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10-lb. Penalty #2020

lb Penalty A New York Times bestseller by Dick Francis Okay we know it s not exactly a big surprise After all Francis is one of the most reliable mystery writers working today Detroit News and Free Press and m

  • Title: 10-lb. Penalty
  • Author: Dick Francis
  • ISBN: 9780515123470
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
  • 10-lb. Penalty By Dick Francis, A New York Times bestseller by Dick Francis Okay, we know it s not exactly a big surprise After all, Francis is one of the most reliable mystery writers working today Detroit News and Free Press and mystery s Gibraltar Chicago Sun Times who is depended upon not only for his suspenseful, literate stories but also for his outstanding popularity among readers WA New York Times bestseller by Dick Francis Okay, we know it s not exactly a big surprise After all, Francis is one of the most reliable mystery writers working today Detroit News and Free Press and mystery s Gibraltar Chicago Sun Times who is depended upon not only for his suspenseful, literate stories but also for his outstanding popularity among readers With this book, Francis remains in top form as he offers a compelling story of a father and son, working together to defeat a deadly adversary and learning that politics can be the most dangerous horse race of all

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    1. What is there to say about Dick Francis As I think about all of his books yes, this review covers all of his books, and yes I ve read them all I think about a moral ethical hero, steeped in intelligence and goodness embroiled in evil machinations within British horse racing society either directly or indirectly The heroes aren t always horse jockies, they can be film producers, or involve heroes engaged in peripheral professions that somehow always touch the horse racing world.But than that, Fr [...]

    2. 14 Feb 199826 Nov 199819 Sep 2016Saturday was the fall library booksale I had to pick up some holds and check them out at the front desk, so the girls got to hunting The self scanner was down, and there were lines for the librarians so it took me a few minutes to get back to the sale room I walked in and they immediately started handing me things they knew I would want, and pointing out where other things like Dick Francis hardcovers were I picked up several delightful finds, but of my haul, onl [...]

    3. This review is from my POV as an author, so easily skip over it if you will Unlike most of Dick Francis novels, the action in 10 lb Penalty spans years rather than weeks and months This is of interest when you consider story structure In other of his novels, say Reflex for instance, the plot is linear and uninterrupted by passages of time Ageing jockey mid 30s falls off a horse and begins to consider what to do with the rest of his life There are twin, intertwined plots, the one dealing with fam [...]

    4. I love all of Dick Francis s books He died a few years ago and his son Felix has taken over writing I think he s doing pretty well This was written by Dick himself several years ago, and I m not sure how I missed it Seventeen year old Ben who s into steeplechase is asked by his father to help him run for parliamentary office Lots of info about how elections work in England as well as info about horseracing insurance companies The characters are what make Francis s books so wonderful and he doesn [...]

    5. Racing related thrillers Ben Juliard, plans to spend his gap year as an amateur steeplechase jockey His benevolent but disapproving father, George, arranges for Ben to be fired, however, to help him win a by election to replace a deceased member of Parliament George has designs on Disraeli s greasy pole and wants Ben to be a sort of substitute wife To come with me in public To be terribly nice to people Despite determined enemies the ambitious widow of the dead legislator, her eminence grise adv [...]

    6. Such a refreshing read To begin, I found this book slightly hard to get into I struggled to get into a groove reading this.But after the first initial chapters of setting the plot and introducing the characters, boy, was this a good book I found myself thinking about the various suspects and ways that this book may end even when I was not reading the book I ve read a few Dick Francis novels prior to 10 lb Penalty I must say, this was not what I thought it would be My favorite part was the change [...]

    7. This was a bit of a departure for Francis, in that it was of a political thriller than a mystery set in the racing world Racing was only very peripherally involved, but it was a delight The hero is an unlikely 18 who grows to be 22 during course the book very bright young man who figures out who is trying to kill his father It was delightful and entertaining, one of the best of Francis s work.

    8. Mi a pl cut, u or de citit, personaje pozitive u or de ndr git, Polly cea prost mbr cat i machiat , at t de istea , fiul ce face totul pentru tata, un politician integru i nu mi am pus problem cine e cel ce ncerca s omoare politicianul nici nu mi a p sat, eu urm ream restul pove tii.

    9. I doubt any mystery reader has to be introduced to Dick Francis, so I suppose it could be enough to say that this is another solid book from a master 10 LB PENALTY has perhaps somewhat less mystery than many of Francis titles I d call it suspense, myself but has the likable, ingenious, and self effacing hero that Francis fans of which I have been numbered for many, many years have come to expect Ben does not, however, seem like a typical 17 year old to me I particularly enjoyed the growing relat [...]

    10. This was one of those story s where if you like a story that s happing in the moment this won t be for you The story is told over an extended period of time The action is stretched out and if you re gripped into it by chapter 3 your probably not going to I was pleased by the book It had some high morals like, never give up I cared about the characters.I easily foreshadowed who the guilty party was Usually, that would bug me, but the way it was written for story structure made the story thrillin [...]

