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სუნთქვის საქანელა #2020

  • Title: სუნთქვის საქანელა
  • Author: Herta Müller დონარა თოფურია
  • ISBN: 9789941443527
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • სუნთქვის საქანელა By Herta Müller დონარა თოფურია, , , , .

    • [KINDLE] ë სუნთქვის საქანელა | By Ñ Herta Müller დონარა თოფურია
      133 Herta Müller დონარა თოფურია
    • thumbnail Title: [KINDLE] ë სუნთქვის საქანელა | By Ñ Herta Müller დონარა თოფურია
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    1. A book which must not be rushed through, that s how beautiful the language is It s hard to believe it was translated from the German A book about the will to live, among other things, and the richness of life even under horribly reduced circumstances To read it merely as an account of life in the Gulag would be too limiting It goes much deeper.Late in life a gay man remembers what it was like to be transported from his family home in Romania to the Russian Gulag It was 1945 and he was a 17 year [...]

    2. Through the story of one young man, this Nobel Prize winning author tells us the relatively unknown story of thousands of Romanians of German descent who, apparently in retaliation for WW II, were forced into Russian work camps These people were not prisoners of war they were men and women rounded up from their homes who lived for five years in borderline starvation eating only two meals of watery cabbage soup and a slice of bread every day They were so hungry that they traded slices of bread wi [...]

    3. So, I started reading this book and it was just one of those One Day in the Life of kind of Russian Gulag books, and not much of one, really, as these things go, although it promised to be different because Leo Auberg is Transylvanian, a German transplant if you will As if Stalin needs a reason Leo is seventeen, and gay, but that s not why he s packed away His bathhouse urges are just flecks of character If they knew he was gay, he would have gone to a different camp, a shorter stay, and no retu [...]

    4. This book ends with a grown man dancing with a raisin And then eating it.The fact that I, someone whose life has been as far from Gulag survivor as they come, can, after reading this book, not see that image as weird and inconsequential, but layered with all of the pathos, dignity, gruesomeness, rightness, irony, and beauty that the author intended, says much about not only Muller s gifts as a writer and Philip Boehm s gifts as a translator, but also about what this medium of fiction is and can [...]

    5. Sometimes things acquire a tenderness, a monstrous tenderness we don t expect from them.Every short chapter of this is like poetry it forces you to dwell on the words and glide through its haunting imagery The depiction of life in the Soviet forced labour concentration camp under Stalin s regime is based on the true experiences and recollections of Romanian born German poet Oskar Pastior who died in 2006 It is immensely insightful there is not exactly a lot of hope or humour to be found but a sh [...]

    6. The powerful futility of wordsWords have a disconcerting power over Leo Auberg the mere word AQUARELL water colour can make him stagger, as if kicked That word seems to know how far he has already gone in his illicit bathhouse encounters And yet, even disconcertingly, a word like LAGER camp , despite wartime, despite the penal camp near the canal from which those men arrested in the park or the bathhouse, brutally interrogated and incarcerated, from which they never return, or if they do then o [...]

    7. Exile, hunger The hunger angel is not a kind and gentle cherub, but like a Gnostic messenger of God s will, or the angel of death Its constant presence gnaws away at those within the camp.This reminds me of both Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Victor Frankl, but with a unique description, almost tender in its starkness Double dispossession being a German in Romania, and a German in the Soviet Union Little details of work camp life which stand out.

    8. This book has sneaked its way into my life in a very impertinent manner for three years or so I had the cover gaping at me in various bookstores, and while I must have been dimly aware that Herta M ller had recently won the Nobel Prize which is possibly also the reason I picked Atemschaukel up in the first place , I d avoided it for quite a long time due to its ubiquity and because the cover photograph anticipates only too well the book s subject matter I have the same problem with films for alm [...]

    9. One of my earliest, strongest childhood memories is when my family picked up my uncle, who had been a political prisoner in East Germany, from the hospital where he had been placed after his release, like many others in his position, after his freedom had been bought by the West German government Although I never personally experienced such treatment, I was inculcated at an early age with a deep, repellant understanding of the fact that there were people like my uncle who had been wrongly incarc [...]

    10. In 1945 the Soviet general Vinogradov presented a demand in Stalin s name that all Germans living in Romania be mobilized for rebuilding the war damaged Soviet Union All men and women between seventeen and forty five years of age were deported to forced labor camps in the Soviet Union My mother, too, spent five years in a labor camp The deportations were a taboo subject because they recalled Romania s Facist past Those who had been in the camp never spoke of their experiences except at home of w [...]

    11. In each of her books Herta M ller succeeds in creating a very ingenious world, with its own language and idiom that illustrates the traumatic effect of what her main characters have to undergo Also in this case, the experiences of a 17 year old Romanian German, which at the beginning of 1945 is arrested by the Soviets and transported to a camp, deep in Russia or Ukraine , to do forced labour The boy describes his experiences in short chapters, and they are absolutely shocking But it aren t plain [...]

