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Erratic Facts #2020

Erratic Facts Kay Ryan a classic American poet John Freeman is acclaimed for her highly intelligible deeply insightful poems Erratic Facts is her first new collection since the Pulitzer Prize winning The Best of I

  • Title: Erratic Facts
  • Author: Kay Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780802124050
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Erratic Facts By Kay Ryan, Kay Ryan a classic American poet John Freeman is acclaimed for her highly intelligible, deeply insightful poems Erratic Facts is her first new collection since the Pulitzer Prize winning The Best of It, and it is animated with her signature swift, lucid, lyrical style.At once witty and melancholy, playful and heartfelt, Ryan examines enormous subjects existence, conscKay Ryan a classic American poet John Freeman is acclaimed for her highly intelligible, deeply insightful poems Erratic Facts is her first new collection since the Pulitzer Prize winning The Best of It, and it is animated with her signature swift, lucid, lyrical style.At once witty and melancholy, playful and heartfelt, Ryan examines enormous subjects existence, consciousness, love, loss in compact poems that have immensely powerful resonance Sly rhymes and strong cadences lend remarkable musicality to her incisive wisdom While these pieces are composed of the same brevity and vitality that has characterized her singular voice over the course of than 20 years, her mind is sharper than ever, her imagination eccentric and daring Erratic Facts solidifies Ryan s place at the pinnacle of American poetry, and proves that she will remain among the leading innovators in literary history.

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      376 Kay Ryan
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    1 thought on “Erratic Facts

    1. Kay Ryan is a poet like no other Her seemingly simple, short poems are small mechanisms of grace and pith She makes me want to be a better poet Still StartAs if engineparts could bewrenched outat random andthe car wouldstill start andsound even,hearts can gowith chambersbroken open.

    2. It s trite to compare Ryan s work to physical craft but it s still like little carvings with intricate details you don t always notice the first time around These poems feel like she s completely mastered her style chock full of inimitable internal rhymes and deployed it in the service of explicating loss, a theme that s appeared in her work before but never to this extent Ryan s a pretty private writer in a lot of ways yet this collection is intensely personal, especially near the end It s a po [...]

    3. Was going to take out a selected of Ryan s work, which I hadn t looked at for awhile, and decided why not order some new onesI have often thought that Ryan s poems are compacted, dense and satisfying, like eating a potato, and indeed, the image not of potatoes but a similar form that of the egg is found recurring in these poems, which move from elegy to panegyric to a quiet and intelligent lyric observation They are discrete pressurized systems, conspicuous in their wholeness , which sometimes e [...]

    4. I really wasn t a fan of most of these poems, but I like this one As if engine parts could be wrenched out at random and the car would still start and sound even, hearts can go with chambers broken open.

    5. Good stuff Now that I ve read it all once, I m set to go through and read these poems over and over Maybe I ll memorize some, I bet they ll be fun to recite to myself, and supposedly it s good for the old brain to get that kind of exercise Anyway, Kay Ryan is great, and I m glad I came across this on the featured poetry shelf in the Worthington Public Library.

    6. Ryan s an original, but as I was reading this I kept thinking about why I associate her often with Dickinson both write very succinct poems and have a strong penchant for assertive, declarative sentences that can sound like homilies But really their similarities end right about there Dickinson is much dramatic I felt a funeral in my brain, or Dare you see the soul at the white heat I can t imagine such drama from Ryan Ryan is decidedly much at a remove in her poems, almost clinical, making her [...]

    7. Kay Ryan is just fantastic I love her short, tightly compressed lines that stutter step gracefully toward revelations large and small, spiritual and mundane She is like a modern day Emily Dickinson but with a less imposing inner austerity.

    8. So, I m trying to get poetry which I m very bad at getting I started with this and I liked a fair number of the poems and I was clueless about the rest That, of course, isn t the fault of the poet, but a fault I claim I really need a cheat sheet to have by my side that explains each poem so I can fully enjoy it and then enjoy it even because I will then feel free to add my own interpretations Without the notes I always worry I m just not getting it So, I will read them all again And again And I [...]

    9. I m a fan of Kay Ryan s spare, elegant style I read her poems multiple times and find layers of meaning I didn t catch at first This collection felt earthy, with imagery of rocks and glaciers, hunting, seeds, mist and smoke I liked it.

    10. I m a fan of Kay Ryan and I read this two or three times, but this wasn t my favorite of her books Some of the poems were too elliptical for me.

