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Finding Justice #2020

Finding Justice Their intense love affair came to an end when Liam Justice discovered Caitlyn Shaw was working undercover for a magazine investigating him for a story He shut her out of his life she was history to h

  • Title: Finding Justice
  • Author: Rivi Jacks
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 439
  • Format: None
  • Finding Justice By Rivi Jacks, Their intense love affair came to an end when Liam Justice discovered Caitlyn Shaw was working undercover for a magazine, investigating him for a story.He shut her out of his life she was history to him At least that s what he told himself.Cait was devastated, knowing she d lost the love of her life.So when circumstances bring them together again, they both grab at the poTheir intense love affair came to an end when Liam Justice discovered Caitlyn Shaw was working undercover for a magazine, investigating him for a story.He shut her out of his life she was history to him At least that s what he told himself.Cait was devastated, knowing she d lost the love of her life.So when circumstances bring them together again, they both grab at the possibility of a second chance However, they soon discover it s not easy to rekindle trust once it s broken

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    1 thought on “Finding Justice

    1. Just didn t care for all the secretive crap Liam was involved in I hated his controlling nature and I love bossy alpha males but he was a bully My 2.5 stars rounded up because really needs ratings, is that the writing was good I liked some of the mystery about his past The whole Miranda thing was disgusting, nasty, gross and stupid Yea I need to round down These feelings are for the characters I honestly hope that this author writes a caring alpha I honestly think she s got such talent and her [...]

    2. image The ending last partmy book boyfriend.s I found it So the final chapter for Liam Cait Was kinda deja vu read since Manwhore This Man had lot of comeback here storyline were similar bit since I loved both books this is like a bonus for me SO GOD BLISS YOU.I really liked Liam Justice in this book he revenge is indeed sweet if he is to one to get it Poor Cait she saw that not coming But I liked the twist even I saw it coming.But what I really liked about this book is that I couldn t figure ou [...]

    3. I m sticking to my guns on Liam My feelings have not changed from Seeking Justice Liam s still a pushy, overbearing arrogant bastard, and a flat out ass But in the long run, Liam does Cait right Although Cait is still a wimpy woman, she does learn to deal with Liam s assiness better LOL Way to go Rivi You ready did hit it out of the ball park with the mystery part of the story That is then what I was expecting as the story when on I m overwhelmed by how all the pieces came together Way to go gi [...]

    4. Liked this sequel, emotional connections to the characters Surprisingly, wish fewer sex scenes and change of scenery like visiting Dr office, baby shopping, etc as majority of book is inside Justice House walls and would have liked to have seen some things in particular play out in detail Eventually all loose ends taken care of, would have liked a longer epilogue Definitely hope to read by this author.

    5. 4.5 Stars for the best couple of 2015 The story was as good as I expected it to be It had just the right amount of mystery, however too much sex scenes Liam.ahh.Liam, I really want to meet his character in person My mission in life is to find that guy and rape him The ending was beautiful, just like the rest of the book I won t mind a third book of Caitlyn and Liam s story.

    6. I didn t want it to end I had really hoped that Liam would of quit being such a bully He made it better throughout the book.

    7. Liam is very obsessed He is possessive, rough and has really big anger problems He is cold with her and forces her into a marriage, making her believe it was only for their child I knew that was not his reason, he just had to grow some balls and admit his feelings He is dominant, he s a stalker and crosses the lines a lot of times He gets softer near the end of the book when he s finally letting go of his feelings and changing for her He becomes softer, careful and a really sweet playful guy I [...]

    8. Great readExcellent book loved liam and cait They make the perfect couple Love rivi jacks, can not wait to read of her work

    9. What an amazing ending Okay so this is where Seeking Justice left off, in book one where Caitlin was thrown out of Justice House for a big misunderstanding that Liam didn t want to hear about because he felt betrayed Weeks later Cait is ill having lost much weight and vomiting, thinking that she has the flu and missing Liam like crazy she ends up finding out that she s pregnant and feels like she should do the right thing and at least tell Liam about it As she is at Justice House trying to tell [...]