    12. Won this in a giveway.I write too much for other reasons to ever give reviews any effort, so Like watching a silk string coil and uncoil in the dirt.Like the slow waves of grass.Leo is nothing but his voice, his observation, his desires, his exhaustion and hunger, his memories As the years drain by he becomes and indistinguishable from what he describes, but never completely, instead like the shadow of a cloud passing by, and then later the land beneath the shadow.Like the best poetry capture [...]

    13. Beautiful, poetic writing Muller s style and subject WWII Romania and Russian deportation camps are pretty unfamiliar territory to me, but themes are similar to those I ve found in other stories about the soul stealing power of dislocation and internment.The personification of HUNGER reminded me of Elie Wiesel and Knute Hamson s writing Strangely, I am also reading The Book Thief which is narrated by DEATH, a character pivotal to that story and so many others, even if unintentional.Muller s writ [...]

    14. When Herta M ller received a much deserved Nobel Prize in 2009, she was lauded for her portrayal of the landscape of the dispossessed These words are a very fitting description of The Hunger Angel, a tribute to her fellow German Romanians, who were deported to Siberian prison camps after the war for their supposed or real collaboration with Hitler s Germany M ller s mother spent five years in such a camp, but the protagonist here is a young man, whose story is apparently based upon a detainee M [...]

    15. I rarely read fiction but this one sparked my interest given its subject material However, it was almost impossible to read with any interest or desire With only short stories or pictures, there was very little character development to have the reader feel any sympathy or understanding for the difficulty life in a soviet labour camp Further there wasn t any continuity in the story which made it difficult for the reader to gain an appreciation for life in a labour camp Thus, as a vehicle to descr [...]

    16. The quiet poetry of hunger, powerlessness and death, written in perhaps 80 short episodes, often like prose poems, with only occasional changes of tone towards the ironic or mildly humorous To be read slowly, and not in one sitting

    17. Amazing Breathtaking C nd n aveam nimic de g tit, l sam fumul s mi erpuiasc prin gur mi tr geam limba nd r t i mestecam n gol M ncam saliv cu fum de sear i m g ndeam la c rna i frip i C nd n aveam nimic de g tit treceam prin apropierea oalelor pref c ndu m c nainte de culcare vreau s m sp l pe din i la f nt n Dar nainte de a mi v r periu a de din i n gur , m ncam de dou ori Cu foamea ochilor m ncam focul galben, iar cu foamea din cerul gurii, fumul Ra iile gata c nt rite i acoperite cu cear afur [...]

    18. Around the World RomaniaI really wanted to like this It had some impressive moments, some images that caused my stomach to lurch in surprise and I have to give Muller credit for the unique style of this novel But I just didn t like it Frankly, I was bored I couldn t connect to the protagonist, and the level of detail provided about every speck of dust and every scrap of food became wearing and frustrating There isn t really a moving plot here just poetic descriptions, images, and microscopic exa [...]

    19. And we had our mouths, which had grown so high and hollow that our steps echoed inside A bright void in the skull, as if we d swallowed too much glaring light A light that sweetly creeps up your throat and swells and rises to your brain Until you no longer have a brain inside your head, only the hunger echo No word was adequate for the suffering caused by hunger To this day, I have to show hunger that I have escaped his grasp Ever since I stopped having to go hungry, I literally eat life itself [...]

    20. The Hunger Artist does what great art always does, it creates its own world which only tangentially intersects with our own It is about a Romanian German boy who is arrested and shipped to a Russian forced labor camp following World War II This is a part of European history which is not often examined, but it is not about history, it is about the existential night of people seized out of their own lives and put into the limbo world of camp life It feels like Camus than Solzhenitzyn I still favo [...]

    21. A cattle train wagon blues, a kilometre song of time set in motion It s an interesting choice of words M ller has her protagonist make to describe the long train ride at the end of World War II, packed in like sardines, the long cold way to the camp in the East After all, the blues arose from a culture where the people had been deliberately robbed of their own languages and had them replaced with a rudimentary one, with the idea that they wouldn t be able to say and by extension think much besid [...]

    22. M ller s The Hunger Angel I would say falls into the genre of concentration camp literature, which may come in either non fiction or fiction This is a work of fiction, though based on the true life of M ller s friend Oskar Pastior The prisoners of the concentration camp here are ethnic Germans from Romania, taken and deported to the Soviet Union after the end of the Second World War Seventeen year old Leo Auberg is the central character, and we follow him for the five years of his internment, an [...]

    23. Three nights in a row I was haunted by the same dream Once again I was riding home through the clouds on a white pig But this time when I looked down, the land had a different appearance, there was no sea along its edge And no mountains in the middle, no Carpathians Only flat land, and not a single village Nothing but wild oats everywhere, already autumn yellow Who switched my country, I asked The hunger angel looked at me from the sky and said America Where did all the people go, I asked He sai [...]

    24. En el pasado la actividad literaria se encontraba limitada en muchos sentidos, ya que tanto los escritores como el p blico en general, en especial los lectores, estaba restringido a una clase social alta y media alta , una raza blanca y un g nero masculino Ahora debido a la evoluci n y a las nuevas condiciones de la sociedad, as como al momento hist rico que vivimos con sus concomitantes y afortunados est mulos nos ofrece, entre otras cosas, una gran diversidad en la oferta literaria Una de las [...]

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