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I'm Not Dead: The Journals of Charles Dudley #2020

I m Not Dead The Journals of Charles Dudley On November th a deadly storm transforms the landscape of New York City and the lives of its civilians The island of Manhattan is under martial law Neighboring boroughs are isolated without power o

  • Title: I'm Not Dead: The Journals of Charles Dudley
  • Author: Artie Cabrera
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I'm Not Dead: The Journals of Charles Dudley By Artie Cabrera, On November 24th, a deadly storm transforms the landscape of New York City and the lives of its civilians The island of Manhattan is under martial law Neighboring boroughs are isolated without power or communication with the outside world.Charles Dudley, a survivor, writes this intimate and disturbing account about personal demons and deadly encounters with treacherous cOn November 24th, a deadly storm transforms the landscape of New York City and the lives of its civilians The island of Manhattan is under martial law Neighboring boroughs are isolated without power or communication with the outside world.Charles Dudley, a survivor, writes this intimate and disturbing account about personal demons and deadly encounters with treacherous citizens, predatory humanoids, and extraordinary creatures in this End of Days memoir Mature Audience 17

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    1 thought on “I'm Not Dead: The Journals of Charles Dudley

    1. I loved this book in a lot of different ways I think it would be best for me to break this down into categories.StoryThis is a hit the ground running story You start off in a sprint and learn the details as you go Because of this you re on the edge of your seat the whole time as you piece together the facts through the eyes and journal entries of Charles Dudley If I can offer any advice, it s this assume nothing This is not your typical zombie monster supernatural thriller Just strap in, hold on [...]

    2. I read this book a few weeks ago and I ve been debating whether or not to write a review As an author myself, I would love to get nothing but 5 stars every time but I also appreciate honest reviews with solid criticism Since I know Artie a little bit I wasn t sure if I wanted to leave a review at all, but here it is.As an over all story, it didn t do it for me For whatever reason, I m Not Dead didn t have that intangible quality that keeps me turning pages long after I intended to take a break I [...]

    3. I got than I bargained for, and that s a good thing I thought I was getting zombie apocalypse, but that wasn t it at all This was much scary than any piddling zombie apocalypse.While I read this book, things were going bump in the night The roar of a rainstorm was the howl of a nightmarish beast outside my window The scratch of a twig on the stucco conjured visions of thorns and hooks covering the carapace and limbs of someone who used to be my neighbor.After I read this book, the lights behin [...]

    4. The first thing that I will tell a potential reader is that this book is not for the individual who is easily offended by profanity However, if profanity either does not bother you or if you can take it for what it is and let it build the character as he was meant to be portrayed, then you are in for a great ride.As you may gather by the title, this is in a journal format With this in mind, do not expect to get your traditional story Do not expect to discover why things are the way they are For [...]

    5. First things first This novel does contain quite a bit of language, some descriptive sexual scenes and some of the goriest slaughters of a human corpse that I have ever seen So, if you are not a fan of the aforementioned, I feel sorry you You are missing out on a brilliant piece of literature Cabrera really nails it with this debut novel The novel is written in a journal format, seriously Don t let the title fool you Charles Dudley takes us on a journey, reliving his awful past and trying to fig [...]

    6. Trying to figure out how to write this review took a lot of thought I m Not Dead The Journals of Charles Dudley is difficult to review, because reviews by nature are comparative, and I have never read anything like this before The closest thing for me to compare this to is Richard Matheson s I am Legend, which is one of my all time favorites I m Not Dead, however has a much real and identifiable feel to it It is written the way my brain works, meaning it can sound fancy when it wants to, but mo [...]

    7. Unconventional, Raw, and DisturbingHugh Howey, author of Wool, said it best during a Guardian Books podcast, If you stick with what s in the bookstores and what the publishers are giving you, there is a chance that you ll find what you re used to If you go exploring and you read the samples and you listen to the people curating these wonderful indie voices, you re gonna find unbelievable books that are different from anything else out there It s never been a better time to be a reader I couldn t [...]

    8. Side Effects is a great addition to the Dudley tale so artfully spewed upon us in the not so distant past by Mr Cabrera It s contents, not unlike that of a Deviant s intestinal tract, provide us with what it surely must be like to go from hunky dory and peachy keen to, well, an all out crap shoot in the blink of an eye Cabrera continues to write in a raw and enthralling manner This was a pretty short and thus quick read I can see it becoming a part of the I m Not Dead book itself rather than sta [...]

    9. I found this book to be highly unusual The story is a combination of apocalyptic fiction and horror, told mostly through the journal entries of the main character, Charles Dudley There are a few other scenes that give the reader a couple of clues about the possible origin of the disaster.Charlie has no clue, however, and is simply living the disaster as it unfolds His journal writing is therapy, begun long before trouble arrives It s not written for an audience, and so is not telling a neatly or [...]