    11. Kay Ryan is a keen observer of our world, or of her unique world anyway, for sure She s a poet and a philosopher, and even takes a stab at physics, challenging our usual conceptions of time, space, mass and the nature of water, altered by ships, say, or water wheels I love the way these poems make me think differently, and that they accomplish this in such short order For example EGGSWe turn outas tippy as eggs Legsare an illusion We are heldas in a carton if someone loves us It s a pity only lo [...]

    12. I m on record as being a fan of minimalist poetry Just desserts here Kay Ryan is a minimalist s minimalist And she packs a Pulitzer to boot and, as we all know, THOSE boots are made for walking Like Twiggy, Ryan s poems are short, thin affairs, with lines typically expiring after two or three most four words Pithy Almost cute With a twist like certain drinks If you re thinking one trick pony, I ain t saying a word.Still, clever is as clever does I can share a few poems that gave me some enjoymen [...]

    13. These poems are very quiet, inwardly facing Still with the surprise little twist at the end, but these do not have the tension of the poems in Niagara River Without the tension, the little twist is often flat, no zing Others are wonderful quiet little gemsKEN LOSSTo the dragonany loss istotal His restis disruptedif a singlejewel encrustedgoblet hasbeen stolen.The circleof himselfin the nestof his goldhas beenbroken Noloss is tokenOL S ERRANDSA thingcannot bedeliveredenough times this is therule [...]

    14. This is Kay Ryan at her best She has virtually invented a new kind of poetry that allows us to see through the veil of the commonplace into the nature of consciousness These illuminating little poems resonate with the lucidity of neuroscience and the emotional impact of a life lived deep It takes a capacious understanding of human nature to capture such complex insights in such informal and seemingly simple ways.The one page lead poem, New Rooms, is worth the entire cost of this book I m having [...]

    15. I don t read much poetry, but I do like to pick it up once in a while My favorite of this collection The Fatal FlawThe fatal flawworks throughthe body like a needle, justa stick now and then, againand again missingthe heart Mostpeople never bendin the fatal wayat the fatal instant,although theyharbor a needlethey shouldn t,or, conversely,some critical littlelifesaving sliver is absent.

    16. I love short, stylish poems, and Kay Ryan specializes in this It s been awhile since I read any of her other books I have a vague memory of being impressed with some of thoseese tend to be one idea poems, which is fine, but in a few cases the one idea seems sort of silly or unimportant For the most part, though, this is a collection of well crafted, thought provoking, and easy to read poems My favorites are The First of Never, Velvet, Sock, and My Kingdom for a Horse.

    17. Like looking over stones a friend collected on her many hikes, these lean poems read like quickly scribbled field notes that are too personal to be clearly understood Simultaneously guarded and generous, they add up to a kind of messy intimacy like feeling puzzled with a stranger instead of alone When wateris so hard totread, it seemspurposely hurtfulthat this isso often saiddismissively.

    18. Given her short poems, her work is something easily readable in a few days or less.Along with Richard Wilbur, I consider her the best American poet writing today The short, pithy nature of the poems understate their immense intellect, wit, power, and beauty A joy to read, but I must admit, I found this book not up to what I enjoyed in her previous collections Her best work, in my opinion, were the poems in Say Uncle and The Niagara River.

    19. I haven t felt the need to memorize a poem in a long time, but Kay Ray awoke that dormant part of me There are so many beautiful little poems in here I think I ll keep it by the bedside for a while, so I can read a couple before bed.If you liked this, make sure to follow me on for reviews

    20. A lot of short poems and rhyming Ryan was a two term U.S Poet Laureate and she won the Pulitzer Prize for The Best of It So when I say this didn t do much for me, feel free to take my opinion with a grain of salt Favorites Monk Style Thelonious Monk An Instrument with Keys memory Those Places

    21. A book of sadness and loss as only Kay Ryan could write, tightly compressed with unique juxtapositions It s like standing on splitting ice , or playing musical chairs one chair absent A book to read over and over, and over.

    22. several poems in here of the same and another one i can t remember right now seemed eerily to be written about the current Clinton campaign, despite the book having been published last year

    23. It was a bit heartbreaking to read this chronicle of loss, but I m glad I did Dynamic Scaling, Musical Chairs, and My Kingdom For A Horse are my favorites.

    24. I always love the sharp compact poetry of Pulitzer prizewinning poet, Kay Ryan You can t go wrong by reading this.

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