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The Concept of the Political #2020

The Concept of the Political In this his most influential work legal theorist and political philosopher Carl Schmitt argues that liberalism s basis in individual rights cannot provide a reasonable justification for sacrificing

  • Title: The Concept of the Political
  • Author: Carl Schmitt George Schwab
  • ISBN: 9780226738864
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Concept of the Political By Carl Schmitt George Schwab, In this, his most influential work, legal theorist and political philosopher Carl Schmitt argues that liberalism s basis in individual rights cannot provide a reasonable justification for sacrificing oneself for the state This edition of the 1932 work includes the translator s introduction by George Schwab which highlights Schmitt s intellectual journey through the turbIn this, his most influential work, legal theorist and political philosopher Carl Schmitt argues that liberalism s basis in individual rights cannot provide a reasonable justification for sacrificing oneself for the state This edition of the 1932 work includes the translator s introduction by George Schwab which highlights Schmitt s intellectual journey through the turbulent period of German history leading to the Hitlerian one party state It also includes Leo Strauss s analysis of Schmitt s thesis and a foreword by Tracy B Strong placing Schmitt s work into contemporary context.

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    1 thought on “The Concept of the Political

    1. Schmitt was a Nazi, or at least closely associated with them Let s get that ugly fact out in front of the bullet speckled walls He penned anti Semitic articles and openly praised the Nazi government during the Night of the Long Knives Why he did this is still up to historical debate But Schmitt survives as something a than a historical curio or a naked apologist for terror because of the originality of his ideas and how they still matter Just a few weeks ago, I read a paper by none other than E [...]

    2. Two ways to make a big deal of a book make sure its author was momentarily a Nazi, and, by the logical principle of contagion, follow the logic author was a nazi book is certainly nazified reader reader book reader becomes a nazi Bam This is the most dangerous book you ll ever read Except it s barely political in that sense at all, and is of an essay than a book The thought process is clear and not unreasonable if there s something called politics, it must have certain characteristics If we pur [...]

    3. Carl Schmitt, like Martin Heidegger, has the scary Nazi stain permanently covering his philosophical legacy Despite his tainted reputation, The Concept of the Political is still regarded by those on the right and left , as one of the best overviews on how politics work or like how they don t work Schmitt brings up such things as how whenever the leaders of a country want to go and mass murderer a bunch of people in war, the leaders go on about protecting humanity Of course, the enemy of humanit [...]

    4. Carl Schmitt 1888 1985 is most recognised for his idea of friend foe distinction The ability of a group of people to define their enemies and friends constitutes the political The ultimate consequence and litmus test of this this process is war I find it interesting, that the friend foe distinction is not the result of his thought process, but its starting point He postulates the friend foe distinction as the axiom of the political sphere and develops his thinking on concepts such as liberalism, [...]

    5. The specific political distinction to which political actions and motives can be reduced is that between friend and enemy A very interesting exploration of what the political and non political realm encompasses, a detailed categorization of different types of conflicts, as well as a strong criticism of liberalism as a system which destroys democracy the way Schmitt understood and accepted democracy Asserts the need of having a strong state as the decision maker and the ultimate power.

    6. I read this philosophical work with the help of the book Carl Schmitt and Leo Strauss The Hidden Dialogue by Heinrich Meier and many other works of Carl Schmitt.My objective in reading this book was to bring Carl s theological political worldview to the foreground.All I can say is that this philosopher made me reconsider the unproblematic simplicity of my liberal democratic worldview Challenging my naive intuition with biting ideas Must read for those who want to underpin their political views w [...]

    7. What a wham bam shazzam tour de force After finishing it, I m not sure if I m leaning left or rightwards It is a manifest fraud to condemn war as homicide and then demand of men that they wage war, kill and be killed, so that there will never again be war War, the readiness of combatants to die, the physical killing of human beings who belong on the side of the enemy all this has no normative meaning but an existential meaning only, particularly in a real combat situation with a real enemy Ther [...]

    8. De todos los libros que tuve que leer para Teor a Pol tica, este fue lejos el mejor Pero una precauci n no esta recomendado para ilusos, ut picos, idealistas Es para quien quiera llegar a la esencia de la pol tica, que para Schmitt radica en el conflicto , no verbal o econ mico, sino que existencial , es decir, la oposici n espec ficamente pol tica es la de amigo enemigo, y se define porque al menos existe la eventualidad de matarse mutuamente cr tica al concepto de Estado tradicional, as como a [...]

