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My Name is Leon #2020

My Name is Leon A TIMES and INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER SHORTLISTED FOR THE COSTA FIRST NOVEL AWARD It s a year of riots and royal weddings The Dukes of Hazzard is on TV and Curly Wurlys are in the shops And

  • Title: My Name is Leon
  • Author: Kit de Waal
  • ISBN: 9780241207086
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Hardcover
  • My Name is Leon By Kit de Waal, A TIMES and INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER SHORTLISTED FOR THE COSTA FIRST NOVEL AWARD 2016 It s 1981, a year of riots and royal weddings The Dukes of Hazzard is on TV and Curly Wurlys are in the shops And trying to find a place in it all is young Leon.Leon is nine, and has a perfect baby brother called Jake They have gone to live with Maureen, who has fuzzy red hair li A TIMES and INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER SHORTLISTED FOR THE COSTA FIRST NOVEL AWARD 2016 It s 1981, a year of riots and royal weddings The Dukes of Hazzard is on TV and Curly Wurlys are in the shops And trying to find a place in it all is young Leon.Leon is nine, and has a perfect baby brother called Jake They have gone to live with Maureen, who has fuzzy red hair like a halo, a belly like Father Christmas, and mutters swearwords under her breath when she thinks can t hear Maureen feeds and looks after them, and claims everything will be okay.But will they ever see their mother again Who are the couple who secretly visit Joke The adults are speaking in low voices, and wearing pretend faces They are threatening to take Jake away and give him to strangers Because Jake is white and Leon is not As Leon struggles to cope with his anger, certain things can still make him smile like Curly Wurlys, riding his bike fast downhill, burying his hands deep in the soil, hanging out with Tufty who reminds him of his dad , and stealing enough coins so that one day he can rescue Jake and his mum.Evoking a Britain of the early eighties, My Name is Leon is a story of love, identity and learning to overcome unbearable loss Of the fierce bond between siblings And how just when we least expect it we somehow manage to find our way home.

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      291 Kit de Waal
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    1. This is a heartbreaking story told from the perspective of a young child, Leon, and his experience of his family falling apart, social services and foster care in London It begins with Carol, Leon s mother, giving birth to baby Jake Leon is captivated and enthralled by Jake.Leon is a bright, intelligent and mature child who finds himself taking care of Carol and Jake by himself Carol is unwell and experiencing mental health issues Leon s bond with Jake is incredibly strong, he is acutely observa [...]

    2. This book could not have landed in my hands at a better time I have a young friend who is 13 years old She lives on the other side of the world from me For privacy purposesI m not going to mention her name but she will know.I dedicate this review to her My young friend has had a challenging life but is soooo inspiring of a young girl words are the right words to express how exceptional she is I read My Name is Leon , on the edge of tears much of the time I must find a way to say this, freshly ne [...]

    3. I was hooked again Another book where the narrative is from a child s perspective and I couldn t resist the opportunity to get an advance copy Leon, though is a little different from the precocious narrators I ve fallen in love with who are sometimes wiser than the adults This one is about a kid who really isn t quite sure what s happening around him and it s just so sad watching him try to make sense of it all He may not understand but Leon is smart enough to try and take care of his baby broth [...]

    4. An enthusiastic 4 stars My Name Is Leon hit just the right emotional punch Set in the late 1970s in England, this book is told from 9 year old Leon s perspective He is half black, living with his single mum and 1 year old brother His mum is not up to the task of looking after her kids, so Leon looks after his brother and eventually they move into foster care with Maureen And the rest of the book focuses on Leon s longing for his imperfect lost family and his actual life in foster care I loved Le [...]

    5. It s the 1980 s as this debut novel begins Leon is 8 years old, nearly nine, a mixed race child whose mother has just given birth to his brother, Jake Leon s father is Jamaican, and Jake s father is white, so Jake has pale skin and pale hair, like his mother Leon adores his new baby brother from the start, from his tiny perfect toes to his soft, perfect hair, perfect tiny fingers After Leon, his mother, and Jake go home, Leon helps his mother with Jake, trying to prove how responsible a big brot [...]

    6. A moving, insightful book about two brothers one with black skin, one with white skin and their movement through the foster care system in England during the 1980s Leon, the title character in Kit de Waal s latest book, has shouldered responsibility than any 10 year old should Try as he might to be the best caretaker for his infant brother, and his mentally unstable mother, social services soon splits up the family Leon learns the hard truth that while there are families willing to adopt a whit [...]

