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Untot lebt sich's auch ganz gut #2020

Untot lebt sich s auch ganz gut Selbst die Untoten feiern Weihnachten und Betsy kann endlich wieder ihrer Lieblingsbesch ftigung fr nen Einkaufen Au erdem gibt es f r die Hochzeit mit ihrem Seelengef hrten Eric Sinclair noch einige

  • Title: Untot lebt sich's auch ganz gut
  • Author: MaryJanice Davidson Stefanie Zeller
  • ISBN: 9783802581410
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • Untot lebt sich's auch ganz gut By MaryJanice Davidson Stefanie Zeller, Selbst die Untoten feiern Weihnachten, und Betsy kann endlich wieder ihrer Lieblingsbesch ftigung fr nen Einkaufen Au erdem gibt es f r die Hochzeit mit ihrem Seelengef hrten Eric Sinclair noch einiges vorzubereiten Da erh lt sie eine Warnung von Detective Nick Berry, dass ein Serienm rder in der Gegend sein Unwesen treibt Als Blondine entspricht Betsy genau seinem TypSelbst die Untoten feiern Weihnachten, und Betsy kann endlich wieder ihrer Lieblingsbesch ftigung fr nen Einkaufen Au erdem gibt es f r die Hochzeit mit ihrem Seelengef hrten Eric Sinclair noch einiges vorzubereiten Da erh lt sie eine Warnung von Detective Nick Berry, dass ein Serienm rder in der Gegend sein Unwesen treibt Als Blondine entspricht Betsy genau seinem Typ Doch was kann ein Serienm rder einer Untoten schon anhaben

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      320 MaryJanice Davidson Stefanie Zeller
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    1 thought on “Untot lebt sich's auch ganz gut

    1. While I enjoy the antics of Betsy, this book felt rushed and unfinished When it ended, I scratched my head wondering where the rest of the story was The only reason I gave it 3 stars instead of two, I did enjoy what was on the page I will continue However if this happens again, I may give up on the series.

    2. From a blog post I wrote in 2006 As part of my weekend binge reading, I plowed through the first four books in Mary Janice Davidson s Undead series The titles are Undead and Unemployed, Undead and Unwed, Undead and Unappreciated and Undead and Unreturnable.Davidson combined two of my favorite genres, Chick Lit and Vampire, into a wonderful series The main character, Betsy Taylor, gets hit be a car on her 30th birthday and wakes up in a coffin at the funeral home What concerns her most is not tha [...]

    3. The fourth book Christmas, a wedding is coming up, and a serial killer And yeah, I haven t read book 2 and 3 due to it being out of stock on I still want to read those books, so I have got them ordered from Bookdepository I gave up waiting on A lot of things seemingly happened between the first book and this book It seems that Betsy went full on evil I so want to see that , she found a sister who is apparently also supernatural, child of the devil , and she did a ton of other things While I was [...]

    4. See, things started out innocently enough a visitor, a comment, finding out a new vampire rule and the next thing I know, I m up to my tits in undead politics, or attempted revolutions, or dead bodies The Queen Betsy series is still very entertaining, although sometimes I have to turn back the pages to recall what had happened It is not boring, but still, the story is about only the daily life of Betsy and her housemates.Let s see in details Meanwhile Betsy s lovelorn admirer, the ex blade warri [...]

    5. Anni di vita a leggere Sposa Moderna urlarono inorriditi dentro di me, ma dannazione, non pensavo di avere tutti quei problemi Dopo un paio di letture deludenti che c di meglio che leggere un libro che sicuramente ti regaler ore di lettura divertente e spensierata Ancora una volta mi sono immersa nelle spassose avventure della regina Betsy con il suo affascinante re e tutti gli altri fantastici personaggi Devo dire che ogni libro mi sembra pi sottiletta del precedente e finisce davvero troppo pr [...]

    6. 3 Stars I got my copy from the local library and I could not believe how many error typo s are in this book Some scenes were written so badly it was confusing I could not tell who is speaking, or thinking It was confusing However, these books are hilarious It has many redeeming qualities The characters were likable at best neutral at worst The writing was much better than expected I developed an interest that withstood to the end The plot was nice, somewhat original or had its own unique flair T [...]

    7. Rating 2.5 5I do like that Betsy gives as much as she takes I d feel much better if it were a tad bit effective, though, lol.

    8. About the same as the others a 2 star book that was helped a lot by Nancy Wu reading it There s not a lot of story, reminds me of a soap opera, but it is kind of funny Nothing remarkable, just the continuing saga

    9. Betsy is getting married and nothing will stand in her way There are things that are trying to intrude Like a recently murdered ghost who want help in stopping her killer Does Betsy do the smart thing about the killer Of course not and poor Eric her intended groom is beside himself This series is great fun The audio book reader puts just the right tone of voice into her reading.

    10. This didn t have the same action as the previous books but it was just as funny I feel like maybe it was a setup for the next storyline I want to hear George talk again

    11. The fourth book of the Queen Betsy series is where the series settles down into the episodic status quo which will be maintained for a good number of years Eventually, Mary Janice Davidson will disrupt this status quo with some dramatic events that will polarize her fanbase Here, however, it s just the comfortable Addams Family esque world of the adult Buffy and her oddball collection of friends A good idea of how the Queen Betsy books work can be explained with this book as an example There s a [...]

