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Traitor's Masque #2020

Traitor s Masque What would you be willing to betray in exchange for your freedom Trystan was once the pampered daughter of a wealthy aristocrat but since his death she s considered a social pariah Trapped by her st

  • Title: Traitor's Masque
  • Author: Kenley Davidson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Traitor's Masque By Kenley Davidson, What would you be willing to betray in exchange for your freedom Trystan was once the pampered daughter of a wealthy aristocrat, but since his death, she s considered a social pariah Trapped by her stepmother s malicious web of lies, Trystan is willing to do just about anything to escape even play a part in a devious plot to disinherit the kingdom s incompetent heir, PrinWhat would you be willing to betray in exchange for your freedom Trystan was once the pampered daughter of a wealthy aristocrat, but since his death, she s considered a social pariah Trapped by her stepmother s malicious web of lies, Trystan is willing to do just about anything to escape even play a part in a devious plot to disinherit the kingdom s incompetent heir, Prince Ramsey.But what should have been a simple task proves to have sinister implications The consequences for Trystan s actions become clear in the midst of the glittering royal masque, where two very different princes compete for the hearts of their people Trystan must decide where her loyalties lie with the man who may be able to save her kingdom, or the man who has stolen her heart.It s a lot of responsibility for a girl with no godmother in sight, but with so much at stake, Trystan can t afford to give up Will she betray her kingdom to make her dreams come true Or will she sacrifice her own happily ever after for the sake of the man she loves A spellbinding romantic fantasy inspired by Cinderella, Traitor s Masque is the first book of the Andari Chronicles, a series of interconnected but stand alone fairy tale retellings.

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    1 thought on “Traitor's Masque

    1. Sigh.By now, I m sure you all know what a sucker I am for fairytales And when I saw a review mentioning that this book is similar to the movie Ever After my favorite , I had to read it.This was such a beautiful book Not super intense, or suspenseful, but just enough to keep me hooked The pacing was not extremely fast, but it wasn t so slow it was dull, either It was like climbing a staircase steady, but relentless The plot itself was great it stuck with of the traditional feel of fairytales wh [...]

    2. I grew up on fairytales, so it should come as no surprise that I love fairytale retellings Traitor s Masque was quite the pleasant surprise it was truly a unique take on the traditional Cinderella story Honestly, I m not quite sure why this book took me so long to read because I really enjoyed nearly everything about it The writing drew me in right away I liked that it read like someone was telling me an old fashioned fairy tale At the same time though, I liked that Davidson kept her story from [...]

    3. I m a bit in to fairy tales at the moment I think it s partly Once Upon A Time a terrible, but simultaneously awesome TV show and partly the recent Disney live action adaption of Cinderella Oh, and Grimm, another terrible but simultaneously awesome show.Let s just say, life has been distinctly fairy tale flavoured for a while.Which does mean I came at this adaption of Cinderella ready to love it I wasn t expecting to love it quite as much as I did.Cinderella is a problematic fairy tale in that i [...]

    4. I loved the fact that this Cinderella retelling had a smart, thinking Cinderella who wasn t washing floors and doing housework Rather, she was thinking Unfortunately, that s where the story broke down for me I know one is to suspend disbelief when reading books like these However, some of the rationales given for why some characters did or didn t do what they did, forced disbelief too far for me A very promising teaser, but the execution needed help.

    5. I stumbled on this book entirely by chance when it was free, and ended up tearing through it in two days and loving it Fairytale retellings as a genre have really grown on me lately but once I got well into Traitor s Masque, I found myself paying less attention to the retelling aspect and simply enjoying it as a good story It takes some of the key elements of Cinderella an unkind stepmother, a prince, an important ball, an errant slipper and uses them as the jumping off points for an original st [...]

    6. What if Cinderella didn t go to the ball to dance with the prince What if she went to betray him Why, I believe Davidson captured my attention with two sentences.I feel like this month should be dubbed Fairytale May for me because I felt like I have read quite a few fairytale retellings in the past week or so what is it Four Five, now.I was rather hesitant to try Traitor s Masque, but then those two sentences kept poking out at me, and I thought, why not Now the question is, Why on earth didn t [...]

