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Emperor Mage #2020

Emperor Mage Daine must confront a powerful leader in this third book of the Immortals series featuring an updated cover for longtime fans and fresh converts alike and including an all new afterword from Tamora

  • Title: Emperor Mage
  • Author: Tamora Pierce
  • ISBN: 9780606345576
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Emperor Mage By Tamora Pierce, Daine must confront a powerful leader in this third book of the Immortals series, featuring an updated cover for longtime fans and fresh converts alike, and including an all new afterword from Tamora Pierce.When Daine is sent to Carthak as part of a Tortallan peace delegation, she finds herself in the middle of a sticky political situation She doesn t like the Carthaki prDaine must confront a powerful leader in this third book of the Immortals series, featuring an updated cover for longtime fans and fresh converts alike, and including an all new afterword from Tamora Pierce.When Daine is sent to Carthak as part of a Tortallan peace delegation, she finds herself in the middle of a sticky political situation She doesn t like the Carthaki practice of keeping slaves, but it s not her place to say anything she s only there to heal the emperor s birds Her worries only expand once she learns that her own power has grown in a dark and mysterious way.As the peace talks stall, Daine puzzles over Carthak s two faced Emperor Ozorne How can he be so caring with his birds, and so cruel to his people Daine is sure he s planning something a terrible, power hungry scheme And she knows that she must fight this powerful Emperor Mage the life of her beloved teacher is at risk.

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      Tamora Pierce

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    1. I ve been doing some thinking and have come to a conclusion that, I suppose, should have been obvious a long time ago I connect to Tamora Pierce s characters better than I connect to pretty much any other characters They get under my skin, in my blood, into my heart I see through their eyes so easily it astounds me I ve read this series times than I can remember, but I still feel the same intensity that I recall from the first time and the last few chapters of this book still have a horrible ki [...]

    2. Maybe I m giving this four stars because this stands in stark contrast to the previous two books, but all the same I really did enjoy this, and it definitely holds up as my favorite of the Daine books POLITICS I LOVE THE POLITICS That said, I have notes.1 Who sends Alanna, she of the infamous temper, to a notoriously volatile empire as a diplomat Doesn t that sound stupid I love Alanna, but I don t think Carthak is the right place for her Which is seen, by the way, when the emperor decides to ha [...]

    3. UGGGGH YOU GUYSSSS whine This is actually both my favourite book in this series and the one that gives me the most problematic vibes I wish I could nut out this problem Basically what I love about it is the evocation of Carthak, a city country I wish Tamora Pierce would write about, because it s a fascinating amalgam of Carthage and Rome and probably a whole bunch of other classical civs I don t know about Wasn t Pierce meant to write that book about Numair s younger years at the university stu [...]

    4. Now, THAT S like it Major major redemption for the yawnfest that was book 2 In Emperor Mage, Daine gets to pretend she s actually a girl sent from a royal envoy as diplomats into a foreign land instead of a girl who wants to be an animal and surrounded by animals all the time Human interactions are awesome, and I m so glad Daine isn t just talking and plotting with animals all the time now, and that she s actually solving a decent mystery and dealing with major international intrigue It s every [...]

    5. Aaaaand, we re back Everything that I felt was lacking in the second book eg, my interest was revived completely in this book Daine is back in the land of the two leggers and is facing the oft named but never before seen Emperor Mage Ozorne And it turns out that Ozorne really shouldn t have messed with our Daine There s a whole chapter called Daine loses her temper which I m still grinning about Daine may seem cute with her crunchy granola, tree hugging, save the whales exterior but if you mess [...]

    6. A trip down South and a brush with deathDaine, her master, Numair, the King s Champion, Alanna, and other Tortall diplomats head to Carthak to try to negotiate peace and keep the two countries from war Daine s mission is specifically to heal the Emperor Mage s beloved birds But Daine sees an old slave woman who shouldn t be there and gets warnings from the Beaver God to stay away.Let me preface this review with the note that I listened to this on audiobook and thus may grossly mispell the names [...]

    7. Also read 19 December 2007 Daine is invited along with a ragtag group of Tortallian delegates to attempt to arrange peace between Tortall and Carthak She s supposed to heal birds, discovers she can heal the dead, and ends up in Revenge mode after a series of hilarious misunderstandings 1 I will be blunt I am increasingly disappointed in these books I can just about taste the fascinating, intricate, complex story of a girl who is unwittingly growing into a conduit between the Divine Realm and the [...]

    8. I still absolutely adore this book Wild Magic is dear to me because it was my first book by Pierce, but Emperor Mage makes my heart soar every time Zek, Kitten, Bonedancer, the hyenas, the Graveyard Hag, the reanimated dinosaur bones , and hints of Numair s back story the sumptuous surroundings and rot underneath and finally some answers about Daine s father

    9. I loved book one I really, really liked book two I enjoyed book 3 That s a disappointing downward trend for a series that was trying to be one of the greatest things ever in the history of YA fantasy even though it s still better than 99ish% of middle grade options My issue here is largely an extension of the nit I picked with book 2 in comparison with book 1 it s just not as emotionally well rounded There are new ideas in Emperor Mage, and there s also a complicated political plot, as well as [...]

    10. 3.5 stars These are not exactly standing up to rereading.A few things 1 Tortall has very modern attitudes, given it s vaguely medieval in a lot of ways They re not so jarring when you re in Tortall, but given that apparently every other country has very different attitudes, it starts to grate In the sense that Tortall is almost too perfect.2 GARY HIS PAPERS.3 Alanna was fun I enjoy her and Daine s friendship.4 Daine and Kaddar were interesting together as well, in a friendly way.5 I second what [...]

