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Witched At Birth #2020

Witched At Birth A small town a parole officer and the blazing Texas heat all wrapped up in a laugh out loud romantic comedy from national bestselling author Dakota Cassidy Paris Texas will never be the same afte

  • Title: Witched At Birth
  • Author: Dakota Cassidy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Witched At Birth By Dakota Cassidy, A small town, a parole officer, and the blazing Texas heat, all wrapped up in a laugh out loud romantic comedy from national bestselling author, Dakota Cassidy Paris, Texas will never be the same after not so good witch Winnie serves out her parole with determination determination to get out of this small town and back to the real world Witched At Birth will keep you tA small town, a parole officer, and the blazing Texas heat, all wrapped up in a laugh out loud romantic comedy from national bestselling author, Dakota Cassidy Paris, Texas will never be the same after not so good witch Winnie serves out her parole with determination determination to get out of this small town and back to the real world Witched At Birth will keep you turning the pages of this paranormal contemporary romance as you discover the secret hiding in the shadowy corners of Paris Texas, that is Freshly sprung from witch jail, Winnie Foster just has to fulfill the conditions of her parole and she s home free Too bad that parole takes place in Paris Texas Where she ll work at a school for the magically inclined KIDS And be forced to endure the ex who s one of the very reasons she landed in the pokey to begin with GAH Bratty tots, sexy ex, timed showers, creepy dolls, magic restrictions and a GPS with an attitude, all wrapped in a Texas town hotter than the surface of the sun Oh yeah No way this could go wrong Author note Dear readers, this book originally appeared in the Twelve Shades of Midnight anthology collection released October 2014

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    1 thought on “Witched At Birth

    1. THE REVIEWWhy this book It seemed like a book for meWhat I thoughtI really enjoyed this book Winnie was a fun character, she s a witch on probation That leads to a bunch of crazy situations This book is full of laughs, a bit of romance and some aww moments I really liked Ichabod her talking cabbage patch doll Oh and Lola was too adorable for words Looking forward to the next book in the series.

    2. Fun romcom set in a small town in Texas The h was a feisty witch with unresolved mommy issues, who finds her closure working with children, especially one child H s orphaned niece who is facing something similar I liked the h, she was brave, took her knocks, was passionate and great with kids though h had her faults, she was never boring and had a good character growth arc Also at times I felt the H and his aunt were too hard on her.As for the H, he was meh Immature h who was his girlfriend then [...]

    3. Winnie is a witch with anger control issues She was thrown into witch jail after blowing up her former boyfriend s business Now she is out and on parole The catch is, while she s on parole she has to live in Paris, Texas and teach a classroom full of budding despots And her ex boyfriend also lives in Paris, Texas Five pages in I was seriously thinking of walking away It was feeling like a vacuous waste of time.I kept going and it came good.It s fluff, but it s pretty good fluff and if you want a [...]

    4. This was a very cute little love story Set in Paris, Texas where, I might add, I have family but none of my family are witches I don t think Anyway, our heroine is a pretty young witch who lost her temper when the guy she slept with didn t call afterwards, so she blew up his warehouse.Lots of miscommunications Add in a talking cabbage patch doll creepy an adorable little girl and lots of magic Fun book, well written.

    5. 4 Pretty Little Stars This is such a cute and fun new series and I can t wait to continue on with it This book is filled with the bestMAGIC WITCHERYthat I have encountered in a long time This story is a quick and light read but is easy to get lost in The main character Winnie is a hilarious witch who just got 0ut of witch prison for setting her ex s warehouse on fire As part of her parole she has to go to Paris Texas to basically repent and is found in a tough spot when the man she is running aw [...]

    6. This was my first Dakota Cassidy book to buy and read I picked it up and waited 4 months to read it That will never happen again This book is a paranormal comedy that had me laughing out loud and buying the second book as soon as I finished the first one This book takes place mainly in Paris, Texas but rewrites the town some But it starts off i witches jail where Winnie and Zelda her best friend have both been for 9 months for abusing their powers They get paroled to totally different places and [...]

    7. Winnie and Zelda are two spoiled witches whose crime against the witch s reed have landed them in the slammer without magic and without the life they have grown accustomed to or rather zapped up for themselves Best Friends and each others ride or die they have some how survived their sentence.They are now up for parole and have each been given a task to prove that they are worthy of their magic Not only must they prove their worth but they must do it with out one another I thought this book was [...]

    8. Cute story but it is supposed to be a story of redemption and it starts with a heroine who seems redeemed all the bad stuff she did was in the past and based how she acts I have a hard time believing she used to behave that way.But anyway, Winnie is paroled from witch jail and sent to be a teacher s assistant to work with troubled witch kids She is also having to stay with the man who broke her heart and deal with a talking cabbage patch doll.

    9. I thought this was a really fun and light story about witches and demons I wasn t crazy about the narrator but I eventually got over it I will read the next book but the book was great I definitely recommend for a light and funny witch book

    10. Just out of jail on parole after serving time for blowing up her then boyfriends warehouse, Winnie doesn t have much going for her separated from her BFF who was also in the clink , sent to the almost hotter than hell Paris TX, and given a job as a TA with 5 and 6 year olds, a craptastic pink junker of a car, and a talking Cabbage Patch doll AND not allowed to use her magick for personal gains, she doesn t think it could get much worse Until she find out that her residence is a half way house ru [...]

    11. Title Witched at Birth A Paris, Texas Romance Book 1 Author Dakota CassidyGenre New Adult College RomanceRating 5 Lazy StarsA small town, a parole officer, and the blazing Texas heat, all wrapped up in a laugh out loud romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling romantic comedy author, Dakota Cassidy Paris, Texas will never be the same after not so good witch Winnie serves out her parole with determinationtermination to get out of this small town and back to the real world Witched At Birth will k [...]

