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The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage, and My Family #2020

The Commitment Love Sex Marriage and My Family In a time when much of the country sees red whenever the subject of gay marriage comes up Dan Savage outspoken author of the column Savage Love makes it personal Dan Savage s mother wants him to get

  • Title: The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage, and My Family
  • Author: Dan Savage
  • ISBN: 9780452287631
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage, and My Family By Dan Savage, In a time when much of the country sees red whenever the subject of gay marriage comes up, Dan Savage outspoken author of the column Savage Love makes it personal Dan Savage s mother wants him to get married His boyfriend, Terry, says no thanks because he doesn t want to act like a straight person Their six year old son DJ says his two dads aren t allowed to getIn a time when much of the country sees red whenever the subject of gay marriage comes up, Dan Savage outspoken author of the column Savage Love makes it personal Dan Savage s mother wants him to get married His boyfriend, Terry, says no thanks because he doesn t want to act like a straight person Their six year old son DJ says his two dads aren t allowed to get married, but that he d like to come to the reception and eat cake Throw into the mix Dan s straight siblings, whose varied choices form a microcosm of how Americans are approaching marriage these days, and you get a rollicking family memoir that will have everyone gay or straight, right or left, single or married howling with laughter and rethinking their notions of marriage and all it entails BACKCOVER Hilarious, heartfelt Seattle Post Intelligencer As funny as David Sedaris s essay collections, but bawdier and thought provoking Publisher s Weekly starred review Most of all, a book about creating and appreciating family Seattle Times I think America would be a better place if everyone on every side of the gay marriage debate would read this book Ira Glass, host of the public radio show This American Life The strongest argument here, which Savage brilliantly plays down, is that family means everything to these people married, not married, blended, gay, straight, whatever The Washington Post

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    1 thought on “The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage, and My Family

    1. I am getting married in a little over a month I am fortunately able to do this, because I am a heterosexual If I was not, my attempt to enter into a legally binding, stable relationship with my significant other would apparently rock the very foundations of the institution, and possibly turn a bunch of small, innocent children into drag queens, like some kind of ray gun.Dan Savage, famous syndicated sexual advice columnist and now ber famous homosexual either is or is not married to his long tim [...]

    2. Two gays in committed relationships don t want to get married because they don t want to act straight What follows are laugh out loud adventures of those two homos as they navigate through life and parenthood while trying to avoid their large republican conservative families And they have a gay dog whose original name was Pee R

    3. If you, like me, are wondering what the heck the deal is with marriage and traditional values and staying together forever and how politics, love and law intertwine well then, this book is probably for you Part memoir, part politics, Dan Savage is his usual fun and hilarious self in this book He also makes some great, occasionally cutting points, especially in his Borrowed and Blue chapters Shit I stole The Gay Lifestyle for my straight self Think about the way many straight people live today Af [...]

    4. Oh man this one was good too In this book, Dan Savage devotes a lot time to research on his subject than he did in The Kid, which was a personal narrative than this one This one is still a memoir, telling the tale of the gay marriage issue in his relationship, but I loved how he actually brings in lots of quotes and references to other sources Most of it is still ridiculously funny, but I found myself crying a lot reading this book It s a great read

    5. Let s talk about tone for a minute All stories written with an agenda, whether you agree with the agenda or not, tend to sound forced and opinionated and in your face That would probably be my main criticism of this book When you ve had to spend your whole life defending your choices to others, you come off sounding, umfensive And maybe a bit rude I don t think that wins you any friends in the other camp, or helps you to change people s minds about a emotionally charged topic Now, let s talk abo [...]

    6. Dan Savage reminds me of that guy at a party You know, the guy who starts talking and seems pretty interesting You heard about him from your friends and his life is atypical You wouldn t mind hearing a little about it But then he opens his mouth and you realize how self congratulatory he is and that Dan hopes you re just there to marvel at him Suddenly, you can t get away You search over his shoulder while he drones on, looking for an escape method, but no one comes He doesn t even notice your l [...]