    11. Diane Sarrasi heads off to e Middle East Welly sort of She heads off to Carthak to negotiate peace with those whom she has been in one sort of battle or another for the series thus far.She arrives, immediately judges everything she sees as something strange and or barbaric mostly and then becomes the talk of the town as usual She isn t happy to confine her miracles to talking with three or four gods, but also effeminating a group of trained soldiers, for which she is greatly celebrated by these [...]

    12. Ok, this was hugely entertaining BUTA few things 1 It is always easier to find fault in others than in oneself Yes, slavery is bad in any form But does the whole Tortall vs Carthak culture need to be set up so preachy Why is one superior to another Is Tortall an ideal country with perfect citizens with perfect morals living perfect lives No So why is there a good Tortall and bad Carthak vibe going on 2 There is this one sentence that seemed really strange to me and I m wondering if it is just a [...]

    13. Graded By StephanieCover Story Let s Play Dress UpBFF Charm PlatinumSwoonworthy Scale 6Talky Talk SmorgasbordBonus Factors Dinosaurs, Animal Friends, Ozorne s Outfits, Daine Loses Her TemperRelationship Status BFFsRead the full book report here.

    14. I LOVED THIS I flew through it while the 2nd book took me some time I was immediately into the story I liked the change in setting and meeting all the new characters and creatures Zek And Kaddar was so interesting, his relationship with Daine was great I kept picturing the Graveyard Hag as a mix between Mulan s grandmother and the short Fate sister from Hercules This book was so exciting and awesome, I think I ll start the next one right now I really love Daine s powers and watching her learn a [...]

    15. Daine returns in the third book of the Immortals quartet Here she is brought on a diplomatic mission to a kingdom south of Tortall which is strangely like Egypt mm where the all powerful Emperor is plotting a war A war with Tortall.In order to stave off the potentially devastating consequences of war on their small kingdom, a mission of all the knights you remember from previous books in order to wage peace, as well as heal the Emperor s birds, whom he cares about than life itself Fun, fast, an [...]

    16. There s nothing I can say that will adequately express how I feel about these books and I m not even going to try Besides, the fact that I read them all repeatedly I quit counting after the 10th time is the highest form of praise I can give anyway Daine, Numair, and the others are friends as dear to me as any in this world.

    17. Yes This is the type of storytelling I know and love Not all of that hiding in the woods, animal friends, protect the environment crap I was so happy this one was better and advanced Daine s powers while still advancing the story I cannot wait for the impending war that is going to happen in book 4.Conclusion To Buy

    18. Reviewed by Candace Cunard for TeensReadTooEMPEROR MAGE follows the story of Daine, now fifteen years old, a girl with the rare power of wild magic that gives her an extraordinary affinity with animals With her wild magic, Daine can communicate with animals, see the world through their senses, and even transform herself into one, all skills that the first two books of THE IMMORTALS series have shown her develop.In this third book, the stakes are raised as Daine accompanies an ambassadorial deleg [...]

    19. I m pretty sure the last time I read this book was before I started college I have to say it was pretty cool to reread it now that I am a geology graduate student All I can say is dinosaurs In a fantasy setting I loved Tamora Pierce s description of the different types of dinosaurs There was even a description of an Archaeopteryx, the missing link fossil between birds and dinosaurs And they actually played a pertinent part in the storyline view spoiler I am kind of glad though that Daine s power [...]

    20. The Emperor Mage is the third book in Tamora Pierce s The Immortals Quartet, and by this stage if you haven t read the previous installments Wild Magic and Wolf Speaker I heartily recommend that you don t start here you ll be completely baffled A peace delegation including Alanna the Lioness, the Gareths and other nobles from Tortall have been sent to the hot, swampy Charthak Empire in order to negotiate peace with the war mongering Emperor Ozorne With them is Numair, once the Emperor s best fri [...]

    21. Scary with you is better than scary without youDaine, Numair and others are traveling to Carthak to go to peace meetings between Carthak, Tortall and others Daine comes along to take a look at the Emperor s ailing birds Meanwhile the Emperor has no plans for peace, and plans to use Daine to ruin the peace talks.Another great story I think one thing I really love about these book is that there isn t really romance Don t get me wrong I love romance, but hate when it s all the story is really about [...]

    22. This and my other reviews can be found at amethystbookwyrm Daine, Numair and Alanna journey to Carthak, in the hope that if Daine can heal the Emperor Ozorne prized birds, it will help the peace process between Carthak and Tortall However, Daine get mixed up in both political and religious situations as the Goddess, the Graveyard Hag, gives her a power which could ruin everything This series has everything it has magic, action, romance and a story which draws you in and you end up reading, not k [...]

    23. Gods play way too large a role in this novel.One of the gods grants Daine a stupidly powerful ability, which basically makes victory absolutely certain What s the point She is destined to win Is that exciting She can now destroy whole armies, castles, and other mages all by her lonesome Great Tamora s writing still flows nicely But you know Daine won t get hurt, you know her friends won t get hurt, you know even the enemy soldiers and mages will barely get hurt You know victory is assured Its a [...]

    24. Reread this during a sick day Ohhh boy it reads different as a 30 something than it did as a preteen Pierce almost always handles her non European counterpart cultures awkwardly, and it s no different here I do wish other books in the series were like this one other aspects, though This book has pretty much the best pacing of any book in the Tortall series, and has a perfect blend of mystery, court intrigue, comedy, adventure, etc.

    25. I m literally just giving all of these 5 stars cause I can t help it.All I have to say is NUMAIR

    26. Zombie dinosaurs, inappropriate love triangles, shapeshifting, angry Gods, morally complex characters well, that was like it.

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