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Witches of Lychford #2020

Witches of Lychford Traveler Cleric Witch The villagers in the sleepy hamlet of Lychford are divided A supermarket wants to build a major branch on their border Some welcome the employment opportunities while some obj

  • Title: Witches of Lychford
  • Author: Paul Cornell
  • ISBN: 9781427269041
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Audio
  • Witches of Lychford By Paul Cornell, Traveler, Cleric, Witch.The villagers in the sleepy hamlet of Lychford are divided A supermarket wants to build a major branch on their border Some welcome the employment opportunities, while some object to the modernization of the local environment.Judith Mawson local crank knows the truth that Lychford lies on the boundary between two worlds, and that the destructTraveler, Cleric, Witch.The villagers in the sleepy hamlet of Lychford are divided A supermarket wants to build a major branch on their border Some welcome the employment opportunities, while some object to the modernization of the local environment.Judith Mawson local crank knows the truth that Lychford lies on the boundary between two worlds, and that the destruction of the border will open wide the gateways to malevolent beings beyond imagination.But if she is to have her voice heard, she s going to need the assistance of some unlikely allies

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      154 Paul Cornell
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    1. You know how sometimes you re driving around listening to the radio and a song comes on, and it s got a catchy beat, and the lyrics are solid, and the singer has a good voice, and you re thinking, Hey, this isn t bad, but then you don t feel anything than kind of indifferent toward it, and you start to wonder if maybe you re a little bit dead inside That s kind of how I felt about this book Good writing, interesting urban suburban village fantasy plot, strong female lead characters, interesting [...]

    2. This book was a gem I found coincidentally The cover and title just made me curious when it showed up in my news feed here on.So, what to say about this story Well, it s remarkable how many layers this story has On the surface we have the story of three women in a small British town for some reason I kept thinking this was set in the US where a big supermarket chain wants to open a store One woman is a vicar, the other is the owner of a shop and the third is an elderly and eccentric lady well kn [...]

    3. I started this in a fever, like Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash sang about in Jackson hotter than a pepper sprout Cool English suburban setting, attractive characters, some paranormal goings on, good writing I was thinking this is an urban fantasy I can sink my teeth into and really buy in.But the flavor waned and at the end of the day this is a good but not great urban fantasy with some better than average magic rules.The idea of a magic world living parallel with us and some secret mumbo jumb [...]

    4. 3.5 starsQuaint and very pleasant with a touch of autumn chill, like a brisk stroll through the cemetery at sunset when it s just starting to drizzle Not exactly what I expected from books with the urban fantasy label, but this was a nice surprise.If you like charming small town stories with a cast of oddball, neighborly characters and magic than magical realism, give this a try.But by neighborly, I don t mean friendly, although I m aware that s how most people will interpret it What I mean is [...]

    5. This book was okay The author juxtaposed two longtime friends one a new age shop owner and the other a liberal Christian pastor The small town English flavor added to the atmospherics and the author s knowledge of the theory and practice of his subject matter made for interesting moments of internal conflict He clearly intended to portray the idea that if things about my religion seem weird, let s go ahead and compare them to yours and they both look equally weird Combine that with a dose of agn [...]

    6. This is one of the recently published Tor Novella range and I am very happy to say that I really enjoyed this read through and will certainly be pickin up of these in the future because aside from the story being beautifully written and very interesting to me, the book itself is beautifully published with a wonderful mat finish and a gloss to all the lettering within A pretty luxurious novella to be sure which I suppose makes paying almost the same as a normal sized book somewhat justifiable.Mo [...]

    7. I liked this novella for a number of reasons One, it s set very close to where I live but in a place far likely to be host to the boundaries of good and evil than my own, boring town Two, all of the vicars I ve met have been universally women and lovely, so I sort of enjoyed the idea of one of them taking on the forces of evil Three, Judith Such a cantankerous old woman, so funny I liked Autumn too, but despite being the saviour of the day I didn t feel like she was fleshed out in the same way [...]

    8. Read to fill the Witches square for 2107 Halloween Bingo.Paul Cornell writes looming, disastrous supernatural really, really well see also London Falling which shares this spooky ambiance This is a short novel I was trying to read it while simultaneously cooking supper on Saturday evening, and I was resenting every time I had to set it down to go check on the pots on the stove For something so short, there is a remarkable amount of complexity I seem to be reading a lot of fiction set in small to [...]

    9. This novella has an interesting triad of characters at the centre They re very different, and yet they have things in common, and things to teach one another One s an atheist who fears she s losing her mind one a pastor fearing she s losing her faith and one a woman who would probably refuse to agree that she was afraid of anything The personalities make quite an interesting mix The story itself is fairly simple, with a traditional sort of feel A new supermarket is coming to Lychford, and the re [...]

    10. I go way back with Paul, all the way to 1992 with Love and War , which is still a great book I haven t read his new supernatural crime series, but I will get around to it It has a big competitor with Aaronovitch s Peter Grant series.Anyway, Witches of Lychford It s been out for a year, but the release of the second story prompted me as well as the summer holidays starting It s only a novella, something to read on a warm early summer afternoon Partly satirical, partly traditional and homely, but [...]

