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The Letter Bearer #2020

The Letter Bearer The Rider has no memory of who he is where he is or how he came to be lying dying in the brutal heat of the North African desert Rescued by a band of deserters the Rider begins to piece together hi

  • Title: The Letter Bearer
  • Author: RobertAllison
  • ISBN: 9781619026124
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Letter Bearer By RobertAllison, The Rider has no memory of who he is, where he is, or how he came to be lying dying in the brutal heat of the North African desert Rescued by a band of deserters, the Rider begins to piece together his identity, based on shards of recollection and the letters in his mailbag The Letter Bearer is unlike any other novel of World War Two In the midst of profound trauma, teThe Rider has no memory of who he is, where he is, or how he came to be lying dying in the brutal heat of the North African desert Rescued by a band of deserters, the Rider begins to piece together his identity, based on shards of recollection and the letters in his mailbag The Letter Bearer is unlike any other novel of World War Two In the midst of profound trauma, terrible warfare, and the nameless experience of desertion, this gripping story asks us to consider how men build hope when they have nothing left not even a name.When first published last year in London, Robert Allison s debut novel was met with wide praise and was nominated for the Desmond Elliott Prize, described by one of its judges as An excellent and elegant novel written with patience and authority Readers of Michael Ondaatje and Paul Bowles will find the landscape familiar, but no reader will ever forget the haunting and haunted story of this remarkable victim.

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    1 thought on “The Letter Bearer

    1. i loved this novel of struggle in the north african desert against the elements, and struggle of the men to simultaneously justify their desertion from wwii british army and to keep order.

    2. A bit of a different take on the war theme, set during the North Africa campaign in WW2 This is the story of a British motorcycle dispatch rider whose name is never revealed he has hit a mine and is lying seriously injured, is robbed of his papers and personal possessions by passing Germans and local tribesmen and left to die The only thing he still has is his pouch of letters that he was delivering or was he He is rescued by a small band of British soldiers who he learns are deserters they are [...]

    3. I m a sucker for a war story, and I absolutely loved this book I particularly loved the writing the desert crackles off the page from the very beginning Heat boils him back to the moment The shadows of rock pylons newly canted, lazy clock hands across the desert floor No perpendiculars, only inclinations, a parchment of obliques It s a really good story, full of interesting characters and a distinct sense of place totally different to anything else I ve read for a long while.

    4. Grabbed this off the Good Reads shelf at the library on my way out of town A quick, easy read, but didn t hold my attention well You re introduced to the rider who has been in an accident and lost his memory or has he and you follow his journey through Northern Africa as he searches for memories and a discovery of his former life.

    5. I was excited to read this book intriguing premise A rider left for dead where he has no knowledge of who he is I love this type of stuff Unfortunately, I couldn t get into it I was, quite frankly, bored with the writing style where I needed to read the page than once The best part of the novel was the letters and there weren t that many to read I wasn t empathetic with any of the characters especially the people who found the rider were deserters The only character I liked was part three the d [...]

    6. The premise of this novel was interesting and exciting than the actual novel turned out to be The main character wakes up in a desert during WW2, with no memory of who he is or how he came to be there, with the only clues to his identity being the letters in his bag, and is rescued by a band of deserters Sounds like a great setup, and the first chapters were indeed probably the best in this novel But really, nothing much happened The plot was thin on the ground, with awkwardly placed time skips [...]

    7. For as long as there have been wars, soldiers have suffered serious memory issues These are usually characterized by repeatedly reliving traumatic events accompanied by a cluster of attendant symptoms known today as post traumatic stress disorder PTSD Allison explores the relationship between the brutality of war and memory in THE LETTER BEARER by having his protagonist suffer profound amnesia, a condition that seems considerably rare than PTSD With his characters, setting and plot, Allison adm [...]

    8. A difficult book to read because of the brutality That said, any book about WWII and a group of deserters is bound to be fraught with images that are hard to forget I could get past that if I felt the ending of the book had any meaning, but to me it just seemed to stop Did the author get bored of his subject Or did he intentionally not even suggest what could happen to the amnesiac who is the main character of the story I don t need to have a happy ending, but when I invest time and identity wit [...]

    9. Quand on m a propos ce roman, j ai de suite pens que j aimerais beaucoup, le synopsis tait all chant.J aime beaucoup les romans historiques, et l poque de la seconde guerre mondiale m avait paru id ale, quant au d paysement il semblait garanti.Un jeune homme motocycliste est gri vement bless en passant sur une mine, au milieu du d sert du Sahara Il est amn sique et il ne se souvient de rien Il aurait du mourir mais il est recueilli par une bande de soldat qui le soigne Il ne lui reste rien, m me [...]

    10. This intriguing book about World War II is so much than a war novel It is dangerous to be a deserter contact with the enemy, your own army, the peoples inhabiting the lands in the war zone It looks at humanity in the throes of the worst kinds of inhumanities, but shows strengths and weaknesses of those involved commitment to self interest, a willingness to throw others aside Not a deficiency of will, but the distillation of it Toward the end there is a concern that this is another book that jus [...]

