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The Sport of Baronets #2020

The Sport of Baronets An original novella introducing Romance of the Turf Theresa Romain s exciting new Regency romance seriesThe lives of Sir Bartlett Crosby and Hannah Chandler have been marked by fierce competition bet

  • Title: The Sport of Baronets
  • Author: Theresa Romain
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Sport of Baronets By Theresa Romain, An original novella introducing Romance of the Turf, Theresa Romain s exciting new Regency romance seriesThe lives of Sir Bartlett Crosby and Hannah Chandler have been marked by fierce competition between their elite familiese perfect breeding ground for a mutual attraction neither can deny.Bart hopes to conquer the turf through victory in a much touted match ShAn original novella introducing Romance of the Turf, Theresa Romain s exciting new Regency romance seriesThe lives of Sir Bartlett Crosby and Hannah Chandler have been marked by fierce competition between their elite familiese perfect breeding ground for a mutual attraction neither can deny.Bart hopes to conquer the turf through victory in a much touted match Should his heavily favored colt win, the Crosby reputation and fortunes would be revived Bart s plan seems poised for success until the lovely Hannah Chandler, daughter of a noted rival trainer, turns up claiming ownership of the colt When Hannah insists on claiming her purchase, the prize colt disappears from Bart s stable Theft or treachery As Hannah and Bart rush to solve the mystery before race time, they uncover a scandalous truth about their families pasts a truth that has the potential to either destroy both their futures, or to guide them to a love they never imagined.

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      Theresa Romain

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    1. The Sport of Baronets is the introductory novella to Theresa Roman s forthcoming Romance of the Turf series, and it most definitely gets the series out of the paddock and up to the starting gate in fine style I m sorry I couldn t resist it I tend to be quite picky when it comes to novellas, as it s the rare author who can construct one that is as strongly characterised and plotted as a full length novel but Ms Romain has risen to that challenge, not only establishing the background for future bo [...]

    2. Oh, I wanted to like this book much better than did It has witty banter It is not about ballrooms The heroine has agency.I found myself pushing myself to finish it I never invested in the characters or the romance Something was just off Romain is a great writer but this just didn t make me believe in the love between the couple.I was given this book for an honest review So, there you have it.

    3. This novella was okayere were certain parts that I liked but overall, it wasn t my cup of tea.I don t like the family feud theme, so that s why this book didn t work me I didn t care about the main characters, I thought Hannah was very annoying and I didn t really understand why she wanted Golden Barb so much Her reasons didn t convince me and I couldn t relate to her I liked Bart, he s a nice man and I liked the fact that he was shy around women it s a nice change from all the rakes in the Hist [...]

    4. Novellas can be tricky Conveying the growth of emotional depth between two people with a plot that is believable in a full length novel alone is a difficult task Even so, in my opinion, in novellas due to their obvious limitations, which is why I usually stay away from them unless they re written by my favourite authors.So this little gem recommended by my GR friend Becca Thank you, again came as a little surprise, not only because it s a novella but also because it s a completely new to me aut [...]

    5. Originally posted HERE.I m quite a fan of Theresa Romain s historical romances, so I got this one without reading the blurb I m going to assume the bleeding obvious, that this is the introduction to a new series While I m really excited about the new series, I did find all the horse talk a little well, it wasn t for me I ve found recently that as horse mad as I was when I was younger, and as jealous as I was of my friends who had horses it can be a little boring reading about them.However, Romai [...]

    6. 2.5 stars The idea of a Regency series centered around horse racing is what drew me to this book and not just because I love horses The sport truly was a major part of Regency life and often gets ignored, so bonus points to Theresa Romain for heading to Newmarket for this novella.However, much though I loved the idea, something about this story didn t quite work for me Hannah What an awful person she is selfish, brattish, rude and exceedingly petty Her habit of calling Bart Mr Crosby, instead of [...]

    7. 4 StarsTheresa Romain is another new to me historical romance author that I have been eyeing for awhile I have a few of her books on my e reader, but decided to use this story as a gauge of whether I would enjoy her style The Sport of Baronets is the novella that is the start of the Romance of the Turf series which will focus on training horses for racing and two families that are prominent in the sport.The Chandler and Crosby families have been rivals for years so, when Hannah Chandler shows up [...]

    8. The Sport of Baronets is not your typical historical romance novella In this story, we are introduced to Bart and Hannah, two people from feuding families who find themselves becoming allies in the search for a missing racehorse What makes this story different is how fleshed out the horse racing scene is In the span of this tale, I learned about betting, horse care, stables and their staff, and racing At first, the level of detail was a bit off putting, but then Hannah and Bart discovered their [...]

    9. Arc from NetGalley for an honest review.Hannah and Bart s family have been rivalries in the horse breeding and racing circles.Due to financial difficulties Bart s Mother sells a winning colt to Hannah s family and he find this out from Hannah Bart s struggling to get his family out of financial trouble and this one colt was going to be the ticket out But now Hannah s family has ownership and as she s advising him of this new development the said colt disappears.The plot takes off from there as t [...]

    10. 3.5 stars I really enjoyed this one It was quite clear early on that the sole purpose of this novella was to set the stage for future books starring our heroine Hannah s siblings That fact didn t hinder the story but instead enhanced it and made me excited to read I loved the high stakes world of love, mystery, horses and bitter rivalries that Theresa Romain has created here.The main romance was wonderful as well Feisty, clever Hannah with her big dreams and plumed hats and darling, awkward Bar [...]

