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Emma and Julia Love Ballet #2020

Emma and Julia Love Ballet Emma is little Julia is big They both love ballet Emma takes ballet lessons So does Julia Emma is learning to be a ballerina Julia is a professional ballerina They are both excited about the big perfo

  • Title: Emma and Julia Love Ballet
  • Author: Barbara McClintock
  • ISBN: 9780439894012
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Emma and Julia Love Ballet By Barbara McClintock, Emma is little Julia is big They both love ballet Emma takes ballet lessons So does Julia Emma is learning to be a ballerina Julia is a professional ballerina They are both excited about the big performance in the theater tonight Emma will be watching from the audience Julia will be dancing onstage And afterward, Emma will go backstage to meet her ballet heroEmma is little Julia is big They both love ballet Emma takes ballet lessons So does Julia Emma is learning to be a ballerina Julia is a professional ballerina They are both excited about the big performance in the theater tonight Emma will be watching from the audience Julia will be dancing onstage And afterward, Emma will go backstage to meet her ballet hero

    • [PDF] ✓ Emma and Julia Love Ballet | By ↠ Barbara McClintock
      467 Barbara McClintock
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    1 thought on “Emma and Julia Love Ballet

    1. All the reasons you should buy this book for your little one Diverse characters, where racial diversity is the norm, not the lesson classrooms and companies are diverse, not just the two protagonists Beautiful illustrations that are graceful, charming and human Wonderful mirroring of Professional Ballerina Julia who appears to be the principal dancer if her costume in the end is any hint and her daily routine, and Emma, the little red haired ballerina, and their similar daily routines and lives [...]

    2. I am giving this the full 5 because it is one of the best ballet books I have seen in a long, long time.I have been a bad amateur ballerina for going on 15 years to the point where I do a Nutcracker dance and movement program every year for the preschoolers at my library I know dance both as a fan and as a dancer, and I am very impressed that Barbara McClintock took ballet lessons herself to prepare for this book It shows in her illustrations I am especially impressed by the pages where Emma, th [...]

    3. Emma and Julia both love ballet While Emma goes to class, so does Julia But while Julia is already performing on the stage, Emma is still in the dreaming stage But when Emma sees Julia perform, her dream comes to life right in front of her This book is an ode to dreaming as much as it is to dancing The willingness of both characters to pore their hearts into what they are doing makes one smile And McClintock s detailed and clearly researched illustrations bring the two girls to life A beautiful [...]

    4. Emma is a young girl who takes ballet lessons and dreams of one day becoming a ballerina Julia is a professional ballerina Readers are invited to spend a day in both of their worlds when they overlap for a special performance Text makes for a great read aloud and pen and ink, watercolor, and gouache illustrations are full of details inspired by the author s observation of ballet classes as part of her research for this book This book would pair nicely with Misty Copeland s Firebird PreK 2.

    5. I picked up this book because I loved that the ballerina was racially diverse In this story we see a day in the life of a young Ballet student and a professional dancer Their two worlds collide when the young girl and her family go to see the dancer in a performance Such a sweet read with a nice message The author shares that she was inspired to write this book after seeing the professional dancer judith Jamison perform as a little girl.

    6. My three year old daughter Juliet loves this book, though she insists that I say Juliet instead of Julia Also, she is supremely uninterested in Emma, which I think is sort of funny since Emma is the little girl But I guess she is just fascinated by the idea of another Juliet She spends a really long time looking at all the pictures, but I don t mind because they are beautifully drawn I think I will request Barbara McClintock books she is a wonderful illustrator.

    7. A beautifully illustrated story of a young girl with a love of ballet, told along side the story of a professional ballet dancer The story shows how the young girl and experienced dancer complete many of the same activities in a day For young readers enthusiastic about ballet, they will likely enjoy the story, but I think it is the illustrations that really entertained me.

    8. Parallels a young girl taking ballet and a ballerina as they both go through their day and the young one attends a performance of the older dancer Love.

    9. Thanks to one of my good friends, I ve become a huge sucker for anything ballet And this book definitely fed into that It s sweet, heartwarming, and all around a warm story Of course, it s one thing to meet your idol, but it s another to know that you both have done the exact same thing to get to where you are today It s amazing and inspiring Plus, I m a fan of adults encouraging children in their dreams That may sound obvious, but I think a lot of dreams that we have as kids are hard work being [...]

    10. This book is about two dancers Emma and Julia, which Emma is a little girl aspiring to be a ballerina dancer and Julia is an adult ballerina The book compares and contrasts Emma and Julia s days of waking up, going to the studio, practicing ballet, and what they do after ballet practice Towards the end of the book, the reader realizes that Emma is on her way with her mother and father to a professional ballet performance in which Julia is the dancer in the performance At the end of the book, Emm [...]