    7. Adorei o Leon O Meu Nome Leon um daqueles livros que se l em com o cora o nas m os e uma l grima no canto do olho.Kit de Waal n 1960 nasceu em Birminghan, trabalhou durante cerca de quinze anos em direito familiar e penal, foi conselheira dos Servi os Sociais sobre in meros processos de adop o e acolhimento, e filha de um pai caribenho e de uma m e irlandesa, que era uma m e de acolhimento.Conhecemos Leon no dia 2 de Abril de 1980, est no hospital e uma enfermeira pousa lhe o seu irm o rec m nas [...]

    8. Mum used to say we were the same soul split in two and walking around on four legs It seems unnatural being born together and then dying apart Melodie RamoneKit de Waal, an English author, pens her debut poignant, deeply touching story in her new book, My Name is Leon that unfolds the story of a young boy who after his mother s unfit condition to take care him goes into foster care along with his newly born brother, only to be separated from his brother because of adoption But he needs to find h [...]

    9. A tender, beautifully rendered narrative that captures the voice and perspective of a vulnerable child with intelligence and clarity Leon is nine, the son of Carol, a broken young white woman, and a disappeared West Indies man He is also a doting and careful big brother to baby Jake, stepping into the role of caregiver as his mother slides into catatonia After Carol has a mental breakdown, brought on by drugs, prostitution, and the massive weight of poverty, Leon and Jake are placed in foster ca [...]

    10. Leon is a 9 year old boy in 1980 s London His mother, who is on her own, has a new baby Leon is biracial His mother and brother are white Leon is a loving, gentle boy who does his all for his mother as she slips into post natal depression As things deteriorate, social services come in and Leon and his brother are put in foster care Maureen, the foster mother, is a working class woman, middle aged, and not in great health She is affectionate and cares deeply for the boys Rather that get into det [...]

    11. 4 Talk about having the deck stacked against you England, 1980 Leon s mum, Carol, has had two boys to different fathers His walked out when she was pregnant with his baby brother, Jake, whom he adores Jake s father is married, and Leon overhears him refuse to have anything to do with Carol or the baby Carol loses the plot and accuses Leon of being the reason Jake s father shot through Carol used to say sorry when she shouted at him but she forgets all the time these days so tomorrow he will take [...]

    12. Kit De Waal has really got a good perspective on the kind of thoughts that go through the mind of a child and their particular reactions to things that upset themLeon was a good boy, he did what he was told and what he thought was expected of him So when grown ups did things that he perceived as wrong or unjust, he punished them by taking something from them or by not doing something the way he knew was rightis gave him a sense that some small measure of fair justice had been served and a sort o [...]

    13. Having read a pre release review of this book I knew it would be one I would enjoy I have a soft spot for books about children in the position Leon finds himself in I am not sure why The last book that I read like this was not fiction, but a memoir by Steve Pemberton, The Book was A Chance in the World An Orphan Boy, a Mysterious Past, and How He Found a Place Called Home Leon is a 9 year old boy with a baby brother and a mother who cannot find the strength to raise herself up to focus on the ne [...]

    14. I received a free proof copy.The story of Leon and his situation felt all too real This was quite an emotional read with well drawn characters all trying to do their best and deal with the cards life had given them None of them were without flaws the main one seemed to be not realising how children have a real talent for making themselves invisible and listening in to adult conversations which can and does in this case lead to all sorts of trouble.Right from the beginning Leon tugged at the hear [...]

    15. Set in the 1980 s in England, My Name is Leon tells the heartbreaking story of two young brothers, one black, one white When Carol, Leon and Jake s mother can no longer care for them, Jake is adopted, Leon is not We travel through this story, which centers on adoption and fostering with Leon and experience the journey from his perspective We can feel his helplessness, his vulnerability and his utter sadness We pine for baby brother Jake with Leon and we experience Leon s struggle for acceptance [...]

    16. Leon has a baby brother, a mum who can t cope and a dad who has walked out The story is set in the 1980 s and gives you a taste of social history of the time, poverty, racism, police brutality and social services just not getting it right Leon is a lovely kind boy and during the story you really want things to work out for him, he is wonderful to his baby brother, despite the awful circumstances there are some wonderful people who help him Leon has some perceptive observations of peoples facial [...]

