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Hammered #2020

Hammered The day Scott York returned to his hometown to become the new sheriff his old high school girlfriend knew her life would be changed Kate Flaherty is Rock Ridge s handywoman A mom struggling to put he

  • Title: Hammered
  • Author: Belle Knudson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hammered By Belle Knudson, The day Scott York returned to his hometown to become the new sheriff, his old high school girlfriend knew her life would be changed Kate Flaherty is Rock Ridge s handywoman A mom struggling to put her twin boys through college, Kate takes every job she is offered even the one that comes from Scott In her husband s mysterious absence, Kate is prepared to fight the lingeThe day Scott York returned to his hometown to become the new sheriff, his old high school girlfriend knew her life would be changed Kate Flaherty is Rock Ridge s handywoman A mom struggling to put her twin boys through college, Kate takes every job she is offered even the one that comes from Scott In her husband s mysterious absence, Kate is prepared to fight the lingering attraction between her and the man who once broke her heart But she is not prepared for the dead body she finds on his kitchen floor Kate can do anything from repairing holes in sheetrock to fixing leaky faucets, but can she solve a murder mystery that has the sheriff under suspicion

    • [EPUB] ✓ Hammered | by ↠ Belle Knudson
      Belle Knudson

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    1. I love when a female character shatters the norm We have a female character who is a contractor and knows her way with a power drill it is pretty awesome Through in a pretty damn good murder mystery and you have one heck of a great mystery For me, mystery needs to be fun and make me have multiple hmmm moments and when the final AHA happens I liked to be surprised Now, I did have the whodunit narrowed down to two people and one of the people I narrowed it down to was in fact the killer but the bo [...]

    2. I just couldn t get into this book I tried but facts were repeated and the form was so poor, I just lost interest I usually read cozy mysteries in a night, but I could not even finish a few chapters before my brain was shouting that there are better books out there.

    3. This was a fun, cozy mystery story I really enjoyed it for a fluffy mystery I can t wait to read in this series.

    4. InterestingNice change of cozy mystery Unusual main character with a different twist missing husband old sweetheart back in town and his ex wife gets killed

    5. Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won t be reading any from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won t go out of my way to read , But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I d pick it up.4 stars I really enjoyed t [...]

    6. Short read, almost a novella I don t know why but the word lover irritates me Not a lot of time to get into the story or linger on any of the suspects because we never actually knew who the suspects were besides her ex husband Also, the cartoon woman on the cover is deceptive she looks like she s about 25, and the actual main character is described as middle aged and her sons are freshmen in college But I got the box set 1 15 for.99, so

    7. This was the first book in the Mrs fixit cozy my story series It was an easy lighthearted read that I wanted to keep going back to finish ever time I had to put it down I m looking forward to reading in the series.

    8. Cute and light hearted as you can get with a murder mystery Now reading the second in the series Quick relaxing read I like the way this author writes.

    9. I got this free on Kindle and was one of my read on bart books Nice cozy mystery I enjoyed the premise and the story itself I would read but there were a few issues that would which I didn t care for A high school ex comes back to town and will not take no for an answer She doesn t seem to have a personality to start digging into other people s business to solve the mystery It comes later in the book that she is stubborn and tenacious but that wasn t the impression she gave off in the first hal [...]

    10. Kate Flaherty is a handywoman in the small town of Rock Ridge, Pennsylvania She started her business when her husband disappeared and she had to support 2 boys just starting college Her old high school sweetheart Scott York has just returned to town as the new police chief She is repairing a hole in the sheetrock in his house when she discovers his ex wife s body Even though he is chief of police, Scott is arrested for the murder and Kate must gather evidence to prove his innocence since she s p [...]

    11. I enjoyed reading the book and am sure I will like the series The stories are a little see through but they are well written and are a good way to pass the time.

    12. This is the first in a series and is really quite good The premise behind the series is a middle aged woman whose husband disappeared several years ago, leaving her to raise her twin boys now in college and find a new means of supporting the family So she turns to the one thing she knows how to do handyman She learned from her dad, a single parent himself, now retired and living away The story opens when an old high school flame moves back to town as the new Chief of Police, and she discovers th [...]

    13. When I first got the book off for my Kindle I had no idea it was a short story and not a novel, I was shocked at how quickly things were happening and before I knew it I was already half way through The idea is cute and I like Scott because he has a lot of mystery surrounding him You don t really know why he is back or what happened while he is away and I know that Kate s husband is supposed to be a mystery as well but I found myself not really caring why he isn t around Kate does get a bit repe [...]