    9. By defining the concept of the political as the friend enemy grouping, Schmitt articulates an incisive critique of liberalism and of its alleged attempt of neutralizing the political by depoliticizing the economy Schmitt affirms the importance of reviving the political which, in his view, has been concealed by liberalism Leo Strauss notes are important to understand the distance between Hobbes and Schmitt, since the former is seen as the father of liberalism, and the latter as his most original [...]

    10. You d think a Nazi philosopher would be on the outs, but serious, modern, liberal people are into him than ever Eric Posner and Adrian Vermeule are really into him, and they make his work the basis for their new theory of the American Constitution in The Executive Unbound Apparently you cannot dismiss him perhaps he is at bottom incoherent and ultimately a very bad guy but you cannot dismiss some of his concerns I m still trying to figure out what to think.

    11. When a social tension be it moral, economic, religious, etc intensifies, a clear line is drawn between friends and enemies Schmitt considers this latent possibility of violent conflict the essence of politics After definig politics as this game of alliances, he goes on to clarify the role of the State and revolutionary partisans.An essencial read to understand Tiqqun specially Civil War.

    12. schmitt suggests that the concept of the political is rooted in the friend enemy distinction not a moral enemy, a business enemybut an existential other that always implies the possibility of conflict and war it s eerie how this book, written in the late 20 s, speaks very much to the current political landscape i mean, US and china yeah.

    13. C Schmitt does never cease to amaze me This man did not only introduce a simple paradigm that remains unquestionably valid after almost 100 years, but also did other astonishing things, coining the term depoliticization , predicting the likeliness of the break of a second world war and many .

    14. A frank explanation of politics, and the fact of an ever present adversary in some form No political science is really science, and most political theory is nonsense, but Schmitt seems to be saying things that match up with reality here I need to read this again.

    15. I liked it, strictly for the critique it presents for a liberal constitutionalist democracy I might not necessarily agree with the substance of his argument, but he has quite the realist outlook on politics and makes sure not to have too much intellectual hogwash in his conceptualization.

    16. Schmitt is a challenging thinker, and not a little controversial, but he makes some very sound criticisms of late liberalism His critique of wars and political forces that seek world domination in the name of humanity, justice, or other abstract values is very necessary for today.

    17. Carl Schmitt, like his predecessor Max Weber was weary of the state For him the idea of the political meant the imposition of war and violence against the population Schmitt believed that in the political realm the enemy didn t require a face, the enemy is essentially whomever the state wanted to wage war with Additionally, the state exists in constant enmity toward the other It is the negation of the other that exacts the dehumanizing of the enemy In a broader sense, humanity cannot inherently [...]

    18. Carl Schmitt Der Begriff des PolitischenWas f r eine ungeheure Bildungsl cke muss ich hier, siebzehn Jahre nach Beendigung meines Studiums schlie en Warum hat man uns damals Carl Schmitt nicht zur Lekt re empfohlen, anstatt auf ihn wie auf eine ansteckende Krankheit zu referieren Die Klarheit der Theoriebildung ist beeindruckend Immer wieder muss ich denken Er nimmt Luhmann vorweg Zun chst entschlackt Schmitt den Begriff des Politischen von allen begrifflichen Nebenschaupl tzen Von der Referenz [...]

    19. Just another leftist reading this deeply conservative and former Nazis work, nothing to see here Well It is a fascinating read even though i must admit i have to dwell over this work before I really can make up my mind about it But Schmitt is worth reading for his view upon the state and the political I think I will read some further articles about this and possible get back to the book for a second reading.

    20. usually not that big on political theory but this was quite an engaging read and had some interesting insights

    21. Fundamental And decisive If you want to consider what it is to be political Schmitt will demand of you tension and conflict The alternative to apathy and acquiescence

    22. A must read for those traversing the world of politics and power You may not agree with Schmitt or perhaps you do , but he is essential in understanding the history of political thought.

    23. In this book Schmitt propose that the relations between political groups in a states and between states are based about the dichotomy of Friend and enemy from there he discuss the liberal state, society vs the state, the ability of a state to make war, pacifism and a global state and so forth.He succeed in making a very interesting argument, though not necessary a full theory he and other made a fascist conclusions from his ideas they put as desirable power, unity and authority but also in a dem [...]

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