    11. A hugely enjoyable short novel about a town on the borders of the fairy realm The old style fairies Tinkerbell need not apply Sinister and scary and tense, great magic development sketched in lightly, hugely inventive I hope the author plans to turn this into a series, because the cast of evil tempered out of step wise woman, vicar losing her faith, and New Age hippy shop owner are brilliant Very English magic here, with everyone s least favourite supermarket chain as the Big Bad Recommended

    12. A trio of local women stand up to a commercial project that would change the magical borders of their village I m intrigued by this novella I want to find out about the place, and the main characters, and what happens next I like all three women characters irritable Village crank, Magic shop owner, and Reverend whose not sure she believes I ll be reading the next one in the series

    13. What a gem of a book Great writing, characters, story line and setting In Lychford, something wicked this way comes and the only people who can stop it are a vicar who s lost her faith, an atheist magic shop owner who doesn t believe in magic and the town curmudgeon, Judith Lots of funny bits, plenty of suspense and bit creepy, this is a peach of a book.

    14. Lychford is a special town which is meant to have special protectors, but for various reasons it s weak at the moment Vulnerable to an incursion by demonic forces in the form of a supermarket chain Standing in it s way are a local witch, the new vicar returning to the town where she grew up and her former best friend, an atheist who now runs a new age magic shop.Each of the women is facing grief and crises of faith that they have to overcome to protect their town, and this is done well and in li [...]

    15. I picked this up on a whim from my library and was mostly underwhelmed The story of three women in a small town that is in the midst of deciding whether to let a large chain store move in to the area The three women end up banding together to fight the representative of the conglomerate A bit of faerie lore and witchcraft but ultimately I was disappointed and was never really sucked in to the story or the characters The writing was okay but was never all that compelling.5 10

    16. Short but exceptionally good Cornell has a wonderful way with language, even the crude kind Wonderful use of the word Wankery.The main characters in this are great and I really came to like the three of them A lot of development in such a short story is a credit to the author.The story itself is very good and the couple of twists and flipping of convention make it a really interesting read.

    17. My problem with novellas is, often than not I get really into the story, the plot, the character, the worldbuilding and I need from them I can t really feel satisfied with the tiny snippet we get in 150 or so pages.It was exactly the case with this one I think, if it was a full on novel, I would ve adored it However, I found it much too short to really touch on all of the subjects I wanted to, and I just wanted to know Luckily I ve got some sequels to look forward too

    18. Objectively this wasn t an awful novella but honestly it just didn t do much for me The whole thing just felt totally flat If it hadn t been so short I might have DNFed it.

    19. Mon avis en Fran aisMy ENglish review I was quite curious about the novel by reading the summary It must be said that the reference to the witches was quite attractive, especially when the story is short enough to read it quickly.When I started the first chapter, I was quickly swept away by the book but it is true that past 1 3 of the story, I began to detach myself to the events and to the characters I think that I was expecting something a little bit different than what the author presents her [...]

    20. A grumpy old hedge witch with an unhappy marriage A grieving cleric come home to face a crisis of faith An atheist who runs a magic shop to cling on to her sanity If these three women can t save the bickering population of Lychford from itself and from the demonic powers trying to bribe the town into giving them planning permission then nobody can Witches of Lychford may be one of the most successful novellas I have ever read, a very English delight from start to finish, which understands that a [...]

    21. Another excellent TOR novella a vicar, a magic store owner and an actual English village witch have to fight the Powers of Darkness and big box retailing Sounds like the set up for a joke, doesn t it The characters are all well drawn and have their own reasons for getting involved and or not wanting to get involved, and the village itself almost becomes another character And I want to go live there, assuming no actual Powers of Darkness or big box retailers.

    22. What a fun, quick read Great character development in so few pages I would love to read about this town and its 3 witches.

    23. This would be a perfect read for anyone looking to try Cornell s work and it also works as a quick fix for those of us awaiting the third installment of his London series This was a great story which, despite it s short length, show great character development and an interesting plot I would love to read about the three brilliant female characters showcased here.

    24. I m not too sure what to call this story maybe a rural fantasy There were some great ideas in the plot but,IMO, it did not quite come together Maybe because it was so short There was enough material here for a full length novel I felt the characters could have benefited from further development Again there were some great ideas but a bit of a lack in motivation It was a shame that wasn t made of the various back stories I loved the theme of paganism vs Christianity, the old gods and the new.

    25. A good mash between small town life and fantasy We have some strong female leads all with different strengths and all facing down a horde of shadowy things that want to come into our world There isn t a lot of explanation, which I assume will happen with the second installment I don t know why they want to cross through or why others besides humans don t want them to, but we shall see I suppose.

    26. 3.5 starsEnjoyable novella about a small English town on the border of supernatural worlds, where three women must come together to stop a superstore from building a branch that will disrupt the borders and possibly end the world It s the start to a series, and I ll definitely continue.

    27. Review also published hereWitches of Lychford entered my field of vision back in January when I was on my novella binge and checked Tor s various offerings When I found an eARC of the sequel, The Lost Child of Lychford, in my mailbox, I figured I should give it a go and found something genuinely amusing and exciting The story kicks off with the old, witchy Judith walking the town of Lychford She enters the stage leaving no doubt of her eccentricity she swears, she professes her dislike for peopl [...]

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