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Shivaree #2020

Shivaree As the Korean War ends practical and well mannered army nurse Corinne Ford returns stateside to live in the Mississippi town of Conroy with her new fianc Private First Class Elijah Dunne She wonder

  • Title: Shivaree
  • Author: J.D. Horn
  • ISBN: 9781503949485
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shivaree By J.D. Horn, As the Korean War ends, practical and well mannered army nurse Corinne Ford returns stateside to live in the Mississippi town of Conroy with her new fianc , Private First Class Elijah Dunne She wonders if their love is strong enough to overshadow their differences, but upon her arrival to Elijah s backwoods stomping grounds, she understands that culture shock is the leastAs the Korean War ends, practical and well mannered army nurse Corinne Ford returns stateside to live in the Mississippi town of Conroy with her new fianc , Private First Class Elijah Dunne She wonders if their love is strong enough to overshadow their differences, but upon her arrival to Elijah s backwoods stomping grounds, she understands that culture shock is the least of her worries.After four good ol boys are attacked in the night while seeking to terrorize a local black family, decades of buried secrets begin to rise From Conroy s most powerful citizen known as the Judge to the man Corinne intends to marry, no one is innocent Yet the deepest secret of all involves the beautiful, cruel, and dead Miss Ruby The former belle of Conroy, and Elijah s lost love, is neither forgotten nor truly gone But her death is only the beginning of a slow vengeance that won t stop until its hunger is satisfied.

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      333 J.D. Horn
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    1 thought on “Shivaree

    1. 4.5 Audiobook I am such a fan of anything written by J.D Horn His novel Jilo cemented that fact for all of eternity He does Southern Gothic better than anyone I have read The writing and the setting of Shivaree were remarkably similar to his Witching Savannah series, as were a few of the characters namely, Lucille , but the similarities do not go far beyond that Shivaree was much, much darker than I anticipated based on its superficial similarities to the Witching Savannah series I often kvetch [...]

    2. Argh What a good book I think this is my first Southern Gothic novel Do the Witching Savannah novels count , which may be why I am so enad with this genre, but I am hooked I just bought two books that are Southern Gothic Yay

    3. True Southern GothicI got this book but held off reading it because I really had no idea what to think it might be It has been decades since I heard the word shivaree and it just would not fit in place But once I started reading I was captured by an extremely well written story The 50 s perspective rang true to my memories The small town Southern perspective also rang true Given a strong place and time, it was easy to slip into the story web woven by deft hands I strongly recommend this book to [...]

    4. Set in Louisiana of the early 1950 s this is a story about vampires Not the sparkly kind that falls in love with mortals and eats deer bllod but the kind that stalks the night and feeds on humans.It is not obvious from the beginning and doesn t really come into play until maybe the last third of the book I love the narration She does a wonderful job I am also a huge fan of J.D Robb so this book was a no brainer for me.

    5. Another amazing book from JD Horn This book was much darker then his Witching Savannah The characters were very well developed and the story line moved very quickly I listened to this book and the narrators did an amazing job being this story to life Moving on the The King of Bones and Ashes.

    6. So much love Shivaree is kinda like a really, really long short story A brief look at just a couple of days in the lives of some ordinary, yet extraordinary characters The language is as rich and compelling as a pan of chess bars The plot is fair to middlin predictable But the characters are the heart of the story.He shows us straight off the bat the main character might be a fairly two dimensional good guy heroine, but she s by no means a Jane Eyre She, and the other purely good characters aren [...]

    7. I received this book as a giveaway winner OK, so the disclosure part is doneon to the review.Set around the time of the Korean War in Mississippi, the story follows the travels of former Army Nurse Corinne Ford, as she ventures to some forlorn town to meet her fiance, Elijah Dunne Corinne and Elijah met in Korea, where Elijah had an untimely meeting with a bullet from a sniper Corinne nursed him back to health, become close to Elijah and agreed to move to Mississippi upon her discharge from the [...]

    8. I was a huge fan of J.D Horn s three part Witching Savannah series and was sad when it ended, so I was beyond excited to see Shivaree pop up on NetGalley Although the Witching Savannah series had its dark moments, Shivaree is a whole different level of darkness I was not familiar with the custom of shivaree which is of French origin and was used and I guess is still used in rural communities in the mid west It involves a large and noisy celebration of a newly wedded couple that sometimes involve [...]

    9. In 1953, at the end of the Korean War, army nurse Corinne Ford arrives by train at the farming town of Conroy, Mississippi, instead of returning home to California Surprised that her fianc , Elijah Dunne, is not at the station as promised, she accepts the awaiting chauffeur s information that Elijah is busy on the family farm In Korea, injured PFC Elijah had ended up in a MASH unit, and Corinne nursed him back to health Elijah proposed marriage, and Corinne accepted him, succumbing to his countr [...]

    10. WOW, what a read I am staying out of the fog from now on This was a really great slant on the vampire theme Ruby, beautiful, willful, sadistic, and filled with hate is back home But not for long, she is sick and soon dies.Elijah returned from the Korean war too late to see her She was his one true love He never believed the things that his friends told him about her Corinne, an army nurse who met Elijah in Korea, has arrived in Conroy They were going to marry She is not a shy woman Being in a mi [...]