    11. ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.From time to time I enjoy reading historical romance and this was a sweet little story about rivality between two nobel families and about horse racing Bart s Mother sells a winning colt to Hannah s family but the colt disappeared mysteriously The two of them put their rivality aside and they try together to find the lost colt Some twists added to the story and a little bit of romance between the two main characters.

    12. If I had to pick a single word to describe The Sport of Baronets it would be adorable The story is sweet, there are no major hang ups to the central relationship and I genuinely enjoyed the main characters Theresa Romain couldn t have picked a better way to introduce her new series to a potential reader.Please read the full review atRomantic Historical Reviews

    13. 3,5 stars It always hard to shape characters and plot a story when you only have 100 pages but I enjoyed this short story Even , knowing Hanna is all happy and pregnant on Nathaniel s book It was a sweet romance, though sexy too, and it felt real enough for such a short story Plus the horse intrigue wasn t too draggy and it brought our otp together, so it was all good

    14. Buddy read with Lacey you can find her review here This was a nice enough introduction to the world the rest of the series is set in and explains the reason behind a family feud between two families who both own race horses Unfortunately, I don t really care for the family feud trope To me, it just makes little sense that grown up people would just hate someone based on their last name Also, the couple didn t really have a strong enough connection before the novella starts, and I m still not rea [...]

    15. 3.5 stars rounded up here on GR to 4 starsA fun way to spend an afternoon The plot was a bit predictable, but the author made the characters and dialogue shine This was my first time reading a Theresa Romain book, but it certainly won t be my last The setting of Newmarket and the horse race craziness rang really true for me, as I live near Newmarket and visit every so often And you can t beat a Regency that does not have balls, marriage mart mayhem, or much in the way of titled society the ranks [...]

    16. This was such a sweet, warm story It s so nice to read a story about two characters who are really nice people And I love this world of the turf, with the two enemy horse racing families, and how vividly that setting is evoked I can t wait to read the siblings stories A definite cozy, comfort read.

    17. I was having a bad novella day See, I like her books, but no, this one was just ok It was a case of should have been a book.Hannah and Bart meet, they are enemies, but look at that They will fall fast in love.While looking for a horseHorses and races are boringpIt was too fast I wanted drama,Ok

    18. Free right now on Kindle and at the BN store.I really, really liked this Grabbed me from the first sentence, I liked reading about Bart and Hannah and their families not so great history with each other This is a little different with the world of horse racing as the back drop Nice little mystery with a nice twist Good character development and pacing.

    19. I think I was supposed to think the almost sex in the jockey chair was hot, but mostly I just thought all of it was sort of dumb.

    20. January tbrchallenge theme was shorts , including novellas, short stories, and category romances I have far too many novellas tucked away on my kindle from various sales, so I m glad to wipe one off the slate Theresa Romain s Sport of Baronets mixed romance with horse racing, feuding families and snappy banter Hannah Chandler and Sir Bartlett Crosby appear ready and willing to take up the ongoing battle between families until a promising colt is stolen under their noses before a major race Faced [...]

    21. Bart Crosby and his family held a long running feud with Hanna s family The Crosby family had always despised the Chandlers and vise versa When Hanna Chandler appears at the barn holding the colt Golden Barb, an expected winner in the upcoming race, she held in her hands a note saying that she now owned the colt This did not sit well with Bart and he was very frank about that with Hanna While they were discussing this problem, someone stole the colt and knocked out the grooms Hanna and Bart are [...]

    22. cute story about what happens when the heirs to two rival families team up to find a stolen horse whose ownership is under question will they fight each other will they kiss WILL THE HORSE BE FOUND the answer to all three lies in the fact that this is a romance novella take your pick both leads have disabled parents which brought to mind the realization that i almost never see disabled people in historicals what s up with that ty for breaking the mold there romain3 stars

    23. The romance part is pretty adorable, but since this is a novella there wasn t enough time for the mystery and the feud to be as fleshed out as they should have been Still, historical romance plus horse racing

    24. Liked most of it, but I m not really into horse stories However, I have pre ordered the next episode in this new series, so I ll wait and see As long as there is lots of love interest, I think I probaby will enjoy reading it I did like the main characters though, especially Bart

    25. D ue Ce livre est agr able lire mais b cl e sur la fin c est comme un souffl rat il est gonfl puis pffffff Dommage

    26. This was a sweet Regency story set in the world of horse racing It was a great beginning to the author s new Romance of the Turf series.

    27. Review orignally posted here courtneyreadsromancesite.wordUnder ordinary circumstances, I do not review digital exclusive works But I won a print copy from the author recently, so I chose to post a review.Novellas are harder to review, as there is a lot less space to flesh out the characters But Romain did a fine job of writing a compelling read that works as both a stand alone novella and a teaser for the series.Something that appealed to me about this book was the fact that the concept was dif [...]

    28. 2.5 starsCute As with most novellas, the character development would have benefited from a slightly longer story I liked Bart and Hannah and while I felt like I understood their characters individually by the novella s conclusion, I wasn t deeply invested in their relationship In fact, I got whiplash a bit from how quickly things progressed between them Bart s garish waistcoats charmed me from page 1 I have a weakness for dandies who are than what they seem.

    29. Fun read, but I just think I have a novella problem I like a nice slow burn and most novellas are just too short to really make that happen in a convincing way The mystery plot with the missing horse was fun, but again, wrapped up a little too quickly because this was a novella I may read from this author, since I believe the rest of the books in this series are novel length.

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