    11. An old reliable 17 year old Benedict Juliard, true to Dick Francis classic prototype, is wise beyond his years, cool under pressure, and honorable where others submit to temptation Ben is recruited by his somewhat distant father another oft seen character to be present while he runs for office For Ben it means giving up his dream of being a steeplechase jockey Someone is trying to keep the elder Juliard from winning and Ben is out to figure out who it is The first part of the book was fast paced [...]

    12. After reading quite a few of Dick Francis books and with the pattern well established this one book came as a bit of a surprise, but sadly not in the positive way It is like he is trying a new approach and it doesn t work Don t get me wrong, ninety percent is still the same trusted pattern, but there are strange gaps in the story, tens of pages where there is nothing exciting going on even in the background, and the narrator is suddenly somewhat outside the main story rather than in it Further p [...]

    13. This is one of my favorite Dick Francis books I own the paperback a bit faded and now have the Kindle edition It deals with the son of a successful wealthy man running for Parliament The son aspired to be a jockey but has to come to terms with the fact that he is not good enough He is able to help his father s campaign and deal with various threats to his father s life I always enjoy what I learn from the backgrounds in Dick Francis mysteries and this is especially interesting because of what I [...]

    14. An excellent read Shorter then some of the other books of his that I ve read, and this one wasn t as detailed either Also you could tell by the first couple of chapters who the guilty party is I did learn some new words for my vocabulary, and didn t realize that there was a word for such things as well A good book for those who are just starting to read Dick Francis After this one they can move on to the broader and detailed novels by him.

    15. I never read a Dick Francis book I didn t like This book is concerned with politics than horse racing and the jockey is strictly amateur and now and then The main characters, a father the one in politics and son are likeable There is no sex or foul language and it s a quick read.

    16. There wasn t really much of a flow in the story If feels flat for the most of the book, with readers being dragged by the author s reputation, at least in my case.

    17. I love Dick Francis Even , I love Tony Britton reading Dick Francis After a horrible day I started this book, pulled an all nighter, and read it in one glorious session.This was an unusual book in some ways, while following the tried and trusted Francis formula in others Here we have, as always, the first person narrative, the likeable, ever so slightly vulnerable male main character, menacing baddies and, a touch I always like to see, a nice woman with plenty of character, though thank goodness [...]

    18. I have yet to read a Dick Francis that disappointed or unsettled me This one lived up to his excellent reputation.Ben Juliard is set to become a jockey He has a job in the industry, and he has the desire and motivation to make it happen But he is falsely accused of using drugs, and the stable owner summarily cuts him off and fires him despite his protestations and remonstrances.But there s perhaps to the false accusation than he originally believed It turns out that his dad needed him to help h [...]

    19. I liked it well enough, though it seemed far fetched in several places and isn t as gripping as some of his other works Still, I didn t put it down until I was done, and it kept me guessing most of the way Solid read.

    20. Didn t get past the first few pages Took an instant dislike to the characters and found the introductory story way too far fetched that I couldn t take the plot seriously Disappointing.

    21. I d vote for George Julliard any day Any politician who passes on slinging mud at his opponent deserves a medal This is the first book involving any form of politics I ve picked up in a while I needed a break from the doom and gloom of real world politics and imaginary lands sleaze and was glad to find Dick Francis characters much likeable than those I read about in the newspaper.Despite the distance between father and son, I found George to be a fair minded and genuinely warm person And even t [...]

    22. Seventeen year old Ben Juliard is pulled away from jockey training to help his father George campaign in his first by election George has obstacles to overcome by way of a popular opponent and the wife of the deceased politician George is replacing Ben soon discovers that the father he s really never known is actually a charismatic and gifted speaker who presents a serious challenge to the opponent Someone else realizes this too, given that George is shot at, his car tampered with, and his headq [...]

    23. Dick Francis mysteries have a quality to them that s difficult to explain There s nothing jarring about them, even when something surprising happens They re generally all business, with no pesky romantic subplots to detract from what s going on And they always have something to do with horse racing, even tangentially.In this case, the tie to horse racing is Ben, who would like nothing than to be a professional jockey Unfortunately, he s just a little too large for the professional world, and la [...]

    24. I like most of Francis novels, and this was no exception I managed to find I 10 LB Penalty I one of two books I needed to complete my collection of Francis horseracing novels , and I enjoyed it The young hero, son of a MP and perhaps future Prime Minister of Britain, takes on the daunting task of trying to protect his father from an assassin It means giving up his dream of becoming a professional jockey, but his dad does get him a racehorse he can ride as an amateur There is enough suspense leve [...]

    25. Read full review thereandtheir 2016 07 18 The book has a perfect amalgamation of horse racing and politics, although completely different worlds, the author does a wonderful job creating a story set in both.This is the first Dick Francis novel that I read and found it to be an excellent read The characters are real, and you find yourself empathizing with the main character, Benedict All young Benedict wants to do is become a Jockey But, his father s political agenda puts an end to his dreams His [...]

    26. Looking back after ten or so Francis books, this is possibly one of my favourites so far, because it manages to have many of the hallmarks preternaturally grown up and competent narrator while also being quite a departure in structure and arc.This one starts with a mystery as expected, but the solving of it is almost an afterthought by the end of the book as it takes you on a journey behind the scenes of an unusual father son relationship over the years against the backdrop of English politics T [...]

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