    7. I loved this book The writing is smooth I immediately felt drawn into the story world and empathized with both Trystan and Ramsey I thought both characters were well drawn and the romance was definitely swoon worthy I desperately wanted them to be together.I m a huge fan of fairytale retellings, but Cinderella has never been my favorite story Despite that, I absolutely loved what Davidson did with the tale, especially in adding a whole layer of political intrigue It kept me guessing and made the [...]

    8. I meant to write a review of this when I originally read it which was apparently in the summer it s almost the end of winter now great but tbh I don t remember much The ending was very great, which I think made the entire rating go up It felt a bit long though that may have been the fact that I don t like reading longer things on Kindle I m fairly sure the romance was really cute There s only so many ways one can retell a fairytale and I was a bit worried this would be overused but if I remember [...]

    9. This is not just a Cinderella re telling The traditional fairy tale plot line is the driver for Trystan s big decision, but there is so much to this story than that Our heroine must grapple with putting what she knows is right, not just over what she wants, but ultimately over her own freedom from an oppressive life, no small thing She becomes a changed person in the process, but once decided, never wavers.The main characters are fully fleshed out and likable, their banter together is fun, furt [...]

    10. So I started this book a long time ago and I became too distracted and busy to finish it, but that being said, I read most of it and thought it pretty good This Cinderella story is pretty unique in its approach and the characters are well developed Also, its clean There is some violence and I think mild language, but in a time where I was discouraged finding clean books without even descriptive kissing, this was refreshing So I d recommend it to people who like mysteries or Cinderella stories

    11. This is an excellent loose retelling of Cinderella Beautiful writing, and a well fleshed out story world I particularly enjoyed the hero he truly made the book, in my opinion Not your typical godlike, snarky action hero this prince has actual character The heroine was appealing as well, and their interactions are fun I also really enjoyed the side characters, although I would have enjoyed seeing about a few of them.Fully intend to read of this series

    12. This was a beautifully written retelling of Cinderella It was a new twist on it that I enjoyed reading An excellent debut novel I look forward to reading from this author.There was some minor swearing in it, otherwise, it was a clean book.

    13. Not a Romance and Not a Fantasy Aaaahhh I really struggled with what to rate this book On the one hand it is well written with a good plot, good character developments, etc On the other hand it didn t live up to my expectations at all It is advertised as a Romantic Fantasy when it is really neither I knew going in that it would be clean, but this is so PG it puts Disney to shame They don t so much as kiss until the last sentence Yeah, I m gonna need than that It is hard to sell a romance in tod [...]

    14. Those who know me know how much I love fairy tale retellings, and this was awesome I really liked the characters, the intrigue, and resolution.

    15. The character development and relationship development was really good I felt I could understand Trystan and Donevan as a character and I could feel them get closer together Some parts of the book, especially the middle, was boring and just not exciting There is a lot of political conspiracy, which was boring to read I was hoping for romance, but there wasn t any in the middle of the book Most of it was in the beginning and the end.Summary Good character developmentNot much romance in middle or [...]

    16. I m having a little trouble understanding my reaction to this book It was decently well written, well plotted the main characters were pleasant though the antagonists seemed pretty flat and it had an active, motivated heroine But somehow it lacked something for me, and left me feeling well meh.Maybe it was the fact that I like a little magic in my fairy tales Maybe it was the fact that there didn t seem to be any real surprises or for that matter, any real suspense, because it was a Cinderella r [...]

    17. This book was so damn adorable I cant get over how well it was written, it kept me on the edge for the entire book I loved the uniqueness of this Fairytale re telling, it was captivating and my heart can t deal with it I literally cannot wait to start the next novels in this series

    18. 4 5 starsI really enjoyed this book It had a great plot, great characters, and a great romance, if I do say so.Trystan was brave, witty, and very intelligent, unlike the originally Cinderella who waited for a man who later turned out to be a prince to sweep her away from her troubles and marry her Trystan did not wait but stumbled upon her Prince Charming on a crazy horse riding race to a grassy plain I also really liked a Prince Charming who was also witty and nice Like the original Cinderella, [...]