    7. I remember really liking this when the rest of book club was a little uneven about it, and I somehow never put my favorite quotes in what and just came across my list of them, so here they are Lots of relationship food for thought Also, I couldn t help smiling at the descriptions of the Saugatuck, MI community, because I stayed there once we re both contentedly solitary people Which is part of what makes us so good together We know when and how to leave each other alone When your life is going a [...]

    8. I only read a few chapters of this before I put it down I went into it knowing I had mixed feelings about Savage, and this book only confirmed them Ive laughed and applauded plenty of his articles but, somewhat expectedly, it didn t take long after starting this book before I just got sick of reading his negativity, his jabs at overweight people, his derogatory use of the word pussy etc I m sure he would just mock me for being overly sensitive and PC but his book just wasn t a world I wanted to [...]

    9. Read it in a day It was so engrossing, filled with humor and it highlighted how much our idea of commitment has evolved and will continue to evolve You really see the differences when comparing the straight ideal of marriage perfected to the point of discomfort and the gay ideal testing the waters and adapting old traditions.

    10. The Commitment didn t change my mind about gay marriage But then, it didn t have to I was already in favor I don t see where the state has any right to deny its formal recognition to the relationships of people like Dan Savage and Terry, his partner of ten years at the time Nor speaking as a married guy in a relationship that s just about as heteronormative in structure as it could be do I see how gay marriage could possibly be a threat to, or even affect, my own commitment So Savage was preachi [...]

    11. Dan Savage is by far at his best and funniest when he sticks to memoir, reporting on the squabbles and crises of his daily life That s why this book is much better than the last one, Skipping Towards Gomorrah, which tended to veer into ranting and contrivances, but not quite as good as The Kid, which had a little meat to its story.Here, the back stories of his relatives and their marriages or lack of them are moderately interesting There are a few anti religious right rants that go on too long, [...]

    12. I don t agree with all his statements I am pro monogamy and think that it is realistic also, I don t think his menage a trois es count as cheating or violating monogamous principles , but this book makes me feel better about all the angst and drama I had about my own wedding to my boyfriend of 13 years We had a similar on the down low ceremony and a big official ceremony and party and I wish I had read this book way before I had gotten married because a lot of this speaks to me and would have ma [...]

    13. fun times this was a reread for me instead of struggling to write about executive power while blocking out hideous music next door , and i really enjoy this book it changes setting often enough to keep it interesting, from the real time to the self speculative to family history to current events but not so often that it s confusing the kid is cute, the writing is sharp, the feelings are honest not to mention the detail orientated style of the discussion, it s got than a few angles that haven t [...]

    14. I just reread this for the nth time I love the author s voice, his sense of humor and his ability to make a point without preaching This is one of those books I wish straight people on the gay marriage fence would read because they would get the point while laughing If you haven t read it, go do that now.

    15. Loved the first third when they are on vacation with extended family My interest wandered too much half way through My stack of books from the library is too large to keep reading something that isn t a page turner right now.

    16. Made me laugh and cry Enjoyable and touching Classic Dan Savage The political arguments dragged just a tad sometimes, but the personal stories were highly entertaining I m glad this book is already so politically outdated.

    17. I ve been listening to Dan Savage s podcast Savage Love, where he regularly doles out thoughtful, relationship, sex, and life advice to thousands of people around the world, for years In this forms of media, he crafts a persona that is perpetually empathetic but perpetually pragmatic and emotionally reserved However, within the pages of The Commitment lie a much personal account of Savage s own experience and relationship with his now husband, Terry, providing a rich framework and intimate narr [...]

    18. Dan and Terry have been a gay couple for ten years, they have a son together, and they plan to stay together forever, so why wouldn t they want to get married Terry doesn t want to act like straight people and Dan is rebelling against his mother s oft expressed desires They compromise on getting matching Property of tattoos and begin planning a 10th anniversary party that soon begins to feel suspiciously like a wedding reception As the two of the struggle through their feelings about the institu [...]

    19. I adore Dan Savage and I enjoyed this book too, but I was very disappointed to find that the audiobook narration is not done by Dan himself He brings so much character to his narrations and I m so used to his voice and mannerisms that it was jarring to hear such a personal story in someone else s voice Nor do I think the entertainment value was quite as high as The Kid What Happened After My Boyfriend and I Decided to Go Get Pregnant Giving it a four anyways because I m a crazy fan, but I d star [...]