    11. Shivaree is a story about a woman named Corinne who travels to Conroy, Mississippi to join her fiance Once there, strange things start happening Corinne wonders if Elijah s parents are truly accepting of her, but she has far to deal with than she realizes at first Lucille is a black woman who works for the man who runs the town, known as The Judge One night, some white men wearing white hoods arrive at her house They accuse her son of stealing, and proceed to terrorize her But somethings attack [...]

    12. This story is really nothing like the Witching Savannah series which I loved, however I see that it started out as a short story and was taken a little further It wrapps up rather quickly but if you think of it as the short story it was intended to be it works.Corrine, an army nurse from California travels to a small town in Mississippi to marry Elijah who she met during the war However, things are much different here in this Southern town where secrets and depravity run amok Ruby, the daughter [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this book The only reason I didn t give it 5 stars is because I kind of felt like the ending happened quickly and there might have been closure for the main characters.but maybe that s another book for another day hopes This book is a whole lot darker than the Witching Savannah series The topics are serious and real life, which makes you kind of squirm inside a bit I would definitely recommend the book, in fact I have, to anyone who likes a bit of scary dark fiction from the [...]

    14. What a wonderful author Mr Horn is He has done it again While different than his Witches of Savannah novels, Shivaree was just as good, a deliciously southern novel with a twist of old fashioned Gothic to it He included many issues, a few being sexual and physical abuse, racism, bullying, incest, and yet these serious issues don t seem to weigh the book down.I loved the ending, but there s definitely an opening for a possible sequel The characters were well written, a terrific blend of complexit [...]

    15. As a huge fan of the Witching Savannah series I was so excited to see a new book by J.D Horn He has another winner with this book What an engrossing, spooky, and wonderful story J.D Horn is such a good storyteller As with his others, this book sucked me in right from the beginning and kept me hooked until I was finished He has such a wonderful way to describing things that really makes me feel like I m there His characters are always well developed and interesting He s definitely become one of t [...]

    16. Oh, this a deliciously creepy book The preview says Sometimes bad things happen to bad people No kidding Army nurse Corinne returns from the Korean War, to the town of Conroy, Mississippi, home of her fiance, Elijah.She is concerned about fitting in, but soon realizes that that will be the least of her worries.The dead may not be dead, and revenge is meted out in generous helpings.I absolutely love the work of this author He is so literate, and his work, whether this book or his others, is well [...]

    17. The I read from Horne, the I adore him I liked Witching Savannah and Loved Jilo His themes are unreal, and his characters so haunting and so strong I so connected with this quote in the literature There are always going to be people who want to tear you down, minimize the good you ve done in this world Don t let yourself be one of them So many jaw dropping moments, I would love to see these characters again I almost crave to hear from them especially Ruby, Lucille, and Corinne , and very soon

    18. I couldn t stay away from this book, I was spellboundThis was a gripping and captivating book If you re a fan of all things weird or unique you ll love this book I was hooked from the start because the suspense began at the start The characters were fascinating and interesting, each had their own back story adding to the suspense Not a dull moment with this book An absolute must read.

    19. Thanks to for allowing me to win this book J.D Horn s Shivaree was a pretty good read, but not my favorite type of story It s pretty much the typical style of writing of the 1950 s era, full of supernatural beliefs and racism a story full of the beliefs and treatment and hatred of blacks in that era in the south It s spooky and scary, but a good picture of life in the south in the 1950 s The ending leaves us hanging and wide open for a sequel.

    20. Horrifying Loved it Prepare to stay up late when you start this novel It goes beyond creepy and dives down straight into hell I ve enjoyed J D Horn s Witching Savannah series, and Shivaree is a testament to the author s having honed his excellent storytelling skills with experience It was an eye opener to experience this debut into true southern gothic horror It s a page turner and won t disappoint you.

    21. Great narrator on the audio version Interesting story I was gripped from the start but looses some of it s impact focusing on the main threat as that personality goes over the top imo, diluting some of the horror Still a good listen and stop on 2 3rds of the time I loved the whole atmosphere and the period of the piece.

    22. I don t want to give to much away but I loved this book There were so many twist and turns Things I expected others I didn t see coming J.D Horn is an amazing author, and he doesn t fail with this book His writings seem to just come to life I need this physical copy of this book along with the rest of course I read listened to this on the Kindle App I need

    23. Nice quick read Given the author s note warning at the beginning, I expected something much darker and twisted than what we got The prologue was definitely the creepiest part of the whole book and set a tone that Horn just doesn t follow through with It was still a entertaining book, relatively creepy, and short and quick to read.

    24. A book with very rich detail and perfect pacing Not too slow, not too fast The book leaves you wanting and the ending is an open door that could definitely bring about a sequel if the author wishes to do so I would, without a doubt, look forward to reading a sequel if one were to be written.

    25. This got rave reviews I hated it I just kept reading because I can t start a book and not finish it I didn t like the characters, or the storyline I liked his previous series a lot This is well written but it s not for me.

    26. Easy fast paced read Reminded me of books by Dean Koontz Falls into the now popular Walking Dead genre.Anyone into the Twilight genre or Walking Dead genre will delight in this page turning, fast paced book Can be read in an evening s time.

    27. Wow I m lost for words Totally absorbing Freaky Scary and best yet.Already recommended this and witching series to a pal This is fantastically written I m dragged in to a world where I m disgusted and I love it So screwed up.

    28. If you like J.D John s previous books read thisThis is a dark tale The author ever has a warning at the beginning of book This is a quick, fun read.

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