although the plot line remained the same it did not have the WOW factor as some of the others I felt that Violet accepted her fate way too easily and would have liked of a struggle in her acceptance of her role as the Shadow Queen especially considering who Keenan really was Still no reveal about who this entity is and we lose one of my favourite characters but a [...]

    15. I am so invested in this story Each book is a stand alone with no cliffhanger involving the primary H h or King Queen Each of the 13 Supernatural kings, who sit at the table representing the supernatural races, are discovering and claiming their queens There is a group of evil doers out to destroy the Kings and each queen The problem is there is than one big bad guy and it appears they are teaming up against the Kings 8 queens have been found and have successfully taken their rightful places be [...]

    16. Heather Killough Walden cannot write a bad book I swear, the day she does write a bad book the world will come to an end This is just another wonderful, well written, well thought out and plotted read Characters are well developed and you can really empathize with them To me that is everything If you can connect to a character, you can lose yourself in a read and lose time, lose your mate, your job You know what I mean If you haven t read the Kings series or its phenomenal precursor the Big Bad [...]

    17. Fantastic Read Yet another fantastic read in The Kings series I instantly fell in love with the characters The details are so well written you can lose yourself to the story, only coming up for air when you ve run out of pages to turn I ve a bit of a book hangover and have had to resolve to patiently wait for the next installment in this exciting series I would highly recommend this book, and any other book written by this author, to everyone who enjoys delving into the supernatural.

    18. Well, what can I say Heather Killough Walden has done it again That woman is a genius If you haven t notice, I love this book In this book Heather introduced so many clues about other kings and Lalura seriously I m so curious and excited to finally know what she is that every tiny clue is like ambrosia, so precious and introduce some new characters I love how in this book Vi knows who she is and doesn t need anyone break it down for her This series is getting better and better, I can t wait to r [...]

    19. Shadow KingAnother great book I truly loved finding out about the Shadow king s secrets I couldn t believe what was revealed but I thought it was a perfect surprise This author never fails to tell a great story I love everything about this series I always look forward to reading the next book in this series She has a way of making you look forward to seeing which king is next to get a queen and what will she be like.

    20. the seventh king has found his queen with his own dark past he s not so sure he deserves her but it doesn t take long for all the signs pointing him in the right direction tormented as he is, he can t let her out of his sight and so joins her in her search to find her sister.a lot of the plot story throughout king s series is revealed but we re still not closer to finding out starts biting nails for the next king being check mated and find out a simple must have

    21. Story of Shadow King Keenan Pitch and his fae warlick queen Violet KellenAnother good installment from the Kings series Violet trying to save her idnapped twin sister by the entity IN her journey, the sjhadow king finds her.So im very curious about the new charcters, mostly the nightmare king the winter king Im also wondering if violet s sister, Dahlia and her BFF Poppy, are queens Which make me wonder who among the next king will find his queen

    22. Oh my I love the way this series gets fleshed out in each book The Shadow King, Keeran Pitch, meets Violet Kellen while she is searching for her missing sister She is a feisty little thing, and Keeran is drawn to her The interaction between the two is great If you re looking for something with all manner of paranormal creatures, then this series is for you You really should get started on it

    23. Heather never disappoints She s an incredibly talented writer, always coming up with an amazing storyline for each of the King s Book She sucks you in and keeps you there till the end She leaves you desperate for the next book well at least I am I don t like spoilers so I ll just say this book is worthy of your time and money

    24. Holy Moly LOVE IT Damon will always be my favorite but Keeran is a very, very close second Violet is amazing and the perfect match for her Shadow King So What the check is The Entity I really hope they figure out how to make him disappear soon And what exactly does Keeran know about him Can t wait for The Winter King

    25. I couldn t put this book down once I started it, as always.We didn t learn much about The Entity s identity, but it caused some major damage in this book The traitor s identity still hasn t been revealed, but three kings were ruled out as suspects I can t wait for the next book and hope it s The Winter King and Poppy s story

    26. Amazing Might just be my favorite so far I loved the characters and the introduction of new characters in the series Maybe not entirely new but getting to know better Thanks Heather for another awesome story

    27. Love it I have been waiting for this book I had started the series a few months ago So happy that there is a total of thirteen books Can t wait for the next one This book will grab you and it won t let go till the end

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