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Ty and Eden: A Red Team Wedding Novella #2020

Ty and Eden A Red Team Wedding Novella Weddings are the spice of life After reuniting with his bio dad Cord Ryker Ty Holt is all too aware of how easily life can change for better or worse He convinces Eden Miller to pin down their weddi

  • Title: Ty and Eden: A Red Team Wedding Novella
  • Author: Elaine Levine
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ty and Eden: A Red Team Wedding Novella By Elaine Levine, Weddings are the spice of life After reuniting with his bio dad, Cord Ryker, Ty Holt is all too aware of how easily life can change for better or worse He convinces Eden Miller to pin down their wedding plans and set a date, pronto And family drama s the hot sauce When a woman from Cord s past makes a startling accusation, the team discovers an unexpected new clue in tWeddings are the spice of life After reuniting with his bio dad, Cord Ryker, Ty Holt is all too aware of how easily life can change for better or worse He convinces Eden Miller to pin down their wedding plans and set a date, pronto And family drama s the hot sauce When a woman from Cord s past makes a startling accusation, the team discovers an unexpected new clue in the mystery they re unraveling Eden s mom, stepdad, dad, and stepmom, out for the nuptials, worry their daughter has fallen into the grasp of an insidious crime lord a concern that Ty can t, in all honesty, put to rest.

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      260 Elaine Levine
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    1 thought on “Ty and Eden: A Red Team Wedding Novella

    1. In the latest Red Team Wedding Novella, Elaine Levine gives a delightful story of two people, deeply in love, as they marry Ty Holt and Eden Miller met under less than storybook circumstances a bar fight and fell in love in Shattered Valor, Red Team 2 Here they plan their wedding in a classic storybook fashion, surrounded by friends, teammates and family Although this is a wedding story, Levine doesn t let the continuing storyline of the Red Team Series lag for a minute new relationships are bui [...]

    2. In Shattered Valor, Blade and Eddie found in each other their own oasis regardless of the horrors and unfairness of their past Blade s love for Eddie reminds me of how I think a Fairy Prince should love like, so pure, fearless, valiant and all consuming fire Their wedding was a reflection of their fairytale romance, while sharing it with their friends and families The mystery continues as the team keeps discovering new information that will lead them to the terrorist head leader.

    3. was disappointed in this book, liked the wedding part but the love triangle, yeah never been into that Owen and Val need to kick Selena to the curb Not sure about this series, don t want it to turn into a soap opera.

    4. I can t begin to say how much I love this series I ve been hooked from the first book and each book since has only proven to me that great writing can make you feel emotions for characters that aren t real other than on the page and in your mind Because of the depth and strength of these characters, to me, they re as real as you or I Ty and Eden had their story in the second book of this series, and Ty s awful beginnings broke my heart I m not ashamed to say I cried like a baby during the readin [...]

    5. Ty and Eden finally get their HEA after a difficult beginning in Shattered Valor but not before dealing with some struggles along the way You see a side of Ty that could quite simply be the most romantic thing I ve read in a long time and a vulnerable side of Eden in which she has to come to terms with While the point of a wedding novella in the middle of a series is about just that, Elaine takes it a bit further There are new characters, twists and turns at every corner and you learn about our [...]

    6. Often, when a romance series contains a wedding novella, that s all it is, just a little treat for the fans to follow up on an earlier couple And that s all well and good But the wedding novellas Elaine Levine is including in her Red Team series do than just showcase the wedding They advance give important glimpses into other characters and advance the storyline in small but significant ways None of the books in this series are standalone they must be read in order, though the cliffhangers are [...]

    7. I love this series, and although this is shorter as a novella, it doesn t disappoint This is for anyone who loves romance with believable characters, tough alpha leads, strong women who take them into their lives in love Ms Levine has woven this series, it s characters, the situations together with skill, humour and doesn t shy away from the difficult, giving the reader a glimpse into the Red Team world family Highly recommended

    8. Back to MontanaGreat to be back with the Red Team even if it s just for a short time Elaine makes you call for all the guys Can t wait to see what s next.ease write faster.

    9. ty meets his biological dad and marries Eden her parents aren t altogether happy about it.

    10. A FANTASTIC read I Loved this novella It was a page turner right away The characters, as always are wonderfully written Great book

    11. Ty and Eden are my favorite This novella could have been as long as all of Encyclopaedia Britannica and I would have enough of their story.

    12. Loved the moving forward of Ty and his dad Did not like Edens parents at all until the end So ready for Val to get his story Love my Val.