    14. If I ve read any before, I could count the number of cozy mysteries I ve ever read on one hand I happen to like sex, swearing and reading about violence So, cozy mysteries are boring as hell It was good, I assume, for a cozy I dunno It was all wrapped up WAY to quick, is that how they are It s like hey, here s the murderer, and now he s caught the end DULL But these are short and I need that right now for a challenge, so I ll keep up Oh, in the first book, MC said a version of none of my busines [...]

    15. A recipe that works Take a dozen standard characters and put them in a tricky situation, use a simple approach to the setting, the dialogue and the story line and what can go wrong This is not a classic of the Mystery genre, but it s not meant to be It s an easy read The references to past events indicate I ve picked up a book which will develop into a series and the questions I have will be addressed at a later date I can choose to follow up or not it doesn t really matter As a stand alone nove [...]

    16. Hammered, the first in the Mrs Fix It Mysteries was an easy to read cozy mystery about a female handyman handywoman who stumbles onto a dead body in the house of the towns new Police Chief To add a complication or two, the new police chief happens to be her ex boyfriend from high school I rather enjoyed it It was well written and very well edited The only complaint was the 2 competing love interests, it felt a bit stuck together , so to speak All in all, it s a good cozy mystery that doesn t tak [...]

    17. Kate Flaherty is her hometown s handywoman She is a single mom trying to get her twin sons thru college after her husband leaves without a word and can t be found anywhere When Scott York comes back to his home town as the new sheriff Kate takes a job from him to fix a wall in his house Kate and Scott have a history together so when she takes the job he offers she thinks she can keep it all business until she finds a dead woman in Scott s kitchen Scott is arrested for the woman s murder so Kate [...]

    18. Mrs Fix it is a Nosey Nelly and she get s into a wee bit of trouble This book was a fun murder mystery I can t wait to read of this series.It was well written and one of the first books I ve read by Belle Knudson If you like a fun lite murder this is a good for you This is a short story that would only take a few hours to readIF life would leave you alone and let you read lol I can t wait to find out what really happened to Kate s husband This book is a stand alone but there is still another my [...]

    19. Kate s kids are now in college and her husband has been missing for years She s a strong independent woman who decides to be Mrs Fix it However she keeps stumbling on mysterious conversations and a body Great story line that kept me entertained without being overly dramatic Glad I purchased this series.

    20. The story develops nicely The story was quite plain at firstBut The characters and plot developed quickly and became very interesting One good aspect of the book is that it shows that while small towns are still small towns in this modern age, they are also irrevocably tied to the strife and problems o the larger society.I m interested in the sequel.

    21. Pennsylvania TraumaWhile being a liberated woman doing a man s job Kate sounds like the worst kind of doormat constantly stating her marital status to the town Her husband disappeared five years ago and she runs around childishly stating that she doesn t date because she is an married woman But it was a good story for the afternoon.

    22. OkayDefinitely not a mystery No suspense No intrigue Most of the characters remained flat and uninteresting Very basic story line and book needs an editor many typos and grammar errors Also, you don t end a book with a major puzzle unsolved, i.e what happened to her husband.

    23. Nailed itWonderful cozy mystery full of drama, humor, romance, and of course a tragic death I m eager to find out the fate of Kate, her missing husband Greg, and high school flame chief of police Scott The story is well thought out and the delightful characters draw you into their little town and make you feel a part of their world.

    24. Couldn t get through it.This book started out great, with a wonderful plot Unfortunately, about 20% of the way through, the author began to get very repetitive with the character s inner dialogue, blogging the story down So, I had to stop reading it Life is too short Some tweaking on this one would really help it.

    25. Under 100 pages, this is a quick and easy read Kate Flaherty works has a handy wo man for income since her husband disappeared five years ago While fixing a wall in the police chief s house, she finds a dead body Think Murder She Wrote with tools instead of a typewriter computer A fun cozy.

    26. Satisfying mystery but with a 2nd mystery in the background Two love interests and a missing husband as well There s a lot packed into this shorter book but it all reads seamlessly I enjoyed this and read it in about an hour and a half Moving on to Book 2 now.

    27. A nice cozy It actually fooled me, which doesn t happen all that often The characters were interesting, and the subplot about her husband has me intrigued Looking forward to reading the next in the series

    28. This book felt a bit like Murder She Wrote, the series follow the life of Kate with her own story unfolding with the murders Each book solves the murder but there are cliffhangers around Kate s life Easy reading, not super exciting or dramatic rather sweet and simple.

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