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Doreen #2020

Doreen If Doreen Gray were to take a selfie upon her arrival at the elite ChandlerAcademy it would capture a face marked with acne a head full of frizz and eyes looking anywhere but at the lens What Chand

  • Title: Doreen
  • Author: Ilana Manaster
  • ISBN: 9780762459629
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Doreen By Ilana Manaster, If Doreen Gray were to take a selfie upon her arrival at the elite ChandlerAcademy, it would capture a face marked with acne, a head full of frizz, and eyes looking anywhere but at the lens.What Chandler queen bee Heidi Whelan sees is a desperate hunger for acceptance and the makings of a willing and useful prot g Heidi s roommate, Biz Gibbons Brown, works her PhotoshopIf Doreen Gray were to take a selfie upon her arrival at the elite ChandlerAcademy, it would capture a face marked with acne, a head full of frizz, and eyes looking anywhere but at the lens.What Chandler queen bee Heidi Whelan sees is a desperate hunger for acceptance and the makings of a willing and useful prot g Heidi s roommate, Biz Gibbons Brown, works her Photoshop magic to create a stunning profile pic of Doreen a glossy, digital makeover that Doreen initially rejects only to wake up the next morning transformed as the girl in the picture.But Doreen quickly becomes accustomed to her newfound power and lives without considering consequences of her actions Only the picture knows the truth, and she will do anything to protect her secret.In this sharp, scandal filled retelling of Oscar Wilde s The Picture of Dorian Gray, the men of nineteenth century London become three girls of twentyfirst century New England.

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      Ilana Manaster

    1 thought on “Doreen

    1. I think I need this Right now.Boarding school Retelling Makeover THIS CATNIP IS MAKING ME WOOZY

    2. Disclaimer This is a review written less than 5 minutes after finishing the book so it is not articulate as I would normally like my reviews to be I may rewrite it later when I can stand to think about this book without vomiting This books is a bad Spanish novella that decided to cram everything into two episodes to save money The first half was actually 2 stars for me It was frustrating that the characters were so flat and everything was rushed without details The sex that was present in every [...]

    3. I barely started the book and couldn t stand it so I stopped reading The way the characters talk sound fake I ll stick to the original.

    4. Doreen Gray comes to Chandler Academy a pimple faced, frizzed haired, overweight teenager She is welcomed by her cousin Biz, who just wants to help Doreen fit in and not be bullied, and by Biz s socialite roommate Heidi.Heidi gets right to work trying to help Doreen fit in, including creating a profile for her on the school website Biz, who has an interest in photography, takes and air brushes the pictures, creating a beautiful, and classy Doreen.The next morning, Doreen finds out that she has s [...]

    5. The Oscar Wilde story on which this draws heavily is one of my favourites This was good fun, though not all the details quite seemed to add up.It s always going to be difficult to provide a satisfactory explanation for what happens with the picturebut to just ask us to accept it, no questions asked, felt like a bit of a cop out.That issue aside the novel is an obvious homage It reflects the concerns of the modern reader well and was an assured debut.

    6. I found the plot gripping and the worldbuilding was good, too I would say that it is a mix of a motif from The Picture of Dorian Gray and the world from the songs by Lana del Rey Hamptons, east coast, boarding school, posh accents Money and power, boys and toys Pretty glamorous and shiny a read.

    7. A re imagining of Dorian Grey It s not s story I m terribly familiar with This reimagining was a decent story about the terrors of teenage girls, getting what you wish for, and manipulation It was a very familiar story to me that is why I only gave it 2 stars.

    8. This book is Ilana Manaster s debut novel and it did not disappoint, I was drawn in from start to finish I found the storyline incredibly fascinating While I ve never read Oscar Wilde s The Picture of Dorian Gray upon completion of Doreen I immediately added it to my TBR.I m a sucker for high society boarding school private school books so upon reading the blurb I was immediately hooked Enter a supernatural component and I just about gave it five stars in the first few chapters alone Heidi, orig [...]

    9. The title and the cover practically says everything you need to know about this story But what you won t know is that this is a photo shopped picture of Doreen After being bullied and relocating to get away from it all Doreen allows her cousin Biz and Biz s best friend to help her become popular The reason I had trouble with this story is because of the character s They were way too dramatic for my liking Doreen was whiny, I understand she had been through a lot, but the tiniest things made her [...]

    10. I direct you, Dear Reader, to my status of only a few minutes ago This is either going to be brilliant or terrible there is no in between 0 minutes agoThis was terrible Wilde must be rolling in his grave.DNF.

    11. 4 21 15 The Picture of Dorian Gray is actually one of the few classics i actually enjoyed reading and really liked I need this book.

    12. Starting with a She s all That vibe, Doreen wishes on a photoshopped pictured bit of a stab at how media pics are treated she transforms into a beauty the picture takes on her blemishes, then her sins Surrounding her are the artist who here is a photographer, Biz, who has money but doesn t not care about popularity, and Heidi who is Doreen s guide to wickedness a master manipulator The secondary characters are actually quite interesting you do care for them It is the protagonist that is problema [...]

    13. The first book I read in 2017 and I m really disappointed by the outcome The book had so much potential to be good but I just found myself not really enjoying it Usually I love reading books about catty mean girls that goes to a wealthy elite boarding school But this book was just not for me.The book is a YA retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray Doreen is a unattractive girl whose life changes after her cousin takes a picture of her Her cousin Biz edits the picture dramatically and the next da [...]

    14. Learning that this was a debut author, I was completely shocked This book has all of the intrigue and betrayal of an Anna Godbersen novel When I first began the book, the outlook appeared bleak and dull y know, a book where pretty female characters compete for the crown, er whatever but the further I read, the I got into it I loved seeing the characters change and grow and make shocking realizations I loved to see what Doreen would do next view spoiler Although I was always shocked at how cruel [...]

    15. This one is described as a retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray and it definitely is a good one I would overall give this one a 3 1 2 star rating The writing is very good with good characters I felt that it was a bit high falutent and, for lack of a better description, glamorous Chandler Academy is exactly what I would fear a boarding school to be with power being the root of everything A very good book I encourage all to read.I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

    16. I had hopes, but this was kind of a stinker The pacing was wonky and got bogged down in a bunch of telling, not showing I skipped to the end, and it doesn t seem to be examining anything about the situation, nothing about the relationship between Doreen s morality and hotness It could ve been much than it was I hate squandered potential.

    17. I really liked this book Although the beginning of the story did not hook you in as much as it should of, I continued to read and discovered that the story got better and better It was so riveting and every new detail left you thinking and wanting The epilogue especially shocked me and after a few minutes, I figured out what happened Ilana Manaster really made a masterpiece.

    18. This was okay It was a little too catty girl fight drama for me As I have never read The Picture of Dorian Gray I cannot give a comparison.

    19. Fun beach read Now I have to go reread The Picture of Dorian Gray Writing a full review for a blog tour this Wednesday.

    20. Just finished the arc of this book today Wow this book is really good It is like a mix gossip girl and Oscar Wilde This us mind blowing and truly speaks on the morality of beauty and mankind.

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