    12. This review is based on the audio version, therefore reviewed based on both story and narration I never had any doubt when I picked this one up about how fully entertained I would be by what comes out of Dakota Cassidy s brain I was NOT disappointed There was plenty of humor mixed into a wonderfully entertaining story Each and every character had their own individuality, and in just about every case, something about each character gives you a little giggle.Of course there s Winnie, the main char [...]

    13. Really liked this I loved the characters I loved the Winnie who we witness in such a short time grow and become a better person I loved Lola who was so cute and I felt so bad for her, and I loved Ben who loved Winnie despite thinking she s crazy and was such a great uncle to Lola and the type of guy that gave up everything just to take care of his niece He really was a sweetheart I loved how they became a family and how Winnie learned to love others This story was funny at times, but overall it [...]

    14. I had the absolute pleasure of reading this book as the first I ve read from the author The book is about a witch, Winnifred that has been incarcerated due to misuse of magic She has to complete a task that will push and test her to her limits All the while trying not to use magic selflessly Meanwhile she s stuck around a steamy jerk of an ex in a town hot as the sun Also she has to put up with a back talking cabbage patch The story unfolds and Winnifred grows beautifully she starts reaching her [...]

    15. Dakota Cassidy has re released this gut bustingly fun paranormal rom com and I m so happy she did As a huge fan of Dakota s work, I have to say that I m partial to her voice in books like this When she dons her paranormal tiara, I m never disappointed Her books are so easy to lose myself in like a movie in my mind, she creates worlds that I never want to leave Her mixture of reality and fiction gives each story a life of its own.Set in Paris, Texas, this book spins many of my favorite things int [...]

    16. I was given a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review So to me, that means reviewing both the book and the audio performance Let s take them in orderThe book was a blast I was laughing by the end of the first chapter and continued to do so throughout the book But it wasn t all just snark tastic responses to some truly embarrassing situations As I got to know Winnie, I really started caring about her The personal growth she went through was both satisfying and uplifting She t [...]

    17. I think Dakota Cassidy has the beginnings of a new hit paranormal series set in Paris, Texas Witched at Birth is about Winnie, a witch who has only used her powers for selfish reasons, and has anger control issues She was incarcerated for blowing up a warehouse in a fit of rage After she is put on parole, she is sent to Paris, Texas to be a teacher s aide to out of control young witches She has one month, until Halloween, to show some improvement in her character, otherwise she will be sent back [...]

    18. Witched at Birth was an awesome start to an amazing series, A Paris, Texas Romance The storyline drew me in from the beginning and didn t let go Full of humor, I m talking laugh out loud funny, a few unfortunate mishaps, some hot and steamy scenes, romance and great characters Each character brought something to the story From Winnie to Ben to Lola to Icabod etc each were well developed and brought the story together Winnie was hilarious My favorite line Winnie in regards to herself She blew hit [...]

    19. I liked this book so much I bought it twice You must have an imagination to read this book and enjoy the wacky I enjoyed it because it is a different type of romance A romance that reaches the heart of the reader How could someone screw up so bad that they end up in magical jail and then on parole in a place like Paris TX Then she has to stay with her once lover as part of her parole, but she sort of did something to blow up his business in the wrong sense of the word and make a lot of people ve [...]

    20. Take one angry, bad girl, lashing out at the world witch released on parole to finish her sentence.Add a good helping of humor, a sexy ex, an orphaned girl and a muddle of things going wrong Stir with wonderful dialogue, great character building and then dump it all in Paris, Texas to bake for a month.The result is Dakota Cassidy s Witched at Birth A five star read, or in my case listen

    21. Wow I love Dakota s books and this one is no exception Was part if an anthology and now it s a stand alone And it rocks Winnie and Zelda are bffs who are in prison together Their time is up but have to do community service Separately Hilarious starts from the get go and ends with a sigh Love, crazy families, and retro dressed Baba Gaga Yo MaMa You ll see Lol Lots if laughs, love and friendships Can t wait for the next one Thanks Dakota you rocked it again

    22. Ms Cassidy does a really good job in the way her characters interact Loved Zelda and Winnie back in forth antics Makes me feel like I m right there in the middle of it What I really liked about this story is Winnie started out as a self centered and selfish character who only cared for material things At the end of the book she ended up realizing that her relationships with people are important Dakota Cassidy does not disappoint.

    23. I received this book for free in return for an honest review I enjoyed this book It was a light hearted and refreshing story about a magical parolee that had some very tough and funny lessons to learn The characters were very likable and you found yourself wanting them to succeed I would recommend this to anyone age 18 or above that enjoys comedy.

    24. I ve tried and tried to finish this book, but I cannot get over how completely shallow and unpleasant the protagonist is The only thing I can think of is if Paris Hilton had obtained supernatural powers Disappointing.

    25. I was really excited about reading this book Within the first chapter, I realized that it was identical to another book I read by Robyn Peterman Switching hours The same names where used for the characters I don t know who wrote the book first and I am upset that I paid for this book I decided that I could not finish it.

    26. My fav line Oh, and nice pants Did MC Hammer have a garage sale this weekend and I missed it I loved all the 80s stuff in the book because it just rocked This was a great story to read I read it in one sitting There is love and steam but it had other stuff toodrama, action, mystery.

    27. Interesting and light read Girl meet guy she falls in lust had hot woozit woo with guy who didn t call back She feels slighted She goes on a criminal rampage due to her fear of rejection and ended up in jail Well read the rest of the story.

    28. Three stars is a bit generous It wasn t nearly as witty and funny as American Werewolf in Hoboken Once she got to Paris, it was utterly predictable The characters were endearing though And, I m a sucker for a HEA That was about all that saved this one for me It was also free

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