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Rose Gardner Mystery Box Set #2 #2020

Rose Gardner Mystery Box Set Box set of the second Rose Gardner Mystery trilogy a New York Times and USA Today bestselling series by Denise Grover Swank The box set includes THIRTY ONE AND A HALF REGRETS When Daniel Crocker es

  • Title: Rose Gardner Mystery Box Set #2
  • Author: Denise Grover Swank
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rose Gardner Mystery Box Set #2 By Denise Grover Swank, Box set of the second Rose Gardner Mystery trilogy, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling series by Denise Grover Swank The box set includes THIRTY ONE AND A HALF REGRETS 4 When Daniel Crocker escapes from prison, he has one thing in mind revenge Mason Deveraux, Fenton County ADA is determined to protect Rose, at any cost THIRTY TWO AND A HALF COMPLICATIONS Box set of the second Rose Gardner Mystery trilogy, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling series by Denise Grover Swank The box set includes THIRTY ONE AND A HALF REGRETS 4 When Daniel Crocker escapes from prison, he has one thing in mind revenge Mason Deveraux, Fenton County ADA is determined to protect Rose, at any cost THIRTY TWO AND A HALF COMPLICATIONS 5 Rose s nursery is about to fold after a huge cash deposit is stolen in a bank robbery When the investigation by Joe, her ex boyfriend and new chief deputy sheriff, hits a dead end, Rose decides to take matters into her own hands PICKING UP THE PIECES novella 5.5 Rose is reeling from news from Joe s ex girlfriend, she s busy putting her business back together while dealing with the fallout from the Lady in Black ncludes POVs from Joe, Mason, Violet, and Bruce Wayne THIRTY THREE AND A HALF SHENANIGANS 6 When Neely Kate s cousin goes missing, she convinces Rose to help find her In the meantime, Rose is dealing with her agreement with the new Fenton County crime lord, all while keeping it from her ADA boyfriend While each book can be read as a standalone, it is recommended that you read the first three Rose Gardner Mysteries before beginning the second box set.

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      415 Denise Grover Swank
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    1. Regrets, complications, pieces, shenanigans.enter the lady in black.Rose has grown so much since book 1 and her Walmart list So amazing to see the confident woman she has become since 28 and 1 2 She knows what she wants and she is sticking by it Rose doesn t let people push her around, friend or foe Her relationships with family, men, the communityHer plate is full You will not be disappointed in this second box set series You will finish and still want Enjoy

    2. Rose Gardner Mystery Box Set 2I ll recap up here and give a brief description after each book Overall rating is at the end.Book 4 Thirty One and a Half Regrets Another list in this one is about regrets Rose has comes in the last third of the end of the book In this one, Mason starts to be the character I can t stand, but Rose is not as fun to read any either She becomes a rather shallow character in this book, and the author has re written all the characters to being so completely different than [...]

    3. Finally the second volume is here I have reviewed each of the titles individually and I ve listed those below I m so glad this is available in a collection The most recent novella Ripple of Secrets is not includedIRTY ONE AND A HALF REGRETS spoiler alert Rose s life is a little chaotic, don t you think Would you have it any other way I LOVE this book yeah, it didn t take a vision from Rose to figure that one out 1 Pruitt, you re still a good guy Let s be friends.2 Is it just me or does Violet ke [...]

    4. The second Rose Gardner Mystery box set includes 3 full length novels and 1 novella.First Rose is in danger when Daniel Crocker breaks out of prison Mason does everything he can to keep her safe even as they run for their lives.Then Rose tries to save her business after her money is stolen in a bank robbery She makes a deal with criminal Skeeter Malcom to help him and get her money back.In the novella we get to see the povs from different characters and see how Joe is dealing with the news from [...]

    5. Everyone who s anyone needs this series in their life I mean c mon the first book is free so no loss if for whatever reason it s not for you but who are we kidding and then when you re pulled in by the mayhem that is Henryetta you can pick up the rest of the series It has it all, a little romance, a lot of comedy, some mystery and suspense too This is an awesome book series I flew right through them because I could not put them down Pick them up if you love a good crime partner series that will [...]