    10. So it starts three weeks after Cait last saw Liam Her old boss offers her, her old job back as the magazine which she decline and then her boss realises that she is in love with Liam and tells her to work it out Holly a mutual friend of Liam and Cait visits and on seeing how unwell Cait it takes her to the doctor who drops a bomb and wants to book her into hospital for a few days which Cait refuses With a few twist Liam says that Cait needs to live with him get married even though neither one o [...]

    11. This author knows how to write mystery and suspense I kept wondering what was going on, who was behind the weird things happening Honestly, that s really the only reason I kept reading I wanted to know who, what and how I didn t feel a connection to any of the characters, except Holly, she was awesome I really hate when I don t like the hero, it makes me not want to finish the book Liam was too much Too possessive, too angry all the time, too rough just too much I hate to say it but I didn t lik [...]

    12. I was a Lucky lady to receive an ARC copy of Finding Justice for an honest review I Loved how this book picked up right where Seeking Justice had left off Fate has decided to bring Liam and Cait back together Can Liam get over the thoughts that Cait betrayed him, and can Cait trust that Liam will not push her away again Their Chemistry cannot be denied that s for sure With all of the twists and turns, and Did he really just say or do that moments you will be hooked You definitely NEED to read th [...]

    13. Not an alpha male just a big bully Read the first book thought it was ok was hoping book 2 would redeem Liam but nope he s nothing but a bully I love my alpha dominate males but Liam justice is a p u guessed it a twat SPOILERS NOW He demands cait marrys him because she s pregnant if she doesn t he will get custody of the kid because he s mega rich and had connections she does marry him big fool u cait constantly in his words fucking her she s telling him I love you yet nothing from him it s not [...]

    14. Worth the read I am so surprised I really enjoyed this series At first it was so hard for me to get into The only reason is because Liam says darlin and talks like a red neck from the boonies I am from Arkansas and we do not talk like that But I really enjoyed the story between Cait and Liam I dig the alpha male and the relationship between all of the supporting characters I had lost hope on finding a new book to enjoy and I am so glad I took the chance because this was definitely worth the read [...]

    15. Awesome rollercoaster ride I have been waiting for this book for awhile now And I have to say there were times I wanted to throat punch that controlling sex God How Cait put up with him is beyond d me But all in all , it s a love story And all the angst and emotional u pop s and downs, was all worth it What a great book Thank you Rivi Jacks for sharing your talent with us

    16. Finding Justice storyline continues right along from where Seeking Justice ended Again Liam s attitude was not to my liking although at times he was slightly better in this book than the last This story had a little suspense which was interesting and thankfully resolved by the end There was lots of sex and a HEA ending for this novel.

    17. Amazing I absolutely loved it This story picks up pretty much where b1 ended Poor Cait is a devastated mess She feels horrible that Liam is under the impression that she betrayed him and would love a chance to reconcile When fate brings them together its explosive I love watching these these two find their way This story is awesome smoking hot

    18. I absolutely loved this book I was completely hooked from page one and couldn t put it down There were so many twists and turns and WTF moments throughout the whole book Just like in book 1 I didn t know if I wanted to attack Liam in all is alpha sexyness or slap his cocky a The wait for this book was well worth it

    19. I was so excited to see the release of Finding Justice I went back and read Seeking Justice just to read Liam s and Cait s journey again from the beginning Author Rivi Jacks didn t disappoint Another steamy book of suspense and love The ending was perfect

    20. 5 Liam stars I was surprised and happy to receive ARC from the author When I read Finding Justice I was hooked, Rivi jacks nailed it with Seeking Justice the suspense, drama and HOT ALPHA MALE.Damn the book is bloody good can t get enough of Liam Justice

    21. Finding justiceI gave this a five because it kept me on the edge all the way through I loved the twist and turns I m saving them both for reading again

    22. A good follow up to Seeking Justice but the sex was too muchI got to a point that I was just skimming the sex scenes and reading everything else.

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