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Mobile Suit Gundam: The ORIGIN, Volume 12: Encounters #2020

Mobile Suit Gundam The ORIGIN Volume Encounters None

  • Title: Mobile Suit Gundam: The ORIGIN, Volume 12: Encounters
  • Author: Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Yoshiyuki Tomino Hajime Yatate
  • ISBN: 9781941220474
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: The ORIGIN, Volume 12: Encounters By Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Yoshiyuki Tomino Hajime Yatate, None

    • BEST E-Book "è Mobile Suit Gundam: The ORIGIN, Volume 12: Encounters" || READ (AZW) ☆
      392 Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Yoshiyuki Tomino Hajime Yatate
    • thumbnail Title: BEST E-Book "è Mobile Suit Gundam: The ORIGIN, Volume 12: Encounters" || READ (AZW) ☆
      Posted by:Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Yoshiyuki Tomino Hajime Yatate
      Published :2020-05-25T12:02:29+00:00

    1 thought on “Mobile Suit Gundam: The ORIGIN, Volume 12: Encounters

    1. At last, the final volume of Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin Usually it s been taking me 2 3 days to just finish one of these volumes but man, that two volume finale was so amazing I had to binge both in one day I m talking about volumes 11 12 The final duel between Amuro and Char was everything it should have been long, emotional, and suspenseful to the very end The final scenes were quite emotional too It was finally the end of the One Year War It took me about a month or two to read this whole [...]

    2. As a Gundam fan this series was everything I wanted it to be The animation is incredible and the story seemed to be way detailed than what I remember from the original anime show I m satisfied giving this series five stars.

    3. Very good, but it felt a little weird, like the story was mostly epilogue You do get Char and Amuro s sword duel in this volume, but that felt anticlimactic to me after all the raging mobile suit battles.YOu get some extra side story type material that expands the story, and gives a glimpse of the characters in the time after the One Year War Which is fine, but it wasn t anything that knocked my socks off It was mainly what I expected Sayla playing polo was kind of hilarious, I thought.

    4. UmmmmahI m still not entirely clear on the whole newtype thing, but Casval went off the rails Like from charming asshole in a mask to dude, what the fuck is wrong with you in about two seconds Still, glad I was able to finish the series and play in that universe for a while.

    5. A good way to end out the series The author continues to demonstrate his mastery of narrative form, and to draw some truly wonderful artwork along the way The plot points are interesting than those of the story of which this is a retelling, giving the characters better motivations and coherent personalities their actions are driven by their personalities than by the requirements of the narrative Further, there are three bonus stories at the end one is a prequel while the other two are like e [...]

    6. What a fantastic way to end the series While it had a similar ending as the anime, it was great to see the additions that Yasuhiko added throughout the story I also really loved the bonus chapters which focus around Amuro, Casval, and Artesia If you re a big fan of the Gundam series, and want a fresh retelling that gets into all the fun character details that the series just doesn t have, this is the manga for you

    7. The conclusion to this collection doesn t disappoint The first half of the volume covers the finale of the battle of A Baoa Qu while the second consists of three side stories One depicts the birth of Casval Char while the other two catch us up with many of the crew of the White Base two and three years after the One Year War.Overall, this was a great retelling of the original Gundam story, the flashbacks really fleshing out the story from the Zeon side.

    8. And with this volume, I have officially finished my first Gundam series It s really good, but I kinda wanted closure regarding all the characters and such, although I bet that s already covered by the likes of the other Gundam shows, huh Either way, I recommend this series to all fans of Gundam, new and old, and possibly to fans of anyone seeking either a terrific sci fi series or a war story, as everything about this series is essentially how people deal with war.

    9. I ve been reading the series for awhile and even though I knew the story was tying itself up, I wasn t ready for it to end The art was amazing I was really captured with the characters by the end, too There are a few bonus stories with some of the characters, an epilogue of sorts that finishes up nicely Thanks for being a awesome series Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin GUNDAMUUU

    10. A great ending to the original series, it wraps up Sayla, Amuro and Char s troubles at Al Boa Qu It s even better that the original Anime version It comes with bonus stories regarding Char, Sayla and Amuro They add nicely the main story.It was a great ride, too bad it has ended.

    11. This is a really impressive conclusion to the series, both in terms of the final chapters of the story proper, and the three side stories two of which are set between the original series and Zeta.

    12. Fantastic finish to the retelling of an amazing story Vertical did an amazing job reproducing this series for English speaking folks I highly recommend it to Gundam, Mecha, and space opera fans.

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