    6. Awesome BooksI love Rose and Neely Kate They are different but work together so well as best friends Each have different skills that compliment their ability to solve mysteries And each of the ladies are so much than they appear to be on the surface The mysteries are getting complex and challenge the team on a personal and professional basis Great series.

    7. 31 This is by far my favorite book in the Rose Gardner mysteries Rose is slowly moving on, Joe is running for state senate, and Daniel Crocker is on the loose Watching Rose and Mason begin their relationship is sweet the events leading up to their first date are movie worthy , and Rose confronts the truth about her birth mother and the assets left to her The last third of the book is intense, thrilling and fast paced, and you will be unable to put the book down.32 As usual, trouble follows Rose [...]

    8. It doesn t get better than a Denise Grover Swank collection Whether you re new to the Rose Gardner Mystery series quick, make sure you download volume 1 , or you re buying the collections to complete your DGS e book collection, this collection is full of Rose on an epic level Thirty One and a Half Regrets brings David Crocker back into Rose s life determined to finish what he started Mason is determined to protect her no matter the costs even if it means going on the run Thirty Two and a Half Co [...]

    9. 31.5 Regrets The newest instalment for Rose and her endearing life in Arkansas As her and Mason s relationship develops along comes Joe to shake it all up again with a peppering of mystery to solve along the way Bring on book 5 for the complications 32.5 Complications This is the 5th book in the series and once again I couldn t put the book down once starting The story continues with Rose and Mason together as a strong unit with Joe Simmons living and working in Henryetta and trying with all his [...]

    10. Rose Gardner may not be the smartest, the toughest, or the most beautiful literary heroine, but she has an amazing attitude and outlook on life when she s given the sh t end of the stick The Rose Gardner that starts out in 28 and a Half Wishes is not the same Rose Gardner that is portrayed in Thirty Three and a Half Shenanigans She grows, matures, and comes into her own over the course of these books She learns a lot about life and death and uncovers many secrets along the way She is a great per [...]

    11. Box sets for the win This box set picks up where box set 1 ends Having books 4 6 together is a great way to continue with the series To me, box set 1 was a great first chapter in Rose s life story This box set is a new chapter and new direction for her life Life does not move in a straight line There are many zigs, zags, forwards, backwards and just plain stoppage The books in this set allows us to see the many twists and turns in Rose s life and in the lives of her friends and enemies Each of t [...]

    12. These are the 4th, 5th, and 6th book in the Rose Gardner Mystery series written by Denise Grover Swank I wouldn t read these before reading the books in box set 1 This series continues to warm our hearts as we fall in love with Rose Rose does a lot of growing in these books, and does whatever she can to protect the ones she loves even her sister who has been less than pleasant for the past couple of months In addition to everything going on, Rose does a lot of exploring of her biological mother [...]

    13. The Rose Gardner Mysteries are my favourite all time series Besides the fact that Denise Grover Swank is my go to author when I need a great book, this series picks me up, makes me laugh, at times a little cry and importantly makes me so happy Rose is not your typical mystery solver, she isn t a cop or detective or even a P.I but solve mysteries she does Even when she is not expecting it She has some great friends to help her along the way and a very helpful ADA with Mason and Sheriff with Joe [...]

    14. Outstanding This book was amazing I did not want to put it down It was catchy and suspenseful Loved it so much

    15. This is my all time favorite series I ve got the first book free without reading any sinopsis or reviews and I didn t know what to expect I m so glad I did it because I fell in love with Rose and I fell in love with author In every book of this series, Rose s life has been full of love, friendship ,laughter ,loss, chaos, danger In every book the situation becomes intense, dangerous, it kept me captured from first page All I can say is AMAZING I ve got to love and hate characters which are so re [...]

    16. This is one of the best series out there This box sets continues Rose s life journey that was started in Box Set 1 Each book sees Rose get into trouble, but it is this trouble that slowly but surely changes her life Each issue and problem leads her to discovering who she is and what she really wants out of life.You will have enjoy watching Rose navigate the minefield that is her love life You will enjoy the blossoming friendship she has with Neely Kate and you will love as Rose collects and ou [...]