    11. This is a great book for children to learn how to follow their dreams Emma is a little girl who loves ballet and wants to be a ballerina when she grows up Julia is a professional ballerina who has the same daily routines as Emma Emma dreams of doing what Julia does and is so excited when she gets to meet her after the performance This book comes alive through the illustrations You can imagine the big performance because of the details in the illustrations I enjoyed reading this book and looking [...]

    12. I enjoyed reading this book a lot The pictures are all very detailed and colorful, they also go along with the story very good The story itself was so cute It shows young readers that it is okay to have a passion and a dream to become something Growing up I always was told that my dream was unrealistic, so now I have a passion but I ve never acted towards it I believe that young children should always dream of their future if they have one.

    13. This is an excellent book illustrating a professional ballet dancer and a little girl who attends ballet classes as well I think it is great that is book is inclusive with it s characters because it could be appealing to than one group of little girls interested in ballet In the end, Emma actually attends a show that Julia is preforming in I think this book is great for any child who wants to learn about following their dreams

    14. Fun book about a little girl who goes to ballet class and then goes to view a performance At the same time, a much bigger girl is also going to ballet class and then dancing in the performance.Shows how both young learning dancers and older professional dancers both go to class.Nice to use a brown girl as the older dancer that is looked up to.

    15. I thought this book was so endearing I did ballet dancing myself, so I thought that the illustrations were awesome and the story in general was super encouraging More than anything, the way in which Emma looks up to Julia is so sweet and really does happen so much in the dance world I loved this book

    16. This books shows how similar the day can be for a principle dancer and a little girl dreaming of being a dancer one day I loved the way each page showed the similarities and how you could use this book as a motivational tool for the young dancer in your life Even better is the principle dancer is a woman of color.

    17. Beautiful story about a beginning child ballerina and a professional ballerina The side by side comparison of their classes and work encourage young dancers to keep going.

    18. A rabbit hole into the world of ballet The author does a great job connecting the two main characters through their love and dedication to ballet However, the true gem of the story is found after the story s ending in the author s note on the last page In it she describes her inspiration for writing the book and tells what it was like to see Judith Jameson on stage for the first time Being ignorant of professional ballet legends, I went into research mode and read about the amazing Judith Jameso [...]

    19. This book is adorable It follows a young girl and a ballerina throughout one day Both Emma and Julia love ballet They both go to practice in the morning and listen to their teachers They both eat and study, and they both go to an evening performance Emma, as a spectator where she dreams of dancing on stage, and Julia, as a performer equally in love with ballet This book is perfect for anyone who dreams of being a professional dancer when they grow up.Ages 6 10momsradius 2016 11 cyb

    20. I love how Emma s and Julia s days are presented in parallel sections I especially love how Julia is presented as a POC and principal dancer and that she is reading to pass the time until the performance.

    21. Julia and Emma are both headed to the ballet studio for the day The book parallels what is happening in each of their lives as they travel there and go to class but one is s child and one is a professional Loved the parallels and the dream factor of this could be you one day.

    22. A lovely picture book about a young ballet student who hopes to dance on stage one day Her days are mirrored by those of Julia a ballerina who she meets after Julia s performance Diverse characters.

    23. I LOVED this book and it would have been my choice for the Caldecott medal It followed two gals, Emma and Julia, both of whom love ballet Emma is a young girl around age 7 and Julia is an older teenager The story follows them day by day, highlighting their similarities, and leads up to the show at the end of the book, Emma wakes up early Julia wakes up early too they both get dressed they both have ballet lessons this morning , these similarities highlight the similar lives that ballerinas can l [...]

    24. I loved this book so much I was drawn to the story, Emma and Julia Love Ballet because it looked exactly like something I would have loved reading as a child The story follows to two dancers, Emma and Julia Julia is a professional ballerina and Emma is a young girl taking beginner ballet classes It details the daily lives of both girls Showing what they eat, how they practice, their friends, their families You truly get to know both girls very well They mirror each other very well which adds so [...]

    25. Fans of ballet or other forms of dance will enjoy this picture book, illustrated with a dip pen and India ink, watercolors, and gouache But it isn t necessary to love dance to appreciate the story told within the book While young Emma is dreaming of her possible future in the world of ballet and beginning her training, Julia is a professional ballerina who continues to train but who has paid her dues The illustrations follow both characters throughout their day as they get ready for a performanc [...]

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