    13. read books 1 4 several years ago and now the series is finished though there could be a few novellas to look forward to with any luckese are amazingly well written and complex books with each one adding that bit to the ongoing thread that ties them all together great romances, good strong characters and talented storytelling

    14. I was waiting for this book and to see how this was going to be done I loved it It was believable and down to earth E knew the heroine and hero because of the prior books It was a short but sweet book It helped you see of the tangled web plot of the series.

    15. It s been a while since I last visited with the Red Team I had almost forgotten how much I love this series Ty and Eden are perfect for each other and this novella shows just how much Loved it and look forward to visiting with Red Team and those they love

    16. EnoughNo I can t get enough of this set of fantastic bookse men are hard tough killers but so loving to their women

    17. Elaine Levine Ty and Eden Wedding Red Team Series Book 4.5 I was happy to find an announcement that there was a Wedding Novella for the Red Team Series Ms Levine s books are on my must order preorder list.When we begin, we find Ty Bladen at the State Prison in Colorado picking up his Bio dad, Cordell Ryker Cordell did not know that Ty was his bio son until Ty tells him at the prison gate His father had been wrongfully convicted due to Ty s evil Step Father Phillip Bladen Ty hired attorneys and c [...]

    18. 4.5 I really enjoyed this novella, Ty and Eden are probably my favourite Red Team couple so far and it was great to read about their wedding As well as Ty finally getting to meet his biological father Colt Who although somewhat reluctantly does agrees to return to Wyoming for the wedding and to help Ty and the rest of the team piece together details of his step father s past as well as that of Ty s grandfather and Mother in the hope of gaining information and possibly identifying who King reall [...]

    19. This little quick one made me want the next full length book.I loved Ty and Eden together, loved how their wedding came about Eden s parents were pieces of work and I kept waiting for Ty to kick them out I was amazed that Eden was as normal as she is Ty s dad will be an interesting mix, especially once they get to know each other better.There was some small things that make me worry about some other teams Things still seem off with Rocco and Mandy, I hated seeing that I worry about things betwee [...]

    20. Big fan of the Red Team series, especially Ty Each team member has been through some sort of trauma But I felt for Ty a bit All of the trauma he s gone through disclosed in Shattered Valor it s about time he receives some true happiness in his life.After 33 years spent in prison for crimes he didn t do, Cord is released and finally meets his son Ty Cord is going through readjustments ti being free in society Cord has some information that can prove vital to the Red Team s investigation.The tria [...]

    21. Review TY AND EDEN A Red Team Wedding Novella 4.5 by Elaine Levine wp p3d0RZ 2b2Publication Date February 25, 2015Reviewed by Reading in Pajamas DonnaRated 4.5 StarsI am a big fan of the Red Team series and was glad she put this wedding in as a novella It was the perfect way to introduce Ty s dad, Cord and serve as a nice segue to the next novel This is not a read alone novella so the target audience would be those who have kept up with this hot exciting series I cannot wait for Red Team 5 Ebook [...]

    22. If there ever was a hero who deserved to find HEA, it s Blade In spite of the shit life dealt him, he became one helluva guy and I was glad that Ty was able to bring Cord into his life Eden is perfect for Ty but seriously with those nut job parents, she should be whacked herself I like how Elaine keeps the wedding novellas targeted to the couple and family drama and leave to WKBers pretty much out of the picture Good stuff.

    23. sweet but not simpleLovely story Ty and Eden have a special bond They have a lifetime ahead of them I love this story, Eden is a great fit for Ty The whole series is full of danger, hot guys and the women who bring out not only the love but the trust and caring in the tortured group of guys I m looking forward to the next book in the series Elaine Devine tells a great story.

    24. I think that the book was very rushed I know that novellas have to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of space, but it was zooming by Also there were several abbreviations that were repeated in the book that bothered me I don t know if the author forgot to replace them or the editors missed She kept putting bio instead of biological and JP for the justice of the peace 3 times on one page This I think is my least favorite one.

    25. I love this series but was kind of disappointed with this novella Didn t walk away feeling happy like I usually do Val just seemed so sad and Fiona and Kelan seemed to be barely mentioned I look forward to Greer s story coming up next.

    26. If anyone deserves a happy ever afters its Ty, this is a wonderful follow up to Ty and Eden s story and a great introduction of his birth father, the plot thickens with this and his mum s old friend showing up like that, what does that mean for the team and their information.

    27. This series gets better and better I m not a fan of novellas usually but these are great books and don t feel short which they aren t as Elaine really gives you your money s worth in both story telling and length Love it.

    28. Loved As always loved this novella and live the series Can t wait to read about the team A must read series

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