    17. enjoyed this book based in early 1980 s with the backdrop of social unrest and a royal wedding where 9 year old Leon gets separated from his mother Carol and younger baby sibling Jake into foster care and his struggles as he wants his family together again.

    18. Hmm, tricky I did enjoy My Name is Leon, but sadly this book suffers from a misleading synopsis While it s true that the first part of the story is about the family problems of Leon, in the second part a greater variety of topics come knocking at the foster home door This makes us lose sight of Leon, which is a pity because this kid is a wonderful main character to follow Leon is nine years old He likes Curly Wurlys, the Dukes of Hazzard, but above all his baby brother Jake It doesn t matter tha [...]

    19. You re such a good boy, Leon I m sorry if I m not the best mom I love you, you know That s what the sunshine feels like This book had my emotions all over the place My heart broke for Leon I felt like slapping some sense into his mother all the Carols around Maureen, I loved her nonsense way of talking her motherly ways of treating Leon Maureen has summarized my opinion on Leon Jake being separated Jake s got a chance, you mean You ve split them up and in my books that s a sin and I won t change [...]

    20. I was gifted this book by the lovely Mercedes for my birthday back in September and I finally found some time during my ill days off to read it I actually read this whole thing in a day as it s a fairly short book and it s a story that I couldn t help but want to keep turning the pages for We follow a young boy called Leon and his baby brother Jake Leon comes from a poor family with a single mother and he s always looked after her but when his new baby brother turns up his mother falls deeper an [...]

    21. This is about a nine year old boy called Leon living in poverty in England in the eighties His Mum has psychological issues and his Dad is in prison He has a baby brother called Jake Leon and Jake have different Dads so Leon is black and Jake is white.His Mum gets severely depressed which leads to the brothers being taken into care I don t want to give away the whole story but it is written from Leon s point of view and it s an extremely moving and honest story.This book isn t perfect but I gave [...]

    22. Now THAT s how you debut a novel Check out my video review here I sure wish people would stop cutting onions while I m trying to read

    23. A quick but powerful read.My Name Is Leon follows the story of an eight year old biracial boy who is separated from his mother and placed in the foster care system because she can no longer look after him His little brother, Jake, is adopted quickly because there is of a demand for a white, small baby the boys have different fathers.Leon stays with Maureen, a kind and loving foster parent but misses his mother and little brother terribly Because this book is narrated by him, we see the world th [...]

    24. This book touched me to my core, tugging at my heart, bringing up feelings of both despair and optimism I fell in love with Leon, a sensitive nine year old, son of Carol and doting brother to baby Jake Sounds like a happy situation, but it s not Carol is a broken woman, at the mercy of addiction and mental health problems She cannot care for Leon or Jake Leon becomes a caregiver to both Jake and his Mom, but he can t overcome her neglect and they are separated Jake and Leon go into foster care, [...]

    25. I don t really know what to say about this book just amazing Its a fantastically poignant touching read Set in the 80 s This is the heartbreaking story of a little boy called Leon Loved the characters of Maureen Sylvia The story is told with warmth compassion but none the less is absolutely heart wrenching.This is one that I will be recommending to family friends to read.Many thanks to the publisher NetGalley for this advance reader copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

    26. Nine year old Leon has been placed in care, along with his baby brother, Jake His Mum is not able to take care of them and social services need to find them new homes as soon as possible Jake is adopted fairly quickly, as not only is he a baby, but he is white This is the early 1980s and mixed race kids, like Leon, are not as easy to pass off as your own It s hard enough being a foster child, with the uncertainty it brings, let alone having your family ripped apart Leon dreams of finding his bro [...]

    27. Leon is almost 9 years old when his brother Jake is born Their single mother, Carol, has a history of depression and other mental illnesses As Carol s condition deteriorates, Leon struggles to take care of both his mother and baby brother but eventually the children are taken away and put into foster care while Carol receives treatment When it becomes apparent that Carol will never be able to take care of the children, Jake is put up for adoption, however, while Jake is a white and very adoptabl [...]

    28. With many thanks to Penguin UK and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this.This is such a moving story, told from nine year old Leon s perspective in uncomplicated language I think Kit de Waal conveys Leon s thoughts and concerns perfectly, using a child s inaccurate reading of overheard conversations and events to underline the poignancy of his situation a hard to place mixed race boy who, through no fault of his own, finds himself separated from his family and in the hands of the [...]

    29. A beautiful and moving book What a cast of characters Loved Leon, Tufty, Sylvia, Mr Devlin and especially Maureen.

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