    20. For some reason, I thought this book would be heartwarming and funny However, much of this book was like being forced to endure an opinionated and overbearing relative tell you the way it is for several hours Dan Savage makes little effort to disguise his intense dislike for fat people, straight people, women, and even dogs throughout and listening to such a bitter narration does little to gain the support or interest of this reader It got a little better towards the end, but not enough to reall [...]

    21. I read this book after reading a review on one of my favorite blogs, A Practical Wedding yes, I still read it even though I m now married it s a great, down to earth source about what it means to be married without giving into WIC wedding industrial complex.Dan Savage, writer and sex advice columnist, has been with his boyfriend for ten years and they have a son together Dan and his boyfriend can t legally get married because they are two men Dan explores what it means to be married Do you reall [...]

    22. This book was shocking and touching and thought provoking and one of the best books I have ever read I was not familiar with Dan Savage prior to hearing an interview about this book on NPR Of course, he did not use the same graphic language or extremely open depictions and discussions of sex in his interview that he did in his book or that he uses in his sex advice column While I got an education much needed about what might be going on in my sons sex lives, I also got an education about marriag [...]

    23. I really liked Savage s book, The Kid about his and his boyfriend s adoption of their son , but this one, not so much Part of it is that he presents such logical explanations good ones, but I ve made up my mind, I ll admit throughout the book for choosing one option in the to marry or not to marry debate and then goes and does exactly the opposite He also tells us over and over again how hot his boyfriend is once or twice would have been sufficient He continually emphasizes that he brings home t [...]

    24. This is my first book by Dan Savage and I definitely want to read by him because this book delivered on so many levels It was funny I was in a fit of giggles many, many times , educational I realized how little I knew about the legal issues surrounding gay marriage and adoption in the USA , and thought provoking This last element was the clincher for me I found myself thinking about marriage, not only in the context of same sex couples, but in general The term grand romantic gesture will stay w [...]

    25. This is part memoir the long road that Dan and his boyfriend, Terry take to saying I do and part discussion of modern relationships and what marriage means its original meanings its evolution why defenders of traditional values are talking out of their asses Some people write Dan Savage off as an insufferable asshole which he is, sometimes , but he s also a well informed and thought provoking narrator on life issues This book made me think hard about marriage It s also a great memoir There are s [...]

    26. First, I m so proud of my small town, southern Utah county library for offering this audiobook I ve always liked Dan Savage when he gets angry on TV over the latest right wing atrocity and I enjoy his podcast sometimes but, not having actually read him, I had no idea he was such a brilliant memoirist and essayist As a fairly politically involved man in an almost 20 year gay partnership, who also raised a child, I thought I had thought through and lived out all the political, social, economic and [...]

    27. I loved this book I don t always agree with Dan Savage, but I really enjoyed reading about his path to marriage He is hilarious and honest, and I think I fell in love with the beautiful Terry a little bit too I highly recommend this book to anyone who is thinking about what it means to be married and the nature of love and commitment.I definitely agree with other reviewers that Savage can be a bit acerbic about certain issues that is probably a huge understatement but since I am a grouchy New En [...]

    28. The Commitment was funny, readable, and illuminating Here s what I learned that lingering sense that, while Dan Savage is kind of generally assumed to be on my team because our Kinsey scores are similar, he s actually kind of a douche and would sell me out in a heartbeat it s pretty accurate he may be gay, openly sexual, and monogamish, but this man is pretty socially conservative he and I do not share politics I stopped feeling betrayed by him as I read this book, and instead felt an understand [...]

    29. Although I ve listened to the Savage Lovecast for many years, this is the first of Dan s books I ve read Overall, I found it a fun and enjoyable read His anecdotes are amusing, and I always love to hear him call out and castigate anti gay crazies My only real quibble with the book is that although Dan rails against oppression, there are some cringe worthy moments of blindness to his privilege, including some painful offensive jokes directed at other identity groups My sense from listening to the [...]

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