    12. While Eric Sinclair considered them consorts and not in need of a wedding ceremony, Elizabeth Betsy Taylor had always dreamed of her wedding day She was having a wedding, she was the Queen Vampire and no one was going to stand in her way of having that dream wedding Not her new born baby brother, not the growing friendship with her half sister the devil s spawn , not the vampire fiend living in the basement, not the human serial killer, not the new ghost checking out all of her shoes, and defini [...]

    13. what can you say about a vampire queen whose loyalty can be bought by designer shoes this book was a disappointment of sorts for me i mean, dont get me wrongi am absolutely in l o v e with this series but it s possible that after finishing the last book with all of the new action and romance i built up too much suspense for myself waiting for this book to arrive for me and although it was a good read finished it in a day, i m proud to say it was a surprising bump in the series this book was a ne [...]

    14. Still in love PI thought that as I read this series that I might end up losing interest So many series start off amazing and then turn blah While there s nothing earth shattering about Betsy s story, it s still a fun, light read New problems arised between all people around and yet again there s a killer on the loose Part of me wonders why there are so many freaks and sociopaths running around in Betsy s world, but I ll let it go because I love this series It s still hilarious.I absolutely adore [...]

    15. As Christmas approaches, Betsy has on her mind than Queenly duties There s still shopping to be done, a Christmas tree to put up in Jessica s house to the horror of the vamps that reside there and her new baby step brother There s also a wedding to plan she keeps pushing back the date she ll make it official with Sinclair , the matter of former Bee Jon wanting to write her life s story for a college class, the reappearnce of vampire librarian Marjorie who wants her to write a column for the new [...]

    16. Some people criticized Undead and Unreturnable because it didn t really have a strong plot if the other books had , I must have missed it somehow , but considering how many times I laughed out loud well, really, it was like barking what with the sinus infection and all , it just wasn t a big issue for me These books just make me smile, and sometimes that s enough Which isn t to say there isn t any meaningful content to them, of course.And absolutely, hands down, the best line of the book was Er [...]

    17. I was really excited when I read the back of the book and found out Betsey would be tracking down a serial killer, but was extremely disappointed with the book as a whole It spent minimal time on the actual serial killer plot line and just dragged on and on I usually listen to books on tape when I travel and it was very difficult for me to say interested in the book even though I didn t even have to put the effort into reading the words off the page And when the book did finally get around to re [...]

    18. This will be my last Queen Betsy book As much as I like the characters, there was just no plot here You get a few promises of interesting stuff that might happen later, particularly with Betsy s sister the daughter of the devil , but nothing actually happens I expected there to be a lot involvement between Betsy and Nick as they search for the Driveway Killer, but instead, it s all wrapped up inside of a chapter in a pretty anti climatic way Oh yeah, you get some expected bickering between Bets [...]

    19. Well Betsy went and done it again, created bundles of laughter with her undead life I love the way MaryJanice Davidson writes these books, the thrill of romance, the joy of laughter and the touch of mystery all combined gives for a delicious novel This time Betsy makes good with Laura, baby Jon, big Jon, and of course the regular gang There is a murderer on the loose and ghosts to help Betsy solve the crime Laura has a few moments with her mother Mrs Devil and a spat with George who I love so mu [...]

    20. A serial killer is loose in the Twin Cities, murdering tall, blonde women, and Betsy is vaguely interested in stopping him But, mostly, she s interested in hanging out with her vampire pals and getting to know her long lost devil spawn sister, and helping Jessica get a date Which is fun to read about, but really, really fluffy and insubstantial Which is just what a person needs sometimes Frothy funny fiction.

    21. Betsy is fun and pretty brainless I enjoy the stories enough to pick them up between other books but I really can t recommend them for anything but a bit of fun and fluff There is relationship drama with Eric in this one and lots of make up sex D I can t say Betsy is really growing in power since her biggies seem to be talking to ghosts and not being able to be killed like a normal vampire I ll probably keep reading the series off and on but I have many others ahead of it right now.

    22. This was was a little disjointed The different stories going on just didn t seem to mesh together Who cares that the Driveway Killer was targeting women who fit Betsy s profile if he never came after her I mean, was anyone else expecting that Could have been a hilarious scene Anyways, it was just lacking somewhere, so I found I didn t like it as much as the others Still moved straight into the next one though, hope it picks back up a little.

    23. Chronique Compl te.Une lecture d tente qui met davantage le c t chick lit de la s rie en avant au d triment de tout le reste Des personnages inchang s pour la majorit mais ceux qui ont droit une volution titille notre curiosit.

    24. Betsy Talor ist f r mich immer wieder lesenswert Ich mag sie einfach aber dieser Teil war ziemlich kurz und hatte eine eher stagnierende Handlung Er ist nicht schlecht, recht solide und witzig wie immer Ich bereue nicht es gelesen zu haben, hoffe aber trotzdem das der n chste Teil wieder besser wird.

    25. 3 stars for book 4 Not much going on in this one Average story not much action.Beginning books Betsy avoiding Eric now Eric avoiding Betsy This is Book 4 and we are still reading about a wedding, maybe Since I like book series and already purchased books 5 6 7 8 9 I ll continue onto book 5.

    26. I really like this series So light and airy a vampire story Vampires are still homicidal and evil some of the time But never let it be said being undead stopped you from going to the sales LOL

    27. The author believes kidnapping and rape to be romantic and sexy methods of gaining a spouse Any reasonable person will forgo this author so they don t throw up from the message that abuse and sexual assault are ways to show you care.

    28. Really liked this one The plot was there and there wasn t too much superfluous paranormal stuff going one I think it was the wedding planning How could there be anything less normal than wedding planning which only the bride cares about

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