    17. I am telling you, this serious only gets better I have read so many series where by book 3 I am just begging the author to end it This is not the case I will actually be really sad when this all ends Rose continues to try and figure out how to manage her love life, the continued pressures of being the Lady in Black, being under the thumb and threat of her ex boyfriends father, and trying to solve the mystery of her own pastl while dealing with the murder, mayhem and chaos that is Fenton County A [...]

    18. I love this series so much Denise is an amazing author and really knows how to pull you into every single book she writes I downloaded these books on my kindle app but had to get them all in paperback as well because I loved them so much If you need a new book series to read I definitely recommend these books I reread these books than I try to read new books because they are so good Every time I read again I find little details that I missed the last time and I end up getting so much from the [...]

    19. The second Rose Gardner Mystery Box Set is a great deal and a great way to read books 4, 5, 5.5, and 6 I absolutely love this series and each book just gets better and better I find myself growing to like some of the characters while increasingly disliking other characters I also like this box set so that I can see the continuous growth of Rose and read about her becoming a stronger and independent woman I love the mystery in each story and the romance and humor just add to each of the books in [...]

    20. This is the 2nd box set for Rose, so before you start it make sure you read box set 1 first This box set starts off with Rose trying to work through her heart break, and she s find a lot of support along the way Life is not easy for Rose The man who murdered her Mama escape from prison and his coming for her Then she sister makes bad business choices, but it s Rose who must save her business Let s not forget Joe and the trouble he s causing her Is Rose strong enough to endure it all These books [...]

    21. My all time favorite series I can t get enough of Rose This series will draw you in from book one and keep you turning the page until your caught up with the series Then you will be in withdrawal waiting for the next book to be released The series is humorous, heartwarming and emotional Denise is an excellent writer and has a way of have making the characters real to you You will obsess over this series, trust me I know from experience I highly recommend her books to everyone Make sure you start [...]

    22. Boxed Set 2 is finally here If you love a good mystery you will be sure to find it with the Rose Gardner Mysteries This set continues to follow the crazy life of Rose Gardner and her relationships with those that come and go in her life Some are good and some are bad Denise Grover Swank weaves a tale that will have you laughing Rose s adventures and crying in yet another passage in her books You never know what you will get With this series you can read it again and again and still find somethin [...]

    23. This is the second book set in this amazing series These books and novellas follow through the storyline perfectly No confusion between books Will keep you enthralled and wanting You will cry and laugh so much through out this series as there is a lot of heartache and humour The character s and storyline keep you captivated and wanting .The writing is amazing and the character developments are great A must read as will not be disappointed.

    24. For those of you who have been wanting to complete their collection of the Rose Gardner stories This is it Oh, DGS and Rose have come a long ways from the little innocent Rose when we first met her in Twenty eight and half wishes I absolutely love this series Denise does a great job at making the reader feel like we really know these characters and are really there along their crazy shenanigans.

    25. This set of books should be read after the first box set or after 30 1 2 Excuses because they are the continuation of a fabulous series This is my favorite series by one of my favorite authors I cannot recommend it enough By this point in the series I was so completely hooked I couldn t wait to pick up the next book and immerse myself in the scandalous town of Henryetta Seriously, this would make a great movie or TV show.

    26. Fabulous series in a neat package part 2, I love the Rose Gardner series of books and it is so nice to have a box set, which includes the novellas This is a great series there is suspense, humor, romance, and mystery Denise has a way of writing that makes the characters really come alive I purchased all the books individually for iBooks, but I enjoyed them so much I purchased the box sets when I got a Kindle.

    27. If you re reading this, then I will assume that you ve made it through Box Set 1 if you re like me, then you probably took about a week to read the first set, and couldn t wait to get on to the next title These books are impossible to put down once you ve started The characters come to life, and become personally connected to you Denise writes in such a way that I can t help but be totally addicted to each one

    28. Anyone who loves a good mystery, some laughter, and definitely the unexpected won t want to miss this great Box Set, Volume 2 of the Rose Gardner Mysteries This set continues to follow the life of Rose Gardner and her relationships with those you ve met before and usually a new one or two thrown in No one can write these exciting books like Denise Grover Swank does Each book just gets better as Rose continues to grow and develop in the community I promise you won t want to miss this set

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