    19. I have not read such a fantastic and multi faceted re telling of a classic fairy tale This story has everything you want in a book Mystery, intrigue, secrets, forbidden romance, a ball, a great plot, and most importantly a HAPPY ENDING I stayed up until 3 15am to finish reading this book It was so hard to put down after the first half This book does not move slowly or quickly, but at its own pace I feel like it grabbed me in right after the ball and kept me intrigued until I was able to finish i [...]

    20. This was a different take on the Cinderella tale I love how the relationship developed between Trystan and Donevan, how it started off as a friendship where they didn t even exchange names and developed over time It was a beautiful development One of the things I ve always hated about the original tale was how they met, fell in love, and he didn t know how to find her without the bloody shoe Really You wouldn t recognize the face of the woman you spent ALL NIGHT dancing with No This tale didn t [...]

    21. I m happy to say I was pleasantly impressed by this work My first thought was Yay, another Cinderella retellingwell, how bad can it be Granted, this was essentially my thought when I read Kareem Abdul Jabbar s Mycroft Holmes , and that s been my second favorite book of 2017 so far But I digressThe Cinderella story is no than the absolute bare bones of the story This is almost an action adventure, actually interesting political thriller no offense, I hope The characters are relatable enough that [...]

    22. This reminded me of the Cinderella live action movie After the Prince appears, not before before was boring I pretty much loved all of the characters Trystan and Ramsey were adorable together, Kyril was a great supportive friend and Lizbet was fierce This knocked me out of nowhere I really wasn t expecting to love it as much as I did but I did It was a great read The action was slow and steady but I never felt bored at any point in the narrative All the characters were fleshed out and given feel [...]

    23. A nice change for this retelling of Cinderella.The plot was brilliant for the most part, the villain is not exactly a monster, he she is sinister enough and since this is the first book of a series, there is a possibility that things can be even sinister I am counting on it So I was really pleased with this book, the pace is slow at first but then there some twists that change it all, there is no magic involved so the story is common one and trying to find out who was the villain was amazing, a [...]

    24. Boy, am I a sucker for a well told re imagined fairy tale This one was engaging, the characters were quite fun, and the twists on the old tale ooooo, fairy god mother were fun to pick up on My only complaint, albeit a small one, is the politics I actually LIKED the politics, but there were a few unanswered aspects of the politics that made the book just slightly incomplete for me I did immediately download the rest of the books in the series, so we ll see if my questions get answered theree poin [...]

    25. A heart breakingly beautiful retelling of the classic fairy tale Cinderella Traitor s Masque, while it retains enough elements of the original fairy tale to recognize it as a retelling, is a very original story You couldn t help but be drawn into it and feel for the characters, especially Ramsey and Trystan I loved Kyril s friendship with Ramsey They felt much like brother s than his actual brother I enjoyed this book immensely and think I ve found yet another author to add to my list of favori [...]

    26. 3.5I like fairy tale retellings, and this one is original It was almost its own story The main thing that bothered me about this book was why the servants were so kind and loyal to Trystan She herself admitted that she had been selfish and spoiled and didn t understand it I don t think it was properly explained view spoiler unless it s supposed to be just that she is common , like them It doesn t seem sufficient hide spoiler Perhaps it was only added to make her character likeable, the risks sh [...]

    27. This is a wonderfully original take on the fairy tale of Cinderella Trystan Embrie Colbourne lives with her stepmother and two stepsisters Her father had plenty of money and he was a Lord After his death, she was really emotional and her stepmother used it to her advantage Prince Ramsey Donevan Tremontaine was the second son so he shouldn t have had to be King He doesn t want to be King but he s stuck because his older brother has done some bad things and the King decided he couldn t be it Tryst [...]

    28. I didn t love it and I didn t hate it I liked the new plot I thought she was clever with the changes she made to the classic cinderella I did however dislike the characters she made them boring and unappealing to me in a way she describes then almost as unattractive and plain their personalities were somewhat unappealing to me as well why is she so self loathing I get the naive part but idk she ends up being this during character but In the beginning she could use a lot of work

    29. Very goodI enjoy retold faith tales and this was no exception Some reviewers disliked the story because it was less enchanting, yet I like the characters being human I like that they are not perfect and must choose to do right, to forgive, to love This story had all the important parts, but fleshed out the characters, making them real Definitely worth reading.I received this book free from one of the book subscription emails.

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