    10. Since I typically like disaster, post apocalyptic, zombieful type books, I thought I might enjoy I m Not Dead, The Journals of Charles Dudley, by Artie Cabrera I was right, I did enjoy it, but was pleasantly surprised to find I absolutely loved it What a fun read This book was truly a wild ride It snagged me from the first page, and was impossible to put down It is written in a journal style, and it s like reading many little short stories, each with a clever title Artie paints a great picture w [...]

    11. In all fairness I read this book in a state of sleep deprived haze, which might have affected my judgment I didn t really enjoy this book all that much I appreciated the writing, which was exceptionally good when it came to character development in particular I appreciated the fact that the author tried to do something newish which at this point is often than not is really just a spin on or a combination off various other genre creations with the whole apocalyptic zombielike situation What I di [...]

    12. This review is from I M NOT DEAD The Journals of Charles Dudley Vol.1 Kindle Edition I downloaded this book for two reasons First, it had an awesome cover Second, it kept showing up in my facebook feed, so i followed the orders from the universe and bought it It s only 3 bucks, what the heck Then it sat on my kindle for a week or two I have read so much zombie stuff I was kind of sick of it, especially the journal format They all seemed to follow the same trajectory after awhile This book is not [...]

    13. The beginning of Charles Dudley s story is here in Side Effects If you have not yet read I m Not Dead, you could start with this short book, or read book one first The timeline in Charles story is a fluid one Side Effects expands on the first few days of the disastrous circumstances that Charlie finds himself dealing with He learns quickly that the situation is not temporary, help is not forthcoming, and the unexpected is around every corner Most importantly, he has to begin to accept that he ca [...]

    14. Another great though short effort from Artie Cabrera We get a little background in to what was happening in Charles Dudley s world right after the day We see him chumming around with Jerry, and generally trying to get a fix on what the H E double hockey sticks is going on around him Just like before, Cabrera s writing is solid, and takes you immediately from where you are sitting, right in to the story I ve got to say, I m a fan of Charles He s got some skeletons rattling around in his closet o [...]

    15. Side Effects was a short, yet gripping addition to the story of Charles Dudley I read through it in one sitting, and thoroughly enjoyed it If you have read I m Not Dead, this is a must read It explains what happened in the first few days after the event and gives a little foreshadowing into what is coming in the sequel I can t wait for , and if you don t mind a little read a whole s load vulgarity, Artie Cabrera s work is something you don t want to miss He spins a story like Stephen King on a [...]

    16. We don t know what happened to cause the problems, but some people have become Deviants, most are simply dead and our hero is separated from his wife and really missing her and his daughter He is in NYC and tried to leave at one point but the army police wouldn t let him leave He s faced with one dark, horrible thing after another This book was so dark it was depressing to me It s all written as a diary or journal I had a hard time finishing it I have to say it is simply not my kind of book, tho [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this book It was recommended to me by a friend with the warning that it wasn t for the faint of heart, or someone who minded strong language Neither of these swayed me and I was intrigued by the concept of it being written in a journal style The story, told through the journal entries of Charles Dudley in the aftermath of some apocalyptic events, quickly sucked me in and didn t let go I m certainly looking forward to the next installment which I understand is in the works.

    18. Weird.If the plot thickened any it would be like treacle Charlie s small part of the world ends and he writes it all down in his journal People are lost, others are found, and others turn into strange creatures There are weird plants, even weirder animals and a maze of crazy situations for Charlie to overcome Bizarre, funny, gruesome, this is a really good book

    19. It was an ok read Characters were well thought out and interesting Storyline interesting and unique but to tell the truth it rather lost me at the end I m glad I read it but I don t know if I would recommend it.

    20. This was a surprise for me I usually want nothing to do with anything zombie, because it is all the same Zombie chose scenes, brain eating and gratuitous gore, cannibal humans and zombie chase scenes This was an actual story, with characters that you come to care about even in a story this short with some mystery thrown in There s even drama and a little comedy I can only home Charles Dudley releases of his journalsd soon Hint hint

    21. Diary of a dying man, who does not die, but is dead inside.First I have to say I m not a fan of cursing, if that is something that offends you then beware this book That is the single reason I didn t give it 5 stars.This story, Charlie s life story wrapped in his death story, just about did me in There was potential for love from his mother, his brother, his wife and daughter, but like a bonsai tender Charlie is always shaping, trimming, cutting away at those outstretched limbs Not that he consc [...]

    22. SO realI was stunned Artie has made me laugh and cry throughout the first of Charles Dudley s journals His work is so finely tuned, Charlie becomes human In fact, I suspect there are than a little blood, sweat and tears in this story And the shock near the end Holy cow You need to read this It is well worth your time In many ways, I didn t just feel like I was reading a story I was a living a life.

    23. Wow This writer is a talent unlike any I ve encountered His writing evoked a myriad of emotions from me shock, amazement, fear, revulsion, humor, and admiration Author Artie Cabrera has written a highly original view of a dystopian future filled with terror, isolation, and what the writer refers to as Deviants The Deviants are a type of zombie I tend to avoid zombie stories, but this is so much than the typical I want your brains plot line.This book is formatted as the diary of a survivor, Char [...]

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