    11. The Letter Bearer is a story set in 1940 in North Africa during the early part of WWII It involves a wounded soldier with no memory of who he is or how he came to his present circumstances His only clue is a bag of letters from other soldiers that he was carrying tomewhere It is an excellently written book, well paced, exquisite prose, lush descriptive passages, engaging secondary characters and an imaginative and well conceived story line But, and you know there had to be a but, or I would have [...]

    12. This book is different from a traditional war book The characters aren t on the front lines and they all question the meaning of war No one is a hero, and everyone has very real flaws.What I enjoyed about this book were the characters, the rider bringing the most intrigue It was interesting to see how he coped without a memory by assuming ideas and identities from the people and letters around him he is able to determine what kind of man and soldier he thinks he us supposed to be I think the oth [...]

    13. I picked this book up because I found the synopsis interesting and I was looking forward to reading about how the Rider pieced his life back together following his involvement in a blast on the battlefield that took much of his memory However this story was not as hopeful or as satisfying as I would have liked I found the characters in the book hard to sympathise with, even the main protagonist, who looked upon the people around him with a fair amount of bitterness It felt as if the whole novel [...]

    14. Robert Allison is a new and interesting voice If you liked The Yellow Birds, you might enjoy this I want to be careful not to spoil the plot but the set up is fascinating Imagine you wake up to a deserted battlefield and you have no idea who you are or where you are or when you are or how you got there All you know is that you are hurt pretty badly, but even that takes time to assess Now that is an interesting premise More importantly, the premise is used to its fullest The narrator, therefore, [...]

    15. Again a great idea behind the story an injured soldier in the desert, with no memory of who he is except for the bag of letters he is carrying with him, rescued by a motley group of deserters The adventure that follows traces his attempt to escape the desert while simultaneously trying to reconstruct his identity Should have been a gripping tale but the execution of this idea did not excite me I found the writing style very tedious and verbose Despite the lackluster writing, the characterization [...]

    16. When I first started to read this book I thought it would not interest me However, the I read the I was drawn into these exciting characters lives War brings out the best and worst of soldiers At times they seem like little kittens and then sometimes they act like lions There is not much humor in this book, but instead the reality of war Dead bodies, injured soldiers, and mentally destroyed soldiers The Letter Bearer by Robert Allison is a book you won t forget or maybe you will want to.

    17. Not knowing really anything about the North Africa theatre of WWII, nor the army s role there, I picked up this book from the library, as it sounded rather interesting A motorcycle despatch rider, left for dead is rescued by a group of British and Canadian deserters who have an Italian POW with them Who is the rider as he is called What are the stories of the other men And what is the connection to the letters the rider has in his satchel I found this book an excellent read leaving me wondering [...]

    18. This book is about a man waking up during WWII and not knowing who he is He has been injured and is not expected to survive, but somehow holds on The only possession not stolen from him is the bag of letters he is carrying that were to be sent to loved ones if their soldiers died in the war He tries to figure out if one of the letters is his or not while staying alive the best he can A look inside the desperation and inhumanity of war.

    19. Written in an academic style, the book chronicles the experiences of a British Officer, commander of a tank division in North Africa during WWII The strength of the book is the narrative form which puts the reader inside the narrator s head so that you experience his thought, feelings, doubts, shame as well as all of his physical sufferings.

    20. It was very interesting and offbeat , and there were elements I appreciated from a literary standpoint But the central conflict both never reached a true climax and, worse, never found resolution In a sense we are in the end at the same place we started I don t recommend spending your time ok this head scratcher

    21. This is one novel in which the poetic language actually obscures the plot rather than enhances it I felt it was self consciously overwritten The ending passage has its power hidden behind unnecessary poetic language The plot is actually quite good, and the characters stand out for their individual idiosyncrasies.

    22. I loved the writing style it made me feel as though I was in the desert with the rider An interesting look at war from another perspective The rider is left to die in the desert with no recollection of who he is or how he came to be there he is rescued by a band of army deserters The characters are interesting and realistic Good read

    23. A fascinating story of a wounded British soldier in the North African desert, 1942, terribly injured but keeping up just enough to stay with a band of British deserters as they trek through the desert, hiding from enemies and countrymen alike The writing is poetic, the action is slow but relentless Beautifully written Slow moving but always interesting.

    24. Interesting story of a WW2 soldier wounded in the North African desert who is rescued by a group of deserters He tries to regain his memory from the bag of letters found with him If you didn t know the location, it could easily have been set during the Gulf War or in Iraq A well told tale.

    25. Set in the war in North Africa the eponymous hero is suffering amnesia and barely alive when we first meet him The writing is lyrical and detailed, I just felt a little let down by the story felt a little thin.

    26. Gave up on page 100, found it confusing and not enjoyable Sad because historical fiction is one of my favorites

    27. 3.5 stars Generally quite good, an interesting psychological tale of the effects of war upon one individual placed in a position beyond his capacity.

    28. It was cleverly written Gave a great description of how tough it was for a bunch of deserters in the Egyptian deset in World War 1 Also kept you guessing as to the rider s identity.

    29. admittedly its well written but I never developed any empathy for the protagonist perhaps it is just me but